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July 18th Live Feed Updates

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eric is still cooking sarah still doing laundry

yep they are pancakes, eric just put syrup on them

eric is sitting down to eat

sarah in with a load of towels

eric - what the hell was going on last night?

eric - what was going on

sarah - ... and you werent the bad one beau, april and __ got in a towel snapping fight...

eric - you guys were having a blast last night

sarah - james got wrapped up like in a cocoon

eric- outta control

sarah - it was fun!

eric - (something about viagra) it only took me an hour to remember that

eric snarfing down his food and sarah back out at the laundry

eric washing dishes sarah now in kitchen

eric - that is what jamews said - no more sugar for the girls last night, after howies last comment i was like now it is time to go to bed, what time did you go to bed?

sarah - about 9ish

eric - I was so tired last night is the first time i got to sleep

sarah - did you dream aboy me

eric - i dreamed about work and i got demoted and had to be on the ambulances, but now i am a capt. i don't do that

sarah - yeah

eric - everytime i go somewhere i have to take 3 other people with me

sarah - yawns

eric - i am just kinda glad that things have calmed down

sarah - oh yeah

eric - mike has even calmed down a bit

something snout people leaving

sarah - then it is gonna get emotional

eric - we will have to allsit down and talk and blah blah blah, we all have that common goal. we have all established relationships -

e - what i can tell you is there was discussion jennifer because she actually said she saw mike slam, this is just what i understand jennifer said yeah he slammed the wall and now she is backing down... whispers

whispering i can't understand***

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s - you can tell she likes james, she thinks something is going on with us, there is nothing going on with us, she is jealous

e - jen is so afraid of confrontation she won't say anything

s - there is some people i don't want to have power cuz i cant see myself in this house with them

e - now maggie

s - i like maggie

e - if anybody has been my boy in this house is james, he's had my back, james is still respected, hes very smart, i like that

s - i love rachel but she makes me nervous

e - she is a strong player

dang my stream cut out!!!!!

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e - no one in the house is stupid or niave, not one, it would be ignorant for anyone to think that. we are all here for one reason. james is an idealist

e - jennifer is like that she goes with the flow, she doesn't like confrontation

s- seriously in my case, i don't want the forst person to go after those guys

e- certain people have certain strengths, that is what i meant by that is what everybody... james was so happy, when i was talking he was three shade sof white, that was the worst disn right next to the poi

s- i feel bad cuz i could have had three more bites, but when i looked dow

e- its gonna be hard, its gonna be hard, i mean how do you get rid of beau??? don't worry about that right now we need to get rid of jan and kay, i t will be so kewl to see him walk out the door

s- he has some messed up friends that are ok w/ the way he acts,

e - you feel violated

s - that is the exact word!!!!

s- he denied it but beau was like nope it happened

e - he was like i never touched a girl like that and then b said yeah you did and he was like oh yeah...

s - i told james if you didn't hear it i am just talking gossip

s- that picture doesn't even look like you, you look like a dr. in a show

e- james when i first met him when i first saw him he halways had this look on his face i thought he was a lawyer or a dr, i couyld see hime being a polition he has that sense of duty in his beliefs. you would know what his views were

s - just blew it... she just said something about the kids in his classroom!!! e- didn't pick up[ on it

e- jan scares the s*** out of me. there are some ppl when the S*** hits the fan they will step up

s- the best players will step up like maggie, howie...

e- did you see when she got made-up?

s- she is beautiful!

e- i told her you are so much more beautiful when you are just natural. howie alone the guys is a swetheart

s - yeah

s- i waisted a good 5 days missing out

e- i would be the first one to step up for howie

e - i think we have given plenty of fireworks for the show, i can guarantee that much

eric walks away, sarah drinking her coffee

sarah making another cup o joe

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sarah just sitting at counter lost in thought almost looks sad...

eric back

s- talking about beau being like a guy at her work, beau is one of the funniest guys you would love my friend michael his just like beau so funny

he is gay, he has a partner but he makes you crack up

e- i don't care about anyones sexual pref.

s - you would like him

e - i hope julie is not watching this s*** cuz she'll cancel the maid

s- laughed

s - maggie didn't get a picture

e- i had some made up trhey are a little provocative, i can't show. she's just beautiful just beautiful

e - i couldn't make it without her

s- i love a guy who thinks like that well about me that is

s- i wonder who is watching out there, i hope matthew, he loves me, he just doesn't know it yet

e- i could tell he wanted you

s - gonna work out this am?

e- i already got mine done

s- did you?

e- yep

s- good boy! you going outside?

e - yep get some sun

s- yep get some hammock time

sarah goes outside and lays in hammock and looks towards door for eric

eric back in pantry

eric heads outside

e - sun feels good

s - yawns

s in hammock e plops down on chaise lounge

e - your welcome

sarah looks bummed that e didn't join her on the hammock

e catching some early morn rays and sarah just is staring at him

sarah sneezes eric says bless you sarah thank you...

sarah gets up and heads to laundry area

heads back and gets back on hammock

eerily quiet except for some planes flying overhead

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Rachel changed her battery in her mic and now james is up and changing his. Rachel is getting her pills and into the kitchen now to make her something to eat. James went to the bathroom.

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Guest okw fan

9:00 BBT

James up and in bathroom. Rachel up, cleaning kitchen Eric asleep outside. Sara outside in hammock-looks miserable!

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i think e fell asleep on the chaise lounge, s pops knuckles and looks thouroughly bored

silence outside, stirring amongst the hg inside...

rachel is up and just went to the bathroom

these people don't seem to consistantly wash their hands after going to the br... eeeeew

r - putting in contacts

e- still snoozing

s- still in hammock looking bored

r - put on mic and face lotion

s- sitting there popping knuckles again

r - in kitchen then walked back to bedrooms, then to pantry, then back to bathroom

someone else is up now and in pantry (male) i think it's james

r to kitchen j? to bathroom

eric - was i snoring

s - not that i heard, you should have head maggie last night! she woke up the whole room

e- what do you want she is a hippie

s- everyone was telling me to smack her in the head

e- she wears earplugs doesn't she

s- yeah

s- gonna go work out b4 everyone else wakes up and wants to

s - walks in kitchen hey!

s - cappy got up really early cuz he wanted to work out, i woke up when i hear dhim

james - did you work out

s- no i did laundry, i'm gonna go work out now b4 everyone wakes up

james - i had no idea that she could snore like that , maggie

r - it woke me up that for sure

r heads outside

james - just leave it open

e - hey whats up sleepy head

r - this is disgusting

e - i know i already cleaned this morning

r - all of us were up at 4 am cuz there was an animal in the room

e - what???

james she was like a cyborg this morning making weird noises!!!

j- she is alive, i checked on her thsi morning

e - did you tell me last night 3 chicks were on you???

james they wrapped me up like a burrito

e - i heard ivette did a strip tease

j - she did the merange on top of me

someone says something about viagra and 24 hours, and then they said they wouldn't do her for practice

j - i know i haven't spoke much about the veto contest, i didn't realise that it was mike that was 13 sec away from me... i was like holy s***

e- that could have been the most inportant even in the long run

j- you should have seen in the hoh room with me all i can tell you is that it would have been ivetter, no doubt about it

e- it was huge james, i knew exactally how huge it was

j that is why you were stressed

e - 13 seconds dude 13 sec...

j - i was so in the zone i didn't know how fast i was going...

e- you would have been under 6 easily

j - that is what happened to me the first day, i couldn't get my hand in the water

j - thats a cute littl outfit, what do you use that for

s - uuuum this... i can't think

e - maybe i could make a lemon chicken, do we have lemon juice?

e- huge dude huge

e- it was so weird cuz perception is weird that i thought jan had him (mike) he ran out of gas

ok folks, I have to bail for a bit, I have to get some stuff done around the house...

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Guest okw fan

9:21 BBt

Sara on treadmill. Eric and Rachoel outside talking. James went inside but is not on feeds.

There are 4 feeds, and they are showing the same 2 pictures on all 4 feeds.

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ok just lil bit more...

james and s - kissing in gym

e- i'd like to see ivetter there, but i don't know if her emotions will get to her in the long run, i love her to death but she is a very emotional woman, sh is a female version of me...

e - we gotta keep em in check and you've done that for me

s - on treadmill

j - in kitchen

r & e outside

r - it sounded like a camel and i have heard camels... i woke up and i was kinda dreaming and then i sat up and it was maggine and she didn't wake up and i went to the br and there was howie eating a bagel and then jeni and jam came in the br we were like oh my god!!!

e- last night i slept good!

r - howie went into the gold room and jen was with mike and it is weird cuz she has a boyfriend, or she says she does, maybe he is her bf...

e- you are my long lost kindergarden gf...

r- we are the same age

r- when i said i was 33 everyone was like WHAT???

e- is that a good thing or bad thing

e- at least we know what we want to do this week

e- at least the next two week s and the next three week so we should just enjoy each others company... mike, jan and mike

r - i don'twanna be

e - u don't want to be that dominate player

r - i am a team player

e- of course you are

r if kay won it who would he put up

e- he would have put me up

r - he would have put ivette up

e- the men are afraid of ivette cuz she is so strong

e - talking about k being a mamas boy and how he can't handle strong women but that he is getting better

r to jam - where are the omlettes we ordered

r if i smell sauerkrout i want to throw up...

jam - sauerkrout makes me throw up...

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Guest okw fan

Rach and Eric talking-Rach saying she is a team player. Eric saying if Kayser gets HOH, he would put up Eric. A lot of controlling men have a prob with Ivette b/c she is bold, says Eric.

James is back outside with Eric and Rachel. Talking about the food comp again and how nasty it was. Now talking about James growing up and not wanting to eat and how he got rid of his food, to make it look like he ate.

Hurricane Andrew destroyed James' house. Totally destroyed. The eye came right through-total devastation. Parents fixed the house up in th esame spot. Now talk is of hurricanes.

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Guest okw fan

9:32 BBT

Maggie now outside. Eric says good morning animal, what happened to you? Maggie says I stayed up way to late.

James saying he needs to go workout. Eric saying he worked out-shoulders and it felt good.

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Eric almost catching James in a lie. When James was telling the hurricane story ..Eric asks "how old were you?"

James a couple of "ums" then he said "I graduated in '95" so I was in "9th..10th grade"

No one seemed concerned he didn't know his age at the time.

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Yvette asked eric "why do you get cold sores all over your mouth?"

Eric said "stress"


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Veto ceremony in 90 mins

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Guest Pecker
10:00am BBT, BB: Good morning HG's, the veto ceremony will begin in 90mins.

( BB Translation = 3 hours )

HG's slowly waking up from hibernation

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around 10.35 BBT

Howie in the kitchen discussion what happened to the underwear Kaysar gave him and why the are now sitting in the community shower.

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Howie and Michael talking about actors. Michal asked howie, "Did you ever see a movie called Breast Men?"

Howie said he was up at 4am cause he couldnt sleep. Switches to another camera on me...

James, Maggie, April and Sarah getting ready for Veto Ceremony in the bathroom

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