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8/8 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

New! PLEASE READ: Do not use derogatory nicknames in your posts. I understand that you are trying to type fast and want to abbreviate names. Please try to standardize your abbreviations to the first three letters of the HG's name, i.e.: Jes, Lyd, Nat, Rus, etc..

Thank you!

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9:12 p BBT

Jeff Michelle and Lydia at HT talking about liver and limes and how they are not edible. Also mentioned that they have to stay outside during a movie that the Haves get to watch-probably on Sunday

Jesse and Gnatalie on balcony playing chess.

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9:32 pBBT

Jessie, Natalie and Chima in HOH-they are discussing Jeff putting Jessie up and that Jessie will go home. Natalie thinks he will not use it. They are discussing that Jordan said earlier that the votes will be split and Chima could send Russell home. Chima and Nat saying that was fishy. Jessie is totally freaking out about the mystery power. chima said they are paranoid and that Chima is more worried about Russell winning POV--Wandering what POV comp will be. Natalie wondering how Jessie comes up with the thoughts he does. Now they are wondering if Michelle has it. Chima says Michelle does not have it because she begged too much to not be put up. Chima saying she is sick of this game and that Jessie is playing the "what if" game. Chima says that even if they can take one of them off, she should be able to nominate the replacement or she will go off in the DR. She said that if Je4ff uses it she will put up Jordan. Jessie said what he thinks the power is (he is right--said that it is to replace and name your own noms) Chima said she will go off and they do not want her doing that on a live show. (It is scary how right they are right now)

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9:30 BBT

Feed 1 in the HoH room with Chima, Jessie and Natalie.

They were talking about Jessie's paranoia, and it seemed to be starting to spread.

Then Chima goes on a laugh-filled rant about "if the power is that you can take people off and nominate people in their place, then what the fuck did I win for? What am I doing in here?"

It's funny on two levels, because she's actually right.

Now they're wondering if Julie told them about it before or after Russell went up to the HoH during the live show, for his interview.

They conclude that it was after.

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9:30 BBT

Gnat explaining to Jessie why Jeff won't use the Power. "he has nothing to gain"(really?).Jessie understands that he's going- to the jury house (C/gN keep telling him he's paranoid (not really). Now in HoH debating whether Jeff will use power. Ding Ding Ding. . .now Chim and Gnat sort of understand what Jessie is saying. If Jessie is out, Chim can't compete for HoH and only Gnat can compete for HoH.

Now, Gnat says Jeff can't use the power because Jeff made a deal with her that he wouldn't use it unless he was on the block (liar. . .she can't even tell the truth to herself) Chim says if Jeff takes Russ off, then CHIM gets to put up new Nominee (ah, no). Jessie has power sort of figure out, but CHIM says if he gets to take people of and put new ones up, then "what the ef am I here for"? That's Bull S**T. On the live show she is making threats to cause problem. They are all laughing at Chim, but Chim thinks they can't take her power. Chim threatens live show hisssy fit. She will be on every show showing her outburst. Jesiie understands the truth, but is trying to join the other two in rationalizing why Jeff has no power and won't use it if he does.

The are trying to talk each other into thinking that Kevin has the power. The are talking about making sure all three get to be in the POV comp. Chim to DR . ..she thinks they are going to warn her to be nice on Thursday.

They leave HoH and Gnat tells Jeff he better not use power on her. She will haunt you if you do. Jeff-"are you saying that to everyone?_

Chim, you don't even understand what the mystery power is.

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Jessie arss kissing Jeff in the kit. Jeff making a "slopburger" ewwwwwww. . . Jessie in a ugly mood (going home blues). Gnat and Jessie arguing about day of week. . .Gnat settles it by saying it is Saturday (wrong)

Gn and Jessie go to BR to get sweatshirts for outside (apparantly its chilly) they see Russ in bed and Jessie offers the friendly, "how's it going, big guy?". . .now Gn Jessie go to SR to get some fruit. And now they are offering Jeff suggestions on preparing liver to eat (sudden concern for jeffs well being)

Fear of going home is making Jessie a nice guy:) Russ enters kitchen. Jeff eating slop. . .not impressed. . "very oaty" Gnat stuffing her face with fruit in front of Jeff.. . Gnat/Jessie go out to BY. . "come chill with us". . .to Jeff.

Jeff to Russ, they (jess/gnat) do want YOU out. . . Russ , yea I know. . .


Mich in hot tub. . . .Russ comes to BY. . Jessie to DR Lydia by Hot tub Russ pouting.

Natalie on BY sofas w/Russ telling him that his nom is all Chim's fault. "I do see where she's coming from". .. .Throwing Kevin under bus, blaming him for pushing Russ to be nomed. . ..Russ says I hope you(gNat and jess) vote for me. . and she infers they will (lie). Going over why Russ got put up. Gnat playing the innocent by stander. Concerned compassionate. . ..liar. Work your story Gnat!

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In kit, Russ putting on BB Bobby Flay impersonation . . ..making steaks for Ch Jessie and Gnat.....marinating . . . .Chi doesn't really want him to, but he's such a nice guy:D.. . . ..Jeff trying to figure out how to make his liver tomorrow. Apparently, Jessie has no cooking skills outside of putting food in the microwave. Russ doing the full course marinating class. . .sort of uncomfortable for Ch, but Gnat is oblivious as to why it is awkward.

Jessie is playing pool with Lydia and working it. Acting all concerned and soothing. Lydia had been silent for hours and was apparently told by BB that she had to speak. Jessieplaying pool but keeping one eye on Jeff at all times. Russell joins teh pool area. . then to sofa with Jeff. Jessie like a pressure pot gathering steam. . .trying to control himself. . .

Silence. . . Mich/Jo leave BY to go inside.

Lydia, "friends don't evict friends" Jessie, "you're still here, aren't you?" Lydia, "Not because of You".

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10:22 BBT

Jesse and Lydia are playing pool together while Russel is on the couch in maybe deep thought thinking of a new thing to be paranoid about. He goes from angry look to smiling...Jeff sleeping on the hammock..

Jordan freshly showered is the the BR with Michele who's primping her face...

10:25 BBT Michele heads outdoors and picks of her bowl of food and heads back indoors..with Chima and Natalie in the kitchen cleaning...

Lydia and Jesse continue to play pool and they are talking about the unicorns with Jesse paranoia thrown in the mix....Lydia saying she has "other things" on her mind and Jesse wants her to "tell me later please" as Lydia says "right now" and Jesse not wanting to her it says "no"...

10:29 BBT Michele heads back outdoors to pick up dishes..

10:33 Kitchen cleaning continues....

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10:34 BBT Chima and Natalie complaing about the water not being hot and even the shower in HOH is "luke warm" saying she's not 'a have not" and says she'll complain.

10:36 BBT Lydia telling Jesse she knows he will not vote for her and he says "that's what you think" as she ells him that's "what I know"....as they play pool..

Their pool game finishes as Jesse heads back in as Lydia heads over to Jeff to tell him what Jesse told him and she tells him "michele is making up shit" and says Jesse says Michele told Natalie Lydia wants to put Jeff up.....Jeff says Michele is fishy but seems uniterested in the tale...as the converstion turns to laundery....Jeff relating the have not situation to "camping" as Jeff says 'a lot of it is in your mind"...Jeff telling Lydia he's making "chicken liver" and both talk about the different ways they can make it taste better....

10:40 "i hope I stay" Lydia says as she tell Jeff Russel told her he's not going to "slander" Lydia's name looking for votes..talk about POV

Out come Jordan and repeats the story about Michele as Jordan "when did she say that" as Lydia says when she was Mute and Jesse told her....Have you talked "to her about it" Jordan says.....and Jordan she should ask Natalie about it "in front of Michele" and see how they ask....and "hopefully she'll tell you the truth" as Lydia says "i did not say that Jeff as I was being a mute"

10:44 BBT Jeff says "you smell like awesome..you smell good though" as they talk about Russell being paranoid...Jeff wonders he he smells like pickles...and Jordan says no

Lydia asks Michele what Jesse says and Michele says No and says "i did tell Natalie that" and Michele says she didn't say that but ask kevin and thought she has "heard" her and Lydia said no and Lydia seems content with her explanation...as they launder together..Michele "sorry about that" and Lydia said fine "no worries"

10:48 BBT Lydia talking how she did the piggy pov with "shitty eating sleep depravation" and Michele tells her its like an injury you just work through it..

Lydia says if we got "another tiki or a surf board we would have won"

Jesse and Natalie in green room and I missed what was said and Jese says "i fshe said it she said it" and Natalie runs to Chima to tell her and "why would Michele tell you that" as Natalie says "why does it need to be brought up right now" she barks....Chima wonders why..and Jesse "itss bullshit" Lydia "wasn't talking at all" and Natlie "its humourous" to start a fight Natalie complains "and I'm going to be involved" ...Russ comes out of DR "i'm the wizard" as Jess and Russ talk about their ailments..

10:53 BBT Natalie still brewing "people don't use their heads in this house" and Natalie asks if "you hear any yelling out there" to Russ with Michele and Lydia who are talking about Movies ...Russ says "its dead silent outside"

10:54 BBT Natalie talking about Michele ala "a certain person" is a liar...Lydia comes in and walks through just general chit chat with Russ as he digs in with steak..

Russ asks "what's going on" as Chima tell him not to worry about it "it doesn't involve you"

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10:57 BBT Michele heads over to the hammock "what up it looks like you want to say something" and Jordan says "he's not bad at you" as Michele explains to Jordan saying Lydia was talking "to Jesse" about Jeff and ask Kevin about it and says she "asked Natalie {will she learn} and says it was "misunderstanding"....adn wonders if Lydia 'was joking" and says "i wasn't trying to start trouble"

10:59 BBT Jordan confused what was said and says talk to Jeff.

Jesse trying to push the point with the girls...and "she planted a seed" about Michele knowing "you were going to tell me" and Natalie and chima says why care...now "I just got fucked" Natalie says because she's going to deny it and make it look like "I said it" and is upset "what was the relevence" of him tirring shit.....and all he did was make Michele "distrust Natalie"..Natalie tells Jesse "you fucked shit up" and tells him "it was never said to you" and Chima jokes {I think} "we may have to cut you out of the communication Jesse" and Jesse in full paranoia says do what you have to do..

Natalie looks pissed as she washes dishes and jesse looks both pissed and paranoid..

11:04 BBT natalie thanks Chima 'for dinner" and admits "russell did the steaks" but accepts for her contribution...Chima " I respectfully decline" this argument as it provokes Natalie to start chewing out Jesse "its minute" and is pissed about getting them involved when Natalie says "i'm not involved"....Lydia in bathroom listening going through her locker and Jesse goes in and Lydia says "she admitted to" and "that's fine" and tells him and says Michele thought she heard it and Michele says "it was the other day" not the day Jesse though and says "michele feels bad..

11:08 BBT Jesse heads back in to tell Natalie "you blew up for no reason"..

11:09 BBt the old nemisis of Russ and Michele playing pool as they talk "pessimism" and "realism" and Michele hears he's good at pol as they start..

In Kitchen...Jesse getting mad "who do you think she's going to put up next to me" he snaps at Natalie cussing under his breath back to the red room.."its not the point" Natalie snipes back...

11:11 BBT Michele and Russ play pool .....

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11:12 BBT

Michele all giggly as she jokes "were not playing baseball" as Russ pretends to swing his cue like a bat....and Russ being overly kind...

Natalie washing away as Chima and her laugh about Russ "i got nominated and I get you cook dinner" as Natali says any good news as Russ came out of DR earlier..

Natali peeks out the kitchen window....as Jesse in LR talking to Jeff and tells compares the stories that they heard...."michele heard Lydia " as Jesse says "she was mute" but doesn't tell him it was from another day...here come natalie as Jesse snaps at Natalie who keeps telling him they are not involved and Jesse says "if all else fails blame it on me" as Jeff says he'll talk to her.

11:17 BBT Jesse complaining "she used my name" as Natalie still contend it has nothing to do with them...Jesse bruting inthe SR and Jeff heads to eco room and Lydia and says Michele says "i misheard you" and Jeff says "should I say anything" and Jeff says "she's fucked man ..she's wierd".......Lydia says not to make a deal out of it...as Jesse comes in "apparently I shouldn't of told you" as Jesse rants in broken though "michele was trying to find out who she can trust" and says "if I go up" because Michele who'll put it up.....and Jesse talking about he knew she didn't "say anything"...

11:21 BBT Lydia down plays what she says and Lydia says "she's making up stuff just to see where it goes" and Lydia says she's "not mad" and says "if its not one thing its another"........Lydia says "i really don't count on you and Natalie for anything" as she tells him they will not vote for her...Jesse "whatever" and says to her she's a pawn "the odds " of her actually going....they hug...

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11:25 BBT

Jesse back to walking around has a hissy fit with the pillows in the LR and jumps to the bed in the Red BR and cover himself in is blanket...

Outside Russ and Michele talking about their differences and lack of "communication.."i'm sorry" Michele says "i don'yt have the best communication skills" as Russ talks about "the breakdown of communication" as Russ says she shouldn't have done it in the group...as Michele says Russ spent the week "yelling at me" as they Russ accuses her and she accusses him they both play "sematics" as thet talk about last weeks ...as Michele says "the way you say things" and Russ accuses her of playing Lawyer tricks on interpretation......

Michel says "i don't have a good memeory" as Russ says she has a Phd and Michele says "i'm upset with you" and Michele says Chima "would have been fine with you" had he not started the second public drama...as Russ says "i was setting the record straight" because he didn't say those things....Michele says "the only thing we're fighting about" was "the bad joke" as Russell keeps harping on it..and Michele says "I didn't say what you said"....Michele says "some people have targets...and may get backdoored" and Russ says "i'm leaving" and Michele says he's not because his PoV

Russ goes on about the "erectile dysfunction" as he says "it was in bad tastes" and says it would be like him say "you can't have bad children"...Michele says "i thought we had this resolved" and says "i would have fixed things" had he talked to her...both accuse each other of not what was going on in their heads as Michele says she doesn't remeber things but remebers the "erectile dysfunction" becaus ehe's brought it up "500 times" as Russ says he's only brought up a few times......and Russ gets mad as she says maybe not 500 "10 -15 times"....Russ says "i was trying to set the record staright..fair enough?" and Michele says "no"

11:37 BBT Russ goes over everything again in his version...as Michele refutes..

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11:38 BBT

Michele exaperated "fuck you" as she goes in.."fuck you Russell"..as she says "i don't want to get Chima" as Michele heads up to HOH and Natalie "i'm in a big fight with Jesse" as Michele tries to explain and takes over the about her......

11:39 BBT Michele explains what went on..Chima "she probably did say that".....and Michele trying to turn it back to Russell saying "he was being an ass" and Michele tells them about them.......and Chima "he brought Jeff into it" Chima says....

Chima seems to be loving the drama...Miches says 'he's just trying to make me turn against Jeff"..saying trying to show Jeff "i'm a man hater"

Chima turning it to her now going off about Russ' penis saying 'it may not work"...Chima "i have not ime for this.......these men" in her attempt for her all girl alliance..

11:43 BBT Natalie turns it back to her and the Lydia ordeal..complaining about Jesse......Michele saying Jeff "his so pissed" as Chima blames Russell saying crap "to Jeff"

11:45 BBT Kevin comes out as Jeff lays in the hammock....Russ playing pool

Upstairs their meeting continues as Chima asks about Lydia's reaction and Michele says she wasn't upset and Chima "so she didn't get bitchy about it"

Both Chima and Michele think Jeff has the "wizard power" as Natalie disagrees as saying he talked to Ronnie to see if Ronnie had it....

Talk about Jeff having the Power as Jeff seems to be going around talking about "the jury house" for other people

Chima says "if Jeff takes Russell down he's a dumb motherfucker" saying he can't beat Russel in any comp.....as they blame Russell for putting word in Jeff's head....

They have concluded that Lydia doesn't have it...

11:50 BBT Jeff telling Jordan in pool room saying Michele has gone crazy...and says her and Russel were fighting about "the same thing" and says Russ was being calm........Jordan goes over her convo and says "you better go talk to her" saying "she may "twist your words around"....

Jeff telling Jordan what was said....and says "i probably misunderstood" what Lydia said Michele told her...Jordan "do you have the mystery power" Jeff "i wished" both telling each other they had it.....

11:55 Jeff tells Jordan where everyone is at after she asks...

Jeff wants Jordan to come out but she says "i can't sleep out there"

11:57 BBT pretty long silence.."its getting boringer and boringer here" Jordan tells Jeff.....as Jeff not talking much....

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12:00 BBT J/J in pool room as Jordan says she Jeff can "lay in here"...but wants to find out michele's "fuck you" was to....."you're a lot moodier than you use to be" Jordan tells him..Jeff says "because its getting real now"...Jordan 'you don't act as happy" Jeff says "its carazy people" making him in that mood..

Jeff decides to stay in and lay with Jordan...off goes the lights....

They laugh at the camera movement..Jordan "everyone is paranoid" as Jordan says Russell gets schizophrenic with his paranoia

Jordan warns Jeff to be careful what he tells Russell...and she though he was "making a deal" with him.....as Jeff says he does watch what he tells him..

12:05 BBT Mostly quiet between them...Jordan tells Michele would never put him up and Jeff says she acts like Chima is her best friend when Chima doesn't give a shit about her..

"I think she takes medication" Jodan says as Jeff "she should" saying "she's bi polar" and "mental" and bb "shouldn't let her drink"

12:08 BBT "You know how many times she's lied to me"...and Jeff says "the one think to Kevin" ...and Jeff says the GR lie and says "she was in there"..Jeff calling Michele "crazy".."i don't to talk to her..she's mentall says "michele, tina, Jenny" I don't know who she is...

12:10 BBT Jeff gets up and says "il be right back" he has to use the BR..

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12:13 BBT Chima in her quest for all girls alliance seems to think Jeff is using Jordan and will screw her over in the end...

FOTH as they talk about things they shouldn't..

12:14 BBT Jeff heads back to pool room and hops back in bed with Jordan.....Jordan warning Jeff "it gets really cold in there" talking baouthis have not sleeping arrangements...

{muffled whipers..I'm horrible at listening to whispers}

Jordan talking about being called to DR being almost "right there" falling asleep..and teases him "you have to sleep in the have not room with crazy" they laugh..

Jeff and Jordan says "there is no one left" from their friends...complaining they have to watch what they say...he says about Michele "i'll use her as much as I can" but "first chance" I get he'll get rid of her..

12:20 BBT Jeff scared he thought he saw michele..saying I thought he saw her hair by the door...Jeff "that slop is so chunky monkey" as Jordan says the taste is bad "at all"...Jeff says he will try to keep as positive as I can..

Jordan says she's not seeing any results from her workouts and Jeff says give it town..as they make fum of Michele..

12:22 BBT J&J laying in bed Michele bashing.....as Jordan turns the talk to restaurants...

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12:24 BBT

Russell bashing in full force in HOH..Kevin has joined the klatch as they go over Russells blow ups..

Chima now says Jeff hangs out with people who are shaky and Chima wonders if Jeff will take Russell off the block...

natalie thinks Russ/Jeff are friends but won't take em off the block....

12:27 BBT Michele tells him about the "final two" deal and Chima says Russ has those deals with everyone....."except me"

More and more and more Russell bashing......

12:30 BBT...J&J talking in bed...

they are talking about Casey...Jordan says she couldn't believe she ended up friends..Jordan talking baout her first impressions who she would have or have not been friends with..

"jordan 'do you think we'll make it far" and Jeff tells her "I think so..we'll be alright" and worries his decisions will affect her....and Jordan says to "listen to me" and "my opinions"...

Jeff "are you cool with that" saying his decisions will affect her too and Jordan "what are you saying"...and Jeff says he's not saying nothing...

Jordan "one of us are going to have to"....gigle gigle rustle covers.....{the mics against the covers makes it hard to hear}

12:36 BBT Jeff says "183" is how much he weighed and when he got in the house her weighed 190 -191" and Jordan "why do you guys lose weight so easily" and she can't.....as 'they talk about "pizza" and "pasta"

12:38 BBT talking about time....smooch smooch.......and Jodan says she can't stand the smooching noise when "people kiss" and Jeff talks about here eyes...

Jeff "she ran up to hide" about Michele as Jeff thinks the "fuck you" to Russell was for him......

12:41 BBT Jeff talking about "looking out for" Jordan as Jordan says "what do you mean"

talking about her panties and how she uses it for a swinsuit...saying "if I say stuff to you" its because "i'm looking out for you" Jeff tels her..

12:43 BBT Food talk

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12:44 Jordan telling Jeff "no kissin" saying "its awkward..with all the cameras..when you're under the covers kissin"

Jordan wants to get up to fix some vittles...Jeff doesn't want to get up..Jordan sits up and leans against the wall

Jeff talking about Michele being "crazy" Jordan "but still" and says "we have to have her" "for a vote"...Jeff "if we didn't I would kill her" as Jordan says "i don't know hy she keeps throwing your name in"

Jeff rehashing the Russ fight and knows for a fact "she ran away" and says "don't get Chima" and thinks she ran upstairs to bash him.."She might be" Jordan says and quicklt turns the convo back to food "chicken noodle soup" and says she wnats her workouts "to pay off" and Jordan swings back to Michele and are suprised she hasn't come back to talk..

12:50.."that bitch is crazy..real crazy not fake crazy" Jeff says he told the DR about Michele..Jordan asks if they laughed...

Jordan "i can tell you're getting pissed" they talk about have/havenots...Jordan says "i had to see what it felt like to be a winner"....Jeff says you calling me "a loser" and Jordan says he's won something and says "i won nuthin" and asks about Jeff's injured toe and sya "i want pancakes" Jeff "Jesus"

12:54 BBT back to making fun of Michele...Jordan decides not to eat...


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12:58 BBT

Feeds back to J&J trying something "to talk about"

In HOH Russell bashing going strong for over an hour...they are trying to figure out who he would put up..Kevin says he would keep Chima as the fake fighting and the wink wink nod nod..chima like she would go along with that..

Michele says she would be Russell's target..because Chima has his respect because she won HOH and Chima points out she's won 2 POV..

Chima lets usall know "in TV land" that Russell "doesn't like to win uhh uh i mean doesn't like to lose" ..bashing Russell about being a "sore loser"..Natalie says something..blah blah blah

Natalie saying "that's my only way I know how to react" saying she would hit him had he gotten ion her face as Natalie says "i'm going to vote his ass out" even though she has "beef with Lydia"

Chima tells Michele Russ "regreted his decision" and wanted "you to go home"

1:04 BBT Chima calling Russ "a paranoid schizophrenic"

Talking about "the wizrd power" and says "it's Jeff" and says he wouldn't use it inless "i was on the block"..Natalie says "me too" but Chima would "wiz his ass" out of the house..

1:05 BBT foth..

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1:07 BBT

"jeff would be stupid" to use it and Natalie goes on saying it would be "a fuck you" to Chima and goes on about losing the vote....

Kevin says it might not be what they think..

1:08 BBT Michele says Jeff may be worried that she wants Russ out and she may turn on him next.....Kevin "stop it Michele" as Michele goes on she has a degree in Psych {too bad its not in common sense}

"i'm not a crazy and neurotic person" and says "i would never turn on Jeff" and is worried what influence Russell is having on him...

1:11 BBT Kevin says about Michele and Jeff "use that time" in have not room and Natalie cuts him off "she'll be fine"....

Natalie asks about "the deals" Michele says "the final two" as Natalie keeps collecting evidence to no doubt twist it on her...

1:13 BBT Russell bashing...

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1:15 BBT

Michele heads out of the HOH afetr jokinly telling Kevin she loves him and says "thanks for listening" and says "i love Jeff" and "i'm not gunning for Jeff"

Natalie "not for 1 second" did Natalie think otherwise..

1:16 BBT "No more crying".....Michele says.....and says "i don't want to leave this house and will cry everyday" to stay in..

1:18 BBT "Fuck off Russell" .."i'm not a nut case" as Russel calls her "psycho" and says "ronnie is on point" and says "you are absolutely psycho"

Natalie come out..and Russ goes over the fight....as Russell goes over the fight...."did she run up there" Russ asks "what'd she say"..Natalie "nothing really"

1:20 BBT Russell Michele basshing to Natalie...as he totally twist the words saying Jeff "thinks your crazy too"..Michele defending herself......"Jeff never said anything" and Michele "you need to start repecting women"..keeps saying "jeff didn't say that" as Russell says he'll go get Jeff..and Michele defending herself.....Russell "you're absolutely crazy"

1:23 BBT Jeff starting a bully session with Michele.."oh shut up Russell" as he continues to think "ronnie was so dead on"

Russell heads to pool room and Jeff "why does my name keep coming up" as Russell saying "she's absolutely crazy"...Russell saying "it was absolutey hilarious"

1:25 BBT russ goes get his contact stuff to take off his contacks in the kitchen...as Jesse as Michele comes into the room to defend herself and tells her 'shut up" "I'm not talking to you" as he cuts her off saying as Michele says "i'm not crazy Russell" and call her Ronnie and him "assholes"...saying "you need to stop this..I'm not crazy"

1:28 BBT

Lydia Jesse and Natalie and Michele in the kitchen...."where do they find these people..seriously" Michele says...

Russell "cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo" as he laughs at Michele at her face...as she prepares slop...

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1:34 BBT

Michele in the kitcen sitting at the bar while Natalie and Jesse cook something to eat...Natalie seems to be on her side or playing to be since she's not sure who the wizard is..

1:38 BBT Russell with Lydia in REd BR talking actually Russ Michele bashing...almost giddy about his bullying...

{I'm out..be back Sunday so any live feeders please help out and cover late night updates Saturday night...}

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2:30AM BBT

Jesse and Lydia are playing pool. Kevin is watching. They bet that they will dress up like wrestlers for 24 hours and have a match and whoever loses the pool game has to lose the wrestling match.

Chima, Natalie & Michelle in HOH. Chima going on that if Jeff uses the power to remove her nominees she will flip out. FOTH

Earlier, Jesse went in the room and talked to Russell who gleefully told his bullying Michelle story. Jesse said if he wins POV he will take Russell off and that only leaves Chima one choice to put up Michelle. Jeff came through room to head to bed, said he didn't want to get into it and will talk to Michelle tomorrow.

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Chima, Natalie & Michelle still talking. Chima and Natalie saying they really don't know who Jeff and Jordan would nominate. Mentions that Michelle knows them better so she probably has an idea. Michelle not giving up any information. Throughout the night Michelle has stated that she is with Jordan and Jeff and would not betray them.


Feeds come back to Chima saying to Michelle try to talk to Jeff tomorrow and see if you get shunned. Michelle says if she gets shunned she will pack her bags (because they think Jeff has the power). They talk about the fact that if someone unexpectedly goes home they won't have packed their bags and will be relying on irresponsible houseguests to get their stuff together for them.

2:57BBT - Lydia losing pool game. Grabbed the ball so Jesse couldn't take his turn. Lydia tries to say she's going to bed so she doesn't have to finish game. They are joking around, it's all in good fun.

Jesse won. Kevin says "You're screwed Lydia". Jesse says he can decide when he wants her to wear the wrestling outfit anytime over the next week. Lydia saying she can't wear the underwear(?) on her head while in the pool. Kevin says Lydia's going to stay in pool all day.

Jesse, kevin & Lydia are talking game. Lydia throws out a comment that she will not rely on Jesse or Natalie to vote to keep her (because they voted for Ronnie last week). Kevin says it doesn't matter anyway because she still has the votes. Then says "out of all the times you've been on the block, this is the most safe you've been". Lydia says thanks Kevin, then jokingly says next week she's going to win HOH and put him up.

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Michelle, Natalie, Chima still in HOH. Chima says she would appreciate if Michelle does not put Jesse up on the block. Michelle says she would like to keep him safe but doesn't want anything to get back to Lydia. Natalie says she would never vote against Jesse because she promised him. Chima says eventually she wants all the guys out, then asks Natalie not to tell Jesse that. Michelle not committing to anything.

Natalie mentions that they think Michelle might have the power too. Michelle doesn't really respond.


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