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7/31 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:08pm Rain just stopped their still swigin & gettin pounded on by the dipolma.

9:10pm Rain On & Off agian. Jordan, Kevin, & Natalie are outside. Jordan cheerin on Jeff

9:11pm Kevin: "Don't Give up." Russell says he wants to know how hid dad's check suregery went and "I can make It all night I did it before."

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Jeff and Russell, the last 2 left, continue to spin around and smack into that diploma.

Jeff may have a slight advantage (total fluke) because he hits the diploma only a couple of spots before Russell, so Russell seems to be getting a slight harder smack because of Jeff's backlash.

This continues through off and on rain, and Russell is wearing only shorts, while Jeff has a cap and a basketball jersey as well.

In the kitchen, the rest of the houseguests are staying inside because they don't want to interfere with the dealing, unaware that the dealing discussion is long over.

Majority opinion is that the only one safe to go out there now would be Jordan.

They marvel at the angle Jeff and Russell are getting as the wheel spins faster with only 2 houseguests on it.

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9:13pm Both tryin to figure out a way to quit. Jeff keeps sayin Rock Paper Scissors, and Russell says no. Jordan tells Jeff to play it out. Jeff says "You play it the fuck off. I cant feel my legs and my dick about to fall off"

9:15pm Jordan keeps saying "Play it out." Jeff told her to go inside. Natalie talkin about old HOH Endurance Comps she can remember

9:17pm Their spinnin again & gettin rained on. Jesse,Michelle,Lydia & Ronnie have joined Jordan,Chima, & Natalie outside.

12:19pm Jesse says theiy did a number on the dipolma. Natalie thinks it looks like a cigarette

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Jeff asks them to go back inside one more time.


Jordan: I think you guys need to play this out.

Jeff: Jordan, go back inside!

Jeff: So tell me what's up.

Russell: I just want Ronnie out.

Jeff: Swear on your Dad. Swear that I'm safe.

Russell: I swear.

Jeff: Ok, I'm out.

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9:24pm Before goin in Jordan says "Buy Guys play it out." Jeff tells her to go in.

9:25pm Russell tells Jeff & Jordan is safe & Ronnie will go home Russell says hes goin to nominate Ronnie off the bat. Jeff: "Do you swear on your Dad." Russell: "Look me in my eyes."

Jeff drops, Russell wins HOH!

9:26pm Russell says hes tangled in the rope he tries to drop but lands on his head with his shorts still hangin and his shoes off. Chima gives him a towel & Jesse gives him the key. Russell hurt his knee.

9:31pm Jordan takes off Russell's shorts for him. and goes to get him new shorts. Russell is shivering. Jesse congrats him more. Jordan is called to DR.

9:33pm Jeff is in the shower.

9:35pm Jordan gets to pick who are the have & have nots out of a Blue hat. Jordan goes to tell jeff to get out of the shower. Jordan can pick who she wants to be up but choose to pick out of a hat. She tells Jeff she kept his name in their. Jeff says for her to take his name out.

9:36pm Jordan says she is a have and gets 3 ppl to have nots. She dosnet put the old Brains in the hat. Jordan pulls Natalie's name. Then Kevin's name. & Jeff LOL. Jordan: "I Wanted it to be fair."

Everyone tells her to put Jeff out and pick someone else she does and its Jesse. Jesse: "Put Jeff back in."

Redo their now gonna pikck #'s. Lyida picks 13, Jesse 12. Jordan picks 15. So the havenots are Jesse,Natalie, & Kevin

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Jordan was called to the diary room earlier.

9:35 BBT

Jordan has a Graduation cap now.

She has put the houseguests names in there on pieces of paper.

She will be picking who goes on SLOP.

But she didn't put the Brains names in because they were all on slop the week before.

She wants Jeff to come to the living room so she can pick now.

Jeff tells her to take his name out. (And he is serious about it.) "I'm not going on Slop after being on that rope for 4 hours."

This has something to do with the box she picked, so she is automatically a "Have".

First person: Natalie

Second person: Kevin

Third person: Jeff

Someone says: I thought you took him out!

"Should I?" Jordan says?

Yeah, take him out, they say.

She picks again and picks Jessie. Jessie says "Fuck that, put Jeff on it again!"

Then they suggest Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Now they are picking a number between 1 and something.

Now they are almost volunteering.

Total confusion.

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10:13pm Natlaie & Jesse sayin its not fair they must start Have Not right now and stay in the room now. Natalie sayin its not fair! Natalie sayin BB wount let her wear her jacket early because it was fair. Natalie bitchin & moaning to Jesse on how its not fair. Jesse says its their show and they can do as they want. Natalie goin on & on "Its not fair!"

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10:15 BBT

After much discussion and time passing, Jordan is told she must officially announce the have nots for the week. She gets everyone together... Jessie, Natalie and Kevin are the have nots. Officially.

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10:27 BBT Natalie in the red BR complaining "it's not fair" because she starts a have not week tonight instead of Fri..Michele decribing how she "showed her va jay jay" on tv when she got all twisted on the HOH aparatus..

Kevin saying "i'm trying to stay positive" while talking to Ronnie..Ronnie trying to figure out the dea between Russ/Jeff...Kevin says he should have got a bigger deal "besides protection"...for him and Jordan Kevin thinks...Chima and Natalie come in and the annoul Thursday who's sleeping where begins....Ronnie telling Chima what a great job she did in HOH.....

10:31 BBt Natalie says "I can't sleep with the boys"......as Kevin says "can you sleep with a gay guy who has no interest in vaginas" and she says "can you sleep with a straight guy" abd Kevins says he's "interested" in straight guys and Natalie bitches "its not worth my relationship" to sleep with any guy even gay...

Even in the have not room Natalie making sleeping arrangements an issue...and bitches "this punishment better end Wednesday @ 9" and complains about the soiled sheets and keeps going "i'm so dizzy still"..

10:34 BBT Chima "that was very interesting" talking about Casey's "exit"..and she runs to Roonie in BR and "jeff and Jordan are safe" he thinks the deal is and tells Ronnie "jeff wants you out" and turns on her hair dryer to cut him off as he leaves "we'll see what happens"

10:36 BBT Michele being extra extraverted as she talks with Jeff and Jordan in the kitchen,,"i got fucking Dick...actuall a sore dick for hanging up there for 5 hrs" as they talk about Kevin's "5 Gs"

Talking about HOH comp...

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10:38 BBT

Kevin tell Jeff what a "stud" he was during the HOH as he told Russ the same thing earlier...Jeff jordan Michele Jeff Kevin talking about their injuries..Jeff if that had one appropiate for my size I could have stayed up there all night" talking how Chima fit on the seat

talking about how Jeff told jordan to not get up because they were swinging above her and adds the "drrrrrr" for her loooking why they told her to stay down..

10:40 BBT "i was the first to go down" Kevin drones.....Jeff saying he needs beer to "take the edge off" Michele telling Jordan she rocked the HOh..

10:42 BBT Natalie and Jesse trying to figure the hookey vote..they think its "Jeff" and nataile ays "it was either kevin, Russell and Jeff" and natalie says "it wasn't me"....Jesse complaining "my neck is killing me" get this, for "watching for 4 hrs" {boo hoo}

10:44 BBT Jeff tells Jordan "what if you're the mystery person" and says she couldn't tell him because she doesn't want to get in trouble...and says if she was she would get up at the eviction if he's on the block.. "I something this" jeff "declare" as she was a loss for words and "take you off" if she's AP..

They talk about HOH "you need good" Jeff tells her and Jeff pulls his pants down to show his war wounds and looks in the windows "i can't even see it"

10:47 BBT "fuck" "i was close" Jeff says "i should have held longer but there was no point" saying Russ would have lasted longer..Jordan says he was hurting but Jeff says "everytime I looked over" he didn't look like it..

"feels like I just went through a football game" Jeff says..

10:49 BBT Jeff says I want to lay down "i wished we had the green room" but Jesse and Natalie are "in there" and discuss where they are going to sleep..

Jess and Natalie Jesse saying "i wanted to Chima to win sooo bad"...he's nervous what Russell will do but says he wanted Russell to make the deal...and tells Natlie about what JC asked him during the live show and says "they were all about you guys" and Jesse says "I don't remember" as Natalie want to know and gets BB warning "how's that fucking production it was on TV"

10:53 Barf talk from HOH ensues in Kitchen with Jeff Jordan and Michele in kitchen

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10:55 BBT Jesse "if i'm out next week" I'm gonna "strangle the three people who did it" as he and Natalie talk in eco/green room...

In BR Kevin and Ronnie thinks "she will get the mystical power" as because Ronnie says "america needs it the most" and Ronnie says the magic word "Coup d'etat" and says "maybe Jeff"..and Ronnie says it may be "a power couple" and eliminate somone straight out...and Jeff gets excited at that prospect...

Ronnie says "it all depends on the edit we're getting"

Ronnie says because Jordan might need it or "if someone's playing really hard" ..and Chima "If I were America I'd vote for her" as she says Jordan will win it..

Talking about the AC and wonder if they already voted....and Ronnie says "sometime tomorrow" with voting tonight..Michele says hook up the girls "i showed you my va jay jay..hook it up" and she panders for votes to viewers..

Chima says "my ass is perfectly ok" because she fit "perfectly on it"

Jeff "its sad" casey left his shorts for Jeff "i gotta throw em down for his nation" as the go to red BR..Jordan "he wore those shorts a lot with his socks and flip flops"

11:03 BBT In Bathroom Michele, Ronnie Kevin talking ..Michele saying she tried to listen to the deal...but couldn't hear..and talk turns about HOH..from other seasons as well..

Chima enters..."jeff and Jordan wouldn't go up" and "jeff wants you out so you may have something to do with it" she tells them about the deal and "no one else was mentioned either"..."and that was it".....Talk about Casey's speech "dorkapotamus is the word of the week" Michele laughs as Ronnie says it was a bust...about Casey "he actually shook my hand"...

11:06 BBT Jeff and Jordan laying down in red room and asks "do you still hang out from people from HS" and he says yeas and she asks if he lives "in the suburbs" and says "right outside the city".........Jordan about Russell "he makes everthing look so easy" and Jeff "he was huting" and Jordan says she'll workout tomorrow and Jeff says "i'm not"..

11:09 Ronnie running into the green room and tells them the deal Chima told him...and Jesse complaing he's a have not....Jess and Natalie complaing Lydia and Kevin dropped early and get "5 grand" and Lydia "gets the big screen TV"..

Jesse says "i'm worried I'm freaking out" being on slop and going off on AC..

Natalie best Joke of the year "I hope one of us gets the power"....

Jesse saying Jordan gets it will "talk" about it and "it will be useless" and Ronnie says he would vote for someone "who knows how to use it"

Ronnie "i promise America" as he pleads for the power "i will use for good"

Ronnie thinks it was season 9 when Jen and Parker got to eliminate someone on the spot....

11:13 BBT Jesse "that would suck" if its eliminated on the spot...Ronnie says Russ puts up Kevin and Lydia and next week if he's HOH and "i get the power" and gets rid of "Jeff" and then votes out "Lydia"..

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11:15 BBT

In green room and playing "the what if " game...Ronnie asks if Russell told them "about the deal" and jesse says noy yet "we'll probably know by tonight" and Natalie and jesse "we want you here" as they will talk Russ out of the deal if it includes him being nominated...

Ronnie coming to realization that he will "be nominated" some time in the game....and Jesse reassures him he has "people" behind him..

11:18 BBT and talk about Casey....and Jess says "he tried to stare me down" {down literally as he tower 6-7 inches over him}

11:20 BBT Kevin Michele and Chima talking about Russell "needs to tone it down a little" and Chima says "that won't happen" and talks turns to sleeping arrangements...Michele leaves as the talk about "wash day"

11:22 BBT Back in the green room Jesse/Nat/Ron talking as Jesse telling her "you're gonna be mad if i do and mad if I don't" about what JC and him talked about....Natalie gets bent out of shape...Jesse "whatever..oh my god" saying he's not gonna "justify my actions" and natalie says she has a headache and Jesse says he has on etoo.."my neck hurts" and he's "on slop" and Jeff isn't going home..

11:24 BBT Ronnie stuck on the deal..."russel has to prove his" loyalty my "his actions" and Ronnie says if he does leave "I get to go see my wife"

11:26 BBT Chima talking about the HOH with Kevin....

Green room Natalie says "i'm getting cranky" and jesse "great how am i gonna talk to you".....Jesse calling his headache "my kevin headache"...

11:27 BBT In LR Lydia covering her eyes as Ronnie says we know what will happen and Lydia "me and you" being nominated and he says "yes" and Lydia "i didn't do anything" complaining about "Jesse"

Lydia all alone in deep thought or pre psycho meltdown {take your pick}

11:30 BBT Ronnie has moved to the bathroom humming and asking if Chima and Kevin "are getting ready for bed already" and more HOH regurgitation talk..as Ronnie sumises "my family is gonna be disappointed in me" and Chima says he family will be proud...

11:31 Ronnie "there will be questions next week"

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11:34 BBT Lydia and Kevin talking in LR saying Chima heard the deal as it was just J&J safety and that's it..and wonder why Russell would put Lydia up..

Lydia talking about doing her hair like "Angnes Dean" is she wants to cut it but needs BB permission first...Kevin telling BB to "stop her" from hacking her hair...BB made an announcement as she was in the bathroom getting reading to shear it..."i'm not doing anything" Lydia yells when BB says "stop it"

Chima "I say do it"..Natalie says maybe BB will give her "pink hair dye"

11:39 BBT In green room Natalie and Jesse are sleeping so the silence in this case is bliss...

11:41 BBT "penalty nomination" Ronnie says about disobeying BB and BB tells Jess/Nat to sleep "only in the bedrooms"

11:42 Jesse aka Mr entitlement complaining as he says he'll "prove a point" by staying up till 5..

In red bedroom Jeff says "if I get backstabbed" again he wants out and says he's basicall not cut out for BB..Jordan asks about her speech and tells her she said "nothing" but backtrack "it was fine"

11:44 BBT In red BR they are talking about the stray vote..Jeff "russell" who is "just fucking around".....Jordan says Jeff shouldn't of given up because Natalie says "jeff is going to win this" and Jordan says when she yelled up after that "just play it out and you yelled at me" and Jeff says "I was just frustrated" and says about Russ welching on the deal "if I get fucked I get fucked" and talk about how good the pizza was...

11:47 BBT Jordan complaining about him giving "attitude" for her "fair" way of doing the have nots saying who's "fair to you" as Natalie walks in bemoaning BB telling her to not sleep anywhere except the BRs as she rolls onto her 1/2" mat in the havenots room..

11:49 Lydia saying "BFD" and should of just "picked up" the shears and cut her mop...

In bedroom Jeff and Jordan playing around in the dark...as he dives in for the kiss on the neck..

11:51 BBT "who wants to see my HOH room"

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11:52 BBT

They head up the stairs.."are we gonna see you GF" chima says and Russ says "they told me to wait....."Ready" Russ says and in they go..

"oh my God look at little Russell"....Chima "how cute" as they look at pics....."you're Mom is hot" Kevin says...Russ "my day gave me the hunting hat" from the trip he's missing..

11:54 BBT Russ reads his letter "this is a lot" and from Mom and tells him "proud' of him.."if you're not smiling you're not living"..From Bro.."do what you have fun to do and win"...From sis...."you're doing a superb job".........."From my pops"...talking about his surgery..."i'm thankful having you as a son"..

11:57 BBT People applause...as talks turns to the goodies he got..including "the Rosary"...."sushi" "eggs" and some "Blue Moon" and russ says "thank you Jeff" and Jeff says "it was all you"

Russ talking about going hunting every year "this is the first year" he's no tgoing hunting...saying its the only thing him and his brother do with himm..saying "it sucks" he's not going to do it..and ends with "no tears" and he's not going to cry..

Kevin gusshing over the mom's pic "she has beautiful eyes"

12:02 Ass kissin is in full effect

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12:10 BBT

Kevin accidently eats one of Russ' treats forgetting he is now a "have not". Russ was sharing his "Guardian Angel" treats with the other HGs when Kevin popped one in his mouth, ate it, then jumped up, freaking out saying, "oh no!". The other HGs assured him that it wasn't a big deal because he simply forgot. Jessie even said, "I'll go down stairs right now and have a piece of pizza and say I forgot too.. it's not a big deal". Now, if you remember from previous seasons, those HGs who broke the food restriction rule were given a penalty nom.

(Can we pray for a miracle that Jessie will take to the piece of pizza like Adam took to the fruit?)

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12:05 BBT "i still have a kink in my neck just watching you and now I get to eat slop" Jesse says as everyone is in the HOH room...

russ "what did I miss while I was gone?" they talk about the pizza and Chima says "that the have nots" started tonight as Natalie says "its the name of the game" because Jesse is on slop and "feel bad" for him {I don't}

They rummage through the snacks and laugh at his "old school" foam shaving cream.....

12:08 BBT Natalie "i'm so sick to my stomach right now" as Russ breaks open the snacks as Kevin "oh shit" as he ate...and Jesse "that's bullshit" as he says he'll accidentally "eat a piece of pizza" as jesse acts like a little bitch for being on slop {sorry that's how I see it}

12:10 BBT Russ says "i love sharing with all you guys" and says he feels bad for casey braden and Laura not getting it and hopes the all get HOH "seriously"

Russ "so who's butt's sore" and says he's too scared to "look at it".....as Jesse complains about "the cramp in my neck" from watching..as Russ thanks all the cheering on..as Russ says "that was one of the toughest ones ever done" and Russ says BB didn't expect it to go over "the three hour mark"..Chima talking about barfing again and Jeff and Ronnie were the "only ones" who didn't throw up..

12:13 BBT HOH Barf talk..........

12:15 laughing at Jordan's "chunks of macaroni" Jeff says like you never "chewed"

HOH comp talk....

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12:18 BBT

Everyone still is in the HOH talkling about the Comp...laughing at Chima getting bashed as Michele described as a "circus performer"...

12:19 BBT Jeff talking about being complete numb "i couldn't even lift my foot"

12:20 BBT Natalie says now Russ can "fart all you want"..Jeff is the first to leave as he's called to DR "congrats Bro" as he says he'll talk tomorrow as he's "probably gonna crash"..everyone else stays put..

Russ talks about his cereal.."thanks BB" as he looks through it..

12:22 "everyone's drained" as it gets quiet as Russ asks about how the laundry works..Jesse asks "see if that remote works" because it hadn't the last three days..it does..

12:24 Russ talking about his pics "is your rommmate Greek" Chima asks and says yes "Kyc" and signed the waiver because "he was there" when BB came to get him and Jordan talks about her Greek friend and we get a FOTH.

Michele talks about what she requested for her HOH goodies.....Jordan "i asked for a variety of stuff" makeup nails polish and "Liquor" when Russell asked..

12:26 BBT Everyone still in HOH as Russell has seemed to make it a comfortable atmosphere for all...Talking about the "foam" and Jesse says that was the only stuff "Memphis used"..Russ tells everyone to take anything they want..

12:28 BBT Chima leaves and Ronnie follows saying "congratulations" and everyone follows.....except Lydia, Kevin Jordan..as Jordan is excited she actually can stay up there and tells Russel he's welcome in hers...now kevin/Lydia talking about Russ's "cute" roommate..

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12:31 BBT

Russ says "i'm going to go and grab some of my stuff" and heads downstair.....Lydia/Kevin and Jordan talking in HOH and Lydia mentioned the "deal' and Jordan reminds them how she's been fucked over and Jordan says "i feel people are mad at me for the whole slop thing"

12:33 BBT Ronnie talks to Russ in the bathroom and Russ says "don't worry about it" and Chima comes up and warns Lydia "will be all up your ass" Jesse saying he is going to "flip out" from slop Russ cuts him off to get in the shower since he took on his mic...

Russ showering..Ronnie saying to jesse that Russ told him "absolutely not" he's going up now "or a" replacement' nominee" and Russ told him they will talk "later"

12:37 BBT Natalie complaining about her trash bag "because I outsmarted" everyone...saying its "bullshit" as Natalie "i don't do good with water" and saying "i'm not showering for one week"...{Geez Natalie and Jesse act like BB is making an example out of them. Like they are the only HG ever to be put on slop or take a cold shower..its pathetic listening to them}

12:40 BBT Lydia saying she offered to give it up to Jesse so she didn't have to hear him complain..in HOH as she talks to Natalie and Jordan..Lydia wonder if he like her of he like me...Kevin says bb will make you "look like idiots" making "breafast" and cleaning "underwear" for Jesse..

They complain how Jesse being mad about being on slop....and Jordan says Jeff got pissed for "putting my name in there" for hanging on so long..Kevinand Jordan talking about Jesse acting like a baby and Jesse told her "iwant to knock your head off" as Kevin says "I don't want to think about it" because its "shitty" the way Jesse "treated " Lydia...

12:45 BBT Lydia "will have some fum with it" begging for AC as "75%" positive Kevin thinks he wil win the power and Jordan "i'll be outta here"..

Kevin asks "who will Russell nominate" and Lydia says "probably Ronnie" and says she needs to talk to him..

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12:47 BBT

Russ comes into HOH and then leaves as Chima nd Ronnie tell him downstairs tomorrow will "be nominations"

Jordan leaves HOH finally Russ telling Natalie who's "head is spinning" to go to HOH to rest but says "we can't" because they are have nots...

12:50 BBT Russ talking to his alliance in kitchen..Jesse talking about HOH saying "he was going to fall anyway" about Jeff and wanted to "get something out of it" and Russ says "i could have gone another 4 hours"...

HOH comp talk again...

12:53 BBT Talk in the kitchen has turned to just general conversation..and FOTH

12:56 BBT Kevin Lydia and Jordan in HOH still talking about the AC and Kevin is so insistent it will be "Ronnie" as america like shit stirers..like "evel Dick"

12:59 Jordan "that means you're safe for two weeks" about AC..Lydia complaining "why am I getting called out"

1:00 "I should have lasted longer" and is embarrassed he lasted only an hour...Lydia's TV is "42"" and will replace the one "she stole from my ex boyfriend"

1:01 Natalie complaing to Russ about the comp "i planned on it being you and me Russ"

Chima and Jesse whispering in SR what Russell will do..Jesse worried "homeboy will put us up" and Natalie who enetered says no..and Jesse wants totalk but "those douchebags" are "squatters" in HOH..

1:03 BBT Jesse complaining he doesn't want to be "next" to Kevin as he enter the have not room with Natalie.."do you trust his ass not to put us up" Jesse says.....

An obviously worried Jesse says when I wanted to talk to Russ "he looked down" as natalie figures what side they will sleep on...Jesse says the slop thing will not "bother me" its just "the situation" he's in..

1:06 BBT Jesse "i pray we make it past this week"

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1:07 BBT:

Jessie and Nat are discussing "forgetting" being have nots. Jess saying he'll go down stairs and make himself breakfast. Nat saying she'll jump on the wrong side of the shower. They think that BB will be lenient with them since it's their first time being have nots.


Nat talking to Jess, saying she hopes they'll show the clip of her and Jess in bed saying, "America, we're here for you". She goes on to say how at least the "live feed viewers will like us". Jess agrees, "ya, they're the die hard fans".

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1:07 BBT

Natalie "i'm acciedentally going to take a hot shower" and jesse "I'm accidentally going to eat the pizza" because Kevin ate a snack in HOH earlier..and continue to bemoan how to skirt the rules of being on slop

Jesse "i can't believe how Kevin talking about Russell's family" making fun of it...

1:09 BBT "mama we gotta make it past this week" he says he doesn't want Russell to se him mbeing on slop as a "big deal"..Jesse gets on his matt "this is gonna suck"...and says "it fucking stinks"..

1:10 BBT Natalie and Jesse talking about the "douchebags" talking on the other side of the wall...

1:12 Jesse talking about Casey and Natalie delusionally thinking they have a chance for AC..and Jesse says "i'm sorry for flipping you guys off" to the camera..

1:13 BBT Ronnie comes into the have not froom reassuring them ....and talking about HOH comp...saying "i was so cold..and I don't do good with water"

Jesse says "we'll just talk in the morning" and tells ronnie he and Natalie might go up..and Ronnie says he asked "are we staright" and in saunters Kevin to kill game talk..

1:16 BBT sleeping arrangement talk...

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1:17 BBT

Jordan talking to Russ and Lydia in HOH..."i'm use to being in the slums" being in HOH Russ says...

Russ says "i don't think I'm gonna work out tomorrow" saying "that water was freezing"......

1:20 BBT Jordan asks if she can "shave my legs" in the tub and Russ says yes...

Lydia and Russ talk about when he accidentally hit her wity the ball" You really didn't mean to" and Russ "ask Jeff" and says she thought he did it intentionally..

1:22 BBT Jordan returns and Russ says "i heard yo're thrilled I won" and Lydia says i hear "you are going to put me and Ronnie up" because they talk and tells him she caught him and Ronnie talking.....

Lydia saying that Russ scares her and Lydia "you mad dog be all night all night" and Russ says "i heard your voice" saying "you want me out" and Lydia say Jesse and Natalie told her that they asks if she would ever vote her out and tells him they talk him into using POV and "you want me out because I'm smart" and says "i haven't mentioned your name the whole week".

1:26 BBT Lydia wants a head up if she's getting nominated and Russell wants to know whay she "wants me out" so bad..Lydia says it because he's "so mean"

1:27 BBT Lydia says its "the look on your face" that makes people think he's mean...Lydia talking in her usual circle and repeats everything...Russ saying she should approach him.....Russ asks if her "ronnie" and Kevin are a team....and Lydia tells Russ what Ronnie said..{I don't know if she's still unaware he was listening}

1:30 BBT Jesse,Chima and Natalie whispering in HN room Inaudible as Kevin saunters in again and game whispering stops

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1:32 BBT

Ronnie and Michele talking in eco room talking about...you guessed it..The HOH comp....Michele talking about her injuries...Jeff gets out of DR sinc3 12 and Ronnie asks "did you get the magical powers" and Ronnie says in you don't "hear by tomorrow night" than you probably"didn't get it" because a person would need to know before nomination but "for sure" by "veto meaning"

1:34 BBT Natalie is in there and saying voting is only 24 hrs {actuall til Aug 4th} so they have no clue about the voting process..

Jesse Natalie and Chima head upstairs...

1:35 BBT and they Chima/Natalie go into HOH as Chima says "i need to talk t you without Jordan and Lydia" and Natalie says "can I stay" and they leave "there you go" as they said they weren't going to leave...

Chima "those bitches are going to be up your ass all week" and Chima says "your going to be bombarded" Chim says "i heard the deal" and asks if she told anyone she says no but told everyone and said she came inthe house and Lydia said "FUCK" and told him she cheered Jeff on..

1:40 BBT Natalie "what's you plan" and Russ says "i'm going to honor" his deal with Jeff and says "i wanna hear what everyone has to say first" before he decides."i'm not dumb I'm not oblivious"

Russ wonders "really awkward" how Lydia and Ronnie are "always together"....

1:42 BBT Natalie wants to see any of Lydia Ronnie Kevin and Michele to go and Chima agrees and Natalie warns about "the magic powers" and Russ says "america won't vote for me" and bring up the "Dick" from BB8..

1:43 BBT Chima "i hope this is the final twist" Russel says there will be a couple more and says "we have one on the most exciting seasons"

1:44 BBT Chima says she didn't want to "get off because I didn't want Jeff to win"

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1:46 BBT

Chima and Natalie in the HOH...Natlie saying "he's pissed about the slop thing" and Russ says "at least he made it to the Jury house" saying "i'm not putting you guys up..you guys are my team" he tells them..

Russ says "i don't take it personally"..Russ says Jeff was hurting as Natalie says Jeff could have stayed longer...as Russ saying "he was fucking dying" and Chima "he was hiding it well"..

1:49 More HOH talk...

1:51 BBT Lydia bashing and snitching.."I didn't tell Ronnie" though she did...Russ the way "that he is" and being manipulating and heard through the door the way he bad mouthed them....and Russ says Lydia balling because "she knows"...and Ronnies "web of lies" and will "fuck every one of us"

Russell is whole plan to "backdoor me" as Chima Jeff was a "proponent" of backdooring him so she's lying throug her teeth....

1:55 Russell says "him definitely" Ronnie is going up {YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS} because he will honor the deal with Jeff and one of the others Lydia/Kevin/Michele.....Natalie "my people next week are Lydia and Kevin"

Russ ask "so was Jesse really furious about the slop" and Natalie says yes..and Russ says because "he's gonna lose weight"

1:57 BBT ragging how fast Kevin and Lydia and get prizes..saying Lydia said "fuck this" and dropped...Russ saying "i would never hang out with them" like he would with Casey...as Russ point out she's all "buddy buddy" and Natalie says she's not..

1:59 BBTMore Kevin and Lydia bashing

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