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July 24th Live Feed Updates

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april and jenny talking in the backyard trying to decide what group to stick with. they feel that ivette and beau won't put them up, and know once ivette and beau are gone they are next. thinking about whether or not they should try for HOH.

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april is saying here and jennifer are going to vote for cappy

april: jennifer is playing dumb for a reason

Ivette: they are all evil all of them

BB janelle please put on your microphone

beau: stupid f**kin bitch

ivette: they wanted to expose you(maggie) and cappy

april jennifer and i dont have the connection through the sorority, the only screw up is when i mentioned my dad,

maggie: you justified it more than necessary, but it didn't matter, i came in the house not being myself

beau so you are a lesbian

mag: no, but i am a tree hugger, but not a hippie

beau: so you are a vegetarian

mag: yes

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Guest BigBroAddict

Ivette talks about her lesbien partners. They ask her if there is a dominant partner. She says with her nad Maggie is 50-50. her ex-girlfriend like to be the dominant one.

Beau talking about this guy who is friend and one night this friend comes up and is dancing with him and is like humping him and he like "Get off of me." He says he was friends and he didnt wanna be "Friends with benefits"

Eric: "Did you bang him?"

Ivette talks about her girl who swings both ways. Eric girls she's been with Ivette has been with 8-10 girls. Ivette goes to straight clubs and stuff but she is not a swinger.

12:54 PM BBT

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Guest BigBroAddict

Howie please change your BB.

Eric: She's not a dyke.

Howie: Whats a dyke then?

Eric says they use dildos and strap ones.

Ivette has never used on or had one used on her. She says if she ever wanted that she'd go for the real thing.

Eric says he'd rather see two women together than two guys. Maggie agrees. Ivette says when she sees two guys "Your size" (to eric) holding hands.


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Guest BigBroAddict

The topic changes to cross dressers, drugged out drag queens and transvestites.

Ivette says some transvetites and this one named "Chanelle" who puts her body to shame and Howie would get wood from her.

Beau talks about this underground party and he gets there and he' with his friend mark...he is dancing on this platform. Beau says this girls comes up to her who looks like Beonce. But it was a "tranny" and Beau was shocked how he couldnt tell.

Maggie talks about in Vegas peopel come in and they cant tell "what they are"

Rachel talks about in Trinidad, CO they do a lot of operations. Doctors cant even tell they had an operation it was "so good" Eric says she is SO impressive when she is at work. "She doesnt screw around...she's all business"

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Guest BigBroAddict

Maggie says that her hospital has a VIP room for "fighters" and pepole who are famous who made need a "special VIP" room.

Maggie's director is the "Fight Doctor"

Eric used to work in the hospital Maggie worked in. Eric says he doesnt like him because he so arogant. Maggie has a great respect though.

(Maggie seems not to want to bad-mouth the director...good choice!)

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Guest Shockalot

Janelle and James and Sarah upstairs chatting about many things which include comments about live feed posters on the internet sites.

They talk about Danielle being the best player on BB3 but losing after others saw the Diary Room tapes.

Talk about BB5. James says he picked Drew from day one. "Jase and Scott were Tools, Holly was a stereotype but really was dumb.. Marvin was going into a negative spiral....

April comes in to the room.. so excited.

Can you hear Howie.. Ivette told him she is a Lezbian.. Can you hear him?

Janelle "What.. huh?"

April "Oh come on. you knew, you knew"

Janelle (or Sarah?) "That makes sense.. she is that kind of person... errr.. never mind"

April goes over Howies 'Carpetmuncher song'.

Kind awkward feeling as April stands at door trying to engage in game-talk but the others dont seem that interested in engaging her.

Just minutes earlier they had complaints about April.

April leaves.

Sarah comments that Ivette was flirting too much, they reason that she was trying to hard to hide her secret by overcompensating.

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Guest Shockalot

Janelle, HOwie and James in Kitchen.

They are discussing how the others need to just admit they are a couple because there is no way they will make it to the final together anyways.. it would be a miracle.

James jokes "Guys.. Sarah and I are Sisters!"

Howie "Not with that freaking Unit you got down there, your not"

James "It was surgically added"

Howie at the sink:

Howie:"We got a Gay Guy and a CarpetMuncher.. BB7 is gonna need a Transexual"

Janelle "Im the Tranny"

Howie: Wow.. does that bother you boyfriend at all.

Jenny enters kitchen and complains they dont like her anymore, Howie tells Jen to just call them a PoopHead.


Howie: "Hey.. what was I just talking about?"

Everyone" "Boobies".

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Guest Shockalot

Transcriber alert.. Eric going on rant.

He is telling Ivette "I wont talk to Howie anymore. If we are alone I say two words maybe. He sold out. Those people want to go on his side should know that Howie will stab them in the back too"

He continues with Ivettes agreements: "But .. ya, I guess Im the 'SheepHerder'? Well guess what because people follow the honest leader. Im honest. Howie is not."

They go onto to compare Howie (I guess) to a Snitch. They talk about how Snitches are hated. They dont live by the unwritten code. Eric assures Ivette he lives by 'The Code'. He cant break 'The Code' and thats why he could not do anything short of protecting Maggie.

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Guest Shockalot

Well.. here we go folks...

Sarah, Janelle sitting at the kitchen table with Howie and Howie is in Top Form: "CarpetChomper! Wow.. Hey.. would you guys munch her carpet?.. would you let her carpetchomp you?"

Sarah and Janelle...lol..just humouring Howie, letting him go on his rant

Howie: "Man.. I asked Ivette if I could get it on with her and her girlfriend!" "You dont think Beau and Ivette are a team.. the gay guy and the carpetchomper?"

Howie "Sorry.. I meant, 'Muncher'. Not Chomper"

Janey, Sarah and James (who enters) tell Howie that Beau and Ivette have admitted their secret alliance.

They did last night sometime.

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Sarah comes out with her birthday outfit..

Kaysar: What the hell?!

Sarah: It's my birthday!!

Kaysar: talk about looking good and smelling good.


kaysar: you guys were dancing on the table

april: how'd you know?

beau: he has a tv screen

april: you are a psycho watcher

April: now we're all happy because we're all gay and came out of the closet together


(talking about tuesday's show.. "everyone has come out except, Jennifer, beau, Ivette, April")

April: Do you think we're stupid or something.. (talking as the audience)

Beau: She's a good actor.. she was crying and ...bawling

Kaysar: (ivette's voice) this is so not fair.. im alone.. i cant believe it *crying*

Sarah: Don't tell me you're alone.. you're not alone

Beau: but you fell for it..

Sarah: but you guys.. nono

Kaysar: okay.. we were all tired all about it.. so everybody was just.. alright.. alright

April: My crying wasn't fake though..

(*yes, i'm back.. so i'm a little slow.. i need to get my typing started again, so some things are a little incomplete or weird, sorry*)

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Guest Soupy

Ok..a bunch of the new outcasts plus rachel and sarah are sitting out at the pool.

Jennifer, is sitting there, holding up her bikini top. She's holding either side, so, i'm assuming, she can tan her shoulders and not have the strap. oh my. i hope someone gets a pic of it!

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Rach, Howie, Kaysar, James, and Sarah in the HOH room talking about competitions.. what will the next competition be like...

James says something about some guy in the beginning with the salt and pepper hair saying that the game isn't staged.. (not exact words, something like that)

Howie saying he loves panties.. asks Rachel if she wears panties..she says yeah... Howie talks about how soft Rachels skin is.. How he loves chicks...

They say today is Sunday, that means 4 1/2 days.. (till eviction I guess)

They say that BB6 should give them birthday cake.. Kaysar says they won't break the whole PB&J thing..

They say that Eric is such a trash talker.

Now they are talking about the big chess board.. (I think the one used in the competition)..

Rach says she liked the big horse in the kitchen, the rest say it was a knight.

Talk of Ivette, how they thought they were after Ivette.. Everybody knows he's (dunno who?) is full of sh!t..

James says that he feels bad about how Eric talks about his kids so much but they hope that they (BB) isn't portraying Eric bad because his kids are watching.

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James says that he thinks this is the best BB cast ever...

They say stuff happens so often they wonder how they fit it all into hour shows..

Howie says they should have a BB live channel... [interesting concept there Howie]

Howie talks about how his Elimidate show will be on 70 times in 7 years..

Attention turns to the spy screen.. Eric, Maggie, (and someone else?)

Feed changes to Eric and Ivette in the kitchen..

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Feeds 1 and 2 are on the pool.. Jennifer, Beau and April talking.. Jennifer says that if they dont want her to go home next week they (BB) may fix it so she gets HOH [i hope not!!!]

Feeds 2 and 3 are on the kitchen with Eric and Ivette..

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eric, ivette and jennifer bashing the "cappynators"

eric: what did he say to you april

eric: what the f*** did he say to you

april: the deal is that if I win - and jennifer deserves to win because she brought me here - i will give her some of the money - the only lie i came in here with is that i didn't know jennifer - everything else was the truth

eric: he's doing that shit because he knows he is getting to you

eric: he (james) sold his own girlfriend out

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Eric, Ivette, and Maggie were saying that when they were in control they didn't hide, but now the others that are in control are hiding in the HOH and GR.

Finally feed switches back to HOH room...

Kaysar, Rach, Howie, Sarah and James still talking..

Kaysar says he really thinks BB will give them something for Sarah's birthday..

James says BB will keep them hanging on stuff..

Howie says he will ask Arnold to be his personal chauffeur when they get out of here.

Howie asks James if he played hoops in school, James says a little bit..

James says he likes to watch college football.. Hurricanes

They all know that Eric and them (the cult) still like Rachel..

James said that when Maggie couldn't make another move she was trying to not look at James.. Kaysar said she looked like she was gonna cry..(in the competition I guess)

They say that Maggie doesn't know chess... They go on to talk about moves that were made in the chess game...

James says that everyone on the other side is having heartattacks... He is glad that everyone is on pb&j because the people on the otherside would eat all the good food..

They talk about how well James did in the spelling bee.. He blew straight through ham... what a winner.

Kaysar says that Eric said something about the people with college educations missed questions..

They say that when they get out Rachel is going to have broccoli sitting on her desk.. and Sarah cauliflower.. Then they talk about rhubarb...

Rachel says that she feels bad that she didn't spell her word right..

They talk about how to spell spaghetti..

Kaysar says maybe they will get pizza pie.. Rach says nah, were not getting anything..

They talk about old ladies on Price is Right and how they do it with 2 hands and you hear bones popping.. {lol}

Feed switches to kitchen... Janelle is sitting on the floor doing stretching...

Back to the HOH room..

James says he went to the BR 4 times yesterday..

BB: Kaysar to DR..

Kaysar jokes about don't eat my food while I'm gone..

They say they are going to get something to eat.. Kaysar tells them feel free to eat in here...

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They go downstairs start making food..

Howie tells someone to look at the tv and see what game is on..

Janelle: They are done for!

Howie says his only strategy this week is to get boobies..

Janelle says something about making up songs about Ivette.. They say Mike would have had a field day knowing Ivette is lesbian..

.. whispering.. light laughter..

Sarah likes strawberry jelly, not grape..

They talk about how they order in restaurants... they like to order lots of food so they have a good selection..

.. more talk about food..

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april: he is going to sit here and judge people and his girlfriend couldn't spell 2 f****** words

eric: i told someone that my 6 yr old could spell those words

ivette: that is why he and sarah get along she is young and impressionable

eric: she came from a bad relationship

eric: welcom to the i don't give a shit club

april: i would rather go home to matt than be int he sequester house

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