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July 16th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Mike & Janelle

Mike trying to be all "deep", talking about how people try to be a leader and have sheep following and they try it with different people, A person B person... eventually they will go crazy...

Mike thinks he could put up Eric and Ivette... Ivette is spineless

Janelle says that Ivette is "fresh of the boat from Cuba"

Mike thinks they can get rid of these little "pubes) (I think thats what he said) wants to knock off the little people.. Janelle is saying that Eric will have a chance to get HOH again... Mike says that when he is on tv explaining why he put eric up he is gonna say when i came in to this house knew what BB was and expected and hoped to be with different people, excited about that , didnt expect ppl would lower themselves... who tried to go around defaming me, that I was a sexual offending __ and is evicting this little __ now, and if you have any clue in your either with me or your F'd... this meeting is adjourned

J: She's (Ivette) gonna be like oh my Cappy!

Some one is knocking on door... its Beau.. Janelle had to unlock the door, claims she didnt know it locked...

Beau offers them something they say they will b out in a min. shut the door and go back to talking

Mike thinks ratings would go up if he gave his little speech (^)

[sorry for all the abbreviations ..had to type as fast as possible to keep up with Mike's speech]

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someone was just listening at the door to the gold room it was jen i think from the looks of it. and then ran back into the kitchen to give ivette them a report. its jen shes back at the door the camera zoomed in on her and she waved and smiled lol

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mike and janelle are talking in the gold room joking about how to tease ivette and getting a mean in saying they should ask here things like "what boat were you on?", "do your parents speak english", then the switch topics to kaysar saying how they are tired of them picking on him, and how they all seem to dislike him just because he's iraqi. the camera switches to show jennifer is trying to listen in to them talking by placing her ear up to the door. michael tells janelle that kaysar is just trying to be a good honest person, and how he's just now starting to get to know him real well. Shot of jennifer listening in again. they have now left the gold room and are not aware of jennifer trying to eaves drop.

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michael wants his luxury item to be a pacifer to hand out to all the babies in here....janelle is laughing like crazy mike is making fun of eric now.. all 4 cams are on mike and janelle! ohh jen is back listening at the wall again.

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Eric and Kaysar are talking in the living room about michael....

e: maybe before he leaves he can sit down and talk man to man, but i don't think he's there yet

k:maybe he can sit them down, and say i appologize for my actions, salvage what ever is left

e: maybe if he doesn't win he'll get to that point

k: we're gonna be here, we just need to respect each other

e: we have no moral builder here, like at the fire department where we work together and save a burning house and be proud of that

e: we're ok bro, you and i

k: the offer still stands

e: I told everyone, you'll always have a friend after this, if you come to vegas you'll always have a place to stay, a good time to be had

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Eric and Keysar itting in the living room Eric stating that after the game everyone here in teh house will be his friend and if they ever come to Vegas they will have a place to stay.

Keysar laughing about the questions that are asked of him in the DR. Eric says that they ask him weird questions too, he is not alone.

Eric says everyone in here has a good heart, even Michael has a good heart he is just stressed.

Rachel (I think) is mowing down some ice cream and peanuut butter in the room w/ eric and keysar.

Eric saying that he is under a lot of stress and he knows why he is up till 1:00 in the am.

Rachel - saying that she sleeps better here at the house than she does at home, "No stress, pay the bills, feed the animals.... blah blah blah..."

Eric - stating that he loves the privacy in the hoh room.

Eric talking about the unity of firefighters and his captain... they work with them 24/7 and he is agood captain.

Keysar says that he spends most of his time at night praying and meditating.

eric says me too

eric tells rachel she couldn't whistle right now if she tried

rachel whistles

changes to mike and jan in the gold room

Mike is doing some funky dance with a blanket

they are talking about Joe Dirt and laughing and talking about the beer gastapo.

Mike is being seriously goofy and making funny beeping noises. and talking about contortionists at the circus.

Mike in darth vader voice says "You must join with him"

Jan is chowing like I've never seen a person chow down on ice cream, she is a seriously noisy eating...

Mike whispering "bring that personality out when you first came in the house (not sure who he is talking about - can't hear past Jan's cowlike consumption of food!!!)

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Janelle and Micheal in Gold Room.

J: Lets say you win the veto and take yourself off. I still wouldnt have the votes to stay because that asshole will campaign against me (referring to Eric)

M: Thats why I am planning to tie him up in the tub and turn the water on.

Micheal says he wants to take Janelle to Santarini and Greece so they can "party their asses off". Micheal then says he is going to "expose" Eric as a liar if he is evicted on the live show.

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Mike - how much would it cost to make a show like this

Jan - I don't know

Mike - look at a show like friends they get paid a million dollars a show, (then starts babbling some monitary fighures).

Mike tells Jan I'll take you to Greece and well meet my friend Tony and we'll have a great time so while were here who gives a s***. "Yeah F*** it who cares if we get evicted tomorrow... I'll go home and you'll go howm... at least the american public will see that _ is a liar, I want everybody to know that"

Mike F*** YOU... F*** You YOU... F*** You... You're Cool, I'M out"

Mike " I'm acting weird"

Jan laughing

Mike bagging on eric... and everyone else....

Keysar comes in (gold room)

Jan tells him we are laughing at you... want to join in...

Key - I'm going

Mike - wait a second, let's rip

Key - I don't want to rip

Key just go ahead and laugh at my expense

Mike - we're not laughing at your expense we are laughing at everyones expense

Key - I am trying to save your asses

Mike - imitating someone in the kitchen pigging out...

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Did I hear correctly Beau say "you guys did good today" and then say part 2 is tomorrow.

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Guest ranster627

:!: :wink: MOD PICKUP MARK

great work ... carry on ...

REMEMBER post what you see here and discuss in the BB Forums!

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Rachel and Yvette talking in the gym. Must have been a luxury comp today.

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No idea where Mike is now, perhaps still in the kitchen but not cams there. Rachel, Howie, Sarah, James and April all discussing MIke while playing the coaster tss game. Maggie, Jennifer and Yvette in the gym also discussing MIke and his annoying habits.

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sarah and april are outside. april is saying how she really dislikes mike...blah blah blah same story and shes going to confront him and tell mike how she doesnt like it. april is saying cappys playing the game. telling sarah to play stupid ....sarah knows there are more going on then people think she knows.

april i have no alliance

sarah: me too

sarah: cappys got one

sarah: james got something with somebody dont know who though

april: sooner of later we are going to have to start puting up each other

sarah: you dont scare me

april: you either

sarah: maggie is a strong player

april: she is not close to people maybe just a few

april: im nice to everyone talk to everyone..I am nice but like micheal pisses me off im going ot tell him

sarah: i get nervous if i have to stick up to people...im not miss goody goody

april: its going to be interesting putting up each other its going to get insane

sarah: i dont feel like people are talking about. i feel like im an easy key not to put in teh box if you put ivette and she gets out of the box shes going to come out after you.

April: i feel as honest as i am

sarah: i am honest and cant lie. i itch when i get nervous.

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