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Wednesday's Live Show 2/20


Tonight 2/20  

58 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will be evicted?

    • Jen/Parker
    • Allison/Ryan
  2. 2. Who will win HOH?

    • Jen/Parker (if not evicted)
    • Allison/Ryan (if not evicted)
    • Natalie/Matt
    • Sharon/Joshuah
    • Shelia/Adam
    • Chelsia/James

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Were the questions previously answered then they chose the answer live based on what they thought the majority voted for. I think that is what might have happened. It could be they had no idea when they were answering the questions (previously) that they would get what the majority voted for.

I'm not making excuses for those pathetic losers, but that is how I understood it.

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Yay, a margarita party without glasses. They could drink from the bottles (spread more diseases) and kill themselves by alcohol intoxication. Fools!

I bet Jen will crap her pants when she sees them getting all boozed up on the Captain Morgan. You know what Ryan will be doing that night. Ha Ha Ha and I hope CBS shows every detail of it.

Hated her "two snaps up" - She's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I could go without a cup, but not a fork, so I completely understand that choice. I have a question about the washing machine, during the first few seasons of BB, didn't they have a washtub and not a nifty machine?

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Was it my imagination, or did Julie say "What's in store for the new HoH's? Stay tuned to find out..." right after the HoH competition? That led me to believe they were about to reveal a twist, but then they came back and it was just chit-chat. WTH? Did I hear Julie wrong before the commercial break?!?

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I can eat sandwiches instead of cooked meat, or cereal instead of rice, but COLD showers????

I can eat with my (washed in hot water) hands, but how the heck can I drink anything w/out a cup?

I also can swim, relax in the HT, play pool or watch the GPs for entertainment...but to not have clean clothes/sheets? Gross!

These people are nuts!!!!

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Did I miss the actual live votes last night?? I relistened to the show, and by-golly no live votes.


Abbs...what would be funny is eat slop with your hands...AHHH.

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there were no live votes last night

we got a live eviction with votes previously casted the day before

eating slop with their hands would be funny

when are they going to introduce the slop? slop diet?

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yep...votes weren't live...pre taped. I don't recall seeing each couple in the diary room even say how they were voting either...maybe they did.

No cups was actually a good choice...they're using bowls to drink from which seems to be working out just fine....didn't stop a few from getting blitzed last night either.

Are they having food challenge today? Seems they are getting ready for some type of competition...

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