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August 5, Live Feed Updates

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Kail saying she and jen have to wash their sheets today.

Jen laying down on the couch in the BY

Jameka back out to the couches in the BY "15 minutes"

they have 6 more, 5 after this next one.

Jen and Jameka going to go to bed for real after they are done.

Kail saying she slept pretty well, all things considered. 30 minutes each hour.

K saying cuz when you breast feed, you have to get up every 2, so she went back 15 yrs.

Jameka telling a breastfeeding story and we get FOTH.

Zach just threw his bunny head across the room :giggle:

he is at the breakfast bar alone with his head down.

Jameka talks about her niece in detail, Zach calls out to K/J/J and asks if they want a drink. (aw) and they all reply no thank you.

Jameka talking about her niece with no input from anyone else. Shes going on, and on, and on. Her niece being the cutest thing, how great of a dad she (her niece) has.

other feeds showing sleeping houseguests.

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Kail said she is going to stay up until midnight so she doesn't get up too early. Kail said she slept about 30 minutes every hour. She said it takes her back 15 years to when she was breast feeding. Jameka starts talking about keeping her neices, and how her sister breast fed, but pumped some for bottles when others kept her. Short FoTH.

Jameka talking about her brother, who married his high school sweetheart when she was pregnant. She said he was 26 when his daughter was born. He was still living with his parents when he got married, his mom did his laundry and everything. People suggested he stay with his parents to save up, but he said he wasn't going to bring his wife into his parents house. She hopes they got their house July 10.

Zach asks if anyone wants anything to drink. No one does, he goes back in, sits at bar in kitchen. Jameka still talking about her brother and his daughter. How he couldn't get enough of his daughter even when she was 9 months old.

Zach comes out and says 5 minutes left. Jameka talking about friends who had kids young, and how they didn't have time for themselves. Kail said things change when you have a second one. Jameka said her friend had 3, 3 boys in 5 years.

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Jameka and Kail discuss child birth. Looks like Z's waiting for the buzzer. Jameka says Z is doing well. Z says 5 more after this one.

J saying the 24 hours isnt as long as you'd think.

(Other HGs still asleep)

Kail and Jameka

K: oh Jameka, no hoh comps for you

J: i know but i'm not worried in a sense that---


all sleeping hgs stir and roll over

Z: i'm giving this one to kivo, mark and russ from tallahasse, FL.

Z in and out already.

K in, remarks it's slippery.

Jam: alright momma kail!

K: here we go!

K is done.

Jen in next: ughh... well...here goes.

K says the outside shower is not cold.

J uses it

J: what are you talking about?! it's freezing!!

Jameka starts the outside shower, then dumps the sludge, then runs to the outside shower.

Daniele went and is now making her way back upstairs. Z went to the DR

Dani showering in her hoh bathroom.

Kail talking about her kids, how their sports things start soon, how they need to get registered for classes, her husband has a lot on his plate.

Z saying Jameka looks pissed off and sad.

Jameka saying that's her relaxed face.

they have 5 more sludge dumpings.

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Zach is now outside and ready to go. He seemed pumped up. Jameka compliments him on how good he is doing. She said the time is going faster than she thought it would. Kail reminds Jameka she can't compete in HoH. She said she isn't worried about it, cause she can still compete in PoV. She said if it said 5 times no PoV, no, no, no.

Buzzer went off. Zach dumps his poo, takes a shower and yells while doing it.

Kail is up next. She dumps a full bucket directly on her head, not much anywhere else, and uses the outside shower to rinse off. She said that should be the way she does it the rest of the day. It is a lot easier.

Jen comes over for her turn. Jameka is encouraging her. Tells Jen to be careful, Jen said it is slippery. Jen positions herself and slowly pours it over her head. She then gets in the outside shower to rinse off.

Jameka is in next. She was afraid the water outside was cold, but did a quick dunk, then gets in the outside shower. She said it is freezing, but uses it anyway.

Haven't seen Dani yet. It is still the green lighting in the HoH bedroom. Now she is down. she was dedicating it to someone, but couldn't hear over the noise of the outside shower. Dani did a quick dump, then went running back to the safety of her HoH room.

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Z has high blood pressure because of the stress at work.

Z saying he wrote down graphic designer for this BB thing, but he does special effects, animatronics, furniture design, interior design, he has like 15 diff jobs. Z says work stresses hi out, he was 243, and he tried to lose weight. His brother put him on a nutrition plan, and ran his ass off. Z saying he ran 8 to 11 miles each time on the treadmill. After the first month he could see his body trimming. He would run in the mroning before work, and after work, and really concentrating on the food his brother told him. Running and good food was his key. Z lost 27 lbs in 2 months, he thought it was incredible and he went back in for the blood pressure and it went back down. Z saying it was weird drinking 13 lbs of water and losing 6-8 lbs on slop.

Z saying hes a very healthy eater outside this place. Jameka saying she thinks they're pretty good, like nobody really eats a lot of chips. They agree Dani eats the most chips out of everyone. Jameka saying their eating habits have improved a lot because they have acknowledged it's crap.

12:51 FOTH (wakeup call?)

Z thinks it's funny that everyone that isnt doing the sludge is still asleep.

Kail and Jameka comment how sweet it was that people tried to stay with them. Amber stayed with them a lot, eric was getting up every hour with them until 6 AM.

Zach's heel has really been bothering him for a few days.

Their washer is breaking. it keeps saying "fh"

Z: production, we're having an FH malfunction on washer #1... FOTH

Dani offering her gummy bears to Zach. "not all of them, but some."

Z saying he can't wait until he can shower with a bar of soap after the sludge is over.

D had a dream that she had 2 casettes in her hands, she put the wrong casette in the casette player and it went BEEP BEEP BEEP and it was the sound of the buzzer telling her it was time for anthoer sludge.

Z saying by the end of BB they'll be very well versed in their airplane identification.

Z: 5 more to go. just 5.

D: 5 of what? dunks?

Z: mhmm.

D: 4 and a half hours. if that makes you feel better.

Z: that's pretty good.

Dani and Kail thinking everyones gonna roll out around 3 and wake up just as they, the sludge crew, are going to bed.

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Talking about the HoH comp. Jameka said Kail is an inspiration.

Zach said he had a leg cramp from hell. He said he might have been able to hang another 10 minutes, but no more. Zach said he is at 210 now. In February, he was 243 pounds. He has lost most of it, then the rest inside the house. He had a lot of stres and high blood pressure. he started running the treadmill every night, and his brother put him on a good nutritional program. He said when he started running on the treadmill it killed him to run a mile and a half. He said he got to where he was running 11-13 miles. He lost 25 pounds in 2 months, and his health was much better.

Zach said he loses 6-8 pounds on slop, then puts it back on again. Kail said she only put on 2 pounds after hers. She couldn't eat much afterward.

Zach said he is a much better eater outside the house. Jameka felt they are doing okay. Dani is the only one that really eats chips. Zach said he has much better food in his fridge outside the house. Jameka said they all know it is crap, so they eat accordingly.

Kail asks Dani about the washer and we get....


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The dunkers said they can't believe the other people are still sleeping. Jameka said they tried to stay up with them. Amber stayed a long time, and Eric got up every time until 6:00.

Dani is now outside with the other "dunkers" She is talking about gummie bears, then she is done sleeping. she said she had a dream, Zach asked what it was and she said she can't tell him, she would have to kill him. She said she had 2 cassettes, not CD but cassettes, in her hands and when she went to put one in the player, it went beeeep, beep, beep. It was the buzzer. She said the lights were off and that just made it worse.

Jameka is playing with the croquet set. An airplane flies over, and Zach said Alaskan Airlines. He said everyone should know all of the airlines well when they get out of there.

Talking about sleeping, or not sleeping when this is over. Dani said she is afraid if she goes to sleep around 6 PM, then she will be up and wide awake at 11:00. Kail said she felt the same way.

Zach said he will be melencholy for a few hours. Jameka said no, that isn't allowed. didn't he read that in the book on page 43? He said then he will be lazy. Talking about vocabulary words. Jam said she took a class and learned about using positive words. She said she tells it like it is. She makes the kids call their parents, but she stands right there.

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Jameka speaking of her job (nothing really worth typing)

1:05 FOTH

thought my feeds had stopped but nope, just silence and they're not moving.

J asks Z if hee has nieces or nephews.

Z says no, his brother is still trying to figure out where he belongs in life but is enjoying SC.

Z misses the east coast so much

k goes to check the time.

it's 1:10 PM BBT , kail reports.

Z just moved into an apt 3 days before he went on BB. if he knew he was coming, he would have put his stuff in storage.

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Jameka was talking about her work, then we got a brief FoTH. Back with Zach, Jameka, Dani and Kail in the BY, very quiet. Not sure where Jen is. No one else is up...Dick was earlier, but haven't seen him for quiet a while. All feeds are on BY, no where else in the house.

Jameka asks Zach if he has any nieces or nephews. He asks if that is his borther's kids. He said his brother has been married for 2 years, but is into the baseball thing. He lives in South Carolina, near Charlotte (Charlotte is in NC) Talking about it is cheaper on the east coast. His brother's mortgage is only $700.mo. Zach just got a new apartment 3 days before BB started. He said rent is ridiculous. Most of his friends are either married, or very career oriented, and all are settled. He said here a 50 year old goes out and parties. He doesn't like that. Being in the house helps him to know what he wants to do.

Zach said there are 3 things he wants when he gets out. He wants to make sure his family is well and safe, wants to know what is going on at work, and what projects he is missing, then he wants to take a couple of weeks off and travel. Spend a week with the folks, and a week in Barbados or whatever.

This next one will be number 5.

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Jameka said she couldn't do Fear Factor. Zach said he used to work where they filmed it. Talked about different things people would have to do and eat. he said he couldn't do that show, either. Jamkea said "for the love of money", Kail laughed, and Zach said for $50,000, it wasn't worth it.

Zach went to check on the time. 1:20BBT. Kail was asking about the washer, it is working.

Gotta go.....hope someone can take over.....

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They're not looking forward to the next dunking:Daniele: This is aweful, this is miserable, i'm not going to lie.Kail: The hardest part is over, the middle of the night.Daniele: No, i'm exhausted, its too cold, i'm done...butt..we're almost there. I have a really bad headache.Jameka: At this point this is our 20th dunking...Kail: wow...Daniele: Our 20th hour too.Zach is the first into the pot, which he deticates to his younger brother. None of the others seem too eager to get up. Kail is then the second one in, and she dumps on her head.Daniele wimpers a little, and says, "i'm counting down".Only 4 left, which Daniele is very thinkful of.

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Zach is back into his lovely rabit uniform, and Jen is preparing for her dunking. Zach is looking in the fridge talking to himself about Kail not wearing her bunny suit. "Kail, put your bunny suit on." "Lame!" (all said by Zach, for no apparent reason, to himself.)

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Dick to Jameka: erics playing both sides. hes playing with kail

Jameka: ...nahhhhhh.

Dick very serious and telling Jameka eric and kail are definitely in an alliance. Dick saying Jen said it's true.

Jameka sounding skeptical.

Dick saying everything Eric blamed on Nick, eric was doing.

Dick: of all the things Jen is... she is not a liar.

Dick saying Eric setting Nick up, eric set Nick up from day 2.

Jameka: uh huhh

Dick: let it come together

Jameka: no, it is!!


D: there's a lot. all the information.. eric has all the information from kail and jen. how'd he get all that info? why is kail eating a bowl of slop 1 hour before the eviction. somebody told her twice. i kept saying,there's a leak, there's a leak. and every single time. you were in the hammock! you heard what eric said. 'it isn't the same people.' 'it cant be 2 people.' bullshit! it was him that did it, to create doubt.

J: but for what reason?

J: so you're saying Kail, Amber and Eric..?

D: and Jen.

D: I didn't trust eric since the 2nd wk when jen was hoh.

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Dick is telling Jameka abotu how everything Eric blamed Nick on he did. He says, "Eric set nick up like a bowling pin from day one. He set nick up, ne lied about all of that shit." "Nobody wants to beleive it because eric is a nice guy, he is very fun to be around."

Jameka: "Why has eric wanted to get kail out that bad?"

Dick says how eric would always present "both" sides of the arguement, but with a big tilt in the favor of the way they wanted to see it.

then we got Foth (for about 8 seconds.)

Dick: "eric always had all this info about kail and jen, kail this, jen that. why was kail eating a bowl of slop before eviction an hour before she coul be going home. Someone has been telling her she isn't going everytime. eric.

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Dick telling Jameka that Dick knows for a fact that since the first HOH kail and eric are in an alliance.

D telling J that Eric told dick that dustin needs to go first.

D: eric is the joe. joe was the joe but he was a horrible joe. erics a great joe. he's playing both sides.

Jameka said she disagrees.

Dick continuing to bash eric to jameka (I expect to hear a whole lot of this until thursday night)

Dick saying he trusted eric. that's why he was pissed, he trusted eric from the beginning.

Dick knows "damn well" that eric and jen are conspiring together, and eric is telling everything to jen about dick

Dick continues his tirade

Dustin and Kail meet in the storage room.

D: once zach you and jen are gone, they see themselves as targets one and two(dick and dani). dustin saying d/d is trying to convince everyone in order to fracture the group.

K saying it makes no sense that D/D would target eric, because they're on the same side.

Dustin telling Kail he doesn't buy a word jen says , because Dick and Jen are all now buddy buddy and "practically taking bubble baths together."

Dustin recounting (accurately) the convo btwn him and jen.

Dustin telling Kail it's absolutely necessary that Zach goes up.

Kail saying shes trying but Dani won't give her the information

K is saying someone is lying to daniele, or they are telling the truth to daniele.

D saying it doesnt matter, if eric goes up KAIL IS GOING HOME.

K: unless someone in your 5 is lying...


K saying Dani believes she's not getting played, k has no idea what dani is thinking.

Dustin: I know exactly what she's thinking. she's putting up eric or myself.

K wonders who is mad at dustin or eric

D: nobody.

K saying Dani won't talk to her.

D saying they can't talk about it, because it isn't public that eric and dustin are going up. as far as the 5 know, zach is going up.

K saying it's crazy that they're putting E up, e should be the least of their concerns.

Dustin telling her Kail is going home if eric goes up so she better do something about it.

D: I don't wanna see you go home. you don't deserve to go home.

K:I dont wanna go home.

K: you're 100% confident that you and eric have the vote?

D: yep. Why would I lie to you? what benefit do I have to gain by lying to you?

K wants to know who is lying, D says it doesn't matter. K saying the person thats lying needs to go back and tell dani that they will not vote eric out.

K thinks it is Jessica. (ding ding ding)

k: jess needs to go to dani and say hey dani, i changed my mind.

K: I believe that dani believes that daani believes whole heartedly that that person will vote dani's way. and i really think it's jessica. she had no problems telling carol and joe and voting a different way.

D saying that's what hes gonna do today, he feels solid on the 5, VERY solid, but they need to even know if its a risk to put eric up and send kail home or if they can just put zach up.

D: bottom line, if its not 1 of the 5, it's zach, and any one of the 5 have each others back.

K:any of your 5 get hoh, who do they put up.

D: dick and daniele. guarenteed.

D is gonna do his darndest to get zach put up.

D is gonna propose to D/D that zach needs to go up so guarantee kail goes home, then they vote to keep kail in.

K saying she wishes the person who told daniele would stop lying to dani so she knows kail will go.

Dustin saying hes gonna fight hard for kail to staythis week

K thanks him, and they hug and split

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Now Dick has Dustin's ear....

Dick telling Dustin pretty much the same thing he told Jameka.

Dustin seems annoyed more than anything else.

Dustin refuting everything Dick is saying. Dustin is getting angry.


DIck saying he's always liked and trusted Dustin.

Jameka joins Dustin and Dick.

Dick going on, and on, and on, and on about how untrustworthy eric is.

Dick goes inside.

Dustin: is till dont buy it

Jameka: it's a little much.

D: jen didn't confirm shit with me. she didn't confirm ANYTH, cING. well dicks saying jen confirmed shit with him, well she sure didn't confirm shit with me.

Jameka: what alliances do you know that are still in the house.

Jen: I don't think kail and eric are in an alliance.

Jameka: you don't buy it then?

Jen: no... i think eric makes people feel close and make them think they are his #1

Dustin: does eric give you information that you shouldnt know,t hat you know

Jen: probably.

D: like what

J: how the votes are going

((jen currently lying like a rug))

D says she said nick told her

Jen saying well, nick AND eric told her.

Dustin can't believe it's 2:30 and dustin can't believe jessica is still sleeping.

Dustin goes back inside.

Dick saying eric yelling at jen was a big cover to cover his and jens alliance.


Z: i dedicate this one to the florida state seminoles, football!

Z already in and out

Dick working Jameka like none other. Repeating himself, going on, and on, and on (it's getting really repetitive, old and annoying and it's only sunday)

Dick: it has to be done, the votes are already there anyways. He's playing both sides.

(this convo is just going around and around and around)

Jameka going to dump sludge.

BB: kail, please go to the diary roo.

crap crew has 3 dumpings left.

Amber's up.

Jameka and Amber whisper while Jamekas in the shower . can't hear.

Dani and Dick whisper quickly.. can't hear.

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Jameka admiting to dustin/ aber that ED brought up good points.

Dustin telling Jameka the points ED broguht up could be said about ANY HOUSEGUEST (it seems like dustin is eric's biggest supporter)

And...amber starts to cry.

Jameka and Dustin telling her she has to pull it together because they cant let d/d catch amber crying.

Dustin said theyre grasping at straws and trying to make a haystack.

D: half the shit they're pinning on eric.. it's from me! so fuck them!!

Jameka says shes trying to sort the BS from the real.

Dustin/Jameka and Amber think its funny that D/D are trying to hide that Eric is going up. Dustin wants ED to call eric out in front of everyone instead of pulling them one by one.

Dustin: "spool of lies"

Dick joins them.

Amber asks dick to be caught up on what's going on.

Dick: that's cuz you're in the middle of all of it.

Dick walks away.

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3pm bb time...dustin,jameka, and amber on outside couch, dustin and jameka agree that jen did NOT confirm anything that dick just told them,

jameka: in my mind that was criticial, because if jen wanted eric she would have said yeah it was him, and she didnt

amber starts crying

jameka: amber stop it stop it, i swear if you dont pull it together amber...dont even today, dont, it is critical (kick her ass jameka!)

dustin: it is two people, you know that, they know your weakness

jameka: if they see you like this then they know they got you

amber sucks the snot back in and sits back silently, but a bit of an angry expression as dustin and jameka continue to talk

jameka: why cant we all seven come back together and call bs bs, why do they have to spread it around to us individually?

dustin: exactly

amber: she's (daniele) got it so stuck in her head that i set nick up

(dustin is severely picking his nose, at least this time he got a tissue)

jameka:its just too much

dustin: everything they are saying is too much, they are grasping at straws...its not going to work , espeically half the shit they're trying to pull on eric is from mei spoke to kail and she's like 'i have no relationship with eric whatsoever, none'....she's scared of him (dick), you've seen what he does to jen can you imagine if he did that with her, i believe she's just scared of getting chewed out by him because we know he has the ability to do so, where she comes from that doesnt happen

jameka: i still think we all need to meet

dustin: i agree, all seven of us, and let them try to out eric in front of all of us instead of pulling us all apart

amber: he hasnt pulled me out to say anything though

jameka: and he told me i was the last one (for dick to speak to)

dick comes outside

jameka: ED can we have a meeting

dick: yeah yeah

amber: yeah because daniele hasnt talked to me in two days

dick: cause you're in the middle of all of it (he walks to the other end of the yard to smoke alone)

amber: repeats 'cause im in the middle of all of it?'...shakes her head

amber,dustin,jameka sit in silence..dustin goes to check on the laundry

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Dick seems mad at Amber

Dick: let me just put this out (cigarette) and i'll leave you alone.

JAmeka: no listen , you said I was the last to know and amber doesn't know .

DIck: that's cuz she's in the middle of it. eric doesn't know either.

Dani and Jameka talk privately...

Dani keeps whispering in her ear, which makes it hard to follow.

Dick is mad at Amber because Amber attacked Dani in the hoh room that one night.

Dani saying Eric set Nick upsince day 2.

Dani telling Jameka how much nick liked her (jameka)

Dani saying "erics definitely going. he's the one going. we already have the votes!"

Dani saying how much of a manipulator eric is.

Dani talking about how she figured it out on the challenge (duh- a banner plane spelled it out for her)

((Round and round we go...))

Dani telling how great nick is, how she knows nick the best, how awesome of a person nick is, how she feels so bad for nick, how she wished nick was there, how mad she is for not figuring stuff out 2 hours earlier, how nick knew he wasleaving, how nice of a person nick is, how much nick loves jameka... you get the idea.


Dani saying how Amber and Eric are involved in a big plan and Amber helped set Nick up with Eric, how complex Amber and Eric's plan were to get Nick out.

Dani talking about how many times Eric was called into the diary room. Dani also tells Jameka how Eric tried to get Dick kicked out.

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dick walks back to jameka/amber

dick: i'll just say this and then i'll leave you two alone

jameka: (i think she we want to know why we dont all talk....but im not sure, hard to hear)

dick: its because amber's in the middle of it

dick walks away

jameka gets up and asks daniele to come outside to talk......jameka/daniele sit off to themselves outside

daniele: remember the last night the whole time amber tried to say 'you cant trust nick' and all of a sudden she completely changed, she turned everything against making it look like i turned against the group, and jameka you know, and nobody would listen to me because i was so close with nick (she's doing her famous whispering) after that night when i came out i was sure and i knew 100%...erik set nick up the whole time, everything we thought nick was doing was eric because if nick had stayed in the house we would have found out it was erik


daniele: you know how erik said the first vote that jen told him that nick said it was him, like c'mon.....im so upset at myself, the first couple of nights i couldnt sleep i felt so guilty, i couldnt figure out who it was, like if i had figured it out just two hours earlier

jameka mmhmm

daniele: i promise you nick talked soo good about you, nick was mad at me, and erik would use that and say 'my God he's gonna explode'

jameka: mhmm....im not saying they're not valid points, im just saying as a group we've messed up several times, its caused a big division

daniele: but why though, its because of him (erik) (ed-who chose to put the bb house directly under the path of these really loud f-ing airplanes!!!?)

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