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September 8 To 11 - Live Feed Updates

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10:25 am BB time HG's up and Memphis and Dan already whispering (sorry couldn't hear it all) it had to do with HOh's and Pov's and todays Comp.... Jerry in shower, Dan washing his face, Memphis in Bathroom.....Dan quizzed Memphia already on the order of the HOH's and the POV's He got them right and Dan said "If we are live we know it's questions."

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11:12 am BBT

Jerry still cooking. Memphis still laying out on the couch... Dan just walked into the kitchen. Camera man keeps doing a close up on Memphis's face and then on the word DOOM in the 80's room...

now camera man is flashing in on a happy face... Jerry made breakfast for the boys. Dan tells him Thanks... Memphis still 'fakes sleeping' LOL!


Jerry saying that his neck is hurting him badly. He is blaming it on Dan from when Dan scared him... Camera person still doing flash ins of Memphis's face and of the blue happy face sign from the 70's room... There is a very weird noise on the feeds, sounds like a saw or a sander...

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11:46 am BBT

Jerry doing the dishes, Dan still laying in the spa room... can't seem to get comfortable. Memphis finally had gotten up and Jerry told him "That is good bacon"... Memphis then just vanished (mush like he has done this whole season...)

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2:51 pm BBT

Jerry sitting alone in the LR in one of the 'on the block chair' is yawning (who can blame him)... Dan is alying in the spa room on the couch bed thing-a-ma-bob chewing his nails. BB is pumping in the Rocky theme song... Dan yells "Oh my go!" Dan jumps up with a big smile on his face, slips on his house shoes, takes a drink and heads out in the area of the LR, Jerry sighs and gets up and heads towards the back of the house (SR, bedrooms), Memphis appears from nowhere and heads the same direction.


(we had a good 15 to 20 seconds of the song)

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7:13pmBBT Jerry uses BR dosent wasj hands sits down to watch Dan & Memphis clean dishs.

BY door sarts to come down and Dan runs over to see why. Memphis "they probaly forgot somethine outside."

Dan "i wonder if Ted is still out their." Jerry "I bet he is"

7:15pmBBT Jerry goes to lay down

Memphis & Dan say something about BB paiting the walls

7:28pmBBT Dan sayin BB to say a command tat says dont play with ping pong ball

Dan sayin MANY random cammands thats result in opeining the back door. "(Something) Open te Door!"

7:31pmBBT door opens 1/2 then as Dan goes to it shuts back down. Dan "Oh, did your mom ever tll u dont 2 play with the garage door opener"

7:34pmBBT BY open, Dan waving a huge USA flag in honor of 9/11

Ted & Debbie are back

Theirs a ball in pool, & pool filter is iuncorrectt

Dan thanks the PA whp put a ball in pool & hottub

7:39pmBBT Dan finds a newspaper,donuts,cocnuts, & Capri Suns in the garabage outside FOTH

7:49pmBBT Jerry thows a moth right thru Ted's web(Hes trwoing not placing it as Dan does)

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