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7/31 - Live Feed Updates

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2:01 BBT

I want Lydia Chima says "to go up against Ronnie" and Russell says "I want Ronnie out" and Chima saying she wants to know who the rat is with the votes and Chima blames Jeff...

2:03 BBT Chima hopes Ronnie doesn't get the power...

They are waiting for Jesse whose in the DR and Natalie says "he's bitching in there"..Natalie says "if I would of one it would ahve been lydia and kevin for sure"......Now Chima says "i should of fell" and got the prizes

2:06 BBt Russ saying "that was stupid" the wayJordan did the have nots and laugh how Jeff told her to "take me out" of her hat with names..

2:07 BBT Jeff and Jordan talking in bed.."i miss Casey"...saying he left his cigarettes...they whisper {inaudible} Jordan "did you hear that crowd when he walked out"

they whisper can't really hear what they are saying..

2:12 BBt talking about HOH and how "aggrivated" her no deal...saying both could have stayed out for an hour...

back to whipsering and Jordan saying if she got "excited" with her pep talk and brought all his stuff and says "i was looking all over for them" because she left them out but says "thank you" and says he didn't need the pep talk.."i just got sick of it"...

2:15 BBT she's stroking his back...as they talk...

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2:19 BBT

Ronnie comes into HOH and clears Natalie from the room and tells Ronnie "go get some sleep" and they will talk tomorrow...

Chima telling Russ his letter"was the most profound" and Michele enters..asking "tips" from pain...."advil" and "Aloe" and go "pass out" and called her "a champ up there" ..and said "you did a hella job"

2:22 BBT as Michele says "as long as you don't send me home this week" were good..

Natalie runs to Jesse and Ronnie in green room and Ronnie says he was going to talk to Russ tomorrow...Should I go talk to him" Jesse asks and Natalie says "yes"

2:23 BBT Jesse enters..and lies he's really "not angry" about being on slop.."it just sucks"....because Jeff "could have been on it"

Jesse saying he'll "be alright" and says just don't ask Jese "to work out"

Russ telling Jesse what his convo with Lydia and Russ says Kevin is playing the weak " gay guy" and Jesse says "HE WON 5Gs" and bascially throwing Kevin under the bus..

2:28 BBT Russ says he's not putting much stock into Lydia to "save her ass" and Jesse throwing Lydia under the bus...

2:30 BBT Jesse really working hard for a Kevin/Lydia nomination..Jesse "we're fucked if we don't win" and Russ says his goal is to get to the Jury house "with my team"...

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2:33 BBT "jesse "america hated me" {bingo} about Chima saying he could be the AC,,Russel says the same and Chima and Russell both say it will be Jordan..

Jesse talking "jeff was like in there for an hour" ..Chima says Jordan was just called to DR and thinks she may have got "the magical power"...

2:35 BBT Jesse I'm going "to shower outside" ..

2:37 More HOH comp talk with Russ Jesse and Chima..

{I'm out be back Saturday Night ..night all}

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5:15am BBT Jessie and Scrappy in the Have Not room. Scrappy saying she's embarrased that Chima lasted longer than here in the HOH comp. Scrappy explaining how she after 15 minutes she felt like she coudn't hold the puke anymore and started puking. She said she wasn't only holding on for her safety in the game but his too.

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10:25 BBT He was eating and staring at picture wall (F3) and the camera zoomed in on Ronnie (F4). He is done and doing his dishes. (Bet he misses his am's with KC who was always up early w/Russ)

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10:20BBT Russ was just looking at the pictures and counting (votes) on his hand (PUT UP JESSE OR NAT WITH HIM! GEEZ!!!!)

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10:55 BBT

Been FISH for about 20 mins now.

Feeds finally back. Jeff and Jordan in the kitchen. He's making them breakfast. Michele and Russ in the bathroom.

11:00 BBT

They say Bob Marley was the wakeup song and it was a dedication to Casey. Ronnie's up and in kitchen now. Pool room lights are on, with Lydia under the covers. Red room and havenot room still dark with sleeping HGs.

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12:45 BBT

LD is over. The HGs are presented with the America's Choice of food: Squash and Squid. Jess is all mad b/c he thinks you can't do anything with the squid and that's stuff only restaurants can make.

12:50 BBT

Jeff joins Russ upstairs in HOH room.

Russ asks Jeff not to say anything about the deal to anyone and he says he won't. Russ wants Ronnie out. Russ says only two things are important: family and religion. He's mad that Ronnie was swearing to God and on the Bible. Both Jeff and Russ are Catholics. Russ doesn't think Ronnie deserves to be here. Russ compliments Ronnie and his intelligence, but still wants him out. Jeff doesn't care how good Ronnie it b/c Ronnie keeps saying lies. Russ says he doesn't care about lying to Ronnie b/c it's a taste of his own medicine.

They say Ronnie adds insult to injury by wearing 'I'm Lying' t-shirts. Russ says he gave Jeff his word and Jeff and Jordan are safe.

Russ tells Jeff he and Jordan can come up to the HOH room and chill, especially since they couldn't the past weeks b/c of the other HOHs. Russ says the stuff with Jeff and him the first week was b/c they're alpha males and they didn't know eachother and had other people telling lies and whatnot.

Russ says he wants to team up with Jeff and Jeff thinks it's a good idea.

1:00 BBT

They agree they have a lot of similiarities. They agree to team up and not tell anyone. Jeff says that everyone else is scared b/c they're not in control anymore and not sure what Russ will be doing. They agree to approach eachother if they hear shit from someone else and they need clarification. They don't think anyone will suspect Russ and Jeff being aligned.

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1:05 BBT

Jessie joins them upstairs. He grabs some blankets and says that all the athletes are still here. Russ says they'll all make it to the jury house and Jess says lets keep it that way. He leaves and Russ doesn't understand Jess' attitude and Jeff says it's b/c he doesn't have any power now. Jeff says the true person you are is when you're at the bottom and now Jess' true colors are shining.

Russ says he believes Lydia and Kevin are trying to downplay themselves and float by to the end. Ronnie must be outside by the chess table, b/c Russ says Ronnie probably knows he wants him out and wants to talk to him, but Russ will just lie to his face like he has to him.

Russ asks who should he put up next to Ronnie and they agree it should be someone that people like, won't vote out, and might vote for Ronnie if not on the block. Russ suggests Lydia and Kevin, b/c they'd vote for Ronnie to stay and are in a 3 person alliance with Ronnie.

They watch Ronnie on the spy screen, as he's sitting by the chess table, listening to others. Jeff and Russ get up, shake hands and Jeff leaves. Russ calls Ronnie in.

1:10 BBT

Russ asks Ronnie who he should put up. Ronnie suggests Kevin and Lydia b/c they're floating by in the game and making alliances with everyone. They complain that Kevin threw the HOH comp. Ronnie makes fun of Kevin.

He then says he knows it's not his business what the deal was last night, but Ronnie hopes Ron isn't apart of Jeff and Russ' deal b/c when he was HOH, he saved Russ and how Laura, Jeff, Jordan and Casey were all in his ear to BD Russ. Russ asks Ronnie if he ever told them he would BD Russ and Ronnie lies, saying absolutely not.

Ronnie throwing Jordan under the bus and Ronnie saying how Jordan told Ronnie how Russ called him a fat f*ck and Russ makes a face like he never said that. Ronnie says he knows that Russ was just talking shit b/c it was all a smoke screen. Ronnie keeps pleading his case, saying he was never gunning for Russ and kept him safe.

1:15 BBT

Russ asks what Ronnie's deal is with Lydia and Kevin. Ronnie says he has nothing with them except friendship and he's staying away from them now b/c of what happened the other night. Russ then asks about Michele and Ron says Michele is trying to mend bridges with him and Chima. Ronnie says Michele doesn't talk too much game but did come to him and CHima, telling them she wants to stick with the brains.

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1:09pm BBT

Russell tells Jeff how he's not going to stay up in the HOH room a lot this week. He mentions how Jessie handled it, staying up the whole time, signalling to people to meet him upstairs, "wearing his key around his neck the whole time like his dick was 12 inches long". He said how he can't do that, "that isn't me".

As Jeff leaves the HOH room, he compliments Russell's rosary that he got, saying how it smells like roses. Russell asked if he smelled it. Jeff said, "no, but I have the same one at home that I got from the Vatican and it smells like roses." Russell said his mom gave it to him and how he prayed on it last night. (that made my heart melt, that both these strong guys are still faithful)

1:13pm BBT

Ronnie's in the HOH room with Russell.

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1:20 BBT

Russ then asks about Chima and Ronnie says he loves Chima and thinks she's solid. They then talk about Chima's story and how they were so touched by it.

He then asks about Nat and Jess together and Ronnie says he thinks they're great and that his alligence is to Chima, Jess, Nat and Russ.

Then Jordan: Ronnie says he likes Jordan personally and was touched she didn't put him on Have Nots this week, but knows he's a perminent enemy with Jeff and Jordan.

Now Lydia. Ron says personally, he likes Lydia and Russ says Lydia was upstairs throwing Ronnie under the bus, saying Ronnie wanted to BD Russ the who time and Ronnie says no, you can ask Chima.

Ronnie says he hasn't talked game with Lydia since week two when she was gunning after Laura.

Russ then asks Ronnie what was between him and Casey. Ronnie says it was a personal thing with Casey, b/c he believes that, as an educator, you are to be the same person during the day as you are at night, and Ronnie says that's how he and his wife are. Ronnie doesn't agree that Casey should be a teacher then be a DJ at night and how Casey would degrade women and promote underaged drinking.

Russ then asks Ronnie about his 'lying' t-shirts and Ronnie says one he thought was funny and bought right before he came here and another one he's had for awhile, from his wife.

Russ asks Ronnie about him calling Russ a bully and Ronnie says he's never called Russ that and that Jeff, Laura and Casey were the ones calling him that. He then asks Ronnie again who he wants on the block and Ronnie says Kevin and Lydia. Ronnie says he'll never forget how Jess and Russ stuck their necks out for Ronnie.

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1:17 BBT

Ronnie and Russ talkin in HOH. Ronnie throwing Jeff, Jordan, Cassey and Lauran under the bus..especially Jeff..saying that they all wanted him out when Ronnie was HOH and Ronnie never ever said he would backdoor Russell (lies!).

Russ ased Ronnie about Michele..He said that michele is tring really hard to become frieds again with Ronnie and Chima. Ronnie doesn't trust Michele, but likes her more than he did.

Russ asked Ronnie about Chima..he said he LOVES Chima..she is "solid"..she is a "Survivor" and ROnnie is touched by her story.

Russ asked Ronnie if he had a secret alliance with Kev and Lydia and he says No they just talk general talk.

Russ asked aboutJess and Nat...Ronnie said his loyalty is ti Jess, Nat,Russ, and Chima. Everything he does supports that.

Russ asks about Jordan..Ronnie said outside the game she would like her..and is touched Jordan put her on the have not. He said he made a forever enemy with Jeff and Jordan.

Russ asked about Lydia..Ronie likesLydia on a persoal level..Russ siad that Lydia came up and threw Ronnie under the bus..and Ronnie said he's not suprised. Ronnie is saying Lydia runs up here as soon as someone wins HOH Lydia. Ronnie claims he hasn't talken to Lydia since Week 2..that Lydia wanted Laura out.

Russ asking Ronnie about Casey. Ronnie said that he doesn't believe Casey embodies what an educator does. He said it's not appropriate for Casey to be in the clubs, judging bikini contest etc. He said Ronnie and his Wife as educators are the same person in the class room and out side the classroom (so ronnie lies to his students too?)

Russ really drilling Ronnie.

Russ asking bout Casey's speech. Ronnie sadi "dorkapotums" realY? That's it?

Russ is now asking Ronnie about his shirts?!? LOL The "Im lying shirt" and "teamwork" shirt. Russ asked Ronnie about the letter from his wife. Ronnie said his wife is his best friend. Ronnie reads the letter all the time. Russ asking Ronnie why do people say that you say I'm a bull and your wife we'll be mad at me....and Ronnie said (suprise suprise) I NEVER said that.

Ronnie wants Lydia and Kevin up. They are saying that they Lydia and Kevin are skating buy, getting gift, ec.

Ronnie said that Russ and Jesse put their necks out for ronnie and he appreciates it. More throwing under the bus (Ronnie w/ Lydia)

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1:30 BBT

Russ asks Ronnie if he thinks Lydia is a bigger threat than Kevin and Ronnie says yes and how him and Jess want Lydia out this week. (RED FLAG RUSSELL!!!!) Russ entertains the thought and says they'll be dividing the votes and Ronnie says you either pick one or put Lydia up with Michele, b/c everyone will evict Lydia. Ronnie says he and the team will vote how Russ wants and how Ronnie has voted with them every week.

Ronnie continues to push for Lydia, saying she's desperate. Ronnie says that if the POV is used and Russ is forced to put up Ronnie b/c he doesn't have any other choices, he swears he's going home. Russ says a lot of people like Ronnie and Ronnie says he'd end up going home.

1:35 BBT

Ronnie gets up to leave, but not before repeating that Jeff, Casey, Jordan and Laura were all chirping in his ear to get Russ out, but since the seoncd week, Jeff did stop trashing Russ.

Ronnie leaves and Michele comes in. She pitches Lydia and Kevin and how they were the first 2 to drop in the HOH comp and how Kevin has lied to her a bunch of times. She tells Russ how Kevin would lie about Ronnie to Michele. Russ then asks Michele her thoughts on all the HGs. Michele would prefer Kevin out.

He asks about Ronnie and Michele says Ronnie is still a manipulator. Russ says that Ronnie was just in the room and mentioned two people, and Michele was one of those people and Michele's not surprised. She then starts telling Russ all this stuff about Ronnie.

Russ lies about Ronnie, saying Ron wants Michele out this week b/c Michele wants Russ gone.

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1:45 BBT

Russ asks Michele if it's Lydia and Ronnie, who would she vote for. She lays out points for both of them, but says if what Russ is saying is true, she'd vote for Ronnie. She asks if Russ and Ron had a deal and he says yes. She replies she knew it and excited that she finally found out the truth. Russ talks about teaming up with Michele and he's not after her.

2:00 BBT

Michele gets up to leave, hugs Russ and tells him he has her vote. Michele says they she was almost wrapped in an alliance and Russ tries to get it out of her. She says Nat, Jessie, Chima and Ronnie and that she was forced to join b/c she saved herself last week. Russ is asked who was at the head of it and she says Jess and Ronnie and Russ is pretty shocked about this.

2:05 BBT

Russ goes downstairs, then joins Kevin in the HOH room. Russ gets some sushi from his fridge. Kevin says he was touched by Russ' letter and his supportive family.

Russ asks Kevin what's on his mind and Kevin returns the question, but Russ states it's Kevin's turn to speak his mind. Kevin says that he's still loyal to the NBK. Kevin wants to keep it simple and respects Russ actions as HOH and hopes it's not him. Russ asks who Kevin would put up and he says Ronnie and Michele and Russ laughs, and says that Ronnie was throwing Kevin under the bus.

(Russ if doing a good job at relaying info/lying to people about Ronnie to ensure their vote to get Ronnie out.)

Russ tells Kevin that Ronnie told him that Kev was leading the idea to BD Russ and Kevin says no, Casey would back him up and how he didn't want Russ to be BD, but did sit in conversations with people discussing it.

Russ says Kev is being vague and wants more details. Russ asks about the convo Casey overheard (Kevin not knowing Russ heard, as well)and what Ronnie was saying about Russ. Kevin says Lydia and Ronnie were venting about certain things and nothing juicy was said and doesn't remember Russ' name being mentioned. Russ then asks if anything was said about Russ being mean and Kevin says probably, since Lydia has been pissed at Russ for a few things.

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2:15 BBT

Downstairs in the BR, Ronnie is whispering to Chima. Ronnie says something about he told Russ that Chima was also in the room, so Chima needs to have his back and Chima says she will. Ronnie is repeating his convo with Russ to her.

(Can anyone else take over?)

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(will give it a shot lala but I am not good at the convos....feel free to jump in anyone!!)



Kev: I never swear but I swear on my BF that I never discussed putting up ppl agains Ronnie cuz I knew Ronnie take anything and spin the shit out of it. I was nervous about talking about Star Wars with him.

Russ: If Ronnie makes it to jury house he will still be playing the game. He will give it to someone like Jesse, Nat, Jordan, Lydia or anyone else besides us four. Ronnie will not give it to you, myself, Jeff or Michele. It's ego.

2:35 BBT

Jordan comes in.

Jor: ronnie came up to me and said something about he was sorry, something about....

Russ: he said a big word.

Kev: I just want you to know....

Russ: he used that same line on me

Jor: I just want you to know...its just sqash

Jordan goes out for a few min for them to finish.

Russ: If I choose to not put you up will you do the same down the road?

Kev: If you promise to not put me up

They shake hands on it

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2:30 BBT

Kev leaves and Jordan enters

Russ: tell me whats up

Jor: Jeff said to come see him. Jeff didnt tell me anything, so you tell me what you want.

Russ: we made a deal to see one person gone. they have caused trouble between me and Jeff, between me and you. He is the one person that still lies. I dont trust him. With out him here it would be a different place. Too much bullshit going on. Does stuff i dont like. Told Jeff I would not put you up either.

Jor: aawww ty Jeff told me he is not going to tell me who he is going to put up cuz he doesnt want it getting around.

Russ: Ronnie has fed me shit that everyone said.

Jor: I swear on my life, my fam llife if I get hoh you are not going up. and thats not a lie, I think I am easy to trust.

Russ repeats the if Ronnie makes it to jury house speach

(anyone getting the convo between Ronnie and Lydia?)

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2:42 BBT

Lyd griping to Ron, Jordan complaining about the bed in the cold room to Russ.

Lyd: you know what pissed jeff off was that Jordan didnt put Ronnie on slop.

Ronnie: do not lie outside this house. aside from that I am the same person outside as I am inside.

Going over who the odd vote was. it was a sympathy vote each time. This is the season for crazy votes.

Lyd: I had to run away from the squid. Squid is a pretty creature.

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