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7/25 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

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9:30 BBT

Half of the houseguests have been playing "Truth or Dare" (with the emphasis on "Dare") for the past 30 minutes or so. (Natalie, Chima, Russell, Ronnie, Michele, Kevin.)


Natalie was dared to moon Lydia when she comes out of the diary room.

Ronnie was dared to hug Casey for 10 seconds.

Kevin was dared to cuddle a sleeping Jessie for 10 seconds.

(* All dares to this point were completed successfully. *)

(* Check the Pictures sub-forum later for some images. *)

The game continues.

Jessie is napping.

Jordan and Jeff are hanging out / napping in the Pool room.

Lydia and Casey were late getting ready.

9:40 BBT

Lydia has now been sitting at the kitchen counter, perfectly still, staring into space, for like the past 5 minutes.

Ok, finally she moves. She goes up to the HoH room. Gets into the bed (under the covers) next to Jessie.

Casey has finally re-appeared. He got himself some water from the kitchen, now goes to the Pool room and complains about Natalie to Jeff and Jordan.

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10:23 BBT

In the kitchen Kevin Chima Russell and Natalie/Jesse are talking....They are in the belief the POV might be tonight....Jesse trying to defend himself from being a bad sport during their T&D game "i didn't know what the hell was going on..all I heard was he he he he" Jesse talking like it was all fun and games now {earlier he was pissed}

After all the complaining about slop Chima is saying cabbage "smells" ..Ronnie "i like the cocktail weenies"

Upstairs Kevin and Natalie are playing Chess while Russel and Chima debate who's dare topped who....Russells "cool whip" or Chima's "honey"..Chima hope her dad isn't watching.."i don't want to embarrass my family"

10:29 BBT A lot of giddiness over the Dares......Michele is at the bar sipping her protein shake not talking while the rest regail each other about their T&D game from earlier..

Chima talking when BB asks "a slew of question" their trying to get into their heads...gets bBB warning..

Lydia asleep in HOH Jesse comes in tells her he's going to right outside to "watch Kevin and Natalie play chess" and eat the food she made for him earlier..

10:33 BBT Jesse praying as Kevin and Natalie screwed up their game of chess and have to start over..

Ronnie trying to remember a book and Casey comes in "the Glass Castle" and throws in a jab at Ronnie and "this is suppose to be a Literature teacher" and Ronnie goes on about the book...{great book by Jeannette Walls if you get a chance to read it}

10:37 BBT Michele as moved upstairs to watch the chess game and Jesse eat...

10:38 BBT Ronnie going

Russell says he needs to get these books when he gets out as Ronnie goes over the books he reads.....

Russell "I don't think I've ever been to a play" and Chima "of course" she's been when asked ..."I've been in plays"

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10:41 BBT casey says "i'm gonna lose my wig" if he can't smoke a cigarette...he tells Jordan in pool room getting pissed Ronnie is in their being buddies....and says "he would love to go off" about it but all he'll get is targeted...keeps goin a cig "will keep from cussing somebody out"

Casey tells Jordan she needs "to stop that" she's going home and worried about the "Veto" abd stop "worrying about stuff that hasn't happened yet" and both hope the plan is still on..

10:44 BBt Jordan and Jeff in SR and tells about talking "to casey"..and tells him "everybody is in their with Ronnie" Jeff "being all nicey?" and she says yes and Jeff tells her to go with him "to make some soup"..casey goes by 'a few days ago he was chasing around the house" cussing at him...jeff shrugs like he doesn't know..

10:46 BBT Jeff talking about Michele's failed Dare attempt earlier..talking about T&D......"some va jay jay on showtime" Jeff says as they tell the story on Natalie flashing lydia coming out of DR earlier....

Mostly everyone in house either in kitche/Upstairs Chess Table/ or Dinning Room...Lydia asleep in HOH..

"10:49" BBT as Natalie asks what the time is as Chima answers.."everybody cries" Jordan says "i don't remember" Russell says about when he's last cried..."i'm not a softie ..blow me" Russ tells Chima when she insists he is one..she giggles..

10:52 BBT "i know she's pooped in the ocean" Russell tells everyone about Jordan.."i bet you didn't know that" as Jordan explains the true story.....and says she had 'sand spurs" stuck in her ass and had a friend pick em out......Russ asks Jeff "what's your embarrassing story" ...Jeff says he didn't know..and Jordan says it was when she fell with her food order....and guys 'who were all hot" laughing..."most embarrassing ever".......Chima says she has "had that happen".......and they continue to talk abot people falling or "eat it"

"uhh I really don't have it...I put n/a" when Jesse was asked..and what he put on his BB app.

natalie "mine was falling in the jacuzzi" when she was being filmed..

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11:00 BBT they continue about their misfortunes with gravity..Russ talking about his college "ho's and hermaphrodites party" getting into a fight and being taken to jail I think but it sounded made up and got polite chuckles...Jordan "have you ever got into a fight?" Chima says "i've been heated arguments but not a fight" and Jordan starts talking about one she was involved in and BB doesn't want us ti hear it..FOTH

11:06 BBT Russell "a lot" when Jordan asks "how many bar fights" .."i've been arrested on 3 bar fights" he says and its "usually big guys...because I don't back down"...Russ says he finished wrestle in college after "state" and at a bar was "nudged" and beat the shit out of him "and put him "through a sliding glass door"..."Oh my God" Chima says.....he then continues.."I ran outside there were cops..." FoTH {I guess BB isn't interested in letting us know Russells viloent past}

11:10 BBT FOTH

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11:15 BBT "jeff russell .."knock it off" as BBAD shows a obviuos depressed Casey in the pool room.. Casey gets up and heads into the Kitchen promting the feeds to finally come back on.....

Casey just heads to the eco/green room to be depressed or deep in thought...{your call}

11:17 BBT Ronnie talking about his school reunion and how they "randomly didn't invite people" and he was one of them....{chalk one up to the reunion committee}

Jeff says he went to his and ended up "having a good time"

11:19 BBT If you have BBAD all your getting is FOTH..and Casey sleeping in green room

They were talking about reunions in the other room and now production...Natalie "are they hammering outsid still" Jesse didn't know they were hammering before......Natalie asks Jesse about Raging Waters" when Jesse guesses 'they're building us a water slide"

Russ cuts his elbow.."oh that fucking hurts"...

Natalie why '"are they{BB} keeping us up till midnight" if they aren't having POV..

11:23 BBT "I don't think we're doing shit tonight" Jeff says.....Natalie says "I don't do restrooms" when Chima asks "have you ever done dishes" and Natalie says she did a bunch of dishes yesterday

11:26 BBT On BBAD they are showing Michele removing makeup and brushing her teeth {what gives}

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11:27 BBT in BR "it doesn't matter were trying to get Ronnie" when Michele asks Russell "if you win will you take me off" and he says yes and asks her 'to return the favor" and she says thank you

11:29 BBT In red BR Natalie waiting for her "pimple to form" so she can "pop it"..her and Jesse hop in bed...and Ronnie comes in and talk...

In BR Casey/Jordan and Jeff Casey says "a cigarette would help" and Jeff says "people are talking shit about him" when Jordan asks what's wrong...Jeff "i feel like a caged animal" and Jordan asks what animals in zoo think....and Jeff says "they look so sad"....

Jordan says "you were never on the block" and Jeff says "i know what it feels like" ...and aks whre Ronnie is "probably went to go weave a basket for somebody"

11:33..the intelligent convo in the kithen how tp pronounce "ketchup" {Russell} or "Catsup" {lydia}

Lydia "her lips totally showed" and talks about her flashing..Russells says "she over shot it"

Jeff comes in "i feel like a slop" from eating so much..saying he even scooped up some crumbs off the counter and ate em.....Russ we're all going to be "lard asses" when we get out...

Russ says "i can't stop fucking eating"

Russ says lets play a game ..........Jeff "I wish I can play lets take some Tylenol PM"

11:39 BBT Lydia and Kevin talking... "when I'm HOH I putting two athletes up..Jeff and Russell" Kevin whishfully thinks and Lydia proceeds to rag about Russell....how he's rude and says things he says "he's kidding" about but really isn't.

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11:42 BBT

"midnight is techinally tomorrow" and they told us to stay up as Lydia guess that tonight is POV to Kevin and Jordan...Jordan asks who should pick...Lydia says she would "use it own Jordan" as Jordan says she stressing even though "i know its Ronnie" leaving..

Kevin "optiona is Jeff" Kevin tells her...."you need option b"..

Kevin saying "someone will be up against Ronnie" as Jordan says 'this is the worst feeling ever"..."everyone still wants" to send him home right and Kevin and Lydia lie and says they haven't heard otherwise..

11:46 BBT...Jordan saying she lost all respect for Ronnie and isn't talking to him....

Ronnie comes in and asks if the "plan" is a go and "just because I played truth or dare with him" doesn't mean he wants to keep him...

11:48 BBT Russell kinda being hyper..as she makes fun of her and her expressions and Kevin points some out....Ruseel "lets sceme" as he acts like a caged animal..."its been two days" since he's been outside..

11:51 BBT BBAD is really outdoing themselves with a shot of Jesse and Jeff sleeping in the red BR...

11:53 Casey who's in full nicotine withdrawl is being pissy for "being the butt of the joke" during the truth and Dare game and having Ronnie hug him.."don't ever send no rat to hug me again...I;d rather get mooned"...and tells Russell "have the rat hug somebody else" and Russell says "fair enough" and says "it wasn't my idea..but I can see where your coming from"

11:55 BBT "i hope things go according to plan" Casey says....Russell "playing truth or dare does not change shit" and Casey says "that's good to here"..talk about being indoor LD.."I'm going nuts" Casey says because he can't smoke and Russell who's going through weight lifting withdrawls because "i can't work out"

11:57 casey says he's going to bed and prays "please Lord let me go to sleep" and tells Russ he has "10 or 20 packs left" when he asks "are you running out"

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12:00 BBT Well they anticipated a POV and as of yet nothing..and in LR Casey, Russel, Lydia, and Kevin just talking....They are talking it seems like "have have nots was months ago" as they are going stir crazy.

12:02 BBT talking how BB had the BR covered with 'that whir tent" wondering what it was for...They wonder what Laura is doing..and Kevin admits "i said some less than flattering things" blaming they call him in when he was in a bad mood.

12:03 BBT Casey tries to put a positive spin on it "its a fleeting emotion".....Russel says he's not gonna care what people say about him when he gets out..

In come Ronnie says something about the veto BB told him they weren't commenting on it...

12:06 "probably beat off and go for a mototcyle ride" Russell says when he gets out.....Kevin says it took him 3 hrs and a plane would take the same amount of time..they talk about what cars they drove in.."excursion" "hybrid" and bb warning....

12:08 BBT Casey "hug my wife hug my kigs hug morgan..snuggle snuggle snuggle.... and cry" when he gets out..

I have a "case of black ass"..and explains "like a black cloud hangin over your head"

12:10 BBT Russell doing his high pitched laugh from his putrid fart and clears the LR..Russell is hysterically laughing. {I've never seens someone getting so amused over his own farts"

12:12 BBT Casey reenters and says "eye watering farts" which makes Russell laugh harder...casey "that shit wasn't funny"

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12:17 BBT Russell seems to have stopped laughing and goes into the red BR ...In kitchen to cleaning up is Jordan....

In the BR Casey brushing his teeth telling Lydia about Russells "legendary staus" fart

Michele wonders should she remove her contacts or leave her glasses on and says to tell her "you guys"..She's removing what appears to be makeup as Casey renters from the shitter. They exchange no words as he heads out...

12:21 BBT all 4 feeds of Michele washing her face..{FU real network}

12:23 BBT Casey can be heard "you miss laura" and Michele "yes" and Casey goes on about "according to plan" spiel and talk about Ronnie playing with thme saying "am I in an alternate universe here"

Casey telling her Jesse wouldn't want "to make a bunch of enemies"..."save myself" is "all I got" Michele says since "i don't know what the fuck is going on" Casey leaves agreeing with her.

12:26 BBT all 4 feeds back to Michele poking and picking at her face.....

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12:30 BBT Chima comes in BR with Michele and they chit chat as she's called to DR..and asks Russell "why am I being called in"

12:31 BBT Jordan finishing up the kitchen and it seems everyone else is either in bed or headed to bed...In RedcRoom ashot of Jesse/Natlie sleeping on the bed and someone's foot

Russel is in the Green/Eco room sleeping or thinking..

12:33 BBT Michele goes into kitchen and tells Jordan she's thinking of going to bed....Jordan says "my nap" from earlier is preventing her from sleeping..they talk about being worried about "the competition" ..Jordan talks how much "Casey hates him" and how he "really didn't apprecitae" the truth or dare gag.......

Michele says "now I'm not going to sllep" since Jordan "got me sleeping"

Michele 'wants to clean" but is still sore and doesn't want to waste her strength saying she's saving "cleaning for another day" and says if she gets off the block she's not cleaning at all..

12:38 BBT Talk about laura being gone...Jordan cleaning"i might as well do it since I'm staying up late"...Michele saying she's tired and she didn't take a nap today and will head to bed and says "sorry to leave you to clean by yourself" and Jordan says no worries "get you some sleep"..saying "once I get cleaning i can't stop"

12:40 BBT Michele heads to bed as Jordan scrubs the kitchen alone..

In walks Chima and Ronnie "Good Job Jordan it looks great in here" Chima tells her and tells her about she can't sleep...Chima talking about moving to the have not room..

12:43 BBT FOTH...

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12:44 BBT

feeds are back and Chima getting ready for bed in her new room with her fellow have nots...

12:45 Jordan cleaning her little heart out as Lydia decends from the HOH..and grabs something to eat. Microwave popcorn..Renters Chima and says "these are kinda my operating hours" as Chima asks if she's staying up..talks about her sleep deprivation and says "i don't know how you do it"... and says she's going to bed "i can't keep anticipating" as Chima heads to the bathroom...

12:49"pop pop pop pop pop pop.... beeep" the popcorns done..lydia heads into eco/room with her ice cream, popcorn and hot sauce.."I need my sweet and savory" and asks why he can't sleep and Russels says 'i've had too much sugar"

Lydia asks about Russells "epic" fart.....rehashing the disgusting details {see previous posts}

In bathrrom Chima is combing her hair talking about Ronnie with Michele...Michele says he tried to apologize earlier....Chima "is she pissed" have you talk to Jordan and wonders if "she knows what's going on"..Chima says "i've been there..I know its not fun"..Chima says "if everything goes as plan you have nothing to worry about" and told her to fight..talk about POV "speculation" mayber 'tomorrow' or "we get in bed and wake us up" Chima says

12:56 BBT Jordan back in kitchen as Ronnie walks in...and heads to BR and wonders where his clothes are to Chima and wonders "if its a roommate issue" and Chima says "jesse says it take forever to get your clothes back" and Ronnie says he doesn't believe anyone would atke em FOTH

12:58 Ronnie back to walking around and Jordan cleaning..

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1:01 Absolutely nothing going on..BB teases us with a FOTH here and there..Chima has been going to bed for the last hour as well as Michele..and Jordan is on a cleaning crusade.

We get trivial conversation here and there...such as chima and Jordan talking facial cleansers while Chima primps for bed as Jordan cleans......Talking about how quickly the bathroom gets dirty..

1:04 BBT jordan says "i was going to try survivor" and says her Mom wants to do it and says "i think she could do it"...

Chima says she can't eat bugs and that's why she could never do that..

"Fear Factor" talk..

1:07 BBT another Foth...

1:08 BBT Jordan pulls out this contraption and asks Chima what it is and tells her its her soft top hairdryer..."is this like old school" and says "is this for old ladies" who can't use "blow dryers".."that's crazy I'm gonna have to try this" Jordan tells Chima..Jordan goes back to untangling all the wires of curling/flat irons..

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1:12 BBT "I haven't had sex for over two years and i'm not going to break my spell for someone I'm not in a relationship with" Chima says when Jordan asks about her and Russell. Chima says she's "really picky" and jordan starts talking and we get another foth.

1:16 BBT Lydia and Russell stil talking about cartoons...Lydia saying "I like comic books" and talk about "Marvel" who Russ says he likes the "violence" of "Marvel" while "DC" is soft and Superman to goody goody..

1:19 BBT Russ leaves and Lydia in eco/green room by herself..

1:20 BBT Chima and Jordan still talking while Russell is removing his contacts...talking about not being able to sleep..Russell says "I had coffee, sugar..."

Jordan says "i always want to gag" saying "i will clean anything" but toilets..she says even in my own house..saying "poop marks" and it "grosses me out"

Chima "i'm gonna need a maid" when she gets married because "men are so gross"

1:23 Chima pokes fun at Russell's "gut" and calls him "grumpy grumpy" because he can't sleep or go outside.... Chima "i'm avoiding that room at all costs..I'm just going to stay awake until I just can't take it no more" as Russell asks why she can't sleep..

1:25 BBT Russel in shower as lydia joins them in BR and we get another teaser foth...

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1:28 BBT A lot of the same..talk of being unable to sleep and anticipating POV Russ in shower...Chima complaining "i don't like to share sheets with anyone"

Lydia..well being Lydia...

Jordan cleaning still but not the toilets..

"do it do it" Chima says for Russell to flash....Russ "do you wanna watch" and Chima says "no" and Russ says "you're no fun" and Natalie says "i'm tons o' fun"

1:31 BBT Russ looking to the camera in the shower and Chima says there is not camera "in the shower stall" just a mic..

Chima says "he just wanted to make sure before he does his little manly thing" and Russell says "no I'm not gonna beat off on national tv"

"2 months" is the longest he's gone without sex..."they make people like you" when Chima tells him her "2 years" without sex...and tells him "i'm really picky"

1:36 BBT upstairs HOH shower shots oof Lydia through the opaque shower doors..

another foth......

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1:39 BBT

Casey is now up in the bathroom...and there was little conversation when we get yet another FOTH...

1:40 BBT Jordan has finished cleaning as she's in the HOH listening to music with the headphones on.

1:42 BBT In the bathrrom Russel and Chima still talking about it "freezing in there" and what she should wear sleeping in have nots room..

Chima teasing Russell "I've never paid for sex" Russell tells her and talks about him sleeping with "a stripper"..prompting chima to says "men are so crass" and Russell asks about the Pres.."I totally would do Obama" Chima says "he's attractive..but the power helps" as Russell says it all about the power and Russell says the noterirty from BB ...I guess will make them more wanted...

1:47 BBT another foth

Chima talks about "The Mensa test" as her and Russell Chima "all I know about money is how to spend it"......."i hate LA" says Chima...and chima talks about her last boyfiend wasn't rich was "an average guy" but she love him..

They continue their playful flirting on the bathroom couch..Russ's hand placed on chima's knee and talk about their Dr sessions "being mean" chima being all giggling..and ...Chima asks who he would want 'to have sex with in here"..Russell "kevin" and Chima "answer the damn question" as Russell attempts to change the subject..

1:54..Russell "Chima"....and says if Lydia asked you it would be Lydia and in walks Jordan talking about her Gpa's dentures..pretty much killed their mood...

Jordan says she's going to bed..

1:55 Chima asks if he has "guy friends" and Russ says he does and says he has both guyand girls friends.."Stupid girls go get an education..you suck" as it must be a pete peeve of Russells and starts ragging on Laura..and know they are ragging on Laura as Chima thinks "she was insecure"

1:58 chima asks about his scar and gives her the reason to touch his bare shoulder...

2:00 Russell says he will dye young like James Dean..Chima says you need to have kids...."it wil give you a reason to live".. She says "Rusell Jr" and he tells Chima I'm already a Junior and she says "russell jr jr" {instead of Russell III and she's on the brains hmmm}

2:02 BBT in walks Lydia to blow dry her hair as they talk about the motorcycle accident..Russell "nothing scares me"..."don;t you want to live" as Russell says that's what he's doing....Chima "we'll talk again when you're thirty"..Chima says you're at the age when insurance gets lower and says he has a "DUI and a bunch of accidents"

Chima "you have too much testosterone"

{with that.....I'm done for tonight I'll be back tomorrow}

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Feeds are back and everyone just laying around.. nothing about why the FoTH. Jesse, Nat, and Jesse laying down in the red room. Seems Nat is playing POV but not sure .. Jesse just said "Expect the Unexpected". Now they are getting quiet ... seem to be going back to sleep.

Feed change to Russ brushing his teeth. {geez is the taking the enamel off?}

Back to the Red Bedroom; Jeff, Nat and Jesse talking. They are talking about what if there are prizes during POV. Nat says she will take them. Jeff and jesse think this is going to be a crazy, silly pov comp. {they are getting carried away with their imagination}

Now Michele is getting in bed with Jordan to rest. They are wondering how long it will be before POV comps. They have heard pounding for hours and hours. Casey says that 6 needs to do the right thing no matter what. Casey is now wandering around the house very restless. Sees the "outs" group still thinks Ronnie is being backdoored.

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11:05 BBT

Jesse, Nat, Russ in hoh

Jessie said that....jordan picked chima, michele picked casey and jesse picked jeff

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Casey and Russell switched to talking about sports. All 4 cameras

Now Jesse lays down in HOH bed - and ? (someone else seems to be under the covers on other side) All 4 cameras


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Chima comes into room (from bathroom?)

jess asks if she wants to come lay down.

She gets in bed between ?? and Jeff....

chatting about type of POV it could be

now.... silence

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Started out with Jesse and Nat, then Chima joined them followed qickly by Lyd. Lyd layed down on the round chair

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