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September 8 To 11 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Dan got back earlier, said NOTHING about Michelle of course but that he thought of all of them , wished they were with him and that he was all alone. He said he splashed in the Ocean and that it was very cold. He had a blind fold on (of course) ans didn't see alot but he saw some movie posters and they were excited to hear about that and said he felt funny being out of the house. He said it was "Uncomfortable" being out in the world. They were all very excited to hear all about the boat he was on, :boat: the helicopter ride and everything he saw. Jerry did ask Dan earlier "Please, do me a favor, if you vote me out then vote me out, but please, you guys go into the room at night, can you spend some time with me, Please". ( I felt bad for him)

BB Time 11:54 PM Jerry just got into bed. all the houseguests are sleeping right now. Jerry walked up to the HOH opened the door checked on Dan , he was sound asleep, he walked down to the peace room opened the door and the light was off Memphis was awake Keesha was sleeping . he stood there took a pillow and left. (sound was out didn't hear any conversation, sorry guys)....

BB Time 12:00 AM All the houseguest are tucked away and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. :bedtime:

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BB Time 12:27 AM......Dan gets up gets some apple juice from his friedge goes down to the Peace room and now is talking to Memphis and Keesha about his dream... Memphis waxs evicted by Keesha and was naked on his way out with Dan fully clothed but hugging him. (LOL) Memphis says" THats enough of you dreaming about me and me being Naked" ! Keesha LAUGHS loud.... Now they are all in the same room Dan on Rennys old bed and the others in theirs, Keesha sneezes and Dan says "God Bless you" she says "Thank you".....Memphis can't sleep Keesha said he has been tossing and turning for 2 hours...."I know I know". He says....Now Dan looks asleep Memphis is yawning....Jerry in his bed....Memphis says "I can't beleive you saw a whale " Dan said "It was pretty quick". Dan asking "Where do you think I was "?......discussing the Island and what he did see before he got there...Memphis says "Had to be close to Catalina".....Keesha... Where is Catalina"? Memphis... Orange County, long Beach around there"....."Lots of harbors "....

BB Time 12:36 AM...... Memphis..."Maybe Wrigley Island"...Keesha says the only thing she has done today is sleep. "I went to bed , I went to sleep , heck I was only up for an hour"....Jerry went back to bed she said and then you (Dan) came in....Keesha saying she sat outside with Jerry around 9pm....and that they were upstairs at the time....quiet again......

BB Time 12:39AM.......quiet....They call Dan to the DR........cams on Jerry now....back to the Peace room... Dan is gone to the DR.....Keesha yawning.....you can hear the DR door close.....Memphis moving around laying on his stomach (as usual)........All cams on Peace room now.....

BB Time.....12:41AM......Sooooooooooooooo Quiet..........nothing being said... just pics of happy houseguests....Memphis lifts his head and then back down....(do I hear a pin drop ?..lol)

BB Time 12:43AM.......all quiet....Houseguests sleeping......Keesha coughs.....Memphis moving around.........Memphis moving again......and again..........

BB Time 12:47AM Dan in DR and all others Sleeping.... (I'm out for now Folks)

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8:55 am BBT: HG's still asleep... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

9:48 am BBT: HG's still in bed... Memphis however has been tossing and turning a lot.

Cam - 1 - Jerry

Cam - 2 - Dan

Cam - 3 - Memphis

Cam - 4 - Memphis and Keesha

9:49 am BBT: Keesha has gotten up. Jerry is fidgeting a lot now. Keesha went to the SR to get fresh batteries.

9:52: FotH

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They're up and about at 10:15 bbt doing adl's. Dan is outside drinking oj and in deep thought. Memphis just joined him.


M/D discussing Rocky movies. Boring. No game talk yet.

Keesha joins them at 10:22. Talking about M walking in on J while he was peeing.

10:30 General chitchat. Dan sings a made up hooters song and foth.

Jerry's getting dressed veeeerrrry slowly. (it's going to be a long day.)

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11:25AM BBT: Dan's eating at the dining room table. Keesha comes in and Dan tells her to trust him, that he's not going home. He also says that Jerry is driving him nuts. Two feeds on Dan, two feeds on Keesha in bathroom.

Memphis comes in and Dan tells him he has the blog and camera to do upstairs. Dan tells them that that means there's a live show Tuesday and Thursday. Dan's talking about how Jerry asked Dan about if jury members have to wear a blindfold. Memphis says Jerry has lost his mind.

Keesha tells Jerry there's an eviction tomorrow. Jerry tells her that he wants her to know that she has been the nicest person in the house to him, and she hasn't always been nice, but she's been the nicest, and he wanted her to know that.

Memphis is in the shower and Dan, Jerry and Keesha are outside taking pictures. Keesha goes to the bathroom telling Memphis how excited she is and how it's an instant smile (for the eviction tomorrow?)

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12:49 BBT I log in to hear Keesha shrieking "DUDE....what's going on????". She's in VW bedroom with Memphis lying on the bed, replying "I know, I don't understand it". Keesha continues to repeat "It's really weird, it's so weird, it's really really weird", and Memphis keeps responding "I just don't know.....I just don't understand, I can't understand it". So something's happening, but I'm not sure what. They seem to be purposely avoiding speaking in full sentences, perhaps trying to avoid getting yelled at for speaking the subject. Keesha just said "yeah, tomorrow", and Memphis agrees. "Look at Marcellis, he didn't even use it, so they could just be doing that to cover..... I think that's pretty much what's going on" HUH?! Memphis says "they speed this stuff up at the end", Keesha agrees and says "yes, because there's nothing else to watch! Just us being lazy, that's not any fun". She then says she'll go crazy if they're locked in the house all day. Wish I could figure out what they are talking about.

12:55 BBT "I'm just so confused" Keesha says, "it's just so crazy". She and Memphis now sit opposite each other, staring right at each other, shaking their heads. "Nuts" Memphis says. What in the world is going on? "Kind of exciting though, isn't it?" Keesha says. "I'm gonna freak out when I leave here, I'm already scaring myself" Memphis says. Are they leaving the house for some reason? "Makes more sense to me they'd have the finale on a Thursday or a Sunday, because they are bigger TV nights" Memphis says. "Probably will be Sunday" Keesha replies. (Whispering now....."unless......" and Keesha doesn't complete the thought). "That's nuts" Memphis says once again! "I'm so ready" Keesha says, "it's gonna be an intense week". "Less than a week away", Memphis says, then follows up "imagine, in a week we'll be out walking around". So perhaps they are just contemplating life after Big Brother, and Keesha made it sound like something new was going on.

1:00 BBT "Live tomorrow, live Thursday, live Sunday" Memphis says. Some nice soul here on the forum just informed me the subject they are discussing is recording their goodbye messages to everyone. (Thank you! Keesha got me thinking something new was happening.....guess that is new if all the next three shows will be live, if that is in fact the case.....anyway, thanks for the info!)

Dan joins them and says he talked in his DR session about the relationships and how they've changed since week one. He says he talked about his helicopter ride and how he saw Keesha's place of work as well as Memphis', and how he was careful not to say S Bar or Hooters. Seems they are getting reflective about leaving each other and the house.

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1:20 BBT Keesha and Memphis have been hanging out in the kitchen, Memphis enjoying a bowl of cereal and Keesha cleaning up random kitchen stuff. All feeds on them so I don't know where the other two are. Comments every now and then about what it'll be like very soon when they are out of the house from Keesha and Memphis. "Oh my gosh, I can't wait to leave" Keesha says.

"Well, they said the 16th, and we were happy about THAT!". "Just to talk to everybody" Memphis says. They must have gotten word they'll be done a few days sooner than they expected.

1:40 BBT Keesha and Memphis have retired to the LR, each on a couch. Small talk about people in previous BB seasons. Dan comes in, and feeds show Jerry flopped out on couch in SR.

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The HG's have been on ID lockdown for a long long time and they hear building going on outside. They believe there will be a live show Tuesday because they can't believe BB would keep them locked in the house for several days. Also due to the fact Dan is writing his Blog and already had the camera taking pix they are sure things are going to start going faster than expected. They can't come up with any other reason for being locked in the house now and building taking place, plus having already done their goodbye messages except for the fact there will be an eviction tomorrow.

Earlier Memphis told Jerry he was going to tell Keesha he is voting her out so she will be prepared but after all the alone time they have had, he has not addressed the issue. So he was either lying to Jerry or doesn't have the nerve to tell Keesha.

Memphs, Dan and Keesha now sitting talking about Danelle and Nick and the fact Danelle got a letter from Nick instead of her boyfriend when she was HOH.

Jerry is laying alone staring as usual at nothing.

Dan keeps bringing up subjects he must have talked about in the DR because BB keeps telling them they are not permitted to talk about their DR sessions. His final questions was asking M and K if he told them how he met Monica and BB said Dan knock it off ... so the subject has been changed to chit chat.

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1:50PM BBT: Now they are discussing the fact Nick is with Jen instead of Danelle. And how bad Nick treated Jen after he started being with Danielle. They think it would be hard for Jen to watch the show now and see how Nick was with Daniele.

Dan just asked M and K if they have done anything they were ashamed of or regret anything they did or said in the house. They both say no but Dan says not game wise but maybe in some of their neverending stories.

Dan asks if they would like to take bets on April and Ollie and Keesha says she thinks April will get attention from being on the show and will not want to be tied to Ollie. They think Ollie will move out to be with her and she will brush him off. They aren't giving them even a month. Keesha says she doesn't think it will last even through the end of the show ... getting out that is.

They don't think Ollie should ever consider moving into April's house. If two people move in together it should be a place they get together and not a place one has already had.

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1:55 BBT Constant announcements of "Dan, knock it off!" from the BB voice. Memphis says "Funny thing is, Dan actually thinks he's pulling something off when he does this". Dan's talking about text messaging, and once again "Dan knock it off!" Wonder what subjects he IS allowed to talk about? Now just "Dan!!!" It's funny watching these guys try to fill up their time as they're locked down.

2:30 BBT Memphis and Jerry still on LR couches, having a discussion about their backgrounds and histories. Memphis says when he was young his mother had to work three jobs to support him and his sister, and they lived in a small apartment and he had to share a room with his sister. He said contrast that to his mom's life now (he reveals she has her own advertising agency), he says once she moved to TN her career took off. He said the difference is like black and white, and he's happy his mom is doing better now. Jerry talks of his years in the "corporate world" and that he was in sales, but once he got his degree "whewwww, took off! There was no hesitation on corporate's part, they promoted me!". Memphis talks of showing his mom around L.A. and that she was "beside herself" when she saw the lifestyle.

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3:21 BBT....i walked away for a moment but when I came back we had feeds again.

Cam 1: Jerry sitting at the table cutting up a cereal box??? (freak)

Cam 2: Jerry

Cam 3: Keesha and Dan lying down in the HOH room.....Keesha is listening to Dan's CD still

Cam 4: Dan lying in Bed in HOH room


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3:24 BBT.......Jerry is done cutting the corn flakes box and heads to the bathroom. Feed switches to Memphis in the SR

Memphis is done in the storage room and goes into his room to lay down

3:27 BBT......Memphis gets up out of bed and asked jerry if he heard something.......he then went into the DR

Jerry starts playing some game and memphis comes out of DR and stopped to see what Jerry was doing

Memphis goes back and lays back down in his bed.

Seems Jerry has made a new game.........He cut little square holes in a corn flake box and now he is rolling balls trying to make it into the holes. Guess he gave up on anyone playing with him because now he is making him something to eat.

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03:44 BBT...........Jerry just finished snacking and now he's laying down

Feed 1: Memphis laying down....looks like he is in deep thought

Feed 2: Jerry laying down

Feed 3: Keesha and Dan laying in HOH bed (keesha listening to Cd and Dan sleeping)

Feed 4: Dan sleeping

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4:14 pm BBT

Memphis gets up and leaves his bedroom

Walks to kitchen counter, stops and stares into kitchen

Goes to the WC

K - argggh gosh

K - I am tired

D - Like the CD

K - I love love love the CD thanks for letting me listen to it

K then heads downstairs... goes into BR checks out her hair... heads to spa room, gets nail polish remover... is yawning a lot.

J is in his bed having a quiet snore

D sleeping/laying down in HoH

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Keesh & Memp talk about Being locked in oer night, wondering why. Memphis says "expect the unexpected."

4:28pmBBT Kesha asks Memphis "Does Jerry have any idea of whats going to happen?" mempis "says no he has no clue" and he heads to bathgroom.

4:33pmBBT the 2 still wondering what going to happens since they ar elocked in

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