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7/31 - Live Feed Updates

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2:48 BBt

Russ: I dont want to do this. I hate doing this crap. I dont mind but...Jordan: Enjoy it. Enjoy it. Your up here for a week.....Russ: till I find out Ronnies a secret little fuck and that he screwed me.

Jor: just dont think about it that way

Russ: I dont even want to try to backdoor. cuz I dont want it to go wrong.

Jordan gets up to leave and Russ tells her not to say anything to anyone especially Ronnie.

she gets a soup patch and leaves.

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(WOW Lyd snuck into HOH fast...)

3:00ish BBT

Talkning about who wanted to put Russ up...

Lyd: I will save you and you can confirm with Kev.

Russ: I'm not gonna aproach them. I was saying Who was it

Lyd: it was Jesse and Nat. Nat said right after Jesse, yeah i would do it too but we cant go after him so Kev, lyd, chima you have to go after him. we cant go after our own team mate.

russ :and this was recently?

Lyd: that was the week you thought everyone was going to bd you.

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3:15 BBT

Lydia is STILL upstairs trying to throw Jessie and Natalie under the bus..

[Lydia is just the next BB HG Victim to not know when to SHUT UP.. It didn't work for Braden, Laura or Casey.. and now Ronnie will leave next because of it..]

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3:13 BBT

LYd: America loves the bitchy, the wierdo

Russ: the dont love me. Everyone hates me

Russ: so you saying i shoudnt trust jesse and nat.

Lyd: i am not saying dont trust them just take what they say with a grain of salt. ya know

they all want to be your friend when it benefits them.

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Russ: Jesse's always around Nat. I'm not going to tag along, hanging on to his fucking coat tails because he has been on the show before.

Lyd: He knows what to do.

Russ: Like she's just starstruck and a crush

Lyd: forsure!!! But she does all these little frodian flips. Like...Oh jesse, we're going to wake up at sex o'clock, I mean six. Grabbing at his balls all the time. commenting on like his nipples being hard. Wearing his clothes . Cuz if i had a boyfriend or a girlfriend and I came in here and was doing that with some one ohhhh that would be a nonexistant relationship when I got home.

Russ mumbes

Lyd: and thats how she dresses at home. She's 18 do you want a teenager to be the reason you went home.

Russ: she is running jesses shows. They play off each other. wonder who will be the first to challenge them.

Lyd: you could be

Russ: well.......(quiet)

Lyd: this is what i would i do if i got hoh. I am going to put up two bad guys that i want to go home. that way one will go.

(anyone....jump in...feel free to take over at any time!!!!)

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3:50 BBT

Jesse, Nat, Chima to hoh room.

russ tells them he is putting Lyd up

they are all screaming at the same time

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Russell chima jesse nat in hoh talking about upcoming noms. (It seems it's Lydia/Ronnie going up)

Lydia in the shower, Michelle in bathroom getting ready

Ronnie just came up to HOH with everyone to throw Lydia under the bus..again

Jesse just told Russ when these ppl come up he needs to have Jesse come up. Jesse says he will camp out in HOH for Russell (I think so he will know whats happening)

Ronnie/Jesse giving Russ HOH advice. They are telling him how it helped to discuss it with all of them (nbk) ..blah blah (same convo over and over)

They figure noms are in another 45 mins or so

Jesse tells Russ he noms should be easy, just weed out the bs.

Jordan is in the pool room putting on makeup. Don't see anyone else

Jesse is Casey bashing...more of the same convo over and over

Jesse says to Russ "what would your parents tell you to do" Russ says he likes that

Ronnie says that he has diploma marks on the back of legs and he showed them to chima with kevin there and kevins says he doesn't have them and chima tells him it's because you dropped within % mins!

Russ goes to say something about Kevin then says nope and Jesse nope and they change the subject to hunting .

Russ asks something about Jordan really being "like that" and Jesse says he believes she really is and she was trying to be fair but if he (jesse) ever gets the chance to put ppl on slop he will just put whoever the hell he wants to

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HOH crew talking about hunting again.

Lydia drying her hair and Jordan is in there getting ready also


Idle chit chat in HOH

Lydia/Jordan styling their hair. Jordan asks Lydia what happened with cutting her hair she says BB wouldn't let her and we get a brief FOTH.

Jordan called to DR

Chima walks in HOH and asks what she missed and Russ says nothing (she hasn't missed a thing)

Michelle knocks on HOH door-it was locked and they all say lets not keep it locked-she was asking where something (couldn't hear) was Russ told her where it was and she left.

Chima says she wants to go outside and does anyone want to join her. Russ says he wanted to take a nap but doesn't think it will happen. Nat is tying Chimas swim suit.

Lydia now applying her makeup.

Just now seeing Jeff-He is outside working out.

HOH crew talking about being a have not and showers

(nothing happening at the moment)

(Im out for dinner-be back after noms)

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6:30 BBT

everyone but Lydia/Ronnie in kitchen talking

Sounds like Russ put Ronnie/Lydia up..no surprise

Russ says he almost put Jesses key last to mess with him but he did nat instead.

Sounds like Russ told them he was there when they (ronnie/lydia) were talking, which justifies his noms

Kevin/Lydia talking. He confirms Lydia/Ronnie up. Lydia says she doesn't forget who puts her up. Lydia/Kevin discusses who will vote for who.

Everyone else in the kitchen talking about cooking. Nat says she was surprised by Russ's speech.

Lydia saying that she doesn't think Jesse would use veto on her. Kevin says he would, Lydia says he would be the only one.

Kevin ask Lydia if she said anything to Russ that would warrant her going up, she said no

Kitchen crew talking about Jordan saying "it's about time" when Ronnie went up (lol)

Kevin trying to talk Lydia into going "out there" and she says she will. Kevin tells her she needs to talk to Russ to make sure she is the pawn, she says okkkkkk I willllll but not right now. No one wants to talk to the person that put you up right away, Kevin says true.

Lydia starts asking BB to call her to the DR and Kevin says just go push the button, and we get quick FOTH

6:42 BBT

All 4 feeds on Ronnie filing his nails!!! (are they serious)

And we are back to the kitchen crew with random convo and everyone talking at once (can't follow)

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6:55 BBT

More random chit chat in the kitchen. Talk of clothes, nat says she lives in sweats and basketball shorts (duh)

Talk turns to candy flavors. Chima says she doesn't like orange flavored candy, Russ doesn't either. Kevin says doesn't cherry candy remind you of cough syrup, they say yes.

Chima/Russ like grape flavored candy, then Russ says "the 2 black ppl in the house like grape, what a fing stereotype"

Seems Jesse made calamari, someone (Jeff I think) says it taste like rubber. Nat goes over to taste, and of course she thinks it taste great

(all 4 feeds on kitchen crew with everyone talking at once-hard to follow)

7:00 BBT

Jeff is cooking something, Jesse says you winging it, Jeff says yeah.

Nat then says Jeff should go on Top Chef or something, someone says Hells kitchen, nat says you would learn alot too.

Nat/Chima talking about winning veto in storage room. Chima says if she won and took Ronnie off, Russ would be pissed, then says no I couldn't do that. Nat says if she won, she wouldn't take him off, she just wants it to ensure her own safety because of the "special power thing". Chima says yeah and they leave storage room

7:05 BBT

All 4 feeds on Ronnie eating and smacking his apple (so gross)

7:20 BBT

pretty boring in the house.

Most everyone is in the kitchen, Russ cooking, no game talk, just random convos about food

7:56 BBT

Most everyone now eating at the table and chatting

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8:10 BBT

Jesse/Nat were lying down and Jesse told Nat to open her eyes and focus on a spot on the wall or she will be sick. (not sure what happened or why she is sick) Jesse then says his eyes were burning when he was cooking

Jeff chima Lydia and Michelle in kitchen talking. Chima/Jeff are asking Michelle if she can tell them what to wear or if she got, she says she can't say anything (no idea what is going on)

Chima/Jeff were talking to Lydia not Michelle about the special power. I think Lydia is pretending to have the coup'd'etat. Jeff/Chima going on with her. Jeff saying, you need a back rub or anything. Chima joining in. Jeff keeps asking when do we find out who has it!! Jeff says he is freaking out. They are all joking around trying to get info from Lydia. (lol)

Jeff saying to Lydia "wow america loves you, why?" Everyone laughs and sarcastically say "why?" Jeff says I guess it's your hair-Damn, I knew I should have had my hair like that. Jeff says"I wonder what place I came in" (lol, he was being really cute about it) Jeff gets called to the diary room and everyone starts laughing!! Russ says they are gonna call everyone to the DR just to f@@k with us

Jesse/Nat and Jordan are taking a nap. Not sure where Ronnie is (nor do I care).

Kevin/Chima/Michelle/Lydia in the kitchen. They want alcohol. Chima saying they don't want us requesting alcohol except in the DR.

Lydia says if yall keep Ronnie instead of me, I will be furious. Chima says you have nothing to worry about. Kevin says yeah, you have nothing to worry about.

Kevin/Chima talking about Ronnie (same ole thing so I won't type it)

8:30 BBT

Chima says when Jeff comes out of the DR, she is gonna go in (to ask for alcohol). Chima now saying she is fat and has a "food baby" sticking out. Kevin says he has learned when ppl say they are fat to say yeah, you are (lol)

Chima says she is gonna have to push the "food baby" out later.

Lydia went up to HOH with Russ. Russ ask her if she is pissed at him, she says no, it was predictable. Lydia wants reassurance that she isn't going home. Russ says he doesn't want her to go. He said they only reason he put her up was because he knows she has the votes to stay. Russ going over the votes that she has. Lydia says what if Jesse/Jeff/Nat or Chima really don't want Ronnie gone and he doesn't know. Russ says no, because he told everyone he wanted Ronnie out and if they don't vote that way then he will know they are not in an alliance with him. Lydia says yeah, then I go home!! Russ assures her she's not leaving. He says he didn't put Kevin up because he knew she was stronger, no offense to Kevin, but Russ thinks she has a better chance to win POV against Ronnie than Kevin. Russ tells her there is no way she is going home.

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8:36 BBT

Russ/Lydia talking in HOH still.

Lydia says "Who has the balls to put Nat/Jesse up? Not you! he says what Lydia says you asked earlier I wonder who has the balls to put them up and it's not you. Russ says the are irrelevant right now and it has nothing to do with balls. Lydia is thinking that Jesse/Nat will vote to keep Ronnie. Russ says no way. They won't go against everyone right now for that guy, it wouldn't be worth it to them. Lydia says Ronnie told her something and Russ says not to talk to him. He says you can't listen to someone on the block with you

Lydia says if she wins veto she will take herself off, Russ says "really?" she says yeah really. He says yeah okay I can see it. Lydia ask who he would put up. Russ says I guess I could just put Jordan up again and tell her not to worry, just to sit there and look pretty (Jeff will be pissed). Lydia says are you sure you don't want me gone. He keeps telling her he wants her here and not to worry. He is saying over and over that he can't stand Ronnie and that's no secret to anyone. He says again that he hates Ronnie. Russ tells her he doesn't want her to be mad, she says she doesn't.

Russ tells her he was nervous about nom her because she freaks out. He says "do you know how scary you are when you are mad" She says I'm not scary. Russ offers her a beer and Lydia points out that she thinks Ronnie got more beer when he was HOH.

Russ says if Ronnie makes it to the jury house, Russ/Lydia/Michelle or any of them would win the game. He tells Lydia he wants him out!

Now they are speculating about the HOH comp and what it will be.

Lydia's ask Russ how big 42 inches is. She says she has a really old 12 inch tv that she stole from her ex bf.

Talk now turns back to getting Ronnie out (talking in circles) All 4 feeds on this convo

8:53 BBT


8:56 BBT

Back from FOTH

Feeds on Kevin/Chima/Jeff/Michelle in livingroom on couches chatting Ronnie in there with in in the chair. Kevin telling a story about going somewhere and ppl gauking at you and says he know how women feel (lol) Chima telling about going to a disco club. They are having a bunch of different convos (hard to follow)

Feeds 1/2 go to HOH room where Russ/Lydia still talking about the same thing (see above post)

Talk of who they think America will give the "wizard power" to (hoh room and LR crew all talking about the same thing)

9:04 BBT

BB announces the ID LD is over. They walk out and can;t get over that it's already 9:00

(anyone else out there to take over?)

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