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July 24th Live Feed Updates

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Guest StillMissWILL

Eric still walking off his aggressions... Jenny is in there.

Ivette- james has sarah completely controlled

Jenny joins ivette, maggie and beau at the hottub

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Jennifer joins them outside.. talking about Jennifer's planter warts...She says they are because she is a dancer.. Ivette gets her shoes from Payless... Maggie says she cant believe she gets her shoes from Payless..

April comes out now... {If only Eric was out there...}

April talks about how she loses and gains weights so easily..

Ivette says party party.. party hardy.. Ivette says the veto ceremony was supposed to be today.

April says well her b-day was today.. It will prob. be tomorrow hopefully her a$$ will go up (Sarah) {Harsh!}

They wonder where Eric is.. they say working out.

They talk about how often they exercise..

Ivette is making fun of Janelle asking her what kind of girls she likes.. Ivette says "Real ones" Her friends don't have polyester hair..

April says something about how her hair could do curls or something like that..

Beau says there is horse hair and fake hair... Beau says he is sure Janelles hair is fake hair..it is cheap.. Ivette says it has to be good hair because she gets in the pool.. Ivette says it is a good job when they sew the hair into a braid. Beau says that they probably burnt Janelles hair in..

Beau says they put the fake hair in the back.

Maggie says why does she talk about her boobs... Ivette says no one wants to be completely fake.. Ivette says that this morning Janelle has 2 perfect little knots on her lips... Serious trash talkin' going on..

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Guest StillMissWILL

Ivette- becuz you lie about the extensions in your hair, you lie about your lips...

damn at the hateful words flying around the hottub

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Ivette thinks that b/c you lie about extensions in your hair you lie about your lips too.

Ivette says she can't think about Maggie living in Las Vegas.. They talk about when they take days off to walk around Vegas..

Rachel is outside now sitting in a lounger by the hot tub..

Ivette works Tues. through Sat. Ivette says Maggie (her girlfriend) works 7 days a week.. Ivette hopes when she gets home Maggie(her GF) will have a new job, or be working at the art gallery only instead of multiple jobs)

Ivette says that they live on the beach..

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april and kayser in hoh room

april blah blah blah

april: if you (James) are at the fing end of this game you will not get my vote

blah blah blah tears tears tears

april: he tried to apologize to he

april: i know that cappy is going home tears - tears - tears - cappy has stood by his word - blasting james and sarah again - james has lied the most about coming into this house - the only thing i lied about was jennifer and dallas - he has talked so much shit about people and it kills me to know that he is so much into this came - he is going to rip everyone apart - bash - bash - tears tears - he is a liar

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april: i have morals and values and wonderful things outside this house - i know i have morals and values beside the 500,000 at the end of this game (will she still when she finds out it could be a million)

A: if you had had cappy on your side at the end it would have been a lot more honorable

K: i have respect for them - eric is not happy -

A; i respect him more because he is not kissing your ass about staying

K: I made a promise to myself that if I got hoh I had to make a difference in this game and eric had to go - i really had to do it

a: i really believe james is stronger than eric

K: i agree but i can control james - i couldn' t eric

A: i think you could

K: i can read james and know what his moves are

K:i see alot of good qualities about you

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A: crying those people out there are good honest people

A: kayser i cananot let james screw me over - don't even know why you keep him - i know now because he has pov

A: I know the game can be played with morals and valuse

K: i want to you to be able to come talke to me in several days

a: it is so hard to see someone so bad begging for their life

A; maggie and cappy are not begging you to stay - they have morals and values and something worth living for - they want to go out that way - if james and sarah are at the end of the game and they say james we will pay you 600,000 if you will break up with sarah and move on and I know he will do it crying again - i like to surround myself with good people

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April in the HOH room talking to Kaysar..

April says that James has said alot of stuff about Kaysar and everyone..

April says she has heard people saying things..

Kaysar says that he just wanted everything to come out... He understands her concern. Kaysar says he doesnt like that kind of talk.

April says that James has been trash talking.. says that 2 days ago James didnt like Kaysar.... April starting to cry.. says she would rather be home than in Sequester house.. says James would sell out his gf for that 500 grand.. April dropping the F bomb.. {LOL this is so good}

Kaysar gets up to lock the door..

April says she doesnt care if kaysar goes to James and tells him this.. Kaysar says he won't because it wouldnt do him any good.

April knows Cappy is going home.. She says that cappy stood up to his word.. Cappy sold out James b/c James sold out Cappy...

April says that James has lied about everything... April says the only thing she lied about was Jenn and living in Dallas.. She says that James has talked so much sh!t about people.. and she hopes Kaysar sees that... Kaysar says he understands that and when you talk to ppl you can look in their eyes and see things... April keeps saying he is a liar..

Kaysar says that he knew James was working everyone but you gotta understand that to save his butt he had to do this.. it was the only way.. wants April to understand.. April says she cant stand him, no one else will stand up and say this.. Kaysar says that when they were in the Kit. he said I should appoligize.. Kaysar says yes you should... April says that she can't stand James.. Kaysar wants her to understand this is a game cant take it personally.. April says she wants to go out with morals and values... james doesnt have anything to go home to.. thats why he cuts others down.. he envys who they are and what they do... April still crying.. she says she has so many things at the end of this game other than 500 grand.. she loves cappy.. cappy has atleast he has been honest.. April says she is gonna tell Kays. now that if he would have had Cappy on his side instead of James it would have been alot more honorable.. Kaysar says that mike screwed things up.. April askes if K honors Cappy for what he did... Kaysar says there is nothing he can do.. knows he's a strong player.. K says he went to storage room saw ivette and Cappy sleeping.. April says they really are wonderful people.. K says he knows Eric isnt himself.. April says that Kaysar made a promise to cappy.. Kays says he understands Aprils pain.. this was probably the toughest decision so far.. But made a promise to himself if he got HOH he would make a change in this game and as good of a player eric is he has gotta go... April says that she thinks James is stronger than Eric... Kaysar says he can contain James, not eric... Kaysar says he can read James..not eric.. he knows when James will make his next move... April asks K if he respects him.. K says he respects certain things about him, to stay educated.. K says he sees good qualities in April too.. Kays says that he cant treat people that way.. April says he thinks J is on cloud nine... She knows James is making deals with K and them... Kay says whatever happens its the game.. April thinks that she will be up next week.. K says he has enough pull.. April says she would rather them (cult) be here than him (James) April says that the people out there are truely honest people.. crying more.. April says that kay didnt talk alot in the beginning... Kays says he needs April needs to make a decision.. April says she knows K and them are going to F her over.. April knows this is a game but thinks games can be played with morals and values.. thinks kays is playing with those things... Kay says he wants her to know that several days from now when he isnt HOH he wants her to be able to talk to him.. April says its hard to see someone who is begging for his life.. Maggie and Cappy arent kissing K's butt to stay here... But that MF'er (James) is... April says Cappy and Mag want to go out with morals and everything.... April thinks if James was offered more money he would break up with sarah in a hearbeat... (april is laying it on THICK!!!)

April says that she and Janelle are friends but havent talked alot... She askes if anyone sees what he (James) is about...Kays. says no, this is why.. James has overbearing personality..will bash out at ppl who can hold their own weight... April says I know that.. Kaysar says he will make sure to call him (?) out everystep of the game... April says if she gets HOH she will have to put them up (Sarah and James I think) April says that this puts him in a difficult position.. Kays. says he doesnt want to put her up, its not that.. Kays. says is there anyway we can make amends.. Aprils says no she is done... she loves sarah.. hopes she wont treat her any different... breaks her heart everytime... April says 2 days ago that MF'er hated Kaysar.. April says she knows Beau and Kay got in a ruckus... Kay says do Beau Ivette, maggie eric have ne thing against me.. April says no no no... April says that she would never , swears on her life.. would never have a strategy to make someone look that way (mike)... Kays says he thought about it and was like no no... April: I know I know... Kays says its come and gone and he is over it.. He wants to give everyone a hug at the wrap party and say its over... April says next week if she wins it she will most likely put him up (James).. Kaysar tells her to calm down for a minute.. He says he wants everyone to just be happy knows April is unhappy.. Kays wants A to sleep on it and they will talk about this again tomorrow... Kays says he will go off on him.. April says that J followed her into the BR.. She says that he doesnt intimidate her.. She says trust me he is a sorry SOB.. She says when someone is begging to stay in here what are they gonna do? Backstab kaysar.. April is trying to convince kaysar that James is laughing about this behind his back.. Kays says he trusts her and Jennifer.. April says if it comes down.. she would rather him know and talk about it.. Kays says he would highly suggest she waits until the next 3 weeks...Kays says hear me out.. this is what will happen.. 1 you might change your mind, or get more upset.. also you have to understand the consequences.. because I may get HOH again.. April says she wouldnt trust that MOFO.. Kay says you need to understand that he structured this in a way that he wont have enough pull against him, he cant take him out..(meaning james cant take K out).. Kays says if he goes against him the entire group will go against him.. Kays says he went out on a limb by talking to her..Kays says he wanted to reach out to her and Jenn.. if you end up attacking one of them.. april: you'll come after me... Kays says after those 3 weeks its up to you because its up to you.. April says in one hand she has morals the other game... Kays says its about patience.. April says she loves Ive, Mag, and Beau.. April says you dont have anyone left, because Mike is gone.. April crying... (this is annoying).. Kays sitting there with his head on his hands... April blabing on and on about how everyone is pissed at James.. April says she told beau that she respects Kaysar.. the evil demon in this is James.. He is the one who orchestrated all of this.. If James wouldnt have been kissing Kays a hole things wouldnt be the way they are... Its sad that one minute J is backstabbing K and the min he went up for evic. he started kissing a$$...

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april: if i win hoh next week I will put him (James) up

I: its not that i want to put you up - is there any way we can make amends

a: i am done with him (james) I love sarah to death - she may hate me after this

i: on a side note - do beau, ivette have anything personal against me

a: i would never have a strategy to make someone look that way (talking about michael)

a: when i win hoh i will most likely put james up

I: i just want you to be happy - i know you are upset - just sleep on it and we will talk tomorrow

a: trust me - he is a sorry sob - i am honorable and respectable - he is not - and i am not begging to stay in here - he is looking outside at us laughing his ass off - i wouldn't trust that mofo

i structured this to sway where he won't have enough pull - he can't take me out - he has to abide by the rules because i didn't force people and i saw something - just because the stratagy - it is going to be hard for me to convince everyone else - after these 3 weeks it is up to you -

a: the deal is i have to sit here with one hand morals and one hand game - butr i do genuinely love beau, ivette maggie crying again hard to understand with sobs - if you really love poeple you would not sit there and cut their legs off and tell them you are not putting them up

A; beau i totally respect kayser and it was james that did all this - things would not be the same if he hadn't been chasing after you for 2 days and kissing you ass

april and kayser talking typo sorry

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April says that James sold Sarah out... April says she isnt trying to screw up Kays. plan.. She is coming to him because she wants to honor as much as possible.. Kays says he is just thinking.. April says she knows Kays wants him to go against beau and ive.. she cant because they havent done anything wrong to her.. Kays says he sees the problem.. Kays says he cant put her in the position to be dishonest with them..

Kays says he is going to think about it.. this may be something where they just need to let it be.. and talk about it a week from now.. anything could happen.. April says that if she get HOH and James starts running after her tail....

FISH!!!!!!!!!! DAMNIT!!!

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Guest Soupy

Omg...April is STILl talking to Kaysar (it's been at least a half hour) and she is repeating herself over and over again. Kaysar, kick her out already!

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April says she feels much better now that she vented... She askes kaysar what they are going to say because James will ask what they talked about.. Kaysar asks did you tell them you were gonna talk to me about it.. April thinks for a minute and says she told Jennifer that she may be playing the game alone...April says she's gonna go pee so he can think... Kaysar says go ahead.. April says cappy said hey to you.. Kays says no he didnt... April goes into the HOH bathroom.. April goes to the bathroom.. April comes back out asks who has more morals someone whos a firefighter or someone who lies about what he does.. April keeps ranting... She goes into the bathroom.. {Poor Kaysar}.. LOL!!!!!! BB just said Kaysar go to the DR... April says it might be for POV..


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april still on james cant trust him rant...she went to bathroom kaysar sitting there withthe loook on his face of someone please kill me now....BB Kaysar please go to the DR...HES BEEN SAVED FROM APRIL

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Guest gmtech

hehe, howie asks beau " if i put on a condom, will you jerk me off"? wow., btw, howie's got wood. hehe

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Outside.. Eric, Beau, Ivette, Sarah, Howie, April shortly discussing the value of life.. (howie's tensions are rising a little)

Howie: NFL guys out there, they're hurt, their kness are blown out, they gotta grab the other guy's nut sack to do it.. but they get the champion ship belt. If you cheat to get an A, an A's an A.. if you are in business.. and you cheat to get the deal.. your boss will say good job.

Eric: Wait! That's your value system not mine, mine is different. You velieve that you will do anything, you will sell your soul to the devil..

howie: no not the devil

Eric: well, you said you would cheat on an A to get an A, to me, that's BS,

Ivette; how far will cheating get you.. let's say you were going to a doctor.. and the doctor cheated whole way, do you want that doctor to see you because he has no idea what hes doing?

Eric: that's right, and eventually, everybody in this house has to look in the mirror.. and they can say its part of the game and stuff.. but everyone will have to look in and see what they say

Howie: Simple Answer, nobody can ever satisfy the mirror, so theres no problem with that.

Eric: BS, i'm exactly where I want to be in my life right now.

*Howie kisses Eric, "You smell good brother", saids Howie*

*Howie is calming back down... Howie is explaning his morals/values*

Howie: I get more enjoyment reading my meterology stuff than banging some bimbo.. I've been to night clubs and stuff...I sit there and I"m there.

Howie: I'd rather read my meterology, its my peace.. my relaxation, my escape.

Ivette: Don't you want a girl to read meterology with you?

Howie: I'll find like a Jenny thing...

Ivette: How bout rachel?

Howie: she's too old.. and she wouldn't call me.

Ivette: what if she would?

Howie: well we're two different people

Eric: Howie, I love you but.. .. when you're pissing by your ear and tell me its raining.. i can't take it *Eric leaves and goes to talk with Maggie..*

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