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Danielle And Nick


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Hey, I have a question. Amber and Jameka were talking on the Showtime show last night about how Nick and Danielle fool around and stuff, but Amber is always full of it. How far have they actually taken their relationship? Call me a typical b/f, but I feel bad for Danielle's real boyfriend and I really don't feel bad for Nick going home. Imagine if he and Dani make it to sequester??? Spice may have to carry that "After Dark" show...

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They've gone about as far as you can. There are a bunch of clips on youtube of them. But, I don't think Amber really knows how far they've gone. All she told Jameka is that they've kissed. I do think that Zach knows, though. He sleeps in the bed right next to Daniele.

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The clips on YouTube are of two people under a blanket. That's it. The only clips I've seen are of sleeping HG. Even Amber, when confronted with an outright question, said well they had to have kissed, but that she didn't know for sure. As far as I know, there is no clip anywhere that actually shows the two of them doing anything. :rolleyes:

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He just gave her every opportunity to kiss him without forcing himself on her.She didn't bite. so to speak...He just gave her every opportunity to kiss him without forcing himself on her.She didn't bite. so to speak...

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These two, or at least one of them, definitely read a reality show how to book cause they have never done anything on camera that I have seen. I have also asked in the live feed chats and noone has seen anything. BUT they do pull the sheet over the both of them and move around under it. IMO they have kissed, but that's all.

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Even if they haven't kissed, it's still pretty disrespectful of her to let Nick get that close to her, both physically and emotionally. They cuddle and giggle and share moments under the covers. Maybe they aren't kissing, but she still lets him caress her and hold her. It looks very intimate to me. Plus I think it's pretty shady of Nick to continiously hit on Dani while he talks about how his g/f cheated on him.

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Guest janey_doll

This is just one of the more than 5 times "nothing happened" and our updater is top notch! He only reports what he sees, they also did it in the morning a few times as well..

This is just one of the "nothing happened" events. You judge for youself

July 9th 2:15am

Dani get's up and grabs her blanket, brings it over to the bed next to Nick and positions it almost fully covering him.

They stare at each other but there is definate movement under the covers.

He moves his knee a little....

Her left arm is slung across his chest, he's rubbing her arm.

He moves in a little closer.


No noticable motion at the moment. Just more of the staring at each other. (I'm keeping my eye on them though.)

He fluffs up the blanket near his crotcharea. both knees up now...

Nick is definitely moving his right arm, in a rythmic manner. Slowly.

Another adjustment, another fluffing of the blanket...

Now her arm is moving. Also rythmically, but faster.

Nick pills up his blanket again and refluffs...

More rythmic movement from Nick. Slow. Up. Down.


He pulls his head back a little.

He just grunted.

Then breathed heavily

Still moving his hand.

Jess briefly came in and startled them to stop.

As soon as she left, Dani picked up the speed.

You can see her shoulder moving up and down, and his hand is kinda helping her.

He fluffs his blanket again...

She moves in a little closer and it becomes even more evident she is pleasuring him.

Blankets moving, rythmic. slow up and down. (I'm sorry, I should stop with the playbyplay by just saying...They're being naughty. But I want you all to feel as if you were here.)

He lifts both knees, I believe we might be getting close to his payoff.

Nope, more people walk in and through the room and it stops them from moving.

His face grimaces a couple of times, his movements become jerkier, blankets move, he breathes heavy.

Elsewhere in the house.. Mike and Jen chat in the kitchen. About Jen and how she looks in her pictures. She encourages him to check out her webpage. (Nope, I'm going back to the bedroom.)

Nick grunts a couple of times, pulls his hand out from under the covers and kinda lifts his chin a bit, more like pushing his head further into his pillow.


Still going... He quickly looks at her, kinda giving her a hint that the point of no return is about to be reached.

closer and closer and he starts to caress her forehead. Then his, then hers again.

Pretty sure it's over with as the two of them just kinda look at each other.

Nick with his hand above his head, and making small movements settling in with his body.

Her arm moves up over his chest. He again plays with her hair.

Dani adjusts herself to let her head hang farther over the edge of the bed.

He turns on his side and propped up with an elbow gets up close to her face, caressing her ear and back.

He leans in to whisper more. Like he's trying to console her. He whispers again and I can't hear her at all.

He caresses her hair some more. More whispering...

He lays back down, on his side, pulls Dani's comforter over him and they lay looking at each other.

There's still some movement under the covers but it's clear no further hankypanky is occuring. They continue to whisper to each other, but it's also clear that whatever he's saying tonight, is working better then what he said last night, as she hasn't left yet.

He moves a little closer. They are practically touching nose to nose now.

No smooching sounds though.


Dani moves to be even closer. They're all but on top of each other.

Dani's knee propped up on Nick's hip. They're kinda cuddling and I'm pretty sure nothing more will happen tonight. (Keeping that feed open, but I'm gonna check in on Mike and Jen in the kitchen briefly. Specially now that someone has started snoring.)

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Guest janey_doll

july 11th early morning

6:35 a.m.

Everyone sleeping.

7:33 am

(good catch AJaney)

Nick is getting a happy good morning from Dani (lots of under the covers hand movements) Nick is doing ALOT of groaning now, he is raising a knee up. More groaning. the covers moving ALOT

7:42 am

Nick moaning and doing ALOT of panting, (and lots of umm "sound effects") WOW he is not too quiet

7:46 am

More Nick moaning and panting. (YIKES the person in the bed right next to Dani and Nick just rolled over and kinda sat up then laid back down) more heavy breathing (the covers are mounded over them now, yea not obvious at all guys ) I think he is done.

7:54 am

Nick just threw some more covers on top of Dani, more heavy breathing and moaning. Nick panting more, more rhythmic movements, he just said "Oh God"

8:01 am

(If only Jen could see Nick now) He whispered something to her, and has his arm around her neck, (he is finished)

8:07 am

All is still (for now)

8:10 am

Nick's back is to Dani she is facing him now, he keeps patting her.


Dani is getting up going into the bathroom, combing her hair, brushing her teeth, (huffing a little, feeling guilty a little maybe?) Dani in the shower now.


Nick is up went into the bathroom, he just said "daniele" she said "huh" (can't hear what was said because the shower was too loud, but I think he asked if she is ok) He walked out and is in the hot tub now.

8:27 am

Dani in the shower drying off she pauses holding a towel to her face and looks deep in thought for a minute. Dani out of the shower now putting lotion on.

8:30 am

Nick in the hot tub still, he looks like he is deep in thought (feeling guilty maybe??)

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You know what. Life works funny.

Is it wrong for Dani to flirt with Nick or vice versa knowing she has b/f ?

Most would say yes. But I've learned that we shouldn't cast judgement.

Love works funny. THey could be each other's true love. You never know.

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I have feeds and never saw that so I'm glad I read this..

here's the deal with me. she whines that she loves her boyfriend and he is the only one during the day and at night she dry humps Nick..

last night he was asking her, do you love me under the covers.

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They have kissed...I saw it on a video, but I'm not too sure where I found the video, but they have definately kissed...all the other videos I saw were just two people moving around under a blanket. I don't know what they were doing for sure.

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Guest janey_doll

and she always goes off and pouts after she is done doing "the deed"

i just don't get it. She will be single when she gets out

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she is slut i agree with jen

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Jen's too in love with herself to be a slut

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I'm not so sure if she still had a BF when she entered the house. She slipped and mentioned that when she gets out of the bb house she needs to start looking for an apartment because her BF is moving back in with his mother. She said it was due to finances....but I'm wondering.

I think maybe they were having problems before she even came into the house. I know when CBS interviewed him, the bf, he struck me as the kind who wasn't real interested.

Also, Jen brought it up that Dani was with a guy who left his fiance for her, Why do people always blame the new love interest in situations like that?

Dani didn't have a commitment to that girl, Her BF did. So It seems to me that if the BF would dump his fiance for a new lover. He certainly wouldn't hesitate to dump Daniele. And I suspect that's what the real deal is. He's moving in with Mumsy and Dani is out in the cold. She probably doesn't want to talk to Dick about any of it. So she keeps on keeping on, acting as if there's no real problem.

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I don't know, because I'm thinking that if that were true, then Dani, would be less "hard to get" for Nick, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't hesitate to do anything with him, if she actually didn't have a bf

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