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August 5, Live Feed Updates

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Dani is in the BY talking with Zach and Dick retelling them all that Amber said. (I think she is saying it in a way of making fun of Amber and her feelings and making sure they know Dani is more important to this Nick deal than Amber.)

Dani did tell Dick that his actions are making others feel uncomfortable and that it reflects on her. Now Zach and Dick talking about Nick and how they miss him. ( I swear it is like watching people at a funeral the way they talk.)

Dani went inside and came right back out to announce it is funny how when she enters a room the conversations stop and then a new conversation start over a box on the table and it is louder.

Dani says Amber talked so much that she literally blacked out. (so hopefully she was in her own zone and didn't gather all the information Amber laid out for her.) Dani says there is something missing with the Amber connection. NOW Dick says the Kail alliance is with Dustin. (can he ever stick to one theory and work with it?) Zach says that Kail is a good POV contender, Dani wants to know if he is drunk? Dick and Dani point out all of Kails "misfortunes" in POV.

Dick says now their biggest mistake was not getting rid of Kail two weeks ago. (a few hours ago his biggest mistake was getting rid of Nick.) Dani points out that a group of seven can't work for a game like this and Dick says he knew that and swore he wouldn't do that but he messed up and did it. (maybe this is the newest biggest mistake in the game.)

Dick is angry that Dustin told Dani to put Dick up and next week Dustin is going home according to Dick. (I guess he forgets if they don't have the votes for Eric, they won't have the votes for Dustin.) Dick says they have Dustin in a good position, he is either going to have to vote out his partner Kail, or Eric. They all three think Kail is a wreck and is like a nervous animal in a cage. They are trying to come up with a story that will make Kail think Dustin is playing her.

Dani says they don't have Jess's vote, Amber wouldn't commit to a vote and Zach thinks that they can sway Dustin but Dani and Dick didn't respond to that. Dani says that Dick needs to talk to Jen fast, he says he will.

Now talk about how Kail is wearing the bunny suit and Zach says she ate a cookie after she was on slop and how he was mad because she doesn't wear her suit and she took a bite and claimed she didn't realize they had to be on slop already.

Zach doesn't want them to make a production about it but Dick says he will watch her and make sure he calls her out if she "doesn't follow the rules".

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