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If I was on the production staff I think it would be hilarious to randomly say stuff to the house with the BB voice. It would certainly liven things up because they would all start thinking "wtf?" and assume that it had something to do with a comp or a new power (like when they had the "visitors" and they thought it was some elaborate coup d'etat or something). It wouldn't cost them either and it would maximize entertainment... especially at times like right now when everyone is sleeping or just hanging around the house.

It's times like these I miss Will. He and Boogie used to at least attempt to entertain us! Plus, the only multi-person DR was the one with Amber and Daniele about Power of 10. BB needs to step it up. Saying crazy and random stuff would obviously liven things up a bit. I could have sworn that last night the BB voice told Eric to "fuck off" but there would have been a different reaction so my ears must have been playing tricks.

If you could control the BB voice, what kinds of things would you say (that obviously wouldn't give away strategy of other HGs)?

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Plus, the only multi-person DR was the one with Amber and Daniele about Power of 10.

You forgot about Kail and Amber's DR together after they were chained. Kail looked absolutely mad that she had to be stuck to Amber.

That I did! Haha... I probably just blocked it out of my memory because they were two of the worst HGs this season, IMO.

What about if BB bought a bunch of fortune cookies and randomly read the fortunes to the HGs in the BB voice?

LOL, after I thought of that I typed "fortune cookie" into google image and there was an image that said "You have a reputation for being deceitful and treacherous."

Here are a few others I found:

weird fortune

Jameka fortune

helpful fortune

Eric fortune

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