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August 21 & 22 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:02 BBT

April and Ollie in bed together...{for the last time in the BB house}

In the 60s room Dan preaching out of his bible talking about "Daniel"....he reads.. to Keesha..

12:06 BBT

"keesha's a bteer game player than I am" April laments......saying "she's better with the guys"....Ollie trying his best to make her feel better

April pumping Ollie up because she thinks it might be "an endurance challenge"...."you'll be fine"....April telling Ollie "go to bed".....long silence {but you can hear Dan bible beating in the next room}

12:11 BBT...12:27 BBT FOTH....

Feeds back as Dan leaves the 60s room..to head to DR I think....a despondant Ollie...talking about someone saying "i have a proposition".........Ollie wonders what Dan is talking about "so much"....saying he doesn't like when he says "hi ...how ya doing"...save it he says..

April "your amazing"..Ollie "I'm all yours"..April "i know" [that was sickening}

12:15 BBT FOTH....

12:22 BBT Still FOTH

12:27 BBT still FOTH...

12:29 BBT

Feeds are bacl with Memphis asking Dan "what are they doing in there" ..DAn makes himself look like she was flying ...Memphis says "flying"

Dan whisperser....Memphis says "she's going off the deep end" ......saying if Michele wins HOH tomorrow "ollie is going to tie onto that" really quickly.....Memphis says "were ok as long as he doesn't win the POV"...{didn't hear what Dan said}

12:32 BBT

Memphis "I know..we have to win"....Dan mumbling into a blocked mic so I'm missing everything he's saying...

"do you thing they're working on tomorrows" show..he asks Dan...Dam {muffled mumbles}

Memphis "that's why we have to win and put Ollie and Jerry up".."maybe we'll have a double elemination"

Keesha reneters the room...while Memphis leaves...Dan talks about Michele...Keesha "i know"...Keesha "I've been finding it funny......you just never know"....Keesha telling Dan that "you're safe"....they whisper at an inaudible level talking "she shouldn't be hard to beat at the end" Dan says ...Keesha " a lot of people see what she's doing...they know people are doing certain things to get votes"....

Keesha says "I think Jerry's working out"

12:40 BBT Warning: In other room... Ollie April Show commencing [viwer discretion is advised.]

12:45 BBT

Memphis is back and in bed...Keesha doing her obnoxious laugh and is asking them "to ommiate it"..Dan is starts out "like a loud screeching noise"..Keesha "great" people doing her immitation of her laugh....{she's actually proud of that unbearable kackle}

keesha says "why would somebaody ask that" saying I'm probably beint portrayed like that..

keesha getting history and Geography lessons..about where the south begins and what the southerns wre called..both says "confederates"

Memphis asking Dan what Monica's best attributes...Keesha points to her breasts....all laugh..

Dan "ver very caring"..Memphis what's her greatest feature" Dan"beautiful face"

Memphis to Keesha...about JJ...Keesha "he reminds me of a big teddy bear"..Dan "so he's fat"...Keesha no "he's tall...almost 6'4"

Memphis saying he's six foot when keesha asks...Memphis "6'2 is an average height" ..dan "you're crazy"....

Keesha says JJ's built like Memphis {so Dan's right he's fat}

Memphis gets askes..and says about Ashley "her personality...her skin..she has beautiful skin"...saying "she has olive skin"

Keesha about Reeney "her husband wasn't waht I was expecting"....Keesha says he "looks italian" Dan disagrees.saying his eyes.."he has wierd eyes"

12:55 BBT

April and Ollie finshing up...

12:58 Dan keesha and memphis still up talking and April and Ollie doing whatever they're doing..

the 1:00 BBT we get FOTh

Feeds back briefly to just what I stated above..

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6:02 am BBT

HG's in bed sleeping

Cam 1 - Dan

Cam 2 - Keesha and Memphis

Cam 3 - Ollie

Cam 4 - Jerry

7:47 am BBT

HG's still in bed asleep

Cam 1 - Dan

Cam 2 - Memphis and Keesha

Cam 3 - Ollie and possibly April

Cam 4 - Jerry

yep April is in bed with Ollie, I just saw her move...

9:36 am BBT


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Feeds are back. April is furiously cleaning to stove and benches while Ollie and Michelle watch and chat. Memphis and Keesha are in the sauna room. Memphis on the couch and Keesha in the chair drinking coffee.

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9:59 am BBT

April cleaning the kitchen, Ollie and Michelle sitting at the kitchen counter talking. Keesha sitting in the spa room by the chair closest to the door (I think she is listening to the kitchen folk talk). Memphis was in the spa room too. Dan was in the bathroom. Keesha left the spa room and went to the BR. MI - it has been going on for a couple of hours. It is like lotto, when I was going to the SR... (I have no idea what she is talking about). K back in the spa room, Jerry now out to the kitchen. MI and O talking about this mornings music. D got something to drink and went back to the BR area. A just blew her nose and didn't wash her hands and is touching everything in the kitchen. The is like a speed freak! She is rushing everywhere. O left the kitchen counter. No one is talking.

10:04 am BBT

K and ME in the spa room (silent). A cleaning the kitchen. J in the kitchen getting breakfast (silent) MI at the kitchen counter (silent) O comes in and tells A "Thanks for doing the dishes" A to O - Can you do me a big favor? Can you put these ________ O obviously does what she asks because she tells him Thank You. K and ME still in spa room (silent) NO one is talking. The only noise is A fervent cleaning and dishes clanging A - Thank you Ollie O - Thank You. J making a shake. K gets up and heads to HoH room. K - dude A is being a bitch! So is Michelle! So is ollie I don't know what is up with them. I go to the room and they stop talking and then Ollie says I don't know why some people can't do their own dishes. K - I was in the spa room and ME was in there and she comes storming in there and grabs the glasses and we were like what is up? I can't let her get it today. K - I told him (ME) they are on a kick today. R is starting with her paranoia going (hard to hear her) BB - Please put your mic on R - I have it on! K - you probably need to move it up. K - stating that she asked D if he noticed how ME would mention MI's name. R - He is dangerous BB - Renny please exchange your mic. R - ME is a wiseass, he is ridiculous. R mentions about walking in on a convo where D asked ME what was the most money he spent on something... I mean a man with a fur coat? K - that is interesting. R goes to get a new mic, K heads downstairs.

10:12 am BBT

K goes back to spa room and sits in silence with ME. BB - Renny please go exchange your mic. A still cleaning like a mad woman. J sweeping the kitchen floor. A goes to pull O's armpit hair. O - I should go trim them. A singing "Get down on it"... R off to SR to get mic. A doing dishes and cleaning still ( for such a self-professed clean freak this is the first time I have seen her go on a cleaning frenzy). R - I'll clean the BR as soon as I curl my hair. *** awkward silence *** O - you gonna vacuum col.? J - Huh? O - You gonna vacuum? J - Yeah whatever we gotta do... O starts to vacuum (weird word) can't hear anything now.

10:19 am BBT

K leaves Spa room, heads to BR asks D " are you starting to clean in here? D - yeah K - who helps you? Renny? D - ok renny roo... K turns a bottle around and then walks out. MI is putting up hair stuff. J mopping. D cleaning BR, O vacuuming, ME still laying about in spa room. Renny up in HoH. D is pouring a massive amount of Comet on theBR sinks... K back to BR K - Ola Dan! D whispers something. K -I don't know, I am glad I am not the only one that noticed it. K straightening up shampoo bottles on the rack. MI goes to SR to get napkins... O still vacuuming. MI - I had to clean the SR all the veggies were rotting on top of the table, it was nasty! K goes back to BR and moves the shower curtain. BB - J please go to the DR. A - here Jerry I will finish that... A mopping. D cleaning BR. ME sleeping in spa room. O vacuuming. All 4 cams on A mopping

10:28 am BBT

A in Kitchen A to O - I feel like Cinderella. Will you be my prince? O says something about cutting his armpit hairs. A starts cleaning fridge. A does the psycho knife stab sound and then laughs. J out of the DR J to A - are we done with this (mopping) A - yeah we are done. D & K in BR cleaning. K actually has on cleaning gloves and says that they use Comet at home and it is good stuff. D still scrubbing sinks. Everyone just cleaning...

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12:30 BBT

HGs just wondering around. Memphis in kitchen eating. Ollie in bed with April and Michelle in the room. Dan, Keesha and Renny in kitchen. No sign of Jerry. Not much talking going on.

1:10 BBT

Just general nothingness going on in the house. Dan's back to his bed in the 80's room. Feeds on him in bed, Jerry in his bed, and then Renny, Keesha and now Memphis in the 70's room. They were whispering a little before Memphis came in. Renny said something about if Dan can hang in there or not. Now they're speculating what the HOH will be. They say something about a jungle and Keesha thinks they'll be hanging. Renny says they've already done that. Now some feeds showing Michelle sitting alone in the spa room and April just walked out of the kitchen. Keesha thinks BB will tell them not to dress up for the live show tonight. Ollie brings his blanket into the spa room and lays down. April is in and out of there.

1:20 BBT

Memphis says there's got to be a drummer somewhere in the building as they've heard it. Whispering in the spa room now. Michelle is talking all mean to Ollie and April about the others. Michelle says the others are crapping in their pants right now and April agrees. They're now complaining about how some of the others don't clean. Michelle says she doesn't know if she should put Jerry's key first just to surprise everyone else and April and Ollie laugh. Ollie say's he'll do that too. Seems like Michelle is planning (or just saying to their faces) that she's going to put up Memphis and Dan, b/c she says if Keesha isn't on the block and wins veto, Michelle will tell her if she uses the veto, Renny will go up, as Michelle wants them bad. Ollie says Michelle should say that to them in the beginning.

Michelle says she'd like to see Ollie's family, so if it comes down to the two of them, she's giving it to him. She brings up Jessie and says karma's a bitch. Michelle says the only HG she doesn't have any bad feelings for right now, and how it changes everytime the wind blows, is Renny. Michelle says that she's agaisnt using money as a bribe, but she might take it just so that HG can't use it for someone else, and then when she goes to walk out the door, give it back to them.

1:25 BBT

Michelle tells April that she never knows, that something might happen and April can stay. Ollie and April like that idea and April says that or she could come back next week. Michelle says that it'd be great if April and Jessie came back, and Ollie says America would love that. April tells (BB/the cameras) that if we want good tv, to do that. Michelle asks if April thinks Libra will try to talk to her as soon as she comes in and April says she's not talking to that bitch, that she's no longer in the game and doens't have to talk to her. Ollie says that April will never see Libra again.

They also think the HOH is about the jungle b/c Michelle and Jerry recall the songs BB played for them in the morning. One of them was Welcome To The Jungle and the others (I forget what they said) had to do with a jungle them. Ollie says he promises that BB didn't wake them up to those songs on accident, that it has significance to it. April tells them they got this, she has so much fate in them.

1:30 BBT

Michelle says the others will be counting on Memphis to win the HOH for them. Ollie says Memphis thinks he's safe b/c he thinks he has Michelle in his corner and he's playing both sides. Ollie says that's how Memphis has been playing the whole game. Michelle says it will be a big shock for them if she wins. She says she's going to let them think she doesn't like Jerry and will therefore put him up. Michelle says she wants to tell Dan to pick a side now, and to give her a prized possession (sp?) of his for Michelle to hold and that if Dan breaks his word to her, she'll keep it and he won't get it back. She says about doing that to Jerry, too. Ollie says that if Jerry has to go through another week of it (slop?) that Jerry's done. Michelle says someone is coming and they all change the topic to April's toes that she's painting. April says she wants to place a bet with Ollie that he'll be sitting next to her tonight during the show.

1:35 BBT

April saying that BB has been placing them during the live show by people they're friends with or are working with and that BB knows what they're doing. Michelle says then why do they always place her next to Memphis. April says that people think they're working together and Michelle says they're just friends.

Other feeds are on the hallway outside the spa and Renny, Memphis and Keesha sleeping in the 70's room.

Back in the spa, they're discussin Memphis and how he thinks he's always safe, especially when he went for the prize in the onion pov comp. April says Jerry was sent to spy on them earlier when he came near the spa/bathroom looking for tissues to whip his nose. April says there's two different tissues on his way to the bathroom, and the reason he came all the way over near them was to spy on them.

1:45 BBT

Michelle says that the others keep asking her if she's going to put Jerry up if she gets HOH and she's letting them think that. She says if she did that, that would just be doing their dirty work and the 4 of them would still be here. Michelle says she only gave her word to two people, one of which is gone and the other who is right there (and she points to April and Ollie) and she says she put her word on her mother and her father.

Talk switches quickly to football. Someone walks past the spa room towards the bathroom, and Michelle mouths something to Ollie. Keesha's now up and walking around. It was Jerry, as he's no in the kitchen. Keesha's back in be eating and Renny's looking at her. No talking.

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6:22pmBBT They say Memphis knocked down something down earlyer

6:24pmBBT They slam into wall again after animal noises. Memphis says His "thing hurts, it feels like a cider block hiting it." Memphis tells story about his manhood almost bein gtakenaway in accident. Ollie wants a productive cup. A sSeagul slys over head Memphis points it out

6:29pmBBT Dan says "his thing has just benn cut open he thinks." They talk about veins around that area

6:30pmBBT Jerry falls down say s he cant walk

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6:33-Memphis saying he is going to do Gladiators when he gets out. Michelle having the easiest time. Barely moving-Keesha is moving a bit. BB-please stop singing

6:40 5 still hangin in (thought guys would be gone by now-BBFT)

Jerry saying he is feeling the pain for all of them--REnny "Good job guys"

6:43--starting to slam them in the wall again--douse with water

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