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7/25 - Live Feed Updates


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12:20 BBT Russ making the rounds of the rooms, finds Kev in the HOH and they go play chess. Only other movement seen was Ronnie in the BR.

Jeff now up and checking out the chess game.

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12:52 BBT

Lots of "Stop That!!" from BB. Kc, Jeff, Kev and Russ have been doing drum noises and goofing around. They are complaining about being stuck inside for so long. Kc keeps doing a french accent.

One by one they have been called to the DR.

Kc says they should have the comp an hour or hour and a half after the loud noises stop. they havent stopped yet.

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4 cameras on...

KC, kevin, michelle and jeff sitting around chess table.

KC using figures to explain what days different things happened.

(and in what sequence)

no idea what's happening in rest of house

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4:12 BBT

Feeds back. Can't tell who won. If I had to guess, I'd say Chima. No one else seems to be too happy.

Michele won the veto.

Casey has to wear a banana suit or banana hammock or something, possibly up to the live show.

(Can anyone do LFU now? I'll be back in about 45 mins.)

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Jesse congrats Michele on her POV win.

Jesse: who do yo want to go up?

It's her pov and she should choose who goes up, he will make it like it's his choice. Let him know after she thinks about it.


They won a margaritta party.

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4:36 BBT

Casey: Maybe we will get the part on Tuesday, Chimas Birthday.

Jesse tells Nat his convo with Michele.

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Ronnie: Have nots can not go to the margaritta party.

Jesse: Chima will be pissed.

You asked in the dr?

Ronnie: yes

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5:18 BBT

4 cams on Casey in the shower and Chima putting bandaides on cuts on her knee.

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5:38 BBT

Jordain and Chima in the BR. Jordan putting on makeup, Chima ironing her hair.

Talking about the comp.Jese almost won but Michele made a bet.

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5:50 BBT

Michele just took the veto and placed it in the veto holder on the memory wall.

Jordan is cooking in the kitchen. Chima is straightening her hair in the bathroom.

6:00 BBT

Jeff and Casey eating at the DR table.

6:30 BBT

Casey is in bed in the pool room. Jeff is in the DR. Russ, Kevin and Jessie all in (separate) beds in the red room. Chima is still working on her hair and Jordan's preparing food in the kitchen.

6:45 BBT

Kevin has joined Jordan at the DR table and are eating. She asks him if he slept good and he says yes. Jeff is whistling in the kitchen, making himself food.

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Jordan in the kitchen cleaning up.. [Very boring, I dont think I have heard a word in over 10 mins..]

7:23 Natalie and Chima talking about waxing down under.. she says she does about every 3 weeks..

Natalie : Why?

Chima: Cause when I wear a bikini the hair shows

Natalie: I dont have that problem, and I dont wax

Chima: Im sure my hair is more course then yours

(very awkward)

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Jeff and Jordan are in the recycled room. (Not too exciting.)

7:30 BBT

Chima is waxing Nat's eyebrows in the bathroom.

Jeff and Jordan move to a bed in the pool room. They talk about them winning HOH next week and who other HGs will put up who.

7:35 BBT

Feeds switch to Kevin and Lydia talking on the upstairs couch. Kevin wants to know why Kess didn't put up Casey in the first place. They hear Nat talking from downstairs and Lydia says she can't stand her. Kevin tells her to keep her mouth shut about Nat b/c if she finds out, Lydia will be a target. Lydia says she knows and only voives her opinion to Kevin.

They move to the HOH and discuss that Jeff needs to leave b/c he'll only put up Kevin, Lydia, Ronnie and Chima. Lydia says if they get rid of Jordan, Jeff will be really mad and Lydia doesn't know who Jess will put up when Michele comes off.

Lydia tells Kevin about Jess telling her how he needs to cut Nat from him at some point.

7:50 BBT

Casey comes out of the DR in his banana costume. Nat asks him if he has to wear it till Fri. at Midnight and Casey doesn't know. Says he has to wear it 24/7 except for showers and sleeping.

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8:05 BBT

Lydia says if Jess puts up Casey, they vote to keep Casey b/c he's on their team and if he puts up Ronnie, it's 50/50. But if he puts up Lydia or Kevin, then Lydia will be pissed b/c then Jess broke his NBK deal (he'd be doing the same thing by putting Ronnie up--That was his excuse about Ronnie yesterday.)

Casey has joined Jeff and Jordan in the pool room. Casey mocking Nat saying it could be worse. Everyone thinks Casey looks like a pencil. Casey says things could be worse and jokes that he's a father and looks at the camera and apologizes to his sons for being a banana. He says his head is very hot and he'll sweat in that thing. Jeff and Jordan thought the banana costume would be full bodied, but it's just a top half outfit Casey has to wear.

8:10 BBT

Lydia is still complaining about Nat in the HOH room to Kevin. She says she doesn't trust Kessie b/c she doesn't want to be played like Michelle and Angie from BB10 and Kev says the girls always pay b/c of Jessie. Kev says someone put Jess and Nat's key in the same slot last night to show that they act as if they're one.

Jess, Nat and Chima whispering on the bathroom couch. Jess and Nat saying they told Michele if they won POV, they'd take her off.

8:15 BBT

Jess is shaving Casey's back. Upstairs, Lydia is still bitching about Nat. She says she has to use the bathroom and they both bed downstairs.

(Anyone else want to take over?)

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8:47 BBT

Jeff is now doing Jesse's hair. He told Natalie he didn't trust her to do the top.

Kevin is now helping Lydia with her hair. She is making a bunch of spikes in all different directions. (I guess they are getting ready for BBAD.)

Someone just told Lydia that they like how she can do her hair different ways and Lydia replies, " that's one of the perks of being an off-beat"

Jesse wants Lydia to finish his hair but she is acting reluctant....(I think it's because Natalie started cutting it first)

Michelle just told the others she is making meatballs for them..not slop balls.

Now they are talking about bikini waxing...Lydia says she goes and gets waxed and Natalie said she would never get waxed...there are alternatives and she shaves. (TMI)

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