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7/27 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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10:00 BBT

Nat...I say send Lydia home

Chima..I am not going to second that emotion.

Jesse...Emotion good one

back door her ass

Nat...then I can say ha ha, skank

Jordan joins Kev and Lyd in the splash room. Whispers are so low I cant hear.


Lyd bashing Nat, 3 times yesterday Lyd got kicked out of the hoh room (I cant wait for the cat fight to erupt)


10:15 ish BBT

In the BY, Casey to Jeff...aint no body going to say anything cuz they dont want to go anywhere

Jeff..they take what they want and hold it against you

Casey..thats cuz they are hoh, Jesse did it, Ronnie did it, Jesse did it.

Ronnies wife will still going to be fucking fat when he gets home. Look like to fucking big ass sea walrus's doing the wild thing.

Sea walrus. Only thing she has in common with me is, she looks like she ate ????(couldnt hear)

(Can't take the non contestant bash...some one else take over)

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10:15 BBT

Jordan, Lydia, and Kevin talking about joining together for next week's HOH in order to get out an athlete. Keving tells Jordan to be careful about what she tells Michelle though b/c she is going back and forth. They say this is where they can change the game. They must get an athlete out.

Jordan tells them they can't turn. Both Lydia and Kevin say they won't b/c they know they will soon become the pawns. They discuss how the athletes always feel safe and Lydia doesn't want them to feel safe anymore. They have finally realized they are just going to be picked off if the athletes countinue to win.

Kevin and Lydia say "they" (Jesse, Nat, Russell, Chima) don't tell them anything anymore. Kevin and Lydia are really beginning to see how they are the outsiders.

Back to talking about Ronnie and how he might stir up stuff again. They say to come to each other first before believing anything from Ronnie.

Kev, Lyd, and Joran say they have to act normal so nobody figures out what they are doing. Jordan goes to lay in bed and feeds switch.

Lydia is now suspicious of Russell b/c he is not having problems with Ronnie anymore. She thinks Russell and Ronnie are together too.

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10:20 BBT

Chima and Nat is HOH with Jesse continuously basking Lydia and everything she is doing in the house. Jesse seems tired of talking about it, but Nat can't get over Lydia and her actions.

In the backyard, Jeff and Casey are discussing regrets of not talking to each other earlier in the game about the game. Casey is upset b/c he listened to everyone's stories, kept them quiet and is now going on the block. He says that's fine and he is ready to see his wife.

Back in HOH, Nat keeps telling Jesse to put up Lydia today. Chima and Nat think they should have a BB bully fight in the backyard. They say Highschool is not complete without one. Natalie really wants to battle Lydia.


10:25 BBT

Casey and Jeff still in the backyard. Casey says he didn't throw people under the bus and that cost him the game. Both him and Jeff say you can't have integrity while playing the game. You have to lie and cheat. Jeff can't figure out why people aren't playing to win. He feels they are only playing to get the 5th or the jury house. Casey says some people don't make $750 a week, so this could be about money. Jeff just doesn't think people are playing to win, they are just playing to stick around.

Casey can't believe he won a margarita party for an HOH who doesn't drink and neither does his side kick. No points there. Casey heads inside while Jeff has a smoke.

10:30 BBT

Jesse and Nat in the HOH. Looks like they are trying to sleep, but Nat keeps talking. She thinks Russell will come after her and Jesse soon. Jesse says this is bullshit and feeds switch...

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BBT 10:30

Everyone is asleep except Jeff and Casey who are back in the backyard. Casey can't believe Ronnie stirred up all this mess and Casey only said 3 things and now he will be going up. Jeff says Ronnie must have done something right though to be in this position. Casey thinks anyone but Jesse would have stuck to the plan of getting Ronnie out. Jeff agrees, but thinks Jesse really must think Ronnie is on his side.

Jeff says after this week, with Jordan or Casey going home, he has a 1 in 10 chance of $500,000 and he will probably never have those odds again. Jeff says he will do whatever he can to make noise to stay in this game. Casey says he will be at home with his hot wife unlike Ronnie's fat wife.

Jeff believes he is the next target and is trying to figure out what move he can make to tell people they will at least make it to the jury house. (He needs to talk to Jordan and listen to the plan about working with Lydia and Kevin. I think he would feel better b/c he would have the numbers he needs.)

BBT 10:40

Chima in HOH bathroom.

Jeff wants to figure out how to get Jesse out of the house. At least get him on the block b/c he thinks attitudes will change aroud the house. Jeff's problem is he can't put Jesse up b/c of his clique. Jeff thinks the only way to change the game is to get out an athlete. Talk about an endurance comp again. They think it would be a perfect week b/c it is the last one before the jury house.

Casey says he will be watching the comp with a cold beer while doing his wife. He tells Jeff that they are cool and will have to get together after this is all over.

10:50 BBT

In HOH, Nat and Chima are alseep while Jesse seems restless. He keeps moving and tossing and turning.

Back in backyard - Jeff and Casey talking about life outside of BB. Back to talking about the HG's and how crazy they are. Jeff and Casey feel they are the only normal two.

Casey wants to see what would happen if a woman gets HOH. He thinks Lydia would put up Nat even though that would make Jesse upset. Casey goes back to saying that Jeff, Russ, Jordan, and Laura are the only people he would like to see after he leaves...although he doesn't know if he can be friends with bikini models. Casey's biggest fear was being the replacement nominee, and here he is going home.

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BBT 10:55

According to Casey, these are the 3 things you need to survive in BB - Realtionships, Luck, and Winning Competitions. His regrets are not speaking up enough. He should have called more people out on their buisness. All feeds switch to HOH room where Jesse, Nat, and Chima are still sleeping.

Jordan is called to the DR. All Feeds switch to her in the pool room going to DR.

All Feeds switch back to the backyard where Casey is now alone of the couch. Casey goes to the RR while Jeff comes back outside with a drink.

11:00 BBT

All is quiet in the BB house with Jeff only on the feeds, outside having a smoke.

11:05 BBT - Jeff is called to DR. All feeds switch the Michelle in have not room. She heads to the RR where Casey is brushing his teeth. It is so quiet in the house, I can hear the toliet flushing. Casey gets more coffee and heads back outside to smoke.

11:10 BBT - All feeds on Casey in the BY. Jeff just out of DR and joins Casey.

(With that, I have to go to a Doctor's Appt. Someone please take over...it really is exciting stuff right now.)

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(I can update for a bit)

11:59 BBT

Jeff and Jordan talking game in the backyard while Jeff cleans the pool.

Jeff and Jordan have a little hope now thinking that they have aligned with Lydia and Kevin.

Jeff is still worried that Lydia has it bad for Jessie and won't go against him.

Jordan seems confident but Jeff is very skeptical.

Jordan - "We need her" [Lydia]

Jeff - "I know"

12:02 BBT

Outdoor lockdown called

"Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door"

12:05 BBT

Houseguests are finally all making their way outside.

Lydia is still dressed like Kevin in one of his "hoodies" pants and shirts.

Jessie is still dressed like Kevin too.

They are all talking about the garden outside.

Jordan is shaving her legs outside again.

Jessie and Nat look rather cozy on the couch.

12:07 BBT

Hardly any talk going on outside.

Just talk of the toilet being fixed. It works fine now.

BB Yelling for Russell who still hasn't made it outside. Another lockdown warning made.

Nat tells Jordan that she has hot water now, she doesn't need to shave her legs outside anymore. (She looks cute in a baseball cap, I think it's Jeff's she's been wearing his hats a lot lately)

Jordan knows but she would rather sit outside, she likes to sit down when she shaves.

Nat asks Jordan if she has ever used an electric razor before.

Jordan said no but she has used an electric toothbrush before (haha).

Nat is too afraid to try a regular razor. She doesn't want to cut up her legs and be "all hurt" for a competition! (Seriously?)

12:12 BBT

Russell is outside now. Very sleepy!

Pretty boring, not much talk, just general chit chat.

Natalie says the electric razor she got from BB doesn't work well.

Chima says the disposable ones BB gave them are Sh***y.

Jeff wonders how many blades they are going to come out with on a razor.

12:14 BBT

Jessie, Lydia and Kevin now sitting together in the shade. (They look silly all wearing "kevin-style" sunglasses).

Talk of kinds of milk between Chima and Ronnie (Yawn).

12:20 BBT

Casey looks mad. He is smoking, the usual loud inhale/exhale sounds coming from him.

No talk at all from houseguests. Seems awkward.

Camera keeps zooming in and out on Kevin, then Ronnie, then Jordan.

12:23 BBT


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12:24 BBT

Trivia (POV Ceremony Time? I don't believe Michele was on the lockdown outside)

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12:55 BBT Feeds are back.

Casey is outside with Jordan asking where the outrage is. Why is no one outraged? Jeff confirmed Casey is up.

Russell, Nat, Ronnie, Kevin, and Jesse are sitting in the Red Room talking about snoring.

Casey saying he thinks he could have won the veto if he wouldn't have given up his points, but he will take full responsibility of that. Jordan thinks everyone in the house right now will just continue to follow Jesse.

Apparently, Jesse's speech had some "zing" to it. Casey says his speech will have some "zing" on Thrusday too. Jordan says Casey will walk out with a bang. (Casey seems to know he is going home.)

Casey said it was a good run, but now he has to wait 3 days. Three days of everyone laughing at him.

Back to the speech, Jeff says when you are giving a speech and you are a man, you don't hide behind sunglasses, you wear your own clothes (Not Kevin's), and you don't talk about past seasons (Season 10). They countinue to bash Jesse's speech and its lack of manliness (I think I made up that word.)

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1:01 BBT

Casey: I guss I will go home to my kid, and my Hot wife.. And Ronnie still has a Fat wife!

Apparently Jessie mentioned something about BB10. Jeff: nobody gives a Fuck if you were on season 10..

Jessie was wearing Kevin's Clothes and was 'Hiding behind sunglasses'

1:09 BBT

Jordan: I hope America sees how douchey Jessie is..

Jordan: I want to get him out next week so he doesnt make jury.. ha

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1:10 BBT

Everyone is in the red room talking about random stuff except Jordan, Jeff, and Casey. Jordan really wants one of the 4 (her, Jeff, Lydia, or Kevin) to win the next HOH or else they are toast.

Jordan complaining about Jesse and how he thinks he is so cool b/c he was here two seasons in a row.

Casey called to the DR. Russell comes outside. Jordan says she likes her men with some muscle, but still wants somoething to squeeze. Russell says, so not like Jesse? She says exactly.

Talk turns to game. Russell says Jesse is going to catch shit for that one (meaning the veto ceremony). Jordan and Jeff don't agree. They say they will be up next week. Jordan says Ronnie looked at her and laughed about not going up during the ceremony. They know Ronnie will be out again and up to his scheming like usual.

Jeff and Russell are really making fun of Ronnie. Russell is laughing hard, but Jordan tells him to be careful b/c he really could come after him.

1:20 BBT Jeff comments that he is smoking too much now. Jordan thinks her time is soming to an end, but Russell says there are bigger targets now like Lydia. They can't imagine what would happen if Ronnie wins again.

Back to Veto meeting. Russell liked Jordan's speech b/c she just said "I know you aren't going to use it on me, so I won't make one up." Apparently Michelle was really nervous and made funny faces throughout the ceremony.

1:25 BBT - Russell is on the elixar, Jeff is in the pool, and Jordan is on the couch. Jeff complains b/c there is no raft for the pool.

Feeds switch to the red room and Ronnie is standing up acting out a video game. They are still discussing games and now Ronnie is talking nonstop about one his wife has banned from the house.

(I can't listen to him right now....I'm out.)

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2:12 BBT

Jessie is sleeping/listening to his music in HOH. Lydia is in bed with him.

Jeff is outside in the backyard sunbathing. Casey is smoking in the backyard on the couches. All you hear is deep breathe in and deep breathe out as he smokes.

Russell comes out and sits down with Casey to eat.


Lydia and Jesse talking about Jesse speech during the POV ceremony. That Lydia and Kevin were like "what the heck."

Jesse just asked Lydia if Kevin thought Jesse was going to put him up? She says yeah. No one knew what you were going to do.

Now they are silent again. Lydia is looking at Jesse's butt under the covers.

Jesse is ready for another of his naps and Lydia is botherig him.

(Gotta go)

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2:25 BBT

Lydia is putting the movies on Jesse again. In her baby voice they are whispering under the covers. Apparently Lydia took off some of her clothes to prove she was a girl and not a boy. Jesse keeps saying they are going to get into trouble if someone comes up the the room. After talking about making a "play date" Lydia reaches over and gets clothes to put back on.

Now discussing Jesse's speech and how Casey never talked game to Lydia, but Jesse can't believe it. Lydia says that her and Casey haven't talked game since Bradean left. Lydia says she will vote our Casey, but she doesn't want to b/c he is on her team.

Lydia is back in her baby voice asking Jesse what type of candy he wants. Jesse says he only wants one thing and she can't give it to him.

2:32 BBT

Russell and Ronnie in the storage room talking about how Russell had Ronnie's back. Russell thinks him, Jesse, and Ronnie need to continue running the show. Ronnie really wants Russell or Chima to win next week. They finally leave the SR.

2:40 BBT

Lydia gets up to leave, while having to put her shirt back on. Jesse says "look what you did" as refering to his manhood. She says she will be back with a dress on later and he can blame the dress. ( I am sure there was a lot of "petting" going on here b/c I saw plenty of movement, but they are good at building tents...which is fine by me)

As Lydia leaves the HOH she says - What is Lydia going to do? Lydia hasn't been out of the HOH room for more than 2 minutes before Nat joins Jesse in the bed. As soon as she gets in there, she starts Lydia bashing.

2:50 BBT

Jesse thinks Lydia is going to try and mend the fence between her and Jordan and Jeff now b/c they need each other. (That's exactly what Lydia has been doing this morning!) They say Lydia and Kevin might try to get Chima, but they can try b/c Chima won't do that. Nat thinks Lydia is just playing Jesse. Jesse says he needs to let her b/c that's how he gets info from Lydia. Nat says Jesse should just stop talking to Lydia all together.

Feeds switch to Kevin in the backyard with Casey. Casey is telling Kevin he doesn't have to talk to him. He can just keep following around Jesse and do whatever Jesse tells him to do. Kevin asks Casey if he has the votes to stay. Casey names off names, but knows there are alot of maybe's in those votes. Basically, Casey's speech to Kevin is the same as his one to Jeff this morning. Kevin tells Casey he would like him to stay. Kevin says if Casey could work Chima, he thinks Casey would stay. Casey doesn't believe it b/c Michelle is to wishy-washy.

Casey telling Kevin they need to step up their game to make it to the end and not just the jury house. Kevin says Lydia will vote for Casey if the numbers are there. Casey doesn't believe it b/c nobody knows who actually votes for who in that room (DR), as was proven during the last two weeks. Casey says we'll just see how it goes. He knows he is 90% going home.

3:05 BBT

Casey says everyone thinks Jesse and Ronnie are god's running around this house right now and that they have a deal together that involves no one else. Kevin agree's, but says he vents in DR and not in public to draw attention to himself.

3:10 BBT

Lydia is in the shower. Kevin uses the RR.

Russell, Casey, and Jeff are outside on the couches talking about votes. Casey says he knows Jeff will vote for Jordan to stay, but he can work on Russell. Once again, Casey says he can't get 5 votes so he better make flight arrangements. He says it would be eaiser if he wasn't on the block with Jordan b/c she is so sweet and he doesn't want to throw her under the bus.

3:15 BBT

Kevin and Ronnie are playing pool outside. Casey and Russell are talking on the couch.

(Gotta Go)

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2:50 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Natalie and Jessie in bed in the HOH room. Natalie tells Jessie that Lydia is using him. He tells her that if he talks bad about Lydia then Lydia would stop talking to him about what the other side is doing. Natalie says "good, I don't want her talking to you" Jessie "Why?" Natalie "Because" Jessie "but why?" Natalie "because" Jessie tells her great answer.

Feeds switch to Casey and Kevin in the BY on the couches. Casey is counting his votes. He knows he needs 5 votes. He is giving Kevin the same argument he has been preaching all night. He listened to people and didn't tattle when they bad mouthed and that is going to be his downfall. He says either Kevin, Lydia, or Michelle talked to Jessie about him. He says he didn't throw anyone under the bus. He took it like a man (but my 8 year old whines less than him-Goldylucks) Kevin tells him that the excuses Jessie gave him for putting him up were bullshit. Kevin tells him that if he can come up with the numbers he and Lydia will give him the votes. Kevin says he may consider it if Chima promises to vote the same.

3:00 PM BBT Casey is taking his frustration out on Kevin. Casey: "you knew last night I was going home" Kevin "no I didn't" Casey: "don't lie to me... I'm 90% positive I'm going home Thursday...don't lie to me" Casey "I'm too trustworthy for this house. I don't manipulate enough. I don't gossip like a little girl. I haven't thrown anyone under the bus. Never"

Casey tells Kevin that all you have to do to get the house to overlook being a "lieing sack of shit" is to say that you knew you were supposed to be in an alliance but some new information has come to you and the house is okay with that" Kevin tells him to vent in the DR instead of stating the obvious and that is why he's on the block.

3:09 PM BBT Kevin escapes Casey and Jeff/Russell takes his place on feeds 3/4. Casey says he wishes he wasn't up against Jordan. "It would be a whole easier if I was up a against an asshole, a liar or a cheat". Russell is talking about the grammatical errors in Jessie's speech, they way he uses present and past tense. Casey "he doesn't use Obama's speech writer, that's for damn sure" (LMAO-Goldylucks)

Casey is talking about ladies with hairy nipples and it just gets more vile from then on. Feeds 1/2 on Ronnie and Kevin playing pool. Nappy sex talk between Russell and Casey intermixed with Casey venting his frustrations.

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3:20 PM BBT Casey admits to Russell that he was mad at Russell for a little while but not mad anymore. Russell laughs "a banana is mad at me" Casey "it's kinda hard to be taken seriously in a banana suit" The banana suit talk has Russell in stitches. Casey mentions that people are going to stop holding their tongues now since the replacement nomination has been made. (I think he is referring to Nat/Lydia-Goldylucks) Russell tells him no because that would make them targets next week.

3:28 PM BBT Casey out of the blue to Russell "Don't fight with anyone with no teeth.......they got nothing to lose"

3:38 PM BBT Ronnie joins Lydia in the BR. He tells her that because of Jessie's mob mentality speech he just knew he was the one going up. He tries to convince Lydia that he never lied to her. She tells him that he played the game. He gave them an opportunity to develop enemies and that is just playing the game. Ronnie calls Casey a sore loser. He then defends himself for voting against Braden.

3:42 PM BBT BB: HOUSEGUESTS, THIS IS A LOCK DOWN, PLEASE GO OUTSIDE. Ronnie: "What, are you kidding me? My weenies are on" (LMAO-Goldylucks) Lydia has decided she is going to blow dry her hair before going out.

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3:45 PM BBT Absolute silence in the backyard. Short FOTH in and out. Ronnie is trying to break the silence by discussing his home made chicken casserole and asking why wild fish tastes so much better than farmed cat fish.

On a personal note- Camera 3 is a close up of Jeff sunbathing and he is looking F I N E.

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4:00 PM BBT NEWSFLASH Jeff flipped over. (that's all I got and I'm praying for a Lydia/Nat smack down because you can cut the tension with a knife-Goldylucks)

4:09 PM BBT LD over.

4:15 PM BBT Chima contemplates drinking chocolate milk but Natalie tells her she better ask BB first (slop). Chima "I am not asking them nothing because BB and I have problems" Her current issue with BB is that milk is one of the few staples they are allowed and they aren't given enough. Ronnie is looking over the garden for something that is ready to be picked.

4:35 PM BBT All 4 cameras on Jessie and Ronnie playing chess. They have a brief whisperfest but I couldn't follow because of the kitchen clatter. Feeds switch to Casey, Lydia, and Kevin in the BY. Lydia apologizes to Casey that he's on the block and promises him that she had no idea. Casey says he though everyone but him knew. Lydia "if you are still here next week, you will go after the four won't you?" Casey "if I'm here I will" Lydia "just making sure we're on the same page" Casey "every dog has his day...I'm an angry banana and I feel slided"

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4:45 PM BBT Kevin and Lydia head into the Red Room. Kevin caught Ronnie in a lie regarding Russell earlier while playing pool. Ronnie told him that he hasn't spoken to Russell in a week. Kevin saw them talking earlier that day. This leads Kevin to the conclusion that he and Lydia are officially "out of the loop" with the NBK. Lydia heads to the water room and shares the revelation with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff "you just need to stick to us four"

5:00 PM BBT All feeds now on the kitchen. Ronnie, Chima, Michelle, and Nat are sitting at the table. Natalie mentions how her dad is a neat freak and that she is very clean at home. Even after using the sink her Dad makes her dry it out so there isn't any spots. Chima "I haven't seen you pick up a sponge yet"

All 4 feeds follow Jessie and Kevin upstairs to play chess. Jessie asks Kevin to confirm that they are still voting Casey out. Kevin "I'm not sticking my neck out when he never stuck his neck out for me" Jessie basically threatens him a future on the block if things don't go as planned.

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5:07 PM BBT All 4 feeds back to the dining room. Michelle and Ronnie have both worked at Starbucks, though Ronnie for only 1 day. He knew after orientation on day 1 that it wasn't the job for him and he left with the apron.

5:15 PM BBT All feeds follow Natalie into the HOH room. Jessie warns her that Lydia is asleep in there. Natalie heads in anyways, uses the BR then proceeds to look around the room and feed the fish (making as much noise as she possibly can-Goldylucks) She then sits at the chess table. Ronnie has also joined the group.

5:40 PM BBT Nat and Kevin are now playing chess. Ronnie asks Jessie about relationships with HGs after the game is over. Jessie mentions that after his previous BB season he used to keep in touch with Michelle at least twice a week but that has slipped over time. Ronnie wonders if he could get a video game sponsorship afterwards.

5:50 PM BBT The chess game is going to have to wait. Kevin is called to the DR. Kevin warns Jessie not to help Natalie while he is away. Nat/Ronnie/Jessie are still thinking it might be an endurance comp on Thursday. Ronnie says that if they have lock down on Wednesday and no walk through on Thursday than that is a good sign of an endurance comp. Jessie tells them that in his 4 weeks last year they never had a comp walk through. They are trying to decide what to wear to stay warm and comfortable. Ronnie suggests a new strategy for rigging the majority rules competition making sure they leave Lydia and Kevin out of it. Ronnie hopes it a before/after competition. He expects he would do really well with that since most of the houseguests are keeping track of what the date is.

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6:00 PM BBT Feeds switch to Jordan and Jeff in the backyard sitting on the work out bench. Jeff says that they they have to make it to the jury house together. Jordan says she hopes so. Jeff says "can you think positive for once" She said she would. Jeff whispers to himself "we have to win HOH we have to win HOH" They discuss how relieved they will be if one of them wins HOH. A whole week of no worries. They anticipate it would be the best week ever.

Casey comes outside and grabs the watering can. He puts it up to his mouth and uses it like a microphone. He starts singing a song that he is making up as he goes along. "I just a man in a banana suit.........a man in a banana suit" all with a south of the border accent. Jordan "I just love him" Casey goes to play pool (alone) and makes the occassional James Brown impersonation "Hey ah Get down Huh" "Good God Hey" Then, after clearing the pool table Casey sings his song into the end of the pool stick.

6:20 PM BBT Jordan gets on the elliptical. She doesn't know how to work it. Casey "get those sexy thighs going" Jordan needs help because she can't tell if it's working. Jeff "Casey, help that sexy thing" Jordan tells Casey how sad she will be if Casey goes home because he's so funny. Jordan "you know what the bad thing is, we're the trustworthy ones and no one wants to solicit us. Jeff "this sucks, I want a redo. If I could do over I'd cut all the ropes on my teams toilet seats so we would all fall" (Amen-Goldylucks)

I'm out

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6:42 BBT

Kevin, Lydia and Natalie in the bathroom....Kevin has yellow cleaning gloves and and him and Lydian are telling Natalie that Ronnie just took a sh@% and he got it all over the place.

Now Jeff came in and said who took the explosive dump. They are disgusted and talking about confronting Ronnie and why he didnt clean it.

They just changed the conversation to dinner and it looks like Lydia is cooking and asking for Jeff's help because he's a good cook. (Boy how the tables turn)

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6:54 BBT

Ronnie, Jesse and Russ bonding while lifting weights. Its funny, Jesse and Russ do their turn then take off all the weights and let Ronnie go.

Casey is just sitting on the couch and Jeff and Lydia are in the kitchen working on dinner.

(Pretty boring.)

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7:00 PM BBT

Lydia cleaning in the kitchen, Jeff eating something facing the fridge. He heads outside.

Kevin and Natalie playing pool. Natalie accuses Kevin of being a pool shark.

In the SR Lydia grabs a pineapple and some broccoli. She put the pineapple up beside Buddha and rubbed his belly. (He's over the sink in the Kitchen).

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7:10 PM BBT

Casey comes in the BR where Jeff is fixing himself up. Says "Banana Juice is in the house". 'Peels' off his banana suit and heads to use the facilities. Chima is straightening her hair.

Outside Kevin and Natalie are having a fun time outside playing pool.

Jeff heads back in the kitchen and gets yelled at by Lydia for washing a dish. She can't figure out which burner in the oven is the 'boiler' [i think she means broiler]. She's peeling carrots.

Back outside Natalie asks Kevin if he knows how to rack (the pool balls) and he says yes, she jokes that he can rack em up unless he's got somewhere to be like a date or something.

In the Kitchen Lydia asks Jeff to get her some potatoes so she can mash them with some basil or something. She's asking Chima if it's her birthday tomorrow. It's her brother's birthdays around this time. She gives a holler out, "I love you Abe and Mitch".

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7:28 PM BBT

Jessie and Russ outside talking game. Russ says Ronnie is an asset, Jessie replies yeah and we've got to remember that he lied to us. Russ saying not to stress. Jessie says I can't help it, I can't play. They discuss how Natalie can win for them. They talk about it being something besides endurance and Jessie says, somehow I don't think of Natalie as the brightest ... in that way I mean...with games and stuff.

They discuss all the things they have to remember 11 x 11 equals 121 the chinese checker board. Jessie asked Russel what him and Jordan talked about this afternoon. He says she said, I don't really think you're going to send me home this week when you have him up this week. She's clueless, she's lost. Jessie says do you think she's going to vote for you over Jeff in final two? Russel says he think she just wants to get to the jury house to go all the way to collect her check.

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