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Time To Lighten The Mood....dangit (zen Room)


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From now on, everyone must address me as Princess Dep

BB has ordered it and we all know that we cannot go against BB's Rules.

Besides, I liked Dustin (sorry folks, I did) and the fact that someone wants to bestow me with the title of Princess.....sigh, it just means.....just mea.....(wipes tear)......just......ju.....JAMEKA.....Just means everything to me.

It actually is a compliment.

Oh, and remember kids,

Don't feed into it. (this is the Zen room part deux) We needed one week 3 and we need one this week. One safe place we can all come and just play nice on the boards and remember what it was like in the past.

Feel free to bash each other with happiness and hugs here.

Oooohhhhmmmmmmmmmm, until Thursdays eviction.....we need this place of Zen (NOT JEN!! ZEN ZZZZZ as in Zebra) Ohhhhmmmmmmm

Love and peace for 24 hours (I call it "Give the Mods a break at the halfway point")

Princess Dep

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Princess Dep...

Nice ring to it. :heart2::wub:

I love this board.....I can feel the love.... :love:

No haters....just lovers.......Please..... LOL....smile!

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I just want Morty's to be fun again. It was, even a week ago. This cig thing has brought up a certain measure of animosity in people, and that's a real bummer. I participate in a lot of forums, and sure, there are flame wars. But mostly, they can be self-contained, in particular threads, and don't spread all over a forum. Here, lately, battles seem to be everywhere.

I'm not about that kind of stuff. I just want to have fun, have a bit of snark, and laugh a lot. It's been a while since I've laughed here. I'm happy that my particular issue has been settled in a good way. I'm thankful for that. I think that for anyone, being called out on the forum is the kind of thing that takes the wind right out of your sails. I know these kind of things can happen when we all have opinions, but shouldn't they be more about what goes on IN the game, and less about what each of us posts?

I want to get back to talking about strategy, game play, and good ole fashioned dish. Lets all talk TO the game, and not so much TO each other. We are here for the game.

I know, I'm new here. But I want to laugh again. At what goes on in the game, and at the silly stuff we say goes on in the game. There have been some priceless threads on Whamber's histrionics. There has been over the top dish on Jam and her and Whambers 'visions'. We've talked about ED, and how laughable it is, to think there will be a cop car waiting outside the BBH, when he leaves. Yes, that is funny. We've called Dani 'skelator', laughed at Jen when she cries about her photo on the wall, snarked endlessly about Dustin and his cape, and slammed Zach for the funny way he pulls his lips back, revealing those bunny teeth.

All of that is fun, plain and simple. That's why I am here.

I hope that is why we are all here.

Ok, that's my soapbox message for the night....

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I agree, Princess Dep. I love to hear other people's opinions, even if they don't agree with my own. Everyone here has a right to their own opinion. The houseguests are there for us to bash and make fun of, but not the other Morty's members. I'd love to be able to come to Morty's and participate in the discussion area and actually smile again. I remember at the beginning of the season, I felt like this smilie: :animated_bouncy: People even laughed because I used it so much. I haven't been using it so much lately, that's for sure!

And I think the moderators here at Morty's deserve a big dinner, on us! Not only do they spend countless hours running this forum for free, but they also have to listen to people complain about every single thing they do, both in PM's and on the OT board. It's like serving people a beautiful dinner and then have them berate you for what you served, and then listen to them talk about you on your porch. The mods have my undying gratitude and admiration! :grouphug:

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Zen beer pong....cool :cheers:

I like this thread.....

Thanks Princess D....I feel better already....

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