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September 8 To 11 - Live Feed Updates

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feeds are back.. Mem and Dan playing chest... Jerry peeling potatoes; Keesha out of site.. have no idea what was up with the foth. ok.. now know that the did the Craig F show.. nothing big.

Jerry is making BBQ chicken {obviously trying to make something keesha will eat} and plain potatoes

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The FotH was for the Late Late Show. Keesha was seen taking off heels after we came back.


Monday, September 8

Julie Chen (Big Brother)

Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)

Sophia Myles (Mister Foe)

6:10PM BBT: Keesha and Memphis are talking in the HoH room. She wants to be sure Memphis isn't voting her out and he tells her he would tell her if he was. He changes the subject. Dan is called to the DR. Memphis heads downstairs, Jerry is in the kitchen and Keesha remains in the HoH room.

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6:19 BBT Jerry sitting in massage chair, Memphis in LR reading bible, Keesha in HOH listening to Dan's CD, Dan in DR...all is quiet

6:22 BBT Dan out of DR & in kitchen now with Jerry. Jerry is making chicken while Dan is making pasta. No one is talking.

6:29 BBT Jerry comments that he likes their little table. Dan agrees & says it's homely. Memphis is in bathroom...not a lot of excitement to pass along

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6:51 BBT

Turned in the feeds to hear Jerry yelling "Dinner's ready!" quite loudly.

They are all sitting down to eat dinner together, Keesha commenting that all the cups are outside. Dan thanks Jerry for cooking. Jerry responds that cooking for 4 is not so bad, just couldn't do it for 13.

There's a nice little family dinner feeling going on.

Dan jokes that Jerry's been sandbagging the dinners and Jerry remarked that he had a hard time beating Renny to the fridge, she'd start cooking at 2-3 o'clock.

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6:40 BBT Dan laying on bed in HOH with Keesha...Dan thanks BB for fixing spy cam. Keesha telling Dan about her theory with Memphis about Jerry's chicken. K tells D that the chicken will never get done because J put BBQ sauce on it before it was cooked. D tells K that J was mad at him for making pasta because he was already making food. K telling D she asked M if he was voting her out & M told her no.

6:45 BBT Dan assuring Keesha that if he had the veto he could guarantee she was safe. Dan & Keesha talking about who would vote for who from the jury. Dan saying Renny would do a lot of damage to Jerry...Keesha saying April & Ollie won't vote for her...Dan saying Renny would blame a lot of things on him.

6:48 BBT Keesha saying she has helped Memphis out a lot and will be mad if he votes her out. Now talk is back to the food Jerry is making. Dan & Keesha leave HOH...food is ready

6:54 BBT All HG's are sitting at table eating. Keesha complaining about being locked inside all day

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7:15 PM BBT: Dan doing the dishes, Keesha reading her letter.

Camera 1 just briefly flashed a photo of Michelle.

7:48BBT : Dan and Keesha quizzing Jerry on entertainment options back when he was young. Dan asks if they used to sit around and listen to the radio. They joke about entertainment coming a long way. Dan, Keesha and Jerry talking about the history of reality television.

Dan thinks without the fish food they'd have no idea what day it was. They are trying to figure out what night the finale will be (again) they think a Sunday. Dan says it's because everyone is home watching tv, Keesha says because families can be there and Jerry says it's because it's cheaper to fly families out on Saturday night. Rehashing prior final 3 comps.

Memphis telling Dan he wishes he could tell her but that they told him he couldn't.... and we get FOTH

8:18BBT: Memphis has tried to explain it to her in his farewell message but he doesn't know if they'll show it. He thinks Keesha will be pissed at him for not telling her.

Dan and Memphis rehashing who in the house knew they were being evicted. Dan asking what Jerry is offering for F2.

(Out for the night - ZuZu)

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7:22 pm BBT

Jerry FINALLY has someone to play with..........Dan and Jerry are playing the game that Jerry made out of the cereal box (everytime Jerry gets close to making a point, he makes this God aweful noise...almost like nails on a chalkboard)

Keesha is in the LR tweezing her eyebrows

Dan just asked Jerry where he came up with the idea of the game, Jerry said the Carnival had a game like this...(hummm)

(Jerry's grunting is almost unbearable)

Dan seems to be really getting into the game........Jerry is almost giddy to finally have someone to play with him.

Not sure where Memphis is

07:39 pm BBT..........The game is finally over

Dan just walked into LR and asked Keesha what she was doing.......she said that she was plucking her eyebrows....he wants her to pluck a coupld of his that are sticking out. She can't find them. Dan then asked where Memphis was and Keesha said that he was sleeping. Jerry came and sat in LR with K and D......Dan went in to wake memphis up.

Keesha went into WC and finished plucking her eyebrows. Dan and Jerry still in LR talking about the game. Jerry told Dan that he "ran" that game in the Carnival (i guess he WAS in the carnival..lol)

Keesha has joined Dan and Jerry in the LR....General chitchat about playing cards, and marbles. Now they are talking about Beer Pretzels. Keesha and Jerry had to explain to Dan what Beer Pretzels are.

Looks like Memphis went back to sleep

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07:47 BBT: Keesha, Dan, and Jerry in LR talking about the old music boxes and Jerry is telling them how he use to sit in the middle of his LR to listen to the shows.

Memphis is still laying in bed. Now the talk is on reality shows. ( the real world, the biggest loser)

Random chit chat about the end of the BB show. Memphis seems to be having a hard time getting to sleep.

7:52 BBT....Memphis finally gets up and walks into the kitchen...opens up the fridge looked at it for a couple of seconds and then closed it and headed to the bathroom.

Jerry, Dan, and Keesha still in LR talking about the final HOH comps in the previous seasons.

Memphis comes out of bathroom and washes his hands......walks to the sauna room, stands at the door for a couple of seconds and then goes into the kitchen and makes him a drink, he then joins the others in the LR.

everyone gets silent

8:00 BBT ............Jerry and Keesha start talking about Julie and where her studio is then we get Fishies!!! :party_smilie:

08:03 pm BBT ..........talk turns to how old people age..........Memphis rolled his eyes, let out a sigh, and then went into the sauna room and laid down. Jerry then went into his room to take his nightly meds. Dan goes upstairs to feed the fishes in the HOH room and starts singing. BB told him to stop singing. Keesha sitting on couch making fish lips. She then goes into Sauna room with Memphis

Memphis is having a VERY hard time being locked inside.

Keesha just told memphis that he was being awefully quiet today. He said that he was just thinking about Ashley.

Jerry went into the bathroom. He comes out and barely gets his hands wet and wipes them on the towel. NO SOAP USED!!!!

Dan is laying on the HOH bed with his headphones on playing with his frog......he starts singing LOUD and we get fishes.

He is calling the frog...spike the elbino emo frog........(he's losing his mind...his words, not mine)

(okay, i'm out for a while.....gotta take a shower)

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9:00PM BBT

Memphis just left HOH when Keesha was questioning him.

Keesha crying and upset up in HOH with Dan. She is saying she knows Memphis is voting her out. She is literally freaking out now. Keesha: "I can fkn read people, thats why he got up and left." Memphis keeps leaving whenever she brings up the idea of him voting her out. Keesha: He's not gonna tell me. This isnt making sense. I've been around you guys long enough to know you, at least the way you behave in the game. Every time I mention this he jets. Memphis cant hide it. You dont keep them around cause you like someone in this game." Dan going along with whatever she is saying.

Dan: Do you think he can beat me in the end of the game. (Only worrying about himself here!) Keesha: The whole jury house doesn't like any of us. If they look at it game wise....I dont know I'm not them I dont know what their thinking. Now I know whats fkn going on. (asking Dan now) You know dont you?

(She's on a role) It's not fair that everyone knew when they were leaving but her.

(She is visibly upset, tears in her eyes) Keesha: I can tell by the look on his face. Dan: How can we get you out of this? Can you make a deal with him?(Pretending not to know anything)

Now Keesha is bashing Jerry. He knows he's not leaving he's too quiet.

(She keeps referring to Memphis voting her out (tomorrow dont know what thats about? BB might have moved eviction up?)

Keesha stating that she is making sure whoever votes her out doesn't get her vote.

She leaves HOH. Dan to himself: "The shits about to hit the fan!"

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Memphis and Keesha are now talking!

She confronts him and asks him if he was ever going to tell her. All he tells is that he is sorry and that he can't say anything.

Both Dan and Memphis are in the living room...and she's asking why he wants her out, he is saying he can't talk about it. Dan tells her that he was suspicious about the whole thing, but he didn't know for sure.

Now she's pissed that he's picking Jerry over her...she said that because Jerry was nice to her for the past few days, she started feeling suspicious.

She's pissed that she didn't listen to Michelle when she was told that Jerry has a deal with Dan and Memphis

From what I just cut after the showtime break, Dan just told Keesha that Memphis was not allowed to tell her...she thinks its all bull, and that Memphis is hiding behind that excuse.

Memphis and Dan are in the living room facing each other on the opposing chairs...Keesha is in the SR painting her nails and crying...no sign of Jerry.

Memphis is letting Dan know that he can throw him under the bus...since it wasn't idea anyway. Memphis is telling Jerry that Dan's pissed at him.

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9:20PM BBT

Here's the deal..BB has told Memphis not to tell Keesha that he is voting her out.

No sign of Jerry.

Memphis just came out of the DR Dan caught him and told him that he didn't tell her

anything. Memphis goes into the sauna room where Keesha is and we get FOTH.

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9:35PM BBT: Dan is now in the SR with Keesha.

Keesha is thanking her smarts for finding out before the live show. She now thinks that Jerry is going to win it. Dan is telling her that he didn't know until after his trip...he wants Jerry out.

She is now pissed that she didn't win the pov. She is pissed off that he told her that he would not vote her out...but she knew it as soon as noticed his change in demeanor. She's pissed that after she saved him through out the game, now he's sending her packing.

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She's leaving tomorrow instead of Thursday or she'd have lost her mind. Dan thinks that because of Jerry's injury, Memphis wants to take advantage of it and use him to get to the f3.

She is definitely not going to vote for him, and she'll fight for him not to get any votes in jh.

She is pissed at him saying "I'm sorry, give me hug" after she confronts him. She's surprised that he thinks he can beat Jerry. She thinks that only Dan and Jerry have a chance of winning.

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Dan wants to figure out a scenario in which they can convince Memphis into letting her stay.

Keesha believes that because she and Dan are close, so he's scared that Keesha might pick Dan over him in f2, or Dan might pick her over him. While with Jerry, he'll only pick Memphis, because he can't stand Dan...

Now Keesha is going off on Dan for not letting her know...he's trying to let her know that he was trying to work on Memphis to let her stay.

Now she's rooting for Dan, she thinks he's a genuine person, and she doesn't want anyone else to win it (how will finding out about Michelle sway her?)

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9:50pm bbt: She doesn't want Memphis to sleep in the room with her, Dan offered his bed to her instead. She's pissed that after having both Dan and Memphis's back, Memphis is going to play her this way!

Dan thinks that Jerry is playing the weak part...but with Jerry know the fun facts word for word, Dan doesn't feel confident in beating him when it comes to the questions. (maybe someone should tell Memphis that)

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Keesha is pissed that she'll be leaving with nothing..."it sucks!" (Keesha)

Memphis is laying down doing nothing in April and Ollie's old room

Dan wants to tell her a couple of things (maybe he's going to let her know about Michelle!)

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10:15PM BBT: Dan's using the restroom, while Keesha is just sitting on his chair in his room wiping the tears off her face :(

Memphis is now eating something on the dining table.

Now they are talking about how Memphis was never a bad guy through out.

Dan's telling her that Memphis is also a bit upset about the situation also, and he's picking her over Jerry of all people!

She's letting him know that he better make it to f2, and she'll make sure she gets the votes for him. Now Dan's asking her who she wants him to pick if gets to the finale.

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10:12 BBT

Keesha "I don't know if that bothers me worse" saying about Jerry "walking around here to Dan in HOH.

Keesha visibly upset and pissed...while Mephis downstaits at table eating...

"it must be nice" Keesha sniffles "he never had to be the bad guy the whole time he was in here" Keesha cries about Memphis..."I can't breathe"

"what does he have to be upset about" Keesha snaps at Dan when he tells her that Memphis was upset..."Jerry" "Jerry is full of shit if he thinks he's getting my vote"

Keesha tells Dan "you have a good chance to wins this game if you can make it to the final two" telling him "this is going to work out in your favor"..telling him she'll make it happen in the jury house..

Dan asks "who do I take" if he gets to final 2...Keesha says "that's up to you".....Keesha pissed "he wasn't going to even tell me"...Dan saying he was going to tell her....Keesha says to Dan "doesn't matter" telling him he's in the best spot with her "in this game"

10:18 BBT

Jerry and Memphis in the Kitchen eating...

Back in HOH Keesha and Dan talking about Keesha having "fought with everyone in this house" Keesha manages a laugh and says "I didn't fight with Michele though"

Keesha says "I get to say a speech when I leave" Dan warns her not to do anything that's not her...Keesha says "I wish he wasn't lying to me"

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Dan's trying to let her know that she's survived through it all, despite fighting with everyone else. But she's happy she gets to give a speech, but Dan her to give one that allows her to remain true to herself (give a classy speech Keesha!)

Dan's saying that he's never good at questions, which is Keesha's strong point.

Dan just mentioned that Michelle is more pi...couldn't complete his sentence before Keesha cut in. (maybe he about to tell her about Michelle ;) )

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