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September 8 To 11 - Live Feed Updates

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6:09PM BBT

Jerry sitting against fence by hot tub.

Memphis and Dan hanging in. Dan says to someone that he's glad they're back. That he hasn't seen them in a few challenges. Then says "Yes, you in the baseball cap." - perhaps a camera person?

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6:15 PM BBT A blast of cool wet air and you can hear Dan chanting something but the noise is so great I can't tell what he's saying. After the wind blast Dan tells Memphis "you know what I tell the football players back at St. Mary's...if it aint rough it aint right so be ready for a long night Memphis" Memphis does not comment. Dan yells out "I love you guys" "Call me after the show"

6:23 PM BBT Another blast of air (and really loud background noise from the fans) and the planes go up and down quite smoothly and then a slighter quicker drop. Looks like these two could be a while. Memphis and Dan are both looking down and concentrating very hard.

6:26 PM BBT Dan calls to Memphis again "I bet you wish you had on Jerry's windbreaker." "Yeah.........yeah...........yeah" "If it aint rough it aint right" Memphis makes a face like he really wishes he had put on the goggles.

6:30 PM BBT The planes practically stop moving, then a small teeny dip, then a drop, then back to up and down smooth motion. Dan "focus on the nose....focus on the nose" referring to the nose of the plane I presume. Jerry is pacing the backyard and is now wearing his red windbreaker and red marine hat.

6:35 PM BBT The up and down motion of the plane seems to have increased quite a bit. Dan and Memphis seem to have to concentrate more. Dan's jacket is wet showing there is quite a bit of water in the wind burst. Memphis has not said a word thus far.

6:42 PM BBT Everytime the wind is turned on Dan peps himself up. "Focus...nose of the plane....focus....one with the plane"

6:45 PM BBT Memphis slips off towards the left side of his plane. Dan yells out "Get me off of this thing" as the fan continues to blow for a moment. Memphis takes a moment before going inside and Dan just stares at the planes.

Dan asks Jerry if he lost his grip or slipped. Jerry says he needed to wrap the ropes around his hands because they were too long. As soon as they started moving good he was down. Dan paces around the backyard "One more to go"

Jerry heads inside and talks to Memphis. Memphis says he almost fell off the front of the plane onto the ground. BB (Mike) Thanks guys, good job, head inside. HG's "thanks Mike" Dan tells Mike it was good seeing him again. Memphis is inside changing clothes.

6:54 PM BBT All 3 HGs inside. In the storage room Jerry is explaining again that the ropes were too short for him and Memphis is telling Jerry that he really thought he was going to fall off the front of the plane onto the pool. He's really unhappy, but apparently not about slipping off but that it could have been onto the concrete. Dan goes to take a shower. Memphis is telling Jerry that as the plane dipped he would lean back and that it started killing his back. He says there is no way BB could have anticipated them going all night.

7:00 PM BBT Jerry is offering to make hamburgers for everyone. He asks Dan who is still in the shower if he wants one. Dan declines. Memphis is sitting on the living room sofa. Jerry is flattening ground beef for some burgers using his hands. Jerry sneezes....and does not wash his hands. Jerry has decided to fry his sneeze burgers (I mean cheeseburgers-FTB1974) with the lid on to make sure they cook all the way through. Dan has no idea how great an idea it is to pass up on Jerry's burgers.

7:10 PM BBT Memphis is now laying down in the sauna room and Dan is feeding the fish. It seems the fish food is getting a little low. Jerry is frying the sneezeburgers.

We get a sound boo boo and can hear the workers in the backyard for a few seconds. Sounds like there are quite a few people taking down the planes. (probably take it down in 1/10th the time it took to put it up...and only needed it for an hour. I feel cheated-FTB1974)

jam75, you going to be here for a few?

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6:15PM BBT: Dan says "You know what I tell the football players back at St. Mary's? If it ain't rough it ain't right. So guess what Memphis, it's going to be a long night."

Dan is yelling to the live crowd (I assume) - "I love you guys! Call me after the show!" Memphis casually looks over, smirks a little and just shakes his head.

Jerry looks a little lonely and a little sad maybe.

Dan calls out "I bet you wish you had on Jerry's windbreaker!"

Dan's jacket looks pretty wet. Memphis doesn't seem to be bothered.

Dan's smiling and repeating "If it ain't rough it ain't right." Jerry is now pacing a little by the BY couches. Puts his red hat and jacket back on.

Dan keeps saying "Focus on the nose (of the plane)." Not sure if he's talking to himself or trying to give Memphis a tip.

6:30PM BBT: Dan is focusing on staring down at the nose of the plane so the wet air doesn't get in his eyes. Memphis just keeps looking around and squinting.

6:40PM BBT: Jerry is sitting in silence on the BY couch just watching. Neither of the guys seem to be having any issues with this competition so far. (could be a long night!)

The planes are now moving faster and higher and tilting to about a 45 degree angle to the side! Looks like BB has stepped it up a notch!

Memphis is out!!

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6:44PM BBT: Memphis is lying on the mats. Dan yells "Get me off this thing!"

Memphis is hanging his head. Dan goes and shakes Jerry's hand and then Memphis'. Jerry is saying to Memphis "Sorry I lost it so quick. I didn't have the ropes wrapped around my hands." Memphis goes inside the house mumbling about it being so slippery.

Dan asking Jerry if he lost balance or grip. Jerry explaining that he hadn't wrapped the ropes around his wrists so it was too long and he ended up leaning too far back.

Memphis getting his bag out of the SR and changing in to some dry clothes.

Dan leaning up against one of the planes. Jerry goes inside the house. Dan talking to himself saying "One more to go."

Mike comes over PA and says "Thanks guys. Good job. See you next time. Head on inside." Everyone says "Thanks Mike." Dan says "Good seeing you again."

Memphis is changing in the shower. Jerry just sneezed, wiped his hand with tissue and is now kneading the hamburger meat with his hands making the patties for him and Memphis - no washing of the hands occurred! Dan was the smart one declining the offer of hamburgers!

7:00PM BBT: Dan is in the shower. Memphis is sitting on the couch in the living room. Jerry is making hamburgers with his sneezed on hands.

NEWSFLASH - Dan is NOT wearing his black and white swim trunks!! He's wearing beige shorts and a camo t-shirt. :jawdrop:

7:10PM BBT: Memphis and Dan in VW BR. Dan is lying on Keesha's bed. They're laughing.

Jerry is saying he hopes the burgers cooked through. He then says he doesn't mind his a little raw. (well done would be good to cook the sneeze spray out of them!) Memphis tests the burgers and says they're fine.

Dan is still lying on Keesha's bed. Looks like he's a little sad maybe.

7:17PM BBT: Jerry sitting at counter eating. Memphis standing eating.

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7:20 PM BBT Dan is laying down in the VW room and Jerry and Memphis are eating their sneezeburgers. Jerry thanks Memphis for today. Memphis says "you gotta do what you gotta do". Memphis tells Jerry he wants to go lay down a few. (Probably just to get away from Jerry and to talk to Dan.)

7:25 PM BBT Memphis heads into the VW room. They are talking quietly but I believe I hear them say that Memphis is going to try to get Jerry to throw the next comp (like that is really going to happen) Dan heads out to the kitchen (because they don't need to be seen talking) saying that now that he smells Jerry's dinner he is hungry. He tells Jerry that the next time he offers him dinner and he turns it down to call him crazy. (hehehe) Dan tells Jerry that Keesha was really classy going out and that he really liked her. Jerry mentions that out of all the people in the house she treated him the nicest. Dan is going to fry up some meat for tacos. Jerry mops up the grease he dropped on the kitchen floor.

7:42 PM BBT Jerry is unpacking in the doom room. Memphis and Dan in the kitchen. they are trying to figure out the rest of this week's schedule. Memphis thinks they will have another competition on Thursday and then part 3 on Sunday. Dan thinks one of them will be gone by Thursday.

7:54 PM BBT Dan and Memphis are playing up the hostility big time. Memphis ate one of Dan's tacos and Dan was going to start a fight with him about it and decided against it. Memphis tells him to not go overboard. They want to stay believable. Memphis asks Dan about what he whispered to Keesha on the way out. He tells Memphis he asked her about Renny's vote and to go finish it for him (smooth talking Dan!!) They are trying to come up with a signal for the part 2 of HoH. Dan tells Memphis to take 2 hankerchiefs one black and one red. In case Dan can't watch and doesn't know what happened, Memphis is to come out wearing the red if he won and black if he lost. Dan says "and don't play no tricks and wear black after winning" Memphis says "I don't do those antics, that's your thing" (I don't understand the relevance because why wouldn't Dan know who won after the comp was over?)

The plan is to act angry at each other so Jerry feels safe with both of them. They don't want Jerry competing at his best and he may even be willing to throw it to Memphis.

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Jerry saying they had a balance comp like that in a previous season. He said that a little girl that must have weighed about the same as April won. He said it was easy for her because she was tiny and had no upper body strength. Memphis speculates that if April was still in the house she would have won that HOH easily.

Jerry says he wants to thank Memphis for today. Memphis says sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Jerry says he feels bad for falling off so quickly.

Memphis tells Jerry that he's going to lie down cause he's beat. He goes to VW BR and Dan says they can't been seen talking until after the 2nd comp. He said that Memphis should try to get Jerry to throw the 2nd comp. Memphis then tells Dan that if they aren't supposed to be seen talking then he needs to get out of his room! (can't argue with that logic!) Dan then leaves the BR and goes to kitchen while Memphis is lying in his bed.

Dan tells Jerry the burgers smell good. He says that next time if he says he's making something and Dan says no to make him eat it anyways. (NO Dan NO!!! Sneezeburgers!)

7:30PM BBT

Dan says Keesha was pretty classy going out. Jerry says yes. Dan says he really liked her. Jerry then repeats to Dan what he told Keesha yesterday - that she treated him the nicest out of everyone. Jerry is complaining about something sticky being on the floor and is going to go get the mop. Dan is frying up taco meat.

Jerry is getting his suitcase out of SR. Complains it's so heavy. Drops it on his bed, gets his pills and heads back out.

Jerry is still saying he can't believe he didn't shorten that rope.

Dan said he was wondering if he had done the right thing. Jerry says it wouldn't have been long before Dan's circulation would have gone. Dan asks Jerry if he fell okay. Jerry says yes because when he falls he just relaxes.

Dan asks if Jerry thinks it's a red herring (?!). Jerry says nope, it's done. He says "You heard what she said, it's over on Tuesday." Some chatting about how they see the remainder of the time playing out. Dan wonders if the next comp will be tomorrow. Jerry speculates the winner will pick who they go with to the final on Thurs.

Dan talking to himself now saying a week from today it will be all over.

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Jerry's unpacking in the Doom Room. Dan is still cooking in the kitchen. Memphis walked by Dan in the kitchen - brief chatter but too quiet to hear. Dan and Memphis are in the bath room - more quiet brief chatter.

Memphis asks Dan if he's making tacos. Dan asks Memphis if he made too much of calling him out. Memphis says maybe a little bit but it's all good.

Looks like Memphis is now making tuna salad.

Memphis says they moved it (the finale I'm guessing) back to Tuesday so he says that means there is one comp on Thurs and one on Sun. Dan says he thinks someone will go home on Thurs.

7:42PM BBT Dan is alone on the couch in the living room. Seems like he's deep in thought. Jerry is now finished unpacking.

Dan offers some of the tacos to Jerry (he's lying on the couch in the LR) if he's hungry. Memphis is sitting at the little table eating tuna salad but Dan doesn't offer anything to him. Jerry says thanks for the offer but he's good for now, maybe later. Dan is sitting at counter eating.

Looks like Memphis just helped himself to a taco.

7:51PM BBT Jerry is called to the DR.

Dan says that he was going to say something to Memphis about eating his taco. Memphis says he was going to say something about it tasting like horse shit. Memphis says he's gotta hold back a bit. Dan says that's why he didn't say it. Dan says "But I called you out about the wind breaker!"

Memphis asks Dan if he can taste it yet! He said they have to get through one more comp and then they can flip for who gets to send Jerry home.

Memphis asked Dan what he said to Keesha on her way out. He said he had asked her about Renny's vote and it was still up in the air so he told her to finish it for him.

Dan says for the 2nd comp if it's something Dan can't watch and Memphis can't tell him, to wear a red bandana if he won and a black one if he lost. Dan says don't be doing any shit about wearing black just to screw with me. Memphis says it's you that does the antics, not me!

Dan says to tell Jerry that he knows what the 3rd comp will be so that Jerry will think Memphis will win it and will then throw the 2nd comp to him.

Dan says it was a good call keeping Jerry because he folded like a deck of cards during that endurance comp.

Memphis wondering what time tomorrow's comp will be at. Dan saying today's comp couldn't have lasted in to the night because it wouldn't have looked good on TV in the night. Dan tells Memphis that if he's in there sitting talking to Jerry to come in and he'll get up and leave because they can't be seen in the same room.

8:00PM BBT Dan finished cleaning up in the kitchen and goes to lie down in Spa Room. Jerry is still in DR. Can't see Memphis.

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Memphis is lying in his bed.

Dan is wandering the house playing with an airplane and making shooting and crashing noises. (This may be a LOOOONG night)

Dan lying in Spa Room playing with the plane. He's pretending it's spiralling in to a crash and saying "No! It's the Jerry plane! Can't take it! CRASH!"

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8:22PM BBT Dan is called to the DR. Jerry comes out of the bathroom, stops and looks in the Spa Room on his way by. Keeps walking. Memphis is still in his bed. Jerry is standing staring at the memory wall. After a few minutes Jerry goes and lies down on the couch.

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10:26 BBT

In the living room Jerry talking to Memphis saying "ollie is going to sell his house" to move in with April....Memphis says "if he moved into her house" that will be the biggest mistake going on that they should get a place "together" since it will all be "her house"

Jerry going on about April organizing the Kitchen..which prompts Memphis "she's a freak"..

10:29 BBT

Dan laying alone in the sauna room looking bored..

Back in the LR Jerry going on talking..Memphis saying his cleaning people "come every other week" to scrub everything but Ashley keeps it pretty clean....Memphis says he doesn't know how his "mom did it" since they didn't have "housekeepers" unitl he was "15 or 16"

Jerry talking about his grandaughter"boy she's something else" saying she has a temper and has him wrapped around her finger...Jerry going on about his behavorial challenged grandkids...saying his grandson was "terrible" because he would kick and scream...

Memphis says he''ll probably go back home right after BB because once he gets back to work it will be "non stop"

10:34 BBT "it will be interesting to see how all the clubs are doing" Memphis wonders...while Jerry steers the convo to "gas prices"......Jerry talking about JoAnn saying the hardest thing he faces is "keeping her from getting depressed"

They are talking about the time in the house Jerry says "9 months" when he meant 9weeks and both go over the time in the house...Memphis "almost 3 months..shit....5 days short of 3 months"

10:38 BBT

Jerry guesses. that BB is clearing out the HOH "the furniture" and the fish....Memphis says "they only do it in the summer" and BB9 was because of the strike...

Memphis says he'll have an "all new outlook" for all reality shows...Jerry laughs "i guess"

10:40 BBT Back in the Sauna Room Dan plays with his toy airplane...

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10:42 BBT

Memphis and Jerry still in the LR talking...

Dan saying "damn it... fuck..shit" and says a BB website outloud to the cameras...

10:44 Memphis siiting there on the couch as Jerry gets up heads to the kitchen..."its a quater to 11' Jerry tells him...and he says "good...I should probably shower and shave"..as Jerry plants his butt back in the chair in the LR

10:45..Dan now really bored and heavily sighs..still playing with his plane..

Jerry alone in the LRwhile Memphis prepeares to shower and no convos going on at all..

10:47 BBT Silence throughout the house.....

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11:56 BBT

There's nothing to report...except Jerry is sitting in the LR in deep thought while Dan looks really bored in the Sauna Room..I'm assuming Memphis is taking a shower since that's what he said he was going to do...

Jerry gets up from his chair to walk into the bathroom but stops to briefly talk to Dan about him playing with his ball saying "no exploding ones"..Dan chuckles as he leaves to the bathroom Dan says under his breath.."sucker"

Jerry finish up in the toilet stall and bypasses the sink and doesn't wash his hands...Memphis still in the shower

and Dan returns to being bored...

11:00 BBT Silence returns with the exception of the sound of water...

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11:04 BBT

Dan sings a jingle out loud it sounded like he said "inspire Michigan..dot com"

Memphis finishing up his shower..

11:07 BBT

Memphis goes past Dan in the Sauna room to keep up there ruse....heads to the bedroom with Jerry proclaiming "I got my Jammies on"

Memphis heads into the Bathroom and gives a little wave to Dan as he goes by...Memphis leaves while Dan literraly looks like he's bored to death..

11:09 BBT

Memphis heads into the 60s room and plops his chubby self into bed....but grabs a ping pong ball to play with.....

11:11 BBT no convos going on

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11:17 BBT Dan gets up but says "there goes the plane..crunch" as he sits on it.....Jerry says something and Dan says "it hit the spot" as he heads into the bathroom...

Dan moves his boredom to the now tiny table in the Dining area...

Jerry says "i haven't figured it out yet" when Dan says he doesn't know what BB is doing...Jerry goes on Both comps tomorrow and eviction on Thursday..and "tuesday have the finale...don't you think"...Dan says "possibly"

Jerry continues to ramble that eviction is Sunday and the finale is Tuesday.."that's got to be it Dan"...Dan "yeah"

11:22 BBT

Jerry repeats himself ...."the sound in hear is so deafening" Jerry says especially when "you're use to noise"

Memphis laying in bed using his fingers to count ..so I guess he's Jedi drilling...

Back in the LR Jerry has returned to his deep thought pose.....and Dan really hasn't said much other than answer Jerry when asked a question...

11:25 Back to a silent BB house

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11:25 BBT

Jerry "are you anxious to go home" he asks Dan..Dan says he wants to see his family "its going to be cold when I get back"

Jerry says "you better not let Monica hear you say that" {not sure what prompted that}

After the brief interlude silence prevails again..

Jerry yawning and Dan looking more in deep thought rather than being bored....Dan gets up and heads back into the bathroom and cleans up for bed..

11:30 BBT

Memphis is up with Jerry in the LR..."i figured it out" he tells memphis and goes over his schedule...he thinks there will be a day in between the eviction and the last "contest" ...memphis disagrees and says "I think they will evict live" {Jerry forgets to include jury questions} and thinks there are extra days...while Memphis thinks there a "shit load of stuff to do" to fill the extra days..

1:33 BBT

"April wasn't too happy with her designer clothes" Jerry tells Memphis "the little shit had a nice pair of legs when she put on high heels"...both thought her clothes she won were nice..

Jerry "poor Michele curled up her big toe when she walked"....he tealls memphis "you never noticed that"...memphis says "that's wierd" and Jerry tells him "she took breaking up with that guy hard"...memphis says "the one she was engaged to"

Jerry talking about his grandaughter's divorce...

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11:40 BBT

general chit chat about Memphis sisters name "abby" he tells jerry..short for "abigail"

Jerry wants to go over all the useless facts BB has thrown at them over the season tomorrow when BB announces

"Kerosene laterns are nice to have when camping"

"Thank you" Memphis chuckles..

Dan in the 80s room reading what looks like his letters from home

11:43 BBT

Jerry asks "is Showtime over" and Memphis says just about.....Jerry "i was still on live tv when I fell off that damn airplane"...Memphis "were we"

11:45 BBT mostly silent again..

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11:47 BBT

Jerry mostly doing the talking about family camping and bowling with "Virgil"..Memphis said he went camping often when he was young..

11:48 Dan just lying in bed looking up....

Back in the LR Jerry talking about boats and getting around on "mopeds" "on the island"

Memphis "that's cool"

Jerry saying he sold "my RV" 5 years ago becasue "I couldn't afford to put gass in it...it took $200 to fill it up" telling Memphis it got "7 mpg"...Memphis says the "RV Business" has gone down..

Jerry going on about the cost...

11:52 BBT Silence again........

In the 80s room Dans eyes actually look like they are getting heavy and is dosing off

Back in LR talking about BB psychiatrist and get BB waring of production talk....

Dan grabs the bible and starts to read in bed..

11:55 BBT Jeery talking about the useless facts BB gives em............

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11:57 BBT

Jerry trying to make sense of all the facts...realizes there are kerotene lamps on the wall and Memphis says there are some "in the bathroom"

Jerry gets up to take a look around the house...whileMemphis grabs his cup and gets water..and heads back into the 60s room flicks off the lights and gets into bed..

12:02 BBT Dan reading his bible in the 80s room..."good night jerry...I'll be done in a second".....as Jerry climbs into his bed in the 80s room....

Dan finishes reading hits the lights "Good night Jerry" and goes to bed...

12:06 BBT Everyone is in bed

{I'm out but will be back tomorrow..night all}

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Bb Time....6:45 am HG's Still sleeping, Jerry moving a little, Dan laying on his right side, Memphis om his back ...... Jerry seems to be a little restless, more so than Dan. Jerry moves every now and then.......Dan moving, now sleeping......Jerry may be more awake than sleeping (Later, Gators'LOL) :sleep1:

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