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July 16th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest Shockalot


Michael and Janelle on the hammock.

Mike very adamantly insisting Eric is lying about him.. has kept lying.

He is VERY upset about Eric accusing him of sexual harrassment.

Says Eric lied about him punching walls in the bathroom.

Janelle says everyone heard this from Eric.

Michael is simply furious.. pledges to show Eric a liar and says there is no way you just accuse people of serious things like sexual harrassment.

'Grrr' because Michael then says "And you know what else Eric did..." Then covers his microphone and says .. something?

Something very intense if Im judging by his facial expressions.

I cant lipread. I thought I heard '...jennifer.. whisper whisper'

Cant say.. too quiet.

BB tells him not to obstruct his mic!

Michael says he knows what Erics problem is.. Fear. Eric is scared of him. He is living in fear his whole life.

[[ well Eric did seemed convinced that Micheal could easily kill him and reported being threatened to BB?]]

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As Janelle and Mike are outside, Mike makes a speech to the "public"

the little man that calls himself a leader, well he's a weasle, he's not a leader, he can't lead a kid in a candy store. He's a leader to weak people that's for sure. (speaking about eric)

J: I can't believe all these people have lied to my face but then trying to brainwash me.


Mike: what do you think the message of this show is, if you cheat and are dishonest you will get further in life

Janelle: you don't have to lie and backstab to get far in this game. This game is messed up.


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michael: what do you think the message of this show is, do you think it being honest or do you think its to win by being dishonest and lying

jan: you can win by being honest

jan: what if kaysar and i were on the block

m: i'd be equally pissed cause eric would still be going against his word

m: this sounds really mean sarah really needs to start wearing bras, she works in a lengerie store she has no excuse, i'll give her the money to get one

m: but they're perfect for each other (james and sarah)

m: they almost look like they are brother and sister

m: howies cool, he's a complete wack job, buts he's cool, and kaysar is the only one telling me to pull it together, i have a bad temper but april and kaysar both told me that eric was saying stuff about me. I told her about how he was saying i was being too forward with girls, he told me jennifer was extremely offended by it, but jennifer was all over me the first few days, april said she was offended cause i said 'who are you my mom', i'm not disrespectful to women, thats not even true with jennifer she told me it wasn't my fault and you guys made her feel like shit.

j: kaysar seems paranoid, i can tell when people are lying to me and i don't think beau would lie to me

m: but what if your theory about beau and ivette is true then you are f**ked

j: beau said he'll do the competition with me

m: beau he can't run a quarter mile to save his life

j: my best bet is howie, but he's mad at me too

m: that perfume you are wearing is intoxicating

j: um... thanks

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Same feed for the last hour, Mike and Jan outside talking.

mike: that perfume your wearing is intoxication. (in an extremely sexy voice)

Janelle: hmmm thanks

Mike: i'm very comfortable right now. "hmmm"

Mike: i almost walked out of the big brother house today. I don't want to be "protrayed" as a sex offender.

FISH !@#()$*)#(&*)#&$#&)#&$)#$&)#&

Back to the conversation about eric

Mike grabs jan's hand "come here, i want to look at you"

Mike offers jan a mint

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Guest Shockalot

Mike and Janelle are cozied up to each other now.

Mike really encouraging her to agree how everyone else is really stupid. Well most everyone.

((IMO.. Janelle is really playing him, being flirty and letting Mike explain everything and tell her everything))

Janelle really is being sweet .. looking deep into Mikes Eyes.. he is often ripping on someone in the house or something he hates.. then stopping cold and just staring at Janelle for borderline uncomfortable amounts of time.

Then catchs his train of thought again.

Now Staring at her and making fart noises.

Hard to hear Michael but many of his stories involve him telling one of the other girls to 'Shut the fuck up'

April and Janelle alarmed at how few cigarettes are left!

They meet at the smoking table for a chat.

Janelle confronts April with Mikes concerns about the Sexual Harrassment charges Eric leveled against him.

April plays like she only heard it second-hand herself.

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April with (her innocent face) talking to Janelle about the sexual harrassment. Of course playing dumb.

Again reassuring Janelle she is safe.

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April "watch what you say to people"

ironically the person Janelle needs to watch what she says to is the person she's talking to.

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April is just laying it on think for Janelle..

April: it is in your best interest not to use the VETO. If you do not use it you are safe * i promise you this*. She said she'll go around the house and make sure she is not evicted.

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April just got Rachel in trouble.

April was explaining to Janelle that Yvette didn't like her because Janelle wanted her to put her up. Janelle admits only telling that to Rachel when Rachel asked her for feedback about the nominatioms.

Of course April tried to back track. Janelle said originally she wanted two guys.

Well see how Janelle uses this info.

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1:43 am MST

Mike is outside underneath the hammock with the pillows and blanket, as soon as janelle came out he moved.

* Camera showed a lot of the inside of the wall. Tons of space back there. *

Mike looks very upset.. * awaiting his princess to return*

Mike: sit

Jan: i do want to sit

Mike: there is a camera right here

Jan: how do you know

Mike: i can hear it

*small flirty words*

Jan: what where we talking about before earlier

Mike: it's kinda flattering that they need all of them to take on the two of us.

Mike: i have a good idea ( he cover's mic)

Jan: what's your idea, what?

Jan: hello, what?

Mike: You are being spied on

Mike: sitting at the table they are spying on you.

Jan: it's like we can't do anything, we're nominated, leave us alone.

Mike: i wouldn't date any of the girls in there if i was the last man on the planet.

Mike: i'm trying to picture myself, first as a man, trying to be intimate.

Jan: what about sara

Mike: that would be like f**king a turd, a cold one.

Mike: ivette, she probably has a hairy "darkness" down there.

Mike: i think i actually saw a bit of a rash action over there with april

Jan: what about maggie?

Mike: i'd rather masturbate then be forced to have sex with her

Mike: jennifer, if you where to have sex with her, before you even have sex with her. she'd probably be like "i love you, i just can't live without you"

Mike: racheal, we'd be going at it for like 3 mins and she would probably fall asleep.

Once again, back to the whole "eric" episode

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kaysar said the cult is keeping their eye on Howie so he doesn't get to close to Mike Janelle and Kaysar. Everyone giving it their all and they have Beau following Howie around and watching his every move.

K is also telling Janelle that April is just being Diplomatic.

K tells Janelle if she uses the POV he will be put up.

Janelle "what are we going to do Kaysar?'

Kaysar "I'm working on it"

Also he tells Janelle she safe this week but next week she's gone.

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Bedroom.... 2:03 am MST

James, April and Ivette *Whispering*

April: Janelle's and my conversations are very short.

James: we'll she knows you are friends with cappy

Ivette: our biggest problem is mike, janelle has never said anything bad about anyone. Janelle has spent the entire day with Kayser and Mike.

*James left*

Feed switched to Kayser and Howie talking...

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Janelle saying if Mike's gone this week and she's gone next week than she wants to stir things up.

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Kaysar won't put Eric up because he won't lie because he gave Eric his word. Kaysars target will be Yvette.

Kaysar is telling Janelle and Mike that Howie knows that they are watching him.

Kaysar won't play the game using Eric type tactics.

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He's telling Jan and Mike to keep their cool and not stir trouble and let their emotions rule them.

Kaysar told them that Eric warned him not to use the POV and he's using this scandal thing to get Micheal out.

Kaysar said if they can't get their numbers up "they're screwed"

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Kaysar says that they need to make Eric believe everythings going to plan because if he doesn't "he will flip".

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Kaysar is saying they (the cult) are "playing so dirty" that it's a challenge for him.

Kaysar says there are people dying to jump over and turn on Eric when "the time is right."

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2:26 am MST

Nothing really interesting going on, most of the houseguest's are sleeping other then kayser,janelle and mike, Who are still outside talking about other houseguest's

They where talking about some "hotel" and then suddenly the fish came on.

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Be kind to yvette and you'll see her go crazy according to Kaysar. "open her door for her" and be nice.

Janelle "there is no way we both can stay?" (talking about her and Mike)

Kaysar "no"

it's already apparent to people if it keeps going this way Eric is going to take it.

Kaysar is ready to do a "coup d'etat" to overthrow Eric.

Janelle had no idea what a coup d'etat was. LOL

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Kaysar said Jenny exploted Mike and used it because she was going on the block but told Mike to just "apologize to her" to get through the week.

Mike said it was his "irish temper" and kaysar said watch out for his "arab temper".

The second Kaysar gets HOH he's going to Maggie. He thinks she and Rachel have paired up because their older and wiser. (big mistake)

Mike~"they're definitely older"

Telling Mike "don't let you emtions get involved"

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edited post as it was exactly the same as above post, Looks like it is me and you stephen

Kaysar: there is another pair in this house, i know it... i just need more time to figure it out..

Janelle: who the f**k could it be

Janelle: sarah and james?

Kaysar: it's not sarah and james...

Janelle: how do you know there is another pair

Kaysar: i got more information out of someone, that is all i can say. I need to reach a higher trust in that person. then i'll be able to know.

Kaysar: when you think about it. it's probably april, she's been spreading all the information.

Janelle: i swear to god it's sarah

Mike: if they put us up, we have a contract with cbs.. FISH...... i think he was saying something about cbs and to sue.

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Kaysar "we are going to play this clean" to win votes.

James is "the mole" according to Kaysar and is on the inside feeding all the information to Kaysar.

Kaysar thinks there is only another pair lurking around the house.

Janelle~"Sarah and James"

K said no. He'll figure it out later.

It's important I get HOH Kaysar says... "this is our last stand"

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Ranster627 says it good to have repeat post because its confirmation!!!!!

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