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July 18th Live Feed Updates

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While howie is checking himself..

Mike and janelle were cuddling and kinda getting it on. Then he said no. Janelle immediately threw the blankets off her head and turned around to the other side of the bed..

She appeared to be quite mad...

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After howie cleans up his mess, which took a long time he went outside and joined Kaysar.

Howie: i had a bit fart and it went everywhere

Kaysar: you shit yourself?

Kaysar: you thought it was gas and then you shit yourself.

Howie: yeah

Kaysar: that's disgusting.

Howie: really disgusting.

Howie was wearing Kaysar's underware, kaysar said he could keep them.

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Howie goes back to the gold room and tells mike that he SHART himself and cleaned it up.

Mike goes to the bathroom.

janelle and howie are talking about her boyfriend.

Howie: you kiss him and stuff right.

Janelle: the camera's

Howie: what about the camera's

Janelle: they are everywhere

Howie: your bf is going to see you with michael all the time,

Janelle: i don't think my bf's going to like me anymore

Howie: so why don't you go for michael anyway

Janelle: i dont' want to make things worse then it already is

Janelle: it's hard with all the camera's over the place

Howie: damn, you like him.. Why don't you guys get the first hook up.. YOu like him don't you

Janelle: the camera's are everywhere

Howie: you haven't kissed mike one time

Janelle: no.

Howie: you are camera shy?

Howie: how far do you think you and mike would have gone if the camera's weren't around.

Janelle: what do you think howie..

Howie: all the way..

Howie: why don't you just grab him

Janelle: and what do nothing?

Howie: grab him and kiss him and do it

Janelle: we have kissed

Janelle: don't tell the other houseguest's about this

Janelle: it's not a big deal, it's nothing

Howie: it's not!

Howie: when was the first time you kissed, the first time?

Howie: 3 days ago, 1 day ago, 5 hours ago

Janelle: howie, it doesn't matter

Janelle: today!

Howie: damn, wow

Janelle: you better not tell anyone howie...

Janelle: promise to god

Howie: i promise

Janelle explains the kiss to howie in detail.. howie is asking tons of questions, how did you hold him, what did you say.. and keeps repeating "awsome"

Janelle: are you mad at me howie?

Howie: no, but i did want to hook up with you first

Howie: one day when you guys break up, i'll try and go for you again.

howie keeps talking about all the other girls in the house and then what they consider to be "hooking" up

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Howie is talking to Janelle about the kisses her and michael have exchanged, while she's talking about it. Howie has told her that somewhere someone in america has pictures of it.

They then continue to talk about her bf and the live show, if he'll be watching or not.

Mike rejoins the room, howie completely changes the subject.

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2:53 am BBT

Kayser just finished reading and is now starting to pray.

Howie, jan and mike appear to be falling asleep, however you can never be to sure..

never mind.. Howie farted again and everyone is laughing

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eric opened weightroom door, is still working out

grunting and making quite a bit of noise... weights slamming down...

e - walked out & walked back in (maybe to see if he woke up anyone)

continues on with his workout

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still working out

had a couple of good burps

seriously checking out something on his finger...

back to his upperbody workout routine

kinda looking at the bow-flex type of machine rocking back and fourth trying to figure out what else he can do on it possibly

reading somekind of instruction booklet

ok back to the workout

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walks out of weight room

looks out back sliding glass door

walking through house

now is in kitchen

getting a bowl of cereal

looking for something in all of the cabimets

maybe it wasn't cereal... gets out a pan, maybe it was pancake mix...

ok someone else is up and in the pantry

walked out of pantry and then eric walked in... the other person (female)went into the bathroom

eric back to kitchen

sarah is up, went potty and actually washed her hands Yay!

eric cooking

sarah in bathroom picking up everyones laundry

sarah - goodmorning

eric - good morning are you hungry?

sarah - no i'm ok, walks outside to laundry area to do some laundry

other hg still asleep seem quite restless

eric still cooking sarah folding towels

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