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8/1 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:10 BBT

Lydia/Russ just finished their convo in HOH.

Jeff/Michelle/Ronnie/Chima are back and forth outside and in the kitchen

Jeff outside alone at the moment smoking

Lydia now downstairs talking to Michelle/Ronnie about the wizard power. Very light convo. Jordan now awake and in the kitchen.

Lydia walks outside and asks Jeff "you want Ronnie gone right" Jeff says yes of course.

Jeff now asking what this magic thing is (coup'd'etat) He asks Lydia if she has it, she starts smiling and says "I don't know"

Ronnie/Chima have a quick chat in the bathroom (couldn't hear all of it). Ronnis says something about they know I didnt say something and something about Lydia and Chima says "you're right, you're right" (sorry didn't catch it, I was listening to Jeff/Lydia)

Kevin/Lydia now playing pool.

Michelle/Ronnie talkingl in the pool room about wanting alcohol. Ronnie tells Michelle that he would like to talk to her whenever she wants. Ronnie says "I will answer any questions you want" Michelle says ok

Russ now in with Jesse/Nat and Jesse says if Lydia wins POV whats the plan, he says he'll put Kevin up. Jesse says thats worse case. They talk about Ronnie is gonna go around campaining and no one wants him here so it shouldn't do any good.

Ronnie now telling Michelle when he ask Nat if he could lay in her bed, nat says sure. He says lydia was working on her trash suit. Ronnie says he will have to paraphrase waht happened because he could have mixed up some of the order of things. Michelle says I get youre not a tape recorder. Ronnie says Lydia asks if he had a deal with Jesse, she told her no. He defined his idea of a deal and says I don't have a deal with them and never did. Ronnie says Lydia then ask if he had a deal of any sort with Russ, he tells her no. Michelle is just going hmm hmm. Then he says Casey stormed in and started stuff.

Michelle asking Ronnie about the time when Ronnie was telling her about something that Russ could never know about (I can barely hear them. BB is trying to turn up the volume-but I still can barely hear sorry. Hopefully somene else is catching this)

Ronnie says he will tell Russ what ever he needs to in order to stay. Ronnie says he almost hopes that the veto isn't used, cause he has 3 votes already, Jesse/Nat and Chima is who he names.

Ronnie says Russ know he has Jesse/Chima/Nat but he doesn't know I have you. Ronnie says "you are the wild card, he doesn't know what you will do". Ronnie tells her that he set it up that way to protect her. Michelle tells him that her wishy washyness is to his advantage.

Ronnie says Jesse/Nat knew Russ lied to them. Jesse says to Ronnie that he knew Ronnie didn't lie to him.

Ronnie says that Russ doesn't know he has Jesse/Nat/Chima. Michelle says well then why is Lydia walking around like she's staying. Ronnie says because Russ probably told her she was a pawn. Ronnie says again that no one knows about the Ronnie/Jesse?Nat/Chima plan. Michelle with a lot of hmmm..hmmmmm

(any night owls here to take over?)

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9:35 BBT

Ronnie still going on about Russ trying to drive a wedge between Ronnie/Jesse cause he jealous of their friendship.

Ronnie says if it's his time, it's his time. He will be a good sport about it. Do his interviews, eat..etc...

Ronnie says if he leaves, that Russ will flip to Jeff/Jordan/Lydia and Kevin and says then who will have the power? Ronnie tells Michelle that she/Jesse/Nat/Chima would be the minority. He reminds her that Russ doesn't really like her anyway cause she's smart.

Michelle says she is going to get in the hot tub.

Ronnie goes to file his nails again.

BB calls Jeff to the DR, everyone yells "WIZARD!!"

They all laugh

Jordan/Lydia and Kevin discussing the veto and who they want to play. Lydia says she would want Jeff to play. They says they think they should leave it the same otherwise Ronnie may not go. Lydia says she only has Jordan/Jeff/Kevin, and Michelle is the wild card. She says she thinks Jesse/Nat/Chima may vote her out.

Russ/Chima in HOH talking. Russ says he wants Ronnie out. Chima ask about voting Lydia out and he says he has no problem with Lydia being voted out but he wants Ronnie out first. Chima seems to be pushing for Ronnie to stay. She asks Russ why he wants Ronnie out so bad. So off Russ goes on the reasons. He lied to him, he insulted his religion by swearing on the bible about the convo that he overheard and knows Ronnie was lying and he took it as an insult. Russ says he doesn't trust him at all, Chima says I know but I don't trust Lydia!

Chima naming off reasons why Ronnie should stay-none of which benefit Russ. She is naming all the good things he has done for her. (it's the same things that have been said already) Russ points out that she is being a advocate for Ronnie. She says no, just devils advocate

(I'm out til tomorrow)

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Chima in the HoH bed with Russell.

She was campaigning hard for Ronnie a while back, and Russell was getting angry as he sipped his beer.

Just now, they were discussing racism, specifically Braden, and Chima admitted that she blew it out of proportion.

They spoke about Don Imus and what he said that got him into trouble.

Chima said that even though he said it, she doesn't think it defines him. And the same with Braden.

In the backyard, Jeff and Jordan again hoping that one of them will win the Magic Power.

Almost every time someone gets called to the diary room, other people yell "Wizard", making fun of them going in there to collect their magic powers. Funny stuff.

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Did you know?

All registered users, and if you can read this, that means you, have an access level high enough to post updates in this forum. If you think you don't write well enough to contribute, think again. Members are not permitted to post criticism of your writing, and we'd rather have something poorly written, than have nothing written. Did you know that people that post updates on a regular basis get an access level that grants them access to the board even when it's off-line due to overloading (when technically possible). StephenV, our regular nite owl, is away to tonight (spending time with family, so selfish), so tonight's a great time to get over your shyness and try to write a quick, even brief, description of what's happening on the live feeds. Just try to post without opinions.



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Ronnie and Michelle talking about mystery power. Ronnie saying he keeps asking production about it. Nat has now joined the pool room. Ronnie telling them some sob story without details about losing all his friends and only having two left when he was nat's (false)age. Lydia has joined the room. Nat leaves. Ronnie and Michelle alone again. Ronnie telling Michelle that he hopes that that if the noms stay the same she votes to keep him. Infering that nat, chima, and jessie will vote to keep him. (nat briefly said to michelle that she hopes that she sticks to the plan.) Sounds like Michelle is waiting until pov to decide what she's going to do.

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1:30am BBT Chima/Jess in HOH talking about Jeff. They both see him as a threat and will put him up. In the RR Jordan/Jeff/Kevin/Michelle talking about slop. Chima/Jess talking about coup thinking that Jordan will get it. Chima claims they are portraying them at "the bad people". (not portraying you are) Chima saying no one remembers the first six or seven people who are out. Jesse saying when Jerry was votes how Texas was blocked from voting? Talk about Renee, that Chima and Renee would clash. Russ is in the room (must of been in bathroom). Now just general chit chat about weight. Russ still complaining about hand blisters.

Switch to F2 find Nat and Michelle playing pool. She is really pushing about voting out Lydia. Nat says if she wins POV she would not use it. And says no one should take anyone off. Tells Michelle in her opinion if Michelle wins, not to use it. Michelle tells her she thought she was part of team. Nat sweet talking that you are part of the team to help each other. Michelle ask Nat to promise that Ronnie is not saying he wants her out. Nat saying they are waiting till after POV what they are going to do. And don't tell anyone how your going to vote. They want to see how good Lydia will play to save herself. Nat say Lydia plays HOH and has made up stories about people. Nat saying she still doesn't know how she will vote, but the jest is for Michelle to stick with the group.

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Back to HOH and they are talking about America getting to vote. Russell feels he doesn't like America being able to vote. Jesse says America only gets to vote through an America's Player. Chima seems to know that America can vote without a player. Jessie crying about how he was evicted he feels it was Memphis/Renee/Keesha family and friends voted to keep Memphis and he only had is friends so he was out number. Chima feels Jesse was portrayed last year different that he is. Jesse still rehashing Renee/Jesse fight. Still feels Renee wasn't sorry at 4:30 in the morning. (let it go Jess!!)

Back to talking about America sees them as bullies. They feel they are the smart athletic ones. That america shouldn't f-k with them. That the others aren't smart and don't know how to form themselves into a group. Jesse leaves HOH, Chima asks to use HOH Bathroom to shower and Russell say NO..she says WHAT? He says NO, I'm going to bed. They continue to talk about how funny Kevin can be. Then she says f you and he says he would love too. But can't do that on national TV. Worried about his job.

A lot of flirty conversation about others in the house as they watch spy screen.

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2am BBT In BY Jesse has joined Michelle and Nat playing pool. Jess now playing Michelle. Says Nat just let her win 3 games. No game talk as of yet, though Michelle tried to pull some out of Jess. Now Jess is pulling out info from Michelle. They are throwing out Kevin/Lydias game play and how they lie so much and how they are kissing Jeff and Jordan's ass. Michelle knows she is the deciding vote. Michelle saying Jeff has never had her back and she will never have his. THey are now talking how Ronnie couldn't do good in that comp, though he tried to say he threw it.

Michelle saying it is exhausting being friends with sooooo many people all of a sudden. She knows she is going to piss a lot of people off this week one way or the other. (I can't figure this chick out!!) Now talking about America's vote what it really is. Before WBRB they were starting to discuss the POV...

Jess now ask Michelle if she has ? for him and Nat. That they have her best interest....WBRB (fast finger camera men). Jess wants to keep Russ happy but...how does Michelle see it...she says she wants to believe Ron, but she doesn't feel...WBRB

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Ok feeds on then off, did catch Jess saying he has no problem voting Ronnie out, but.... and Michelle said yeah, clearly when it gets to QA about trivia and events and such, Ronnie will be f-u guys...I got this! Jess says yeah, but...then WBRB (wonder what Chima/Russ doing in HOH that is causing so many FOTH)

Feeds really not lasting long to hard to catch convos...

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2:55 Finds Jess & Nat in BR, Jeff enters, they tell him they always know its him by his loud walk, Jeff "Really, I think its cause I walk on the heels of my feet"...

In HOH Russ and Chima still flirty, and Chima starts to make up song..(I think that is why FOTH so much)

Feeds back, Jeff has dropped pants to show sores and bing, theres Kevin too! They are laugh about it. Kev/Jeff leave

HoH Russ is really trying to get Chima to leave..."alright I'll leave!" Yet she's still there. Russ just starring at spy screen. Now Chima beating Russ with pillows. Jess and Nat wispering too low for me to hear

3am Now Lydia and Kevin playing pool. Talking about why people are avoiding them. Kevin feels her and Lydia are two seperate minds, but Nat/Jess not as Nat just goes along with Jess. Lydia calls Jessie a vantriloquist (guess that makes Nat his lap dummie!)

(Morty this ain't easy watching 4 cams :) )

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3:12 Really trying to hear Jess/Nat, they have hatched some sort of idea to keep Ronnie but will not really discuss till after POV. Something that they will be able to cover there behinds with Russ...

Nat saying she doesn't want to go back to work after this. Jesse says his job is just going to gym and working out for 1hr - 2hr day. They are discussing Jess's contracts and how he is payed. How when he advertises anything with logo, he gets so much.

Cam switches to Russ/Chima saying good night she wanted a hug, makes him stand up...She says she likes hugging him...(you can deff tell she wanted a kiss), but no. She is making sooooooooo much noise and talking so loud!!! Kevin and Lydia tease she looks like she's been doing something up there. She goes into BR and says they were pillow fighting and Jess/Nat relate their fights.

Now talking about coupe...they think people will talk about having it. Back to Chima talking about the fun with Russ and being goofy..says they are no fun. Jess says your not a "have not" so she can be happy. They say everyone is up except Ronnie. You can hear Lydia from BY yelling!

Cant hear...but J& N tell Chima they are still plotting to keep Ronnie. In walks Kevin...general chit chat about what Chima/Russ doing in HOH and how their just friends. Kevin teasing ... "sure".

Now talk about playing POV, Kevin says he really going to fight for it. Now food talk and the what if they had ate that b4 HOH comp. Jess says quit talking about food. Chima apologizes...Kevin just standing looking lost. They ask if Michelle still awake. Kev says not sure she is in RR with Jeff/Jordan. Chima teasing Kevin if he is wizard, he says he'd rather be a witch. Chima/Kevin wish NO MORE twists! Kevin say Ronnie says he LOVES the twist, Chima says because he is a gamer...

Quad Cam 3:30 am now shows Jeff/Jordan/Michelle in RR Michelle says candy is keeping her up and she is on a sugar rush. Jeff Jordan wispering so low cant hear..they are in bed together on couch... sorry cant hear as they wisper in ears..

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Cams 3&4 Apparently J/J told to put on mics cause I hear better, but they are no longer talking game, just flirty stuff. Jeff giver her a neck rub. But swears if she doesn't give him a back rub next time he asks, he will not even care if she breaks her arm, he won't help her. (first time I really watched these two and they are too cute together).

Kev/Lydia in kitchen on 1&2..Lydia goes outside and Kevin back to BR...WBRB (whos singing now!)

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3:56 Michelle/Chima/Jess/Nat still in BR just talking about her broken glasses and how blind she really is. (Appears Jessie and Nat are sticking to their idea of staying up all night and sleeping during day on HOH bed) Michelle finally says shes off to bed.

4am BBT Their wispering about Russ, cant hear, in walks Lydia...alls quite for sure! They don't talk or acknowledge her.. As she leaves camera follows lost their comments..

Cam 2 Chima is saying that Russell said if they don't vote for Ronnie, looks like he doesn't have and alliance. Jesse says after POV Russ is powerless. They still have the votes to keep Ronnie. They are planning on putting up Jeff and Russell the next HOH.... They still think Russ is lying about what he heard Ronnie say. Jess still believes Ronnie. Want to keep Ronnie cause no matter, other side will always want Ronnie out and they are safe. Chima says, Russell will turn this around and make it about him and not Ronnie. They are going over the scenerio of next HOH....how it will be easy cause they will have Ronnie/Chima/Michelle for mental comp....

They also have figured that if Russ gets power, they haven't voted out Ronnie, he will go after Nat/Jess, depending on how long the power last. (Jesse really has this down on the numbers). Jess says keep letting Russ think they are voting out Ronnie. He feels he def has Michelle ....Chima doesn't think that Jeff would keep Russ around (ha ha). Jess saying how he keeps telling Ronnie..NO stay away, he can't talk to him, just that they have a plan. Jess is really going off about Russ. Says Michelle is still not feeling safe, but he tried to convince her she is with him. Back to calling Russell a big liar about what he heard in pool room....

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Jess telling the girls how they must work on Michelle to reassure her to vote with them. Talk of how Russ is going to flip out. (Basically no matter what Jess is keeping Ronnie, screw Russell, they will vote him out next.)

(family waking..gotta go)

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5:39am BBT

just tuned in and saw that Stephen V is taking the night off. i'll try to keep up.

jess/nat talking in bed.

j... if america really wants someone out it will be me.

n why? you are a great person.



it sucks. i'm glad i'm here but i'm hoping i dont go home again early. if i do i wont be wathing you guys. if i get shysted and go out the door i wont be watching. if i get voted out thats ok, but if someone gave someone special power bullshit and i got shysted again, its not part of the game. you feal so cheated its not even funny. the last week that someone doesnt go to the jury house and this happens, it sucks, i know i'll be shysted like last year.

jesse: you arent going home, dont worry, i'll bite the bullet for you

nat: no you wont. dont worry about it.

nat rolls over and it looks like jess/nat going to sleep

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5:45am BBT

Kevin/Chima in bathroom:

Kevin:"what i'm telling lydia to do is whatever beef you have with people" ... chima: "squash it" "just leave it so you dont make a bigger target of yourself"

now they are talking about chima/rus relationship :

chima: we talk shit together, but i'm to old for him its not like i'm going on national tv and find the love of my life. i like him but this is a game."

Kevin: i was a Jehovas Witness. they excommunicated me because i was gay and i lost all my family and friends. Chima" was you bf?" K no, he is Caholic

(sorry i'm not a fast typist to keep up with their convo)

Kev: i do trust Russ because he said he would put up Ronnie and he did. there are real lies and russel kinda lied But there are little lies and if they look you in the eyes and are able to see the truth.

Chima... yeah, like Ronnie wont leave me alone... i'll be in the shower and he will come up to me and talk and he wont leave me alone. i was on the couch in the livingroom and its like he was stalking me.


k: whatever beef that she has with a person, i may be in the room, but i dont support her (lydia, i think) i'd rather not be around her for certain things.

C: we really havnt had a chance to talk one on one.

K for me its like what is my stragety? at this point i dont have one. i just want to be straight with a few people, and later we can hide around corners and stuff.

C but you have seen other shows and that doesnt work!

K it works for people.. like evil types.. i'm not a Evel Dick type.. i'm backed into a corner, and the people i trust arent trusting me.

C it doesnt seem like it but i was really upset Casey went home like he did.. he was just being freindly and tried to keep people together i can understand why he was bitter and it upset me.

K he is out of the house he is out of the equasion, why must we still be hating on him? his exit speach... especially his last exit speah.. telling Nat to go make Jess a sandwich... i could barely keep from laughing.

C it was so true.

foth (pant pant)

K i like talking to ronnie about life... not about game. C yeah i hate talking game with him. K he gives out false info all the time...C: liek counting stuff. he tells you one number and you know if you want the truth you have to go count it yourself.

C i was telling Russel that... why dont you go hang out with Ronnie. he hit me with a pillow.

K ya know Chima, i dont think andyone is coming after you.

C not even J/J?

K no. i havnt heard your name in a hateful way in weeks.


6:01 BBT

C i'm not a Diva kind of girl.. i dont think i am stuck up.. you want to give me shit because i complain about the have not stuff... ueah, i've had my share of grief with production, but i dont think i'm a diva

K i totally see you doing big things after this.

C but i dont think i'm a diva kind of person.. like Diana Ross. you have to have money to be a Diva.

now talking about being a sorority girl. {she talks FAST}

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6:32am BBT

Kevin and Chima are talking in the BR. She's telling him how attracted she is to Russell and how she could see being with him. She doesn't think he would be interested in here because he prefers cougars (older women). He likes a more mature woman.

She is going down the list of why he would be such a nice "catch". It's nice to be able to joke around with someone and not be constantly talking about the game. She feels it's time to start dating again and she could see it being Russell.

Kevin said it's funny how everybody is pairing up in the house. Jeff/Jordan, Jesse/Natalie, Russell/Chima. Chima says "you and Lydia". He just gives her one of his looks like he didn't agree with that statement.

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6:47 am BBT

Kevin has gone to bed in the 'have not room' where Jesse and Nutalie are sharing a bed... when Kevin was laying down Michelle (I assume since she screams at night) screamed "NO!" Chima heard it in the bathroom as she preps for bed and she looked down the hall and stopped and listened for a few to see if there would be more. Kevin stopped laying down to listen... Jesse is sleeping oin his back and breathes very very hard in his sleep

6:50 am BBT

All cams on HG's in bed... not all asleep.

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7:13 BBT-Some tossing and turning, but all in bed. Jessi, Nat and Kevin in Have Not room. Jordan and Ronnie(I think) in PR, Jeff, Chima, Michelle and Lydia in Red Room and of course Russ in HOH. (Out for now-will check back in a few)

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