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Wednesday Live Show 4/16


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  1. 1. Who will be evicted tonight?

    • Natalie
    • Sharon
  2. 2. Who will win HOH tonight?

    • Adam
    • Ryan
    • Natalie (if not evicted)
    • Sharon (if not evicted)

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I would only like Sharon to win HOH and put up the boys one of the boys wins pov Sheila goes up and Bye Bye!

Ginger I agree I think Adam saved his @ss by telling Natalie he voted to keep her before she left.

Sharon is winning so far

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Oh come now Ginger, did we really see her cry? Or was it more of her BAD ACTING? I hate Shelia, and I am not sure who I want out more Shelia or Sharon. I think I want Shelia out more since she has been showing her sence of entitlement to win. I am still tryong to figure out what she has actually done. Ohhhh I know, darnit I forgot she won HOH LOL!

Even though I was team Natalie all the way, it was her stupid mistake to give Shelia HOH.

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sharon is my pick to win hoh

this week she cant afford to throw the comp

wow i was wrong

i cant believe bb bring out these lame hoh question

the guinea pigs have a relationship pure bs question to force a tie

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That pre existing relationship question was BULL. why else did they even put the answer up.

to force a tie

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That just made me puke. And until the GP question, I was convinced that Julie was being instructed to rig the game live by asking easy questions once Sharon had the lead so they would all get them right and she would win out. I don't think Sharon through the last question on the # of min but instead got confused and just answered the # of minutes the comp took. Either way, huge choke!!!

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Did you notice the VERY long pause about the pre-existing relationship?

It's because the question had two answers. The producers told Chenbot in her ear to go with the LUDICROUS guineea pigs answer so Ryan was still in it and Sharon didn't win.

Mark my words! I'd bet money on it. Why else did Chenbot sit there for literally 10 seconds of silence?

They wanted one of the boys to win for drama's sake because if Sharon won it would have been predictable, IE. boys up.

I call shenanigans!

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