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August 5, Live Feed Updates

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12:00 BBT

In Bedroom

Amber calling Dani and Dick "the nerd herd" Amber wants to come up with a new name for the group.. "the GG"S".."the Good Group" and all said no as they "will be hated"[lol]

Talking calling them the Jackson five as they are not black and Amber says "neither is Michael"

Amber saying she has a "serious problem with fake people" can't go out and talk to them Dustin says until next week they have 4 people for HOH as and Jameka can't compete and the otherside has two.

Amber saying Dustin care about calling people out...Amber says she can't and Jameka sais she wouldn't...Amber asking "for sure" you're going up and Jameka says "ridiculous."

obnoxious giggling.....

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12:09 BBT

Dani laughing about Kail waited three season just to be a Pawn for 8 weeks..Dani "can you imagine the message boards" saying her nickname is probably "THE PAWN"

Jen saying he's worried he[eric] might have Jess back but says Dustin will come over and probably Jameka.They are not worried...

Dick saying Eric will be upset when they see the DR and Dick said he knew he was talking to him and Dani says he probably "talking mad shit" about everybody in the house. Jen says Eric ask to have his Key put next to Dicks when she was HOH so he could get "close to Dick"

Zach's infection on his foot is getting worse and BB says he doesn't have to put his foot in the poop tub..Zach saying he's "never wearing sandals again" while Dani says "i'm never wearing a bunny suit again"

Dick says 15 mins to the poop bath........Dani asked abouth the cookies but thay are burnt..Dani says "wasters" as Dick says they're making more.

lament about the amount of poop baths Dani says "18 left" so they only have done 6.........Dani saying the bunny suit is warm after the poop baths but will not be coming outside tomorrow with the bunny suit.

Dick saying BB probably won't make them wear for the live show and Jen says "i'm wearing mine"

Jen goes to get her bikini ready....

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12:23 BBT

Dani "time for round 7"

Dick saying Zach will be first .."and a long distane behind will be Jameka" but Jameka is outside saying "just getting ready"

Dustin says he would have stayed in until the "HOH and I would have had zero" when Dick asked "so how long would you have stayed in"


Dustin telling he has only has "bits and pieces of it" and needs it mapped out better for him....Dick explaing that Eric says id you put up Dustin and he goes Amber would be a mess..Dustin says it's ovious and Dick has said it also....

Dick tells dustin "remeber I kept coming to you" Dick saying Jess says "i believe it I just don't want to believe it" saying it doesn't make him a bad person "outside the game" only in the game...

Telling Jen confirmed he's playing both sides he argued why the persom should go up but at the end he would argue the opposite person should go..."planting these seeds of paranoia all over the place"

1 minute warning

alarm is 2 minutes late as it's 12:32 BBT

Dick saying Eric never thought him jen and Kail would ever get together and talk.


Zach first Dani second with dick saying "danile just throws that bucket" Kail third..Dustin "so funny to watch people dunk themselves" jen next.... Jameka "go jen wee" and bringing up the rear is Jameka "that's how the cookie falls"

poop baths complete

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12:41 BBT

Jen and Dani questioning "who made these cookies" as they seemes to be burnt.

Dani says they should go from the dunk staright to the DR and stink it up.

Dani saying it's making her "face all red" Jen says "it's making it dry"

[seems so surreal these two as "friends"]

Jen asking "what are you thinking" Dani saying "it's only 12:42"..Jen saying "it could be worse" saying seems funny that she had thinks taken and it's "not that bad" Dani says "at least you won" the rest did it for nothing.....

Dani says the last question for you and said something about Kail and Dani said "I thought you guys had talked" Jen asked would had matter who she would have put up had Kail won and says "yes" "??would have voted you out over eric" and that's why you had to come off......

Just sitting there eating cookies and talking

Jameka comes in "are you doing good" "7 down" and jameka says that's not close enough..Dani correcting jameka as she thought they had to do 25 saying "do the have 25hrs in Maryland"

Dani making fun of Eric for making "fun of Joe for having the most alliances in the house " "oh brother"..Jen saying girls are better at that then guys....Jen laughing that Zach is still here after 5 people and Dani says "because he's not a threat to anybody"

Jen says next week will be intersting as jameka and kail can't play........Jen thinking it will be her or Dick.... and Dani says Jess is due.......

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12:57 BBT

Jen and Dani still talking in the kitchen saying had she won HOH she was putting up "both the boys" Dick and Dustin and Jen says "she didn't really want to win this week" waht was the point of winning.

dick comes in...

"what did you learn today Amber" dick says sarcasticall..Dani "no comment"

Dani says Eric was called in DR was 5 times he wasn't playing POV or was nominated.....

Jen is saying "how did they not see it before we did" and "how in the world did they miss it" Jen saying BB must have wanted the to see it...talking about the banner.

Jen say we were able to read it and it all fit .Jen saying Eric says it was "obsessed Nick fans" saying it makes in more valid as Nick has more fans.

Zach comes in and now Dish talk comes in as Jess comes in.

Dani wishes this is one POV she wasn't in and Dick said "I wanted to be in it" but know he knows he's glad. Dani says Dick would have bailed out and took the money.

Jen told Kail to pick anyone "but jameka" and Kail said maybe she could have talked to her into using it. Dani laughing saying her family must be embarassed.

Dick and Jen saying Julie will asking then about the truce saying "it won't last" but Dick said he won't "go back on his word"

1:09 BBT Dani says she just realized she will be in her buuny suits for HOH pics. Dick saying that "there will never be another time in your life" when you can wear a bunny suit "pour shit over your head" have your every moved watch and Dani says "shut up" the why don't you do it.

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1:11 BBT

Dani says to Dick about how Jen told her she didn't really want HOH and how she really "hates her" Dick saying "things are pleasant let's keep it that way" and Dain agrees but still says she's "psycho".

Zach comes in and says she looks like a "Star war Character" in her suit and towel and Dick says " a buddhist priest with the towel on your head"

Talking about the house dick saying "this house is bad ass" talking about the "insane parties" he could throw..

Dani saying "10 mins" to poop dunk

Dani saying "don't you think there has to be a double eviction week"..Dick says yess and wonders if someone is coming back as the amount of people and weeks to match...

Dick says "i hope not"......Zach says theat they could "have three people at the end" and dani says that other reality shows like survivor its "stupid" "if they did that I would be pissed just because it so dumb"

Dick says he heard the rumors about Will and janelle coming back when Zach mentions it......

Dani says to Dick to be calm when he call them out when Eric "flips out" when he gets nominated.

1:21 BBT Dick filling Zach in about Eric playing all sides..zach asks if the whole hammock thing was all about.

Dani says Eric called him and Nick out about the shaking hand deal about being an alliance when he caught him and Zach says that "never happened"

1:25 BBT Dick telling Zach Dustin kept coming up and making sure Zach was going up. Dick said "we need you vote" for evicting Eric. "comsider it done" and said he wants to be part of the group....Dick saying that Eric told him that he "could use " Zach for some "reason or another"

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1:28 BBT

Dick telling Zach to put a bag on his foot.

Jen suggesting they use jacuzzi water to refil the poop tubs....Dick says he'd need to ask.

Zach getting ready

Alarm goes off at 1:30 BBT

Zach first again.. Dani "it's getting cold out here" Dani second to do it. kail third Dick saying "who came up with this idea?" a more happy Jen comes out and dunks Dick "wow you're quite the sport" Jen saying it will be a big montage of them doing it. lastly Jameka Dick "are you ok" "how many have we done already" Dick "Zach says 1/3 the way through" Dick "sorry for laughing but I can't help it" Jameka's done.

Poop bath done

Zach already cleaned up and thanks for Dick for looking out for him.

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1:40 BBT

Telling Zach the "game has changed" talking about how him and jen were at each others throats while they took people out a collateral damage.

Zach asking if jen is on the same fight with them and "we'll see" but has learned a lot .

Dick talking about nick's double alliance...and threw the vote to him and Zach says "it wasn't all him" and neither would he take credit...but says that's history and now "I'm backing you"

Talking about croquet ..

Zach saying again "don't worry about me" I'll back you... "i'm ready to comitt to you guys"

Both talking about Kail..Zach- "she still bugs me" telling Dick she still tries to pull him aside to tell him stuff about you.

zachs saying how nervey she was to ask him for his vote and she still never explained why she "narced" them out...saying "I thought she sold her soul to you" to stay in the house "one more week"

rehashed throwing Jen under the bus stories.

Dick saying "if this is the next HOH we need to get on it" about croquet...

Zach saying he would rather have people destroy themselves and sit back and watch.

Zach "if you guys decise if eric goes up does that cause the whole shift" and end up making people pick sides.....Dick saying Eric was a big part of the 7 and a lot of people won't "want to believe it" and are in "denial"

Zach saying becareful what he tell kail "you don't want to tell the one person that blabs"Zach saying about jen "she's not bright" and becareful and Dick says "she doesn't lie"

talking about the POV questions.

Zach "I would love to have HOH next week" to see how his folks are doing and overall "safety"

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dani, jam and amber (I think) sitting in kitchen dining area talking about nail polish and how the nail polish they got from BB and dani si freaking that it was used... saying how gross it was... then dani says "Thankx Big Brother!"

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Dani saying how Jen was complaining about being on slop and kept asking BB for food but jameka said that she never heard complain once always saying Jen kept saying its not that bad

Amber Jameka and dani rehasing the veto comp over and over again

most the other HG's are sleeping

Dani saying she can see the sun saying she hates the sun and BB

no one talking game at all talking about kitchen cabinets for some reason

dani saying she is more modern in taste now talking about paint in her apartment with a black and white theme(maybe thats why she sees everything that way LOL)

dani saying she is homeless when she goes home cause they are not renewing their lease.

also saying she isnt moving back in with her boyfriend and how he cant handle money and is moving back in with his parents I think

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everyone just god buzzed again... out for the pooh dumping... zach, of course, was the first one done... dani next... now kail... now jen walking around looking hesitatnt... looking in the mirrors... stalling just looking at the bucket o' poo... steps in and does it... zach says "Good job Jen"... now is jam's turn... amber is standing outside cheering jam on... jam jumps in the tub, says Oh Gosh! and does it real quick! Jam runs out and starts sounding like a horse... all the girls run to the bathroom to shower... kail is washing her hair outside of the shower... amber goes and hops back in bed with dustin... eric in the loo... jam and jen taking showers... eric out of loo washes hands... jen says "I don't usually shower this much"... they thank eric for something, he says no prob... jen to jam: did you ask him yet? jam: uh uh jen: who was up? jam :me, danielle and amber... muffled talking that I cannot make out...

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jen done with shower and back in bed with kail... jam still in shower... jam to self in shower "what is that!? (looking down in shower possibly at drain) no no..."... dani done with HOH shower and back sitting in kitchen counter area... jam done with shower... (* note dani and zach are the only ones I have seen still in bunny suits*)... jam out to BY to hand wet stuff over the tea cup and to change into dry clothes... jam going back in house... small talk with jam and dani... jam with her normal mmmmmhmmmms and then says potty time heads off to loo...

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7:10ish am BBT

more general chit chat between Dani, Jam and Zach. Dani talks of wanting sprinkles (a cupcake place in LA with amazing cupcakes) for her birthday. Jam wants a perm BB told her thats an HOH thing only. Dani wants her hair done but they can't have contact with anyone outside of the house. She said please just blindfold me and put earplugs in she doesnt care.

They talk bout making a gourmet breakfast feast at the 8am hour. But then Dani says maybe she'll laydown and have the breakfast at 9am instead. Jam says after poo is dumped on her and she showers she'll be up again.

Jam puts dishes away. Dani sitting quietly. (She looks exhausted)

7:21BBT 4minz till the Poo Dump....

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since the last update just general chit chat.. Jam askes Dani when her bday is and Dani says 15 days. she said she wants cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes Says they are expensive but worth it. Her favorite flavor is Red Velvet.

More general chit chat about how cold it was, for the poop dump and that soon it will be "single digits".

Dani: Can you imagine what it would be like if it was for a whole week like Jen thought it was? We would all be on the block, we would be so grouchy and difficult to be around.

Jam: mmmm hmmmm

721am BBT:

Dani: 4 minutes *sigh*

Jam: mmm hmmmm

Dani: this one went by really fast

Jam mmmm hmmm yep it did.

*edit: When I typed this up there hadnt been an update in about 30 mins...*

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dani, jam and zach still sitting in kitchen/round table area... talking about all kinds of stuff... ice cream... naps... airplans flying over... dani saying that the competition was ridiculous with all of the helicopters flying over... zach saying that they will leave the lights on... dani says "No today is Sunday, they don't wake us up, it is sleep in day"... jam putting up the clean dishes... everyone is yawning... dani says "Oh big brother" (imagine Janey saying it... that is how it sounded)... zach leaves somewhere, jam heads outside... someone snoring in the bedrooms... dani just sitting at kitchen counter looking very tired and thinking... zach laying down in bathroom on big chair... jam comes inside goes into bathroom area, comes out, walks to slif=ding back door, decides not to go out... comes back to round table... dani: do you take your bathingsuit off and then put it back on? jam: um hum they are talking about how uncomfortable it is to do thsi 'task'... they say that the time went by fast and that it is a few more minutes before they have to do the next one... jam humming... zach out of bathroom and heads back into BY... jam: the question is why are we up right now... dani: says something about 10:30 then says I am sorry... zach now quietly sitting at kitvhen counter... jam still humming... dani: this is not fun by the way... jam: un hu... z: what time is the POV thing... they say it is Monday...

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Jamekas ask what have you done this week to make your family proud

Dani didnt even get ot answer and jameka says winning HOH

Zach says he has brought his family toghether hoping family memebers who dont talk can now maybe talk again becasue he is on BB Zach Says ive given myself alot more time to heal and come to be a better man in here get a second chance at what he lost not sure what all that means

Now saying he really had love and he lost it

Dani says my shower smells so bad it smells foul its gross (complaining as usual)

4 minutes until BUCKET pouring time

Jameka says any minute now


Zach says this is for you MY EX and dumps gets out and takes shower

Dani i dedicate this to lindsay lohan cause she is a skank and i hate her OOOO its getting colder its in my mouth she says

Here comes KAIL for dumping apparently she doesnt even change out of that bathing suit lays down in it (gross)

Jens turn just staring at it LOL she got herself good that time dont think she meant to do that

Jamekas finished last

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10:25 BBT

They (Dani/Jam/Zach) [only ones up atm] talk bout tomorrows show. Jam asks each of them what they have done to make their parents proud of them this week. Zach warms his families heart thats enough He says. Zach going on about his family friends how hes brought them all closer. Giving his grandmother in a senior citizen home somethign to talk about. Giving his brothers a lot of laughs.

Jam mmmhmmmmmmmmmmm

Zach preparing for poo dump.. took off bunny suit

Dani saying her shower in HOH smells sooooo bad from the poo

Alarm sound 7:30bbt

Zach first runs saying "This is for you my Ex" Showers quickly

Dani next "I Dedicate this to Lindsey Lohan because shes a skank and I hate her"

Kail up by washer/dryer

Jen hesitating getting more towels out of dryer

kail next to get poo'd on :P

Jen slooowly walking out to get Poo'd on stops to admire her body in mirror first

jam ecouraging her telling GOOD JOB!!

Jameka last to get in the poo

and everyones done.

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talk about what their families on the outside are thinking on how they have played the game... z: i think I have brought people in my friends lives and my families lives together in ways that they would not ever do... jam: um hmmmmm z: my moms brothers that don't talk and my grama having something in the old folks home that they would have something to talk about jam: is she is a senior citizens home... z: yeah a senior home kinda like a hospice jam: do you look like your brothers? z: no I look like my mom my brothers look like my dad... zach saying that he feels like he has given his family hope and he feels like he has given himself a second chance... and that the person that he was with... dani comes from bathroom and says that the showers smell really bad, you open the door and it is just foul... z looking out in BY... jam: any munite... the buzzer goes off... zach jumps into poo bucket and says "this is for you my ex!"... zach dumps and showers off... danis s turn... danis "I dedicate this to lyndsay lohan because she is a skank and I hate her"... dani: it is getting colder! uuugh it is in my mouth!... kail now outside... kail getting stuff out of dryer... jen just standing inside looking out sliding door, goes outside as kail goes inside... jen now getting stuff out of dryer... kail in by, jam in by... kail heads over to poo bucket and does her task... jam: is it cold cold? kail: no it isn't cold cold... jen heads over to poo bucket... jen looking in mirrors contemplating it... jen hops in looks into cameras and pours the mess... jam: good job!... jam heads over to poo bucket... jam says oh dear and then pours the mess "god this stinks!"...

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7:30am BBT

Its Poop time again!

Zach, as usual, is the first one out the door (He was actually standing at the door when the buzzer went off)

"This is for you my ex" he screams on his way to the big tub. He dumps, showers then grabs the towel and heads back in.

Dani's next: I dedicate this to Lindsay Lohan "cause shes a skank and I hate her." She dumps the bucket and "Ayyyeeee its getting colder!!" She wraps her hair up and then runs back into the house.

Then we have Kail: before heading to the big tub, stops at the dryer and grabs a nice warm towel.. or three. Then she goes into the house and Jen comes out and grabs towels out of the dryer. (I think they are trying to delay the inevitable - PaganMom) Kail comes back out, with two towels and proceeds to dump it on herself. Jam: Is it cold cold? Kail: Huh? Jam: Is it cold cold? Kail: No, its not cold cold.

Next is Jen, watching herself in the mirrored windows as she goes, standing in the corner checking the back of her swim suit bottom, then gets in, and pours the bucket of poop over her head (she only poured it over half of her head last time, this time, she doused it all and after leaving the tub of poo says she "doesnt want them (BB) to say that it was invalid or something" when Zach or Jam said "good job" - PaganMom)

Now its Jameka's turn. After hiding behind the teacup and putting her suit over her clothes before taking her clothes off, she walks out there, "Oh dear" does the dump, puts her flip-flops back on and runs into the house, losing a flip flop along the way.

Kail jumps out of the shower just as Jam runs in and says, "Here ya go" Jam: You have like the most perfect timing each time.

Jam, Kail & Jen talking about who has slept and who hasnt. Jam said that Dani fell asleep during her cd, but only for about an hour.

Jam:I think I was grouchy about the 4th time, maybe the 3rd.

Jen: Your just over it now?

Jam: Yeah, just like whatever.

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jen, jam and kail back in bathroom taking shower... jen asks jam if she is gonna sleep, jam says no... they ask if dani has been up, jam says that she fell asleep once listening to her music... general chatting... jam and jen still in shower... jen yawning a lot... kail getting back into bed... jen in loo... jen says her face and body and everywhere feels like blah... jam um hummmmm.... jam done with shower, jen takes dirty towels to BY... dani making food, jen comes back in... jen goes to bedroom, grabs clothes... jen and dani in bunny suits... dani takes a bowl out of cabinet and then says ewwww and tries to smash something, smashes it with bowl she is going to use to make eggs... dani making a bunch of eggs, jen goes to bathroom and grabs more dirty clothes and takes them to BY... jam out of bathroom and stits at round table... dani has walked out of kitchen, cams don't show where she is... dani back... jen in BY just staring at dryer...

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dani and jam talking about givingup all of the HOH's and their insights onit... jam says it is like putting your fate into peoples hands... dani: not these people... jam: yeah!...dani: I'm sorry but I am just ready for a fun competition... saying that all of these are just stressful... she wants a fun one... jam: I am just dreading the treadmill... talking about a past comp... dani: jen would win that..., I would be pissed, I don't think it would be fair... like this one I think it was arrainged for her... jam: oh yeah... dani: like totally! I don't think... we get FOTH... (I guess they didn't like the fact that Dani was calling them out)...

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8:00 BBT Jam and Dani are in the kitchen doing ADLS discussing past competitions. Dani says she wants a fun competition because everything's been so stressful. Jam says the Eliminator one was fun... Dani replies "but that was 2 weeks ago." Dani saying that the POV was made for Jen has caused a FOTH on all 4 feeds.

Back from FOTH Jen is out of the shower and in the kitch. They are talking about the people who don't refill the ice trays, but put them back in the freezer. Zach is up and around now. Dani made him breakfast. They are talking about Dennys V. McDonalds for breakfast. Zach says "only 10 more to go..." (referencing the slop)

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General chit chat, no game talk. Complaining about empty ice trays. (I have seen Kail put empty trays back in freezer) Daniele made breakfast for the awake bunnies. Kail is sleeping. Buzzer will be sounding for poo dunk in 23 minutes.

All awake wabbits eating breakfast at table.

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