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7/27 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:30 BBT

Casey is upset, thinking he's going on the block. He says Jessie told him this morning he was sticking to the plan but Casey has heard differently since then. Jordan is scratching Jeff's back and Casey smokes. Casey says Jess won't put up Chima, leaving the 3 offbeats and how Lydia wants to suck Jess' d*ck, so he won't put her up. They complain that Nat was a party downer b/c she couldn't drink. Casey says he'll continue to play it cool, but wants confirmation and know if Jess is going back on his word. Jeff agrees he'd want to know. They continue to speculate what will happen this week.

9:35 BBT

Upstairs, Jess and Nat still playing chess with Michele watching. Lydia, Kevin and Russ should still be in the HOH room.

9:40 BBT

Jess keeps putting Nat in check and finally wins. Nat goes into the HOH and Michele whispers with Jess. Jordan comes upstairs and joins the HOH crew.

Michele seems to be trying to get Ronnie on the block. Jess is trying to tell her he asked everyone the same two questions and they don't want Ronnie gone. Michele asks if he thinks those people were being honest and Jess says yes. Michele starts to count votes for Ronnie to leave. Michele counts a 4-4 tie with Jess making the final decision. Michele wants Ronnie on the block and Jess doesn't understand why Michele changed her answers from yesterday to today about keeping Ronnie.

Jess says if Casey goes up, he'll go home. Michele asks if Jess is sure he has the votes to evict Casey and he says yes. He asks her again what changed in her. He asks how keeping Casey benefits her and she says it doesnt. Jess asks her how Ronnie leaving benefits her and she says it doesn't, she's just asking. Jess says this is a great time for him to get in Michele's head and see where she's at, but he doesn't understand how getting rid of Ronnie helps her, and she says it doesn't, but she wants him out.

Jess is trying to convince Michele that if Ronnie stays and the cliques are gone, Michele is not Ronnie's target, but Casey may target Michele. Jess is catching Michele backtracking, but she's not giving up. Jess says if Nat would have won veto, she would have taken Michele off b/c they're on her side and have her best intentions in mind. Jess tells Michele that he didn't put her up week one.

9:45 BBT

Casey comes upstairs and sits with Michele and Jessie. Jess says it's a done deal and that's how the cookie crumbles (but I don't know if he's talking about Casey going up).

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9:45 BBT

Casey asks to holler at Jessie in the HOH room and Jess agrees and goes inside to kick the others out. Everyone goes downstairs and Ronnie comes upstairs. Michele starts whispering to him.

In the HOH, Casey tells Jess that he's #10 on his list and not coming after Jessie and if he's heard differently. Jess says that he's heard Casey talking crap about the athletes. Nat knocks on the door and says she has to poop and the downstairs toilet is clogged. Casey doesn't look happy, but continues telling Jess he's not after him. Casey keeps saying man to man, he's not after Jess and thought they were good. Casey says he doesn't go talking around to everyone, playing the he said/she said game.

Casey pitches Ronnie leaving, b/c he's a rat and has lied to everyone. Jess agrees and says there's only 3 people he can put up. Casey says there's 5: Ronnie, Chima and the 3 offbeats. Jess says Ronnie didn't put him up nor had to come talk to Jess. Casey says he didn't think he had to come talk to Jess b/c he thought they were good. Casey brings up this morning in the bathroom when Jess said he was still going with the plan and Casey says maybe it was a different plan Jess has agreed to. Jess is trying to tell Casey about stuff he's heard and Casey tells Jess if he wants to believe those lies, so be it.

Jess tells Casey how Casey played personal the first week when he went against Chima and tried to keep Braden. Casey tells Jess how Lydia runs her mouth and talks about Nat all the time. Nat finally leaves the HOH room.

Casey asks point blank what Jess is going to do and Jess says you gotta do what you gotta do. Casey asks if their first week agreement is null and void and Jess says yes, die to certain stimulations. Casey asks what and Jess says something about the first week. Jess is holding his ground and Casey says if Jess trusts Ronnie more than him, so be it, and Jess says that's not the case. Casey tells him that some of his comments are to try and keep people from knowing there's a Casey/Jess agreement, but Casey doesn't think Jess believes him.

Jess says that when you're HOH, you have to do what's best for you and Casey repeats that Jess is last on his list of people he wants gone. Casey says this is what he came up to HOH for, to talk about, and Casey gets up, shakes Jessie's hand and goes downstairs.

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10:00 BBT

Michele comes into the HOH room and says she cleared up stuff with Ronnie and trusts them. Chima comes in to use Jess' bathroom. Jess tells Michele that he wants her on his side. Michele asks if they have the votes to get Casey out (flipping back to Jess' side) and Jess says yes. He says they've presented Michele all these opportunities, but can't make Michele take them.

Nat and Ronnie are talking by the chess game. He talks about them being final 4.

10:08 BBT

Feeds switch to Jeff, Casey and Jordan outside.

10:15 BBT

Michele continues backtracking upstairs as Jess tries to reassure her.

Jordan says when Jess is HOH, he acts all mighty and Casey says people do that to Jess, like by making him breakfast. Jordan says Ronnie is licking Jessie's balls and Casey says Ronnie voted how Jess wanted to week one. Casey says he rolled the dice and thought that Jess had his back. Jordan comments how Casey got them all the margarita party and Casey and Jeff say how it sucked.

Casey says he's 90% sure he's going up. Jordan asks what Jess said and Casey says he'll tell them tomorrow after the veto ceremony, in case it doesn't happen. Casey says Michele is no longer on their side and it's just them 3 VS. the other 8. Jordan says a lot of people just want to make it to the jury house.

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10:25 BBT

Jeff talks about Ronnie's plan to win Majority Rules and says BB better not us that game as it'll be rigged. Jordan says it's because they have a former HG in here that shouldn't be there.

10:30 BBT

Michele and Jess still alone in HOH room talking.

(Anyone else out there?)

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10:26 BBT "if there's A & B we'd pick C..we're that stupid" Jeff says as him Casey and Jordan have come to realization that they have been played again. Casey clinging to a glimmer of hope that his buddy Jesse will not put him up...Jordan "i know for a fact" she says that there are "2 people" that just want to make jury

Casey says "I've bite my toungue until it bled" about not going off

"I just want to win HOH to ruin somebody's dream not to make it to the Jury house" Jeff says and if he's there it will be no hold barred...

10:30..Jordan the optimist says "maybe he's just trying to scare you" Casey says "no" ..Jeff "why would he want to do that" and says "I hope it comes to bite him in the ass" keeping Ronnie

Casey says he gave up "some high numbers" for the "margarita Party" and really could have won POV ..

Jeff says "they all knew" about his backdooring and Casey says he talked shit about the athletes to his teammates "and they all went and told him like bitches"

Casey "we'll see what happens"

10:33 Mostly silent..

Michele upstairs falling under Jesse's spell as he talks about Trust through actions...

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10:34 BBT

Outdoors on the couch and are playing monday morning quaterback about their dealings with Ronnie...

Jeff sums it up best "Fuck"

Casey "my wife is gonna be so mad at me for trusting Jesse" and Jeff playing the I told ya so game..

Casey talking about HG being star struck and Jeff can't fanthom Jesse a star......Casey tries to make an anology with Micheal Jordan and Jeff "please don't even make that comparison"

10:37 Casey gets up and leaves ..Jeff "i got to send somebody home next week" and Jeff is "100%" sure if its an elimination HOH they're done..

Jeff "only scrap of hope" is someone else wins it and wants to send Ronnie home and not them..."that's are only glimmer of hope"

Casey "nobody makes eye contact...good shit" and says "lydia is cooking Jesse's midnight snack" when Jeff asks who's in there..

10:40...."what's this game like when you're winning" Jeff says as they laugh Both Jeff and Casey saying they coulda done better "in this veto" as Casey reiterates again "i won a fucking margarita party for this house"

10:41 BBT Casey says his game would have been better had he gone around telling "everyone's secrets"

Jordan gets her sheet because she's tired and will be going to bed..

Casey "its gonna be a long 3 days"..{and for some of us a long three months}...."Pity Party" Jeff says ..Casey "i'm working on my speech for thusday" and tells Jordan he has nothing bad to say about here.

Lydia comes out and fiddles with the luandry...

10:44 "i've been up 4 times in a row" and says "i don't know why they treat him like King"

Jeff upset 'so selfish" as his bedding is still damp..

10:45 Casey ragging about Lydia "backstabbing Cunt" saying she sets up the convos and runs to Jesse and says he says it..

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10:47 BBT

back in HOH Michele telling Jesse "i'll fight for him" if he's on the block about Ronnie.......Jesse saying "he got so ridiculous" about Russ..

Michele says she doesn't want to play a"dirty game"......Michele tells him Lydia "thinks I have her back"...Michele "I look forward for tomorrow" as she hugs and leaves Jesse...and heads downstairs..

Natalie waiting outside playing chess with Russell...

Jordan stops Jeff in the hallway "give me a hug' as she hugs him "are you playing truth or dare" as he jokes to her..

Lydia in kitchen with Kevin being mostly silent with the occassional "skank" about Natalie...

10:52 BBT

Most feeds showing Lydia working on Jesse's (what Casey called) "midnight snack".....Natalie and Russ playing chess with Ronnie and Jesse watching no convo..

10:55 BBT back outdoors Casey train smoking now..in deep thought while Jeff plays himself a game a pool... and sings... Kevin soaking his feet in the hottub...

10:57 Pretty much the same Jeff is now finishing his laundry.....and pops in to tell lydia he threw her stuff "in the dyer" and she thanks him..

10:58 BBT Casey has been really quiet just puffing away on the couch...

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11:00 BBT

Jordan reemerges and talking starts up...Laudry talk and her ineffective lotion...Jeff says "we need Super Wash" with some of the soiled laudry and settles on "sanatize"

Michele comes out with a small batch of laundry says nothing as she goes back in..."is she doing laundry tonight" and Jordan says "no tomorrow"

11:03 BBT Jordan talking about Jesse/Natalie/lydia triangle......"Did you fart" Jeff now "its that shit" I know "I blow em all the time"..

Jordan heads over to hottub and asks Kevin "are you sleeping" and asks "do you know how to play pool" and Jordan says she knows the concept but doesn't play well.

Jordan sticks her feet in while Jeff plays pool and Casey has yet to say a word..

11:06 BBT Indoors Russ and Natalie playing pool as Ronnie sitting there observing.....no convo at all

Back outside silence seems to be golden out there as well as people just seem to be in deep thought.

Jordan gets up and heads in as Jeff and Casey are on the couch.....Jeff "you want to say something soo bad" he tells Casey.."won't change nothing" saying he's going up and will be voted out "like a man" and says he's just not "a sheep"..."Michele's a switchout..but we knew that" and Jeff says she's going "where the numbers are" and Casey "she'll get picked off"

"what sucks is we all had a plan" and Casey saysing we "agreed" and they "ran back like a little fucking school girl...like a ten year old kid..you ran back"

Jordan comes back "geez guys don't look so sad" and says she'l be on the block in the coming weeks "cheer up" as she is in her bathing suit headed to the hottub..

11:13 BBT Lydia telling kevin she'll make breakfast "bacon, potato balls and eggs" and kevin 'what about pancakes" saying it will be a "bitesize" breakfast...and lydia doesn't know if she'll sleep..

Jeff stops by and talks about the song stuck in his head..

11:16 BBT Lydia talking about her hair as the chess game continues...

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11:19 BBT Lydia says "i haven't heard her says its a weave" about Chima's hair...as her and kevin discuss hair..Jeff ree,erges with his trunks to join jordan in to hottub..

11:20 BBT Casey telling jordan '"look around" as he sticks his feet in.."so are you soaking your bananas" he tells Casey..as all three are in/around the hottub

get BB warning about mics...yet the convos seem nonexistent..

11:23 BBT the silence is broken awhen Jordan says something trivial....jeff jumps in "hot" Jordan says and "yeah"

Indoors Natalie Russ and Ronnie up playing chess with hardly any convo...

Lydia says her first major "goal mark" and Kevin says "you have to wait past week 4"..probably talking about natalie.....Jesse comes out of DR and says he was going to take a nap but decided to eat instead..

again it returns to quiet..

11:27 BBT

"they are being hereded like cattle" Casey bitches....at the hottub..telling J&J it takes "one HOH" and Casey spouts his worth....Casey says "I have no regrets" ..Jeff "two people playing the game th rest are along for the ride..that sucks".....Casey "it doesn't make me feel good to throw people under the bus"...and Casey not excited "to spend 6 weeks in the jury house with a bunch of idiots"

11:30 BBT caseys asy "he lied to everyone but he voted the way i wanted to vote" casey tells them Jesse's rationale....."I would live if you got HOH" Jeff tells Jordan...casey spilling his convo with jesse to them even though he said he was waiting till after POV ceremony {guess reality has set in..he's done}

11:32 BBT "jesse's pissssed" as her and Jesse head in HOH..and Jeese had the nerve to ask why and has her hold up as the does his prayers..."what's up" as he finishes....Lydia says Jeff and casey was riding him about whether they were going to stick to the plan and casey and Jeff "trying to gang up" on Kevin...Jesse says he has nothing to do with it saying he hasn't said anything..

Lydia saying 'he won't even look at us or talk to us" and Jesse says he thought they didn't..."kevin is" as Jesse says he didn't know they were so close..."who's your favorite" and lydia says Jesse even though she's not his...and jesse asks her who is and eventuall settles on "yum yum"{ he stupid Unicorn} since according to Jesse he can't vote him outta the house..

11:40 BBT Lydia and jesse convo heads south as they discuss the reality of unicorns existence..

The chess game outside the door has added Kevin but no conversation..oops ronnie says "not a spectator sport" as he sits there and spectates..

11:41 BBT Back in HOH Jesse eating..and trying to get info outta lydia....Jesse says michele says "casey' as the person she wants out..today she says "Ronnie" and says she gave some bullshit lie....Lydia tells Jesse about her convo calling Ronnie "a lying bastard...sack of shit" and goes on tells him all day she say "he needs to go" and says Ronnie had a deal to stay...and Lydia says "bizarre sexual things"....Jesse asks what "it has to do with a dare"

11:45 BBT Jesse "she never talks to me unless she has to"..and says "uh yeah" when Lydia asks "that worries you?"

11:46 BBT "you scared I'm gonna put you up" and says "you do you do" and Lydia says does he likes having the power to do so..and says "do I have reason to put you up"...Lydia "you are going to put me up"..and Jesse smirks as she covers her head with a blanket {she's never looked better on the feeds} and Jesse asks why is she worried he's was gonna put her up..

Jeese says "I have no reason to put you up"...she says "why would you"..Jesse making her promise she's never said anything

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11:50 BBT

Jesse's pychological banter goes on and makes her repeat her promise of never putting each other up..."i think you're the only person that can make Jordan go home"..as she tells him "i hate you" as he smirks to the camera..

Jeese asks who the "one person you can trust in here"....talk to me as Jesse tries to get Lydia to talk as they play wrestle on the bed.."not you" as he keeps asking her who she trusts and admits he was "kidding" that he was gonna put her up..

Jesse "im scared you're gonna fuck me over".....

11:54 Jeese Lydia keep talking as Lydia plays like she's ignoring him as she says she's getting "anxiety" from him..

11:56 BBT Outside the HOH the chess game continues with no convo

11:57 BBT Jesse says in HOH "im just playing with you" and tells her "you and Kevin are the safest people in here" to Lydia

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12:00 BBT

Jesse a hops into bed as him and Lydia get ready to take a nap when Natalie and russ enter Jese "i guess we're having a group meeting"

Lydia gets up and leaves as Russ locks the door behind her as natalie recovers her sopt on the bed..

Jesse tells them about his convo with Casey..and says "the right guy will be going home" is what he told him....and told him he wasn't badmouthing Natalie with Lydia...and apologized for it...and Russ 'did he say anything about me?" and Jesse tells them about his thing with Lydia right now and they want to hear about his Casey have convo..and he fills them in..

12:05 BBT and laugh "he's pleading fo his life in a banana suit" and Russ does his high pitched laugh....and continues with his casey convo..feed switches..

12:08 BBT Lydia goes outside "i got kicked out' of the athlete's meeting she tells Jeff the outcast athlete..Jordan come out saying she caught Ronnie and Michele hugging...

Jordan says Ronniw went into HOH ans Lydia tells them she got kicked out..

Lydia lying through her teeth as Kevin as they are saying they didn't know about the plan to backdoor Casey and haven't heard about it..

12:11 BBT Lydia talking about who she would love to see "certain people on the block"..Jeff says he thinks her and Kevin will put me up..and Jeff says if they promise not to put them up he won't kevin and Lydia up....Jeff "i will never die" about endurance...

Lydia says she would put up Natalie and Jeff being smart "I won't tell you who I will put up".......and they make a pact not to put each other up....

kevin and Lydia reassure Jordan casey will go and not her..

12:14 Talking about michele playing both sides....and jeff says "at least we have a 4 in chance to win it" and Lydia talking about people afraid to "make a power move"

Jordan says "at least it makes me feel better now" and Jeff reiterates his word is good..

12:16 BBT...Kevin "i don't want to leave passively" as Lydia says they can't let "an 18 year old run this house"

12:18 BBT HOH Athlete's meeting continues...

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Kevin, Lydia, Jordan, and Jeff are in the backyard playing pool and discussing the game. They come to an agreement that they'll have eachother's back next week and should either of them win HOH, that they won't put anyone from this group of 4 up. Jeff called Lydia out about wanting Natalie out. She confirmed it. This comes on the heels of Lydia basically being kicked out of the HOH room by Natalie and Russell when they decide they want to have a "group meeting" during her cuddle session with Jessie 20 min ago.

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12:19 BBT

In HOH The meeting continues as they say 'if you start winning" then "you can win the lavish life"...as Jesse continues with his convo with casey...

12:22 BBT "we're fucked with jordan and jeff" Jesse says to his group...

Jesse says casey will "blow up" and try to stir shit and Natalie says 'he'll try to get votes" and Russ says "he'll leave with a bang"

12:23 BBT jesse says that Roonie having that much control over so many people and says even so Casey has to go..Russ says casey will spout a buch of garbage and not to believe him...

Russ "Michele is so stupid" even couldn't get a commitment to vote him out if he put Ronnie up..

12:26 BBT All feeds on the HOH Jesse rehashing his convos with Michele and casey with his spin and half truths....

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12:30 BBT

Jesse going on about his lydia charade with Russ and Natalie...Natalie aks if he let her know they are putting Casey up...as natalie asks if she if she said how she will vote...

12:32 BBT seems the meeting is winding down.."after tomorrow" they say nobody will talk to us except Lydia who thinks she's "playing us" according to natalie

Jesse sasying Both Kevin and Lydia have no cumpulsion to win....

natlie says "4 days ago they hated Casey"...

Jesse if we don't win" one they're going up..

12: 34 BBT Foth..

feeds back and Jesse says they have the votes even if "he turns jeff"...Jesse "please don't make Ronnie vote to keep casey in the house" as Jesse thinks he's "America's Player" or "he's something"

12:37 BBT another FOTH...

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12:40 BBT

In HOH they continue their assesment of their nemisis HGs.

Jesse "i still haven't told anybody" who he's putting up...

Ragging on Michele...Natalie "for being so smart she's not so smart"....Russel "i don't think she's an idiot she's just not good at the game"

12:43 BBT outdoors Jeff and casey are ragging on Michele Jeff saying he should have asked her "how do yoy feel about ronnie going out" and see her "bullshit reaction"

Casey saying "i hate these fucks anyway" and now doesn't care...

The play pool..

12:46 BBT Casey wins ...with a "good shot" and casey says he's not a "good gossiper"..casey says he's not having sour grapes Jeff "fuck that I'd be sour as shit"

Jeff says "they were just blowing smoke up our ass"

casey what i "am mad at" that he didn't tell anyone nothing..except the shit from "Kevin. Lydia and Michele" who ran with what he said..

Jeff starts laughing about the banana suit and says he's gonna thank julie "for taking me outta bizzaro world"

12:51 Casey repeating he's mad at "kevin, lydia and Michele" for blabbing...and Jeff says he's more suspicious of Michele...

They go "have a smoke"

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12:55 BBT

"we just didn't win" casey says "i would have put up Michele and Chima" casey says and Jeff "i would have wasted it" and "put up Ronnie"

12:55 jeff yelling instructions at {?} how to use washer..as Jeff says "she can't be trusted' about Michele to Casey

12:57 BBT Jeff gets up to go "brush my teeth" and leaves Casey to sit there in deep thought again..

12:59 BBT "bah bah bah bah" casey says

In HOH Russel and Jesse talking..and talking about Lydia being "bi polar" and according to them so does everyone else in the house...Jesse "her face doesn't lie" and know exactly what mood she is in by her facial expressions..

1:01 BBT They are talking its "hard not to laugh" when talking to Casey as a banana and jesse goes on about his Casey convo...and we're spared from hearing it witha foth..

1:03 BBT Jeff flossing as Nattalie says "assume around 1 or so" about the time..She's on the couch as jeff finishes up..and ask what she's doing "playing chess" and says no just laying around..Ronnie comes in and tells natalie "michele really wants to be on the team" and "wants to work with jesse" and says "i kinda believe her" as Natalie says they have the votes and Michels told Ronnie "jeff and Jordan are going up" if Michele wins HOH..."we'll see" Natalie says

The shitter doesn't flush as Ronnie is going to DR to tell them "just in case" but Natalie fills in Ronnie about the Jesse/Casey convo...

1:09 BBT For the first time since I been on we see chima in the red BR talking with Jeff/jordan lydia/Kevin Michele and Chima....Ronnie come s out to let them know next time someting needs to be fixed to go to DR and gets BB warning "you told me to tell them" he whines..

1:11 BBT Talking about the gay/lesbian bar "The Abbey" the "best bar in LA" according to Chima

lydia playing with Kevin's clothes.dressing up as a guy........as jeff says "kevin's getting turned on" as they all giggle..

Chima "i'm not tired" and talk about the smelly laundry they can't get the shit smell out of...Chima "tide with Fabreeze"....

1:16 BBt talking about what manure they use....Ronnie says it was compose because if they use poo then they could get "e coli" or "dysentery" or "trichinosis" from it..

1:19 BBYTalking about movies as Ronnie says he loved Angelina Jolie in "Gia"

1:20 BBT Movie star talk

{I'm out early tonight be back tomorrow}

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8:41 BBT

Ronnie runs upstairs and asks jessie if he can use his toilet.. Jessie is still asleep so he doesnt say anything..

ronnie walks outside, and does a little Pee-pee dance then walks back inside and uses it anyways...

Ronnie walking outside of the HOH room "You know its really conveniant when a toliet is broken in the house, and its one that everybody has to use."

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8:46 BBT

Nat uses HOH bathroom, Chima next in line.

Ronnie staring at the memory wall.

Nat: You're a boy, you can just throw something on. (mumble) I would think like 9:00. All I did was throw this hat on. You don't have to have a hat on you're a guy.

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9:12 BBT

Most chat is about what hat they are going to wear. They are eating and doing ADL.

9:15 BBT

Houseguests this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door.

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(Tension is thick in the BY)

Only talk is between lydia and Jesse and they are discussing Kevin being backed up. (TMI!!)

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9:33 BBT

Houseguests the lockdown is over. You are now free to move around the hosue.

Talk of taking a nap.

The toilet downstairs is fixed

Kevin rolls out of the hammack onto the ground.

Jordan fixing something to eat.

Casey smoking

Nat asleep on the patio lounge, suddenly gets up and goes inside and straight to the HOH


9:41 BBT

Jordan rips and dips her waffle, (no fork needed)

Casey fixing something to eat

Chima goes to HOH and joins Nat on the bed.... Its cold, the tv doesnt work right, about 10 people playing chess right now, goes from bed to chair

Casey back outside by himself

Kev and lyd go from red room (?) to green room to talk to Michele

Kev to Chele....what is your thought of going up each week as a pawn

chele...she doesnt like it

Kev...if you win hoh who would you put up

chele...right now Jeff and I arent doing so good

Kev...I am targetting the athletes because they have 4. They keep dominating and using us for pawns. You know how BB is, the pawn goes home. Only way we can guarentee it is not to be used as a pawn. If us pawns work together....

Lyd...dont fuck with the pawns

Kev...I dont think me and Lyd are the targets You, Jeff, Jordan are the remaining targets. dont like them using us to get to you

Kev...If you add 2 more to our 3 and thats 5 against their 4 (jesse cant compete for hoh) and two of them go up, the 5 are stronger

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9:56 BBT

Nat...I dont like her (lyd) talking to you

Chima.. you do realize or recognize she could be giving you information thru jesse

Nat...but it could be wrong information

Meanwhile back in the green room.....

Kev says we could change the game

Talk stops and Kev and Lyd leave

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