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July 24th Live Feed Updates

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eric and rachel on cots

rachel-i really like everyone here

eric-i wish i could say the same thing rachel, but i just cant

rachel-i know, and that's ok

eric-and i know this is just a game, just a game, just a game but when somebody swears on their life and throws around a book of prayer and preaches all this stuff, it's not me that has to live with that, it's him

rachel-i know and there is no guarantee that he will make it either

eric-everybody has to play to the best of their abililty

eric-i'can walk out of this house if that's the will and that's what it ends up being, i can walk out on thursday saying i've done nothing in this house that i'm ashamed of.

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Jennifer, Ivette, Maggie in workout room.

ivette said: do you know what i hate most? seeing people REALLY ugly..

*Camera zooms to Jennifer, she looks really sad*

ivette: remember michael? he looked really ugly.

*Camera zooms back out.. jennifer looks fine..*

Ivette and Maggie say some more crap.. (about something i couldnt hear them)

Jennifer leaves...

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James, Kaysar, Janelle, Sarah in Gold room talking...

James: just come over here (to Janelle)

*Janelle goes to close the door*

James: Nononononononono!

James: after today we have to start seperating, we have to start being by ourself, we're not going to have a chance to talk about our stratergy, because they are obviously trying to re-group somehow, they know they dont have this week, but they are planning on next week. We have to be there everytime, we can't get any opportunities, it just has to be surprise.. shock... with our actions. We have to get up there and play with(for) these f****** even though we hate them.

Janelle: Okay...

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In the exercise room, Ivette was saying that they all remember how ugly Michael got at the end, and she thinks they will see more ugliness. Maggie says that it won't be coming from HER.

The feeds cut to the GR. James, Sarah, Janelle and Kaysar are in there. James whispers that they need to stop meeting soon--the other team is going to try to regroup, and they each need to try to split up and get into the other groups to keep them from talking about strategy. (This is a brief whisper, and then Janelle goes back to the other bed and everyone moves apart).

Talk immediately resumes on the topic of politics, in normal voices. Kaysar tells James that he is going to make him less of a Republican. James says that he is a core value Republican. He talks about how states should have more power, and that if a state wants the ten commandments, or the Koran, outside their courthouse, then they should be able to have it.

BB: Kaysar! Please stop playing with your microphone!!

(Janelle says this with BB, so I'm sure they have said it before! ROFL!)

Now, talk turns to lobotomies.

James: Kaysar, one thing I've always liked about you is that we've always had an understanding---(feeds switch to another area, with April and Eric talking)

April: You can tell that Rachel has a heart

Eric: I know who has a heart in this place. Some people, you know, they have to play the game and you hope they have your back, but they can't.

Eric is sniffing quite a bit.

Okay, Rachel is talking with April and Eric, saying that she had no control about what went down. She only found out about it late last night and had no choice. She says that she didn't know who was playing in the veto comp until they picked.

Eric: Isn't it a coincidence that the one game they put together for POV just HAPPENS to be chess? I mean, come on!!

April: They wanted to stir things up!

Eric leaves the room.

Rachel: I just want to go to sleep.

April: Let's all just love one another.

April is now in the GR and talking with Kaysar, Beau, Sarah and James (and maybe others--I can't see) and is talking about Michael. She says that he was condescending, talked down to people. She says she liked him for the first few days. She goes through the story of how he kissed her.

Kaysar says that he told Mike that part of it was his fault, even though he was being partly misjudged.

Kaysar says Mike was wrapped up in emotions. Kaysar talks about how at the end Michael didn't care anymore and he wanted to make people uncomfortable.

April is talking about how Michael singled her out, saying he was talking about someone having a secret, and he asked if she knew who it was, and she said maybe James and Eric? She tells them that she went in and told 'those guys' that he was "after her" and she was afraid he was going to say a secret about her family or friends or something. Kaysar just keeps saying "um-hm."

April talks about how Michael wanted people to go with him in the DR, and she was so confused! Kaysar says he has a lot of questions for Mike when they get out, too. This stops April for a while, at least.

Kaysar changes the subject and asks if they enjoyed Britney Spears this morning. Sarah is saying that Britney used to be a good girl, and her nieces loved her, and she didn't like it when she didn't act like a good girl any longer. James says he was waiting for Britney, then she went and married Kevin F. Sarah says that at least Madonna doesn't act like a good girl ever.

Kaysar leaves and says that this place sucks the life out of him. "Life, come to an end!" (laughter)

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Kaysar is talking about April, saying that she was talking in the room and nearly hyperventilated.

Kaysar says he will talk to April, who is afraid because she is on the losing team right now. He says it is almost like the mafia, but he could promise her two week in the house if she votes off Eric and if she does something else.

Kaysar: I'll just tell her, listen, once we get Iv, Beau and Maggie, you can play with the rest of us.

Janelle: Maybe we should let her think she is in with us. She has been looking for support.

Janelle says that April came up to her and said that someone, but she won't tell who it was, said that Janelle was talking bad about April.

Kaysar says that April came in to him and reported about how she made things okay with Janelle.

Kaysar: She is so on crack right now. She is like extra-cracked out lately!

Janelle: That's because she thought was was safe.

Kaysar: Yeah. No one told her that Eric's camp was falling apart. Even outside she said, "Don't get involved!" (laughter)

Janelle: Yeah, she said, "I'm not getting involved, you guys!"

Kaysar: Let's leave it at that, and try to figure out another way to get her to switch over. I can't think right now. My brain is freakin'--Ugh! The veto ceremony is probably tomorrow.

Janelle: Mm-hm.

Kaysar: It is so wrong of me to mess with their heads like that, though.

Janelle: Does he know?

Kaysar: I told you he came up to me. He knows he is going up. He knows he is going up. We were on the couch and he said, "I'm going home, right?" and I said, "Yeah, you're going home." He said that he should have sent me home the first week. Maybe he should have stopped listening to the bullshit people were feeding him. I said yeah, you should have evicted me.

Janelle: He should have done a lot of things. Like he should have stopped crying on cue. He cries at the most convenient times.

Kaysar: Yeah.

They say that Eric talked about his kids at least three times today.

Janelle says Eric played so hard that it was obvious he would do anything to win. Kaysar says that he told Eric that he got ruthless, and Eric agreed. Eric asked Kaysar if Kaysar realized things changed when he came up to Kaysar and campaigned about Michael. Kaysar told him that yes, he knew.

Kaysar: Eric actually thought that I didn't know what was going on!

Janelle says that Eric is too unnatural, like he is doing everything for the cameras.

Janelle (mimics Eric): Step aside, Jan----ellle!!

Janelle: It's like for the cameras!

Kaysar (laughs): Yeah, dude, it's not Broadway!!

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Janelle is fixing her hair... (dying her roots)

Kaysar watches as Janelle prepares and pours her stuff.

Kaysar: It's just fascinating... what you're doing.

Janelle: I'm just fixing my roots. Wanna try some?

--- added: Kaysar KEEPS staring at Janelle doing her roots.

Kaysar: IT's so fascinating. You look nice.

*err feeds crapping out, missed what they said*

(Commentator's notes: kaysar looks like he is liking Janelle, he is looking at her VERY differently right now, he looks REALLY fascinated)

Kaysar just toched Janelle's hair...

Janelle: Do you mind?

Kaysar: You have such beautiful hair.

Janelle: You're so meant o me....

Kaysar: How am I mean to you...

Janelle: I'm trying to dye my hair and you make me look like crap.

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Eric (to Beau): If you get HOH, you need to put James and Kaysar up. ...they're all calculating, but Kaysar and James...

Maggie walks up.

They ask he who she would put up next week. She doesn't answer the question.

Ivette: I'd put Janelle and Kaysar.

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Janelle is in Kaysar's bathroom, and instead of leaving, he is watching her dye her roots with some sort of cream bleach. He says it is fascinating and she says she does it like once a month. She offered to give him highlights, and he says they will save that for next week.

Kaysar: So, you've never had any work done on your face?

Janelle: Huh-uh. Why, do I look that horrible?

Kaysar tells her that she knows that he thinks she looks better than most girls.

Janelle: How do I look RIGHT NOW?

Kaysar: Just beautiful, with stuff sticking out of your hair! (laughter)

Kaysar: So, that's your natural color?

(Her natural color looks like a light reddish brown blonde to me--not too good at describing it, I know)

Kaysar is messing around with Janelle, joking. They seem to be flirting.

Kaysar: I like messing around with you. It's fun.

Janelle: Really? What's so fun about it?

Kaysar: Because, you have a lot of personality. (pause) I guess I'll let you do your thing.

Janelle: You can stay.

Kaysar is watching every step of the root touch up, with his arms crossed over his chest.

Kaysar: So, is this fun for you?

Janelle: What? Doing my roots?

Kaysar: Yeah.

Janelle: It's routine.

Janelle explains it takes about 20 minutes. She tells him that she looks terrible right now, does he have to watch this? He tells her she had a booger on her finger earlier and he didn't care.

Janelle: I don't feel that I look attractive.

Kaysar: You don't have to prove anything to me.

Janelle: I don't?

Kaysar: No. There's nothing going on between us.

Janelle: Kaysar! You're cute.

Kaysar: Thanks.

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Outside with team Cappy:

Ivette is complaining about the chess comp. Eric says, with a sarcastic smile, "Why do you think they did that?"

Ivette is saying that if they could have a real competition, she would be drawing blood. She says that four of them had her cornered.

Maggie, Ivette, Eric and April think that Howie is playing dumb and that he knew ahead of time about the comp.

April points out that the good thing is that they can be so honest with each other about everything.

Ivette: I wouldn't doubt that James has been playing me all along. With Janelle.

Eric: That's what I've been trying to tell you. She played him from the first day. From the first day she played him.

Ivette: You gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Eric: Yep. (sighs)

Ivette: Even though the negative overtakes the positive, I have to think that good things come to those who wait.

Eric: Good things come to those who work hard.

Ivette: I have to think, as hard as you work......Look at that competition we were given!

April: Yeah, but we did have that big chess piece.

Eric says that it's not fair.

Maggie: Didn't we just go through that? The "It's not fair" conversation?

Eric: It's not fair. Life's not fair.

April says that she told Sarah that James and Sarah are liars.

Ivette says they want her to go hang out with them?

April says that she is listening to them, though.

They tell April that the other side is not telling her anything, though.

Eric: That is why I have not said a word to Janelle. I have not said a word to her.

Ivette: Cappy, why did you think she would keep her word?

Eric: She didn't break her word. She wasn't on the block.

Ivette: Why did you say you won't talk to her, then?

Eric: Because I think she is a piece of shit.

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Eric is talking about the drug Toradol, how he walked into a hospital a week before he entered the house, because he had sciatic nerve pain down his leg. (Note from Catnip: As a medical transcriptionist, I'm puzzled here, as Toradol is for nausea, but oh, well) Eric says that he walked into this hospital and told them he needed a shot of Toradol, and they immediately gave him one, with no paperwork or anything.

Earlier, he was talking about how no one takes better care of firefighters than nurses.

Maggie: If they told me they would give me a million dollars, but I can't be friends with Eric, I wouldn't take it.

Ivette: If they told me I had to screw him over (Eric) over for a million, I wouldn't take it. Because you can't put a price on that. Honestly.

Eric is explaining to April that the others are in it for money, because they were told they would get a bigger reward than ever in this game if the pair made it to the end. April is playing dumb. Maggie tells her that she was already told this. April says she is just trying to understand it all.

April: So they are in it for the money!

Eric: That's what I've been trying to TELL you.

Talk switches to how they can't share the money with anyone in the house who helps you. Ivette seems shocked by this. Eric says they didn't read the contract, then.

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Kaysar and Janelle talking in HOH Room. Janelle on HOH bed.. Kaysar sitting down on chair facing Janelle.

Kaysar tells Janelle he doesn't want to see Mike get hurt because what she did to her old bf was really bad.

Kaysar: I mean, you're a good girl, if you were a little different.. I'd go for you myself.

Janelle: What was wrong with me again?

Kaysar: Well, you are a raging alcoholic, flirt too much, I've never seen a women's ass grow that fast...

Janelle: You are such an a-hole....

* laugh laugh *

Kaysar: Um, lets see what else, you like to trash talk... you have to understand

Janelle: So does mike

Kaysar: I mean.. i'm a lot more serious in the house than everybody.. but I came here with an objective.. and I wnat to win, and that's what my thing is.. my thing here wasn't to have a good time.. i think im laid back too.. i mean.. we hang out and stuff..

Janelle: I know it was wrong what i did (referring to dumping bf in DR), but I really liked michael and i couldn't help myself.

Kaysar: well that's good, he may have lost the game.. but something good came out of it.. hopefully.. that's it i guess..

*laugh laugh*

Janelle: I wasn't too flirtious.. was I? there was only like 3 people to flirt with in this house..

Kaysar: Howie.... you flirt with me a little

Janelle: Yeah.. you, Howie, then Michael


They are now talking when they were coming into BB.

Kaysar: They weren't going to let me in, the dogs were going crazy at my bag.. they said I had some bomb making material in there.

*Janelle laughs*

Kaysar: are you staying in Cali a little bit?

Janelle: yeah..

Kaysar: its really nice.. we live in a very nice place. we'll hang out.. then we'll make plans.

Janelle: If I do get out before its over.. I'm going to stay with my friend Rachel

Janelle: Is it light yet? (referring to her hair)

*Janelle walks to a mirror to check*

Kaysar: Do you have any friends that aren't alcoholics?

Janelle: Well.. no.. they are much worst than me.

Kaysar: Really? That sucks!

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Kaysar: you are very beautiful. and mike sees that, i just don't want him to get hurt. I feel like I know you, but I don't know you, I only know you in the context of this house, and you broke up with your boyfriend in the DR.

Janelle: i know what i did wasnt very nice, i would have broken up with before i got here

Kaysar: if you were a little different i probably would have gone for you myself

Janelle: why didn't you

Kaysar: you flirt too much, you are a raging alcoholic and i've never seen a womans ass grow this fast

(both laugh)

Kaysar: He(mike) may have lost the game but atleast something came of it

Jan: i wasn't too flirtatious was i, there's only 3 guys to go for in here, howie

Kaysar: me

Jan: and michael, i stopped when i hooked up with michael

Kaysar: i don't know how Howie gets away with so much, he says its because he looks so good

Jan: are you going to come to florida and visit me

Kaysar: yeah, it would be fun.

janelle brought up dogs sniffing kaysars bag before they came in

Kaysar: yeah they were trying to say they found traces of bomb materials, i was like 'are you kidding me?'

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Eric is talking either to the camera or someone sitting in front of it. He points at the camera and says, "They can spin this any way they want to, but you will know. YOU WILL KNOW."

Eric says that when he didn't know which end was upside down, he didn't feel he could trust anyone but Maggie. Ivette says she knows he probably felt that way.

Ivette said she felt the gods were shining down on her because it wasn't chess, but as soon as she saw James and Kaysar and Howie coming toward her, she knew. She says the order of her going didn't matter (moving in the game) because it was four people going after two.

Eric: At that moment, my world was so upside down.

Ivette: It still is.

(Earlier, Maggie was insisting that she wants Eric to stay in the game, not her. April kept saying that she has to keep her promise to Cappy, who was sitting right there, and not vote for him.)

Maggie to Eric: Who knows? What if he, what if he didn't put you up?

Eric: I'm going with the probabilities.

Jennifer walks by, and Ivette says she is acting like a f--ing turtle.

Eric: She's another one who is acting like f--ing Sarah, like she is Miss nice girl. F--ing James controls her.

Ivette says that Sarah was going on and on about how James is her hero.

Eric: But he gave her up! He gave up his own twist to Kaysar! He threw her under the bus!

Ivette: Will justice prevail?

Maggie: We'll see.

Eric: Sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn't.

Eric tells Ivette (or maybe Maggie) that finding a charm was lucky for her. She says she will see, and he points out that she is there, isn't she?

(The hamsters are lasting longer than I am tonight! Good night!)

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BB: Beau, Kayser, please put on your microphones

(Kaysar's mic is literally within 30cm of his mouth.. you could hear him perfectly)

Kaysar: Godddammnit! do they have to be so ---...

Janelle: Is my hair done yet?

Kaysar: yeah..

Janelle: 5 more minutes


K: So tell me about miami..

K: BB, you better not be spinning this like its not...

Janelle continues about she doesn't go out much and its whatever you want it to be.

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Kaysar told Janelle "If your ass gets any bigger your gonna be in plus size by next week."

Then he told her that her legs look like cottage cheese.

She laughed and called him and asshole.

He told her he was kidding.

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Beau telling Yvette, Eric and Maggie that James would sell out Sarah for the money.

Beau is telling them that Sarah was more a distraction for James and james said he worked better on his own.

"that's a hell of a place to be in your life" eric said about James

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Maggie is now wondering if Kaysar knows all of this. Yvette said is it better to go out as a man than..Eric interrupts and says "a mouse"

Yvette said no "what's that word" and eric said "blindsided".

Eric said Maggie and I have never been blindsided this bad in their lives.

Eric said "kaysar can't even look me in the eyes"

Yvette said he likes to stay up in his hoh room

he said that's a sad place to be. [what a bitter troll Eric is]

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Maggie is glad she didn't "come in here with Dave" (her boyfriend)

He may have been a better player but we'll never know.

Talking about past BB shows.

Maggie said "I'm hooked on the show"

Eric said "I left my mark" on the show [ I say most hated HG]

Yvette is saying she's met 3 wonderful people including April. [LOL]

Eric is telling them they need to cut Howie, Kaysar and Janelle out.

Beau calling Janelle a "whore" and sell her body around. Admitting that they called her mean things in the DR. [what a bunch a pathetic sore losers]

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