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July 24th Live Feed Updates

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Still in the kitchen eating..

Howie says he loves butts, boobies, etc.. (as if we didnt know this already)

James says it would be great if Kaysar had to nominate 2 more people for a double eviction..

Howie asks James if he has decided to use veto yet (jokingly ofcourse)

BB: April put on mic... Someone in the kitchen says yeah b!tch..

Talk about how good it would be if they could use veto to bring an evicted person back...

Howie talks about Jennys boobies. Jenny says something about she hasn't heard so much farting.. farting isnt done in her family..

Howie askes why doesnt Jenny and Janie fart around him.

Howie asks Jen what she wants for lunch today... salmon, tortillas.. for desert apple crisp.. Howie says well I guess we'll order in tonight..

They talk about how great it would be if they could order pizza and cake for the b-days... Howie does a few jedi moves to the mirror.. stops..

Janelle says cake and icecream would be awesome..

more non-interesting talk...

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Kaysar came out of DR tells HGS to gather in the living room!!!

Eric asks where to sit.. Kaysar tells them to sit wherever they want..

Kaysar stands at the front of the living room below the tv.

Waiting for everyone to come in there... Apparently Ivette had to take a poo.. Someone (a girl) goes to get a sweatshirt to put over her bathing suit top.. Howie says tv would appreciate it if she didn't cover herself..

Ivette joins them... Now waiting for everyone to come in...

Kaysar begins.. Says that BB has a special surprise for them..

THey should gather around the storage room.. tells sarah to press the button.. sarah goes in.. there is a cake..

Sarah reads a paper... Sarah's neice made her a b-day card! Everyone: AWW!!..

BB says houseguests take it into the house and enjoy it... Sarah and James hug... Sarah is crying.. She and James are alone now in the storage room.. they are looking at the card.. {This is so sweet}

Sarah says that she hopes they can see her she says she loves her mom, dad.. everyone... Everyone is very happy for sarah.. They are decorating with streamers.. BB gave the streamers and decorations to them..Janelle has a hat on.. Everyone is looking at the card... Very emotional right now..

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Special surprise...kaysar says gather at the storage room and lets sarah open the door since it is her birthday.

someone yells "Tonight's meal..cheese pizza...." thin is shushed

sarah is crying. she is reading a birthday card that her niece made. they take the pizza in the kitchen and start decorating the room with streamers

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(Couldn't get off once I saw this...)

Sarah with her b-day hat on... Everyone eating pizza.. enjoying the pizza..

Howie says remember do not assume, DNA.. Summer of Secrets..

Sarah reads what fam. wrote for her... have a great b-day.. love you... ect.. she explains who everyone is.. her sisters.. her dad... She begins to cry..... James is sitting with her.

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Sarah has all kinds of goodies in a basket... She wonders if it is from her family or BB.. She says it looks like something her sis. would get her... Looks like a bath set.. nail polish (I think its nail polish?)

Talk of when the next birthdays are.. Someone asks her if she wants some pizza, she says not right now I'm still shaken.. (no one else is hesitating from stuffing their faces)

Eric hasn't said a word...

Sarah says everyone got the decorations up quick...

Now eric is saying the pizza is soaked with grease.. (way to keep up the good mood there Eric).. Eric now tells Sarah happy birthday..

Sarah is very happy.. She keeps looking at the card..

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Eric is letting out his anger on the treadmill (being he is too good and righteous for everyone else), April is showering, and the rest of the houseguests are at the table... Most of them are chatting. Maggie has a ticked off facial expression. Ivette and Janelle are actually talking and it doesn't contain profanity directed towards each other!!!

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Ivette talking about some girl who works at MAC cosmetics..

Maggie gets up. Ivette continues talking...

Eric still on the treadmill.. pouting... poor, poor baby... (not)

Some people begin cleaning their mess up from the table..

Maggie goes outside and gets in the hot tub, probably pouting as well..

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Maggie talks about how nice it is outside... (*Yeah yeah, get to the good stuff Maggie!!!*)

Beau and Maggie wonder how to control the temp. of the hot tub...

Maggie:What do you think bout the game Beau

Beau says he doesnt know what to think..

Maggie says something about knowing what your getting into..

Beau wants to make the best of being there. Maggie says..there are 6 of us... Beau says something about it's 6 and 6...

Ivette comes out.. says she is done with that convo in the house...

Ivette says that James knows he has completely controlled..

Trash talking James...

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