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  1. 8:15 am BBT Rachel is on the Treadmill and everyone else is sleeping.
  2. Rachel is in the bathroom putting her shoes on and putting her hair up.
  3. Janelle just hurried in the bathroom and is puking!
  4. 1:55 pm BBT BB voice: THIS IS A LOCKDOWN. PLEASE GO INSIDE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The houseguests outside were discussing something that had to do with lethal injection
  5. Jen and Maggie are working out and it looks like beau, Kaysar, Ivette, and now Eric outside
  6. Janelle, Howie and Kaysar are in the comunnity beroom. the guys are watching Janelle iron
  7. Ivette is telling Eric that she will grab her bags and walk out of this house
  8. Alot of house guests are looking pretty nervous :rofl
  9. Alot of house guests are looking pretty nervous :rofl
  10. 11:06 BBT Sarah and Jen are in the shower
  11. Ivette and maggie in the workout room. Ivette is on the treadmill and maggie is on the other machine (I dont know what it is called...lol)
  12. 11:oo BBT Janelle is in the bathroom getting ready and Howie, April, Rachel and Eric are in the kitchen getting something to eat.



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