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July 24th Live Feed Updates

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April saying "they knew, Cappy tell her they knew".

Eric telling Ivette he and Maggie knew about Beau and Ivette, who keeps on saying she and Beau were thrown in together.

Eric said it doesn't matter now (He was the one who started this ball rolling lol)

Ivette asking what was said in the GR about her, April says nothing about you, they were drilling us.

A: I don't like to lie, this is not comfortable unless you're a habitual liar.

E: Why do you think James is doing so good in this game.

April says you can laugh about it, Ivette doesn't think it is funny, Eric is down because he is leaving Maggie in this situation says that is what is keeping him up right now.

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Guest cdmon

april, jenn, ivette, eric are talking about howie outside saying how annoying he is now.

eric still thinks he's going this week.

eric bringing up how he stuck to his word...saying james dont know what the truth is.

now he saying i got maggie in this mess.

eric said the votes are in i'm gone...it's over

eric....I'm going up tomorrow james is the 5th vote i'm gone

eric....kaysar told me right to my face

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NowEric is telling Jenny in aggressive manner "wake up" they have the votes they have 5 votes and he is going up tomorrrow and now Eric says "he's done" [Yay!!]

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E: I am gone, Jenn wake up, the votes are in.... Kaysar told me right to my face

A: I'm so sorry Ivette

J: If Maggie wants to go home that bad, she can tell HOH to put her out next week.

E: The problem was I played this game with integrity...

No body intimidates me in this world...

I don't grovel

Eric keeps saying Kaysar can't look him in the eye. (Yet he told him to expect to be put up)

E: God, they were good... that was a great move.

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Eric whinning that "we needed to win" about last weeks HOH and "maggie gave it her all" and I told all of you we needed to win. Saying that he should have got rid of Kaysar instead of Mike. Yvette asked him do you think Micheal could have thought of the plan...Eric said he needed to win first....

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Eric says he outed everyone so that Maggie could have an even playing field.

Jennifer said isn't that what Michael was doing? (Good point)

He now wishes he had put Kaysar up instead of Michael, Ivette says they should have gotten rid of Kaysar the first week.

Ivette starts saying "I don't see how there were 180 coconuts in that damn pool" and FISH

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Fish so I'll take that as my exit..night all!

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When we return from fish, Ivette is telling Eric about her girlfriend, Maggie

Eric is asking questions but is very accepting.

E: Could you see yourself....

I: Absolutely, If I hadn't come here I was planning on having a baby (later this year).

E: To be totally honest, I don't know if I'm ready for this.

Ivette is protective of herself, worries about letting others into her life.

Ivette tell him she hid her gayness so the straight people wouldn't put her and Beau together.

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Ivette reiterating the story of her and gf Maggie to Eric

(Switching feeds to HOH room)

April, Howie, Janelle and Kaysar

Janelle asks April if Eric is upset

A: Yes, I think anyone would be

April rehashing how she and Jenn came to give up the info

April telling them that Ivette admitted she is there with Beau

April and Howie talking about using his inhaler, April is using Howie's, it makes her feel better.

April has to go back outside, but takes time to rehash the whole pairs scenario.

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April still talking in HOH.

Jennifer is in backyard also as Ivette talks about her Maggie.

Ivette would be happy to go in the next few weeks because she loves her life, she is proud of her life.

E: its not about the money its about the experience.

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April left HOH

Howie, Janelle, Kaysar discussing how the bigger prize is to be won if you make it to the end with your partner.

Rehashing the turn around in power

(Time for me to turn in, man they are up late tonight!!)

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By my clock, it must be 4 a.m. BB time. Howie and Kaysar are in the HOH room talking about 'kids today'.

H: I'm out of the loop with what the current language for kids today.

K: Paris Hilton uses 'that's hot' for everything.

H: Where did you start out from for the ceremony?

K: The weight room. It's too heavy to carry all the way from teh HOH room.

H: Where do you put the keys in?

K: Here (HOH room).

H: Do they help you?>

K: Well, they're here to answer questions, and they help you put the keys in a certain order so they're separated racial wise and stuff.

H: They put the ropes back in the keys? No...you did.

K: Your farts have been stinking lately!

H: Oh sorry. New diet I'm on...olive oil and pb and stuff.

H: One day they had me take the ropes back off the keys and put them in the storage room.

H: Yep, I did the De-Cap-Anotors

K: Laughs

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Howie is going to go take a shower and use the bathroom, then come back up to the HOH room to sleep with Kaysar.

K: Can you get the bag with the flashlight and clues for the safe, and bring it up here?

H: So I'll do that and come back up here...you cool with that?

K: Yeah. I'll just leave the door unlocked, but lock it when you come back in.

H: Lock it?

K: yeah, I know people want me dead in here. Now I know why they don't allow knifes in here.

K: I hope they don't show me all angry and stuff. I know they showed the fight.

H: Yeah? How do you know?

K: Well, Julie asked me about it.

Talking about the spy cam. Kaysar says he wants something like that in his house now.

H: Alright, lets get some rest and start plotting for tomorrow!

Oh great...now Howie's sharing that he hasn't been getting butt acne lately, and that he already took his syphillitis pills.

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Howie has finished his shower, and his various hygiene routines that involve cotton tipped swabs. He's just announced that he's a fat slob...a fat piece of garbage. Putting his mic back on now, and wandering around the back yard, brushing his teeth.

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Guest StillMissWILL

Rachel was talking to herself. Turned off the treadmill and now has ventured in the kitchen to concoct something or other

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Guest StillMissWILL

She is all over the place... now she is doing her abs on the floor by the gumball machine

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