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8/8 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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3:05 PM BBT Lydia & Russ having good conversation about Chima & her laugh etc. Russ calls Chima a Chia pet

Lydia said she was surprised they didn't have one in here & Russ said we do... it walks & it laughs

Russ asked Lydia not to tell anyone he said that- she agreed

Lydia told Russ he talks like a lawyer

Russ, Lydia & Kev in Red room

Russ telling Kevin that he threw him under the bus with Chima a day or to ago

Kevin denied, Russ continued & Kev agreed that yes he had said to Chima "Don't forget what Russ did..."

Kevin tells Russ it was really about Lydia not Russ- he was protecting her

Russ threatens to go into the have-not room to fart tonight to punish Kev

Russ now talking about how he is alone in the game, a renegade talking about the 10 grand he won

Kev said he will walk out with 20 grand Russ says no 19- then taxes so maybe 14,000 but he has bills so maybe he will have 3,000 when he gets out

Russ said at least he achieved his goal of pissing off everyone in the house

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3:19 PM BBT Now Russ tells Kevin that when he dies he wants to be hung upside down, Kev asked why?- Russ said so my critics can kiss my ass. Starts to sing and .... FOTH

Back to "screw you- dick" from Russ

All feeds on the red room where Lydia, Kevin & Russ are settled for a nap

Cameras keep focusing on Kev & Russ- both of which are awake but quiet

Jeff is now out of the DR

Kevin just called to the DR- called Mr. Wizard as he leaves the red room to go in

Jeff tells Russ he is going to lay down but to get him when the outside is open so he can "show him some stick"- goes into the pool room

All feeds on the pool room where everything is quiet

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3:30 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Red Room. Kevin is called to the DR and on his way out Jeff yells "Wizard!" They talk about playing pool later. The feeds switch to Michelle and Jordan in the pool room. Michelle says if the POV is used she guesses she is going home. All 4 feeds keep switching from close ups on Michelle or Jordan's faces and zooming out showing the entire room.

3:41 PM BBT All 4 feeds switch to Chima putting on makeup in the HoH bathroom. Feeds 1/3 zoom in so close you can only see her lips and practically straight up her nose.

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3:54 PM BBT All 4 feeds now on Russell in the SR. He grabs a melon and notices the camera is following him. He plays a quick game of peek a boo using the fridge door between him and the camera. Then he grabs another melon and poses for the camera holding the melons down by his crotch area. He then gets a banana and hangs it in between the 2 melons, laughs at himself, and the fun is over.

Later in the kitchen he notices the cameras again while he is cutting up his melon and does either a penguin walk or a Ronnie walk....(looks the same to me-Goldylucks)

Meanwhile, most of the HGs are napping in various rooms and they appear to be in ID LD for veto comp clean up.

4:05 PM BBT Russell goes back to bed in the Red Room and all is quiet in the BB house.

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3:50 BBT Russ out of bed in the SR and messing with the cameras. Picks up a couple of melons and holds them up to his privates and mugs for the cameras. He then adds a banana to the melons and mugs again for the cameras.

Russ out of the SR and in KT cutting up melon to eat...

exciting stuff...

everyone else napping...Kevin may still be in the DR and Chima still attempting to fix that mug of hers too probably.

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4:15 PM BBT Only Chima stirring. She's in the kitchen having just put a cup of tea in the microwave and spending a brief moment in the DR.

4:23 PM BBT There really is nothing to report.

4:45 PM BBT Houseguests, the lock down is over, you are now free to move about the house.

I have a few good hours in me so I'll report if something changes.

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5:00 PM BBT Kevin gets up and is walking around. Chima gives him kudos for winning the POV after almost a solid week of no real food. "It messes with your mind...that makes it even more commendable."

Kevin came to a realization while he was laying down. Russell becoming aware of the "don't forget what Russell did" comment is because of Lydia. He says Lydia was the only the one that could have said that. He has also put several other things together. He tells Chima that if Jeff has the power he will use it. "What would prevent him from using it? Upsetting everyone? He's not intimidated like that. He gains Russell. He puts up Jessie and Natalie." Chima says she will lose her mind if that happens. Kevin also says that everyone in the house but Natalie knows Jeff has it. (Damn Kevin, you need to take more naps-Goldylucks)

5:10 PM Chima expects that Jeff may have already told Russell that he has the power and that when she gets out she is going to check the live feeds. If she finds out he told Russell she will flip out again and she knows producers and stuff....FOTH. Chima is complaining again about the potential loss of HoH power and says "they put the wrong girl in the house, to win HoH the wrong week and think they are going to do that to me." FOTH again. Chima is on an anti BB rant and we keep getting more FOTH.

5:25 PM BBT Jeff and Michelle join the land of the living. Jeff, Chima, and Michelle joke in the kitchen. Jeff tells them that he used to have a butt since he quit playing football he lost it. Chima tells him it's okay, she has no butt either but they are both still cute. Jeff: "Fuck yeah we are" Michelle "I stay on slop much longer I won't have a butt anymore either."

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5:35 PM BBT Jeff and Kevin chatting it up in the BY while Chima, Lydia, and Michelle are in the KT. Kevin is kissing tail, telling Jeff he was on "team Jeff" and when everyone said Jeff threw Lydia under the bus it was Kevin that stood up for him. Jeff says that from week one everyone has been playing the game by "keeping everyone mad at someone to keep yourself safe" and he doesn't play that way. He says he was on "team Jordan and team Braden" because they are the ones that were nice to him despite what everyone else was saying. He says there were a lot of lies about him that came from Ronnie. He tells Kevin that he has never had a reason to trust or not trust Kevin.

Kevin tells him he looks really stressed now. Jeff reminds him that he pulled his key out last so if Kevin uses the veto he feels he is likely the one to go up.

Jeff takes a stab at Michelle. Michelle is running laps in the BY. Jeff tells her "if you heard part of the discussion over here, please tell me before you tell someone else so it doesn't getting mixed up." Michelle "I wouldn't do that. I don't just go running to tell people stuff." Jeff "well, tell me first if you think you heard something" Michelle "I don't play that way. We should talk later."

Meanwhile Chima and Lydia are discussing the POV. Lydia tells her that there are people she would like to see on the block just so they can see what it's like being on the block. Chima "Yeah, seeing as you are on it for the 3rd time." They also discuss Russell's bruised ego and his inability to keep things to himself.

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5:58 PM BBT Just general chit chat. Feeds 1/2 are Chima and Lydia in the kitchen. Feeds 3/4 are Jeff and Kevin in the BY with Michelle doing laps and Jordan working out off camera. Kevin goes inside and Michele sits on the couch next to Jeff. She tells him why she has been saying the things she has been saying and how her words have been twisted. Jeff mentions her "fuck you" seemed to be directed to him and she tells him no, it was Russell. She says that he had been an ass to her even before Jeff came outside. They discuss the converstions in the house are like a telephone and Michelle adds "Yeah, and I don't hear too well."

Michele tells Jeff that Russell just keeps being mean to the women and it's likely in the next few weeks he will probably start on Jordan. She tells him that the only people she really trusts are Jeff and Jordan. Jeff advises that Michelle start letting things go and limit the situations she is getting herself into by constantly talking to people about things she MIGHT have heard. He tells her that all of a sudden his name is being dropped by 4 different people because of the recent events and the reason it hasn't lead to fights is because he just lets it go.

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6:10 BBT

Jess and Nat trying to figure out why Russ chose Jeff over Jessie to play in the POV. Nat says Kevin wouldn't have won if Russ picked Jessie, b/c Russ picked the HG choice and after that, Lydia pulled Jeff's name and had to draw again b/c Jeff was already playing. She then picked Kevin's name, so Nat says that Russ screwed himself over for winning the POV b/c he picked Jeff instead.

Nat and Jess are very mad that Jess wasn't picked.

(Just wanted to add this info--it will be interesting to see if BB edits this out or shows Jeff's name being picked twice.)

6:15 BBT

Jess says Russ f*cked him over by not letting Jess try to win POV and save himself, yet Russ wants Jess to go to bat to save Russ.

They talk about if Chima puts Jeff on the block and him using th epower, if he has it. Jess says he will have that shirt (don't know which one) in his pocket on Thursday night and tells Nat he's serious (in case he goes home).

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6:25 PM BBT Jessie and Natalie still chatting in the green room. Natalie is trying to get Jessie to talk one on one with Jeff. She wants him to tell Jeff that Russell said he was going after Jeff and Jordan. She says that maybe if he has doubt in Russell he may use the power against Russell instead of putting Jessie and Natalie up. Jessie is even more convinced Jeff has the power because he is being called to the DR several times when he has barely been called to the DR at all. He says that Jeff is called to the DR twice for each time anyone else goes in there. Jessie says Jeff will get himself farther in the game if he did use the power to get rid of him. He says the only person he pisses off by doing it is Natalie and at the same time he earns an ally out of Russ.

6:35 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Jessie and Natalie. Natalie is venting that of all the weeks that she should feel safe it should have been this one. One of her closest friends won HoH and she still isn't safe...and Chima can't compete next week. Jessie says if he wins HoH he is putting up Jeff and Michele "and that's if I'm still fucking here". Jessie mentions that he hates how Michele moves from each side of the house based on who has the power.

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6:50 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the kitchen. Natalie, Chima, Lydia, and Michele discuss how they will feel if one of them is forced to wear the red unitard. Chima say she will act like Michelle (fomer HG not current) if she lost a trip and won the unitard like she (Michelle)did. None of the other ladies say they would mind it as much. Otherwise, just random chit chat about comps and winning money.

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7:45 BBT

Jeff and Russ playing pool.

Jess, Nat and Chima talking (bitching) in HOH room. Jess is still mad Russ didn't pick him and how Russ wants Jess to save him. Chima is at least happy that Kevin and Lydia are cooperating with the veto usage. They talk about Jeff using the power and Nat tells Jess to get in his ear and tell him what Russ said. They now rehash the veto comp.

Jess thinks this is a horrible way to go out and Chima says it won't happen.

Nat tells Jess to tell Jeff him and Nat are on board to evict Jeff so Jeff won't use the power and think they'll be getting Russ out.

Jess has figured it all out, saying Jeff benefits from keeping Russ and getting Jess out, as it only leaves Nat to play for HOH next week. Chima says Russ has loyalty to both sides and tells Jess to bring that up to Jeff, in case he doesn't know it already.

Jess predicts that Jeff will take down both nominees and put Nat and him up, and then the other side will go after Nat and Chima. Nat is totally picking her nose on the bed as Chima and Jess talk.

Nat still insists that if J/J are safe, Jeff won't use the power. Chima says Jeff obviously knows that America loves him b/c he was voted to receive the power.

8:00 BBT

Jeff and Russ still playing pool. No game talk going on.

Nat, Chima and Jess still talking in HOH room. Jess is very paranoid. Chima and Nat continue to try to come his nerves.

8:10 BBT

Nat is telling a story about a night with a date and a certain movie.

Pool game is over. Jeff was alone outside, playing with a cue stick on the lawn chair. BB gives them alcohol and Russ goes upstairs to tell them. They decline, but once Russ leaves the room, Chima says Russ gets the whole bottle to himself, since everyone else is on slop. Jess doesn't like that idea and goes to get some. Nat tells him to get half the bottle.

Russ empties the bottle into two wine glasses. He asks Jess if he talked to Nat and Chima about keeping him and Jess says he talked to them, but doesn't know how it went. Jess goes back upstairs.

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8:15 BBT

Jess says he got just over half the bottle and Russ got the other half and 3 beers. They then realize they should have let Russ have all the alcohol.

Jeff and Russ are playing pool again. Jordan is also outside, eating. Kevin came outside to do laundry. No talking going on.

Upstairs, Nat wants some Smirnof in the house, as she feels like a drink. Chima says she could have some wine, and Nat already knows this, but doesn't like wine. Says her and Jess almost drank a bottle upstairs before, but she doesn't like wine.

Nat says Michele said she's not going to take a shower all week, like Nat did last week. Chima says that's not true, b/c Michele took a shower everyday when the brains were Have Nots for 2 weeks. Nat says no, Michele used the outside shower and Chima still says that's not true.

Outside, Russ is starting to feel the alcohol.

8:30 BBT

Chima, Nat and Jess sharing personal stories. Jeff takes a break from pool to smoke. Brief FOTH. Nat says she can't wait for them all to go to Vegas and it's going to be so much fun. They then talk about other BB parties and Nat (for some reason) is worried about not being invited.

Outside, talk is older TV shows. Jordan says she didn't like I Love Lucy. Jeff is a fan of Three's Company. Jordan is now craving chicken salad and asks Russ if he kows how to make it. He says you put chicken on a salad and Jeff and Jordan try to explain chicken salad, like tuna salad, with mayo and whatnot. Russ says if you ask for chicken salad in Southern California, you'll get a salad with chicken on it, b/c So. Cal. is healthy.

Nat says she'd feel so much better if she had a drink right now. They see Jeff on the spy screen and try to follow him, to see if he's going to the DR. Nat then asks BB to get her a Mike's Hard Lemonade. She then starts to drink Jess' wine.

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8:40 BBT

Nat wants to do something crazy right this second and Chima says not this week, with the mystery power. They see Jeff changed into his swimming trunks and is going to the jacuzzi. Jess then starts talking about how he's leaving this week and needs to grab that shirt of his. Chima says Jess doesn't realize that Jess will be overshadowed by Chima's freak out if the power is used.

Kevin joins them in the HOH room. They start reassuring him that Lydia will stay.

Outside, J/J are in the HT. Russ is on the couch.

Nat explains to Kevin how she's loyal. Says she was loyal to Ronnie and that's why she voted for him. This week, she has no loyalty to Lydia or Russ, but has loyalty to Chima, who wants Russ out, so Nat will vote Russ out.

(I'm out.)

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