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August 5, Live Feed Updates

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3:16 BBT

Jameka just asked Dani to talk to her. They're now talking in the BY.

Jameka's asking Dani to explain what's going on. How Amber's upset b/c supposedly Dani isn't talking to her.

Dani's saying she was upset when Amber was 'attacking' her in the HOH right before Nick was evicted, and Amber wanted Nick to leave. Dani saying after she won HOH, she went up to her dad, then Jameka, then Jessica.

Dani saying when you know you're right (referring to Eric). Dani telling Jameka Nick never lied to her once in the game. Saying Eric was the one saying Nick was the biggest threat in the game. And if Nick stayed in the house, it would eventually come out that Nick didn't cast that vote for Mike. Dani thinks she was set up with the vote for Nick.

Dani says Nick is a nice guy and she is so upset at herself b/c she felt so guilty that Nick was evicted b/c she knew, knew, knew it wasn't Nick, and she couldn't sleep for the first few days. Dani says that she knows Jameka thought Nick didn't like her, but Dani says how much Nick did like her (Jameka).

Dani says that when her and Nick would argue, Eric would use that and twist it around and say Nick was about to blow up.

Jameka says that this will cause a big division and Dani replies with it already is, and she has the votes. Jameka doesn't say anything. Dani keeps talking about when she won HOH she was crying b/c everything was falling in place for her b/c she figured it out. Dani repeating that Eric has watched every season and knows what is going on. Says Eric is really good with words and is probably the smartest person in the house.

Dani says she can't wait to write her HOH blog b/c it will contain an apology letter to Nick, along with other things. Dani continues to say it wasn't Nick, it wasn't Nick.

Jameka is mostly listening, not saying much, with Dani doing most of the talking.

3:25 BBT


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Dani saying everyone is on their (D/D) side, it's a done deal, eric is definitely going this week.

Dani saying it's pointless to call out eric because there's no need for it since everyone is on the sae page with getting eric out.

D: it's all there, Jameka. it's ALL there.

D: talk to jen, she'll tell you. she'll tell you!!

D saying Nick would have never voted you out.

Dani saying Amber and Eric are buddybuddy now, ever since the plane.

D: it was all there Jameka. it was ALL there!! I regret the most is I gave eric a look.

Dani suggests Jameka talk to Jen.

Dick joins the 2.

Dick says something, then leaves.

Dani saying how nick would have had her (dani) and her (jamekas) back the entire game, and ambers back too.

Dani: you have y dad to talk to, you have jessica and dsustin.. although dustin is still taking it in. but you have jen. talk to jen.

Jameka suggests dani, her AND jen talk. dani says that's fine.

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3:26 BBT

Still Jameka and Dani in the BY talking.

Dani tells Jameka about when Dick poured the tea on Jen's head, and was called in the DR, BB6 was referenced to Dick and Jen, but when Eric came out, he knew it was talked about, too. Dani says it was b/c Eric was trying to get her dad kicked out.

Dani talking about Eric freaking out, esp. after the POV comp yesterday. Dani agrues that just b/c Eric says he wanted Nick gone, that doesn't rule him out from voting for Nick to stay.

Jameka finally speaks and says : I can't.

Dani continues that it's better to get him out now. Jameka says they have their set targets, and Dani interupts with why is that, Eric keeps convincing people otherwise. Jameka arguing the fact that it doesn't match up with Eric and the votes. Dani again with after she won HOH, everything fell in place.

Buzzer sounds for poop dump, but they keep talking.

Dani says: It's all there, it's all there.

Dani telling Jameka that Eric's always the one telling people to leave when he's talking with people. Dani asks if Jameka's okay, and that it's a lot to take in. She says that Nick would never vote her or her dad out, and that's why Eric and Amber wanted Nick out, b/c Nick would vote for Dani over Amber anyday.

Dani again says she has the votes, everyone's on their side, and how the others are freaking out.

Jameka's just starring at the chair with Dani up in her ear. Some umm hmms from Jameka. Dani says Eric's pissed b/c he thought he was playing the perfect game, and he was playing it pretty darn good.

Dick just joins them and says: Just one thing: if Amber was being falsely accused, wouldn't she be hysterically crying right now?

Dick's gone as fast as he came. Dani says that her and Nick would have had Amber's back for the whole game. Says she knows it's a lot. Says that Jameka has Dick, Jess, and Jen to talk to. Said Dustin, too, but how he's not quite sure. Jameka says how about talking to Jen together right now. Dani agrees, and says upstairs, but they need to do the poop dump first. Dani leaves, saying she needs to change.

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Aber woke jess up

Amber warns Jessica that Dick is gonna try to keep throwing eric under the bus

Jameka says it's too much

Dustin telling Amber she can't flip out about this

Dustin wonders what theyre waiting for.

Jameka said shes outside talking

Dustin: "gotta get their story straight before they go upstairs?"

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3:51 BBT

Most everyone's outside in the couches. Dustin asks Jameka what Dani was talking to her about outside. (I thought Jameka just motioned upstairs, meaning she, Jen, and Dani would have a meeting at some point, which is what Dani agreed to just before the poop dump, but either I hear wrong, or Dustin heard wrong.-lala) Dustin calls for Amber, who comes arunnin! Tells Amber to wake up Jess for the meeting. Amber wakes Jess up, apologizes, then whispers that when Dick talked to Jameka earlier, he said something about everyone turning their backs on Eric.

Jen's been saying that her ears are burning, and she's going to go in the DR and request more ear stuff.

Jameka's whispering to Jess now. BB: The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

Jess now heading to the bathroom. Dustin tells Amber she can't freak out, and Amber replies with I'm not freaking out. Dustin asks Jameka what they're waiting for. Jameka says she can't just go out there and ask for the meeting. Dustin says why, do they have to get their story straight, first?

Kail's inside now, and the others are waiting for their meeting with Dani.

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Earlier, Zach told Dick that he "caught Dustin in a lie." He says that he (Zach) called Kail out on not wearing the bunny suit. It wasn't fair, because Zach has worn it the whole time! Dustin said to Zach that he's calling Kail out. So, Dustin went inside and when Kail came out, she gave Zach a "look." (Uhhhh....that's not Dustin lying, even if he told Kail Zach complained about her....---Cat)

Dick said at that time that Dustin was "involved in all of this somehow!"

Later still, Eric told Zach how great Zach was doing with the manure, and how he was taking it with "gusto."


Eric asks how HOH is treating Dani, as he hasn't seen her much at all. She says she knows.

Dani: I just keep like going up there to shower, and laying down and stuff.

Eric asks about the music, the candy.

Dani says that BB heard her "complaining all of the time" about the candy. She was saying they should have licorice or Mike N Ikes or something.

Eric says it's weird when you say something and then later get it, because it shows BB is listening to everything you say.

Jameka goes over and whispers to Dick. I hear "under the impression that" and "Jen."

Dani says they are going to HOH. She tells Dick she will fill him in. He says he will go up. She says no, because they will freak out. He says he doesn't care--let 'em!

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Dick wants to compare notes first.

Dick says that Eric always seems to be in the perfect place at the perfec time. Eric said he saw "the" handshake (between Dick and Nick) in the kitchen. Zach told Dick it never happened, it happened in the workout room with the door closed. He saw nothing.

Outside, Eric is begging Amber to tell him what's happening.

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Jess, Dan sitting on the bed...Dick and Jen on swivel chairs. Jam and dustin there. Dustin tells Jen he invited her to the meeting because her name is being thrown around. Dustin asks her about Eric. Jen is all over the place again saying she doesn't think Eric has an alliance with Kail because he would tell her (Jen) things and would tell her not to tell Jen. Jen tells them Eric talked to her a lot about everything.

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Dick says Eric always seems to be at the right place at the right time ALL the time. Gives an example of something Eric said he saw between Zach and Nick, that, according to Dick, Zach told Dick it never happened the way Eric said.

Dick is saying Eric cast that second vote because he was the one trying to sweep it under the rug. Dan is now also rehashing what happened after Nick was voted out...Saying Eric was telling people that Nick was mad when he (Nick) was not.

Dustin brings up the fact that Zach told Dustin it would be "guys to the end" Dan and Dustin start arguing. Dick jumps in and yells at Dustin "You are getting very deffensive, WHY DUSTIN? WHY?!" Dan tries to smooth things out saying they are there just to talk and that they are not trying to put Dustin on the spot...

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In the HOH room, everyone is comparing notes about how Eric is always in the right place in the right time. Talk of the 2 phantom votes and Eric was the first to sweep everything under the rug to deflect attention from himself. Dani is trying to tell Dustin that she understands where he's coming from because she was in the same spot last week trying to defend Nick.

Jess is obsorbing all this and she doesn't look happy.

Interesting... Dick just described Eric's campaign for eviction as: "He campaigns hard for what he wants. A couple days later he comes in for a so-so arguement to elimanate the other person." (presumably after gettng the AP votes).

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3:59 BBT

Dani and Dustin enter HOH room. Dustin says that it's time to get things straight. Dani asks why doesn't the whole house talk, and Dustin says why, he wants to talk to Jen. Dick enters and says he doesn't care. Dustin asks if they should call a house meeting. They're waiting for Jen now, who was in the DR.

Jess says Amber woke her up and told her about this. Jameka says she didn't say anything about a meeting (So I was right, Dustin misunderstood---Or lied..LOL-lala) Jameka says she wants everyone to talk and be on the same page, with Jen. Dick says lets talk now and get things straight before they bring Jen in. Dick repeats that if Amber was faslely accused, she'd be crying right now. They're watching Amber sitting alone at the dining room table on the HOH spy screen.

Talking about the mustard incident. Dick protecting Jen, saying she hasn't lied about anything. Says he could totally see Eric doing that, and blaming Nick. Jess chimes in with, I couldn't see Eric doing that. Dustin comes in and says that Smber is on her way up. Dick thinks this is a great time to get all their feelings out. (But where's Eric? Why not bring him in, too. He's part of the LNC. Especially if they're going to be talking about him, mostly.-lala)

4:06 BBT

Jen arrives, saying she can hear again. Dick starts talking. Jameka explains that she hasn't had much time to process all this info. Dick says that Dustin knew, but Dustin says he figured it out b/c Dick kept dropping hints. Dustin's getting loud, pointing his finger at Dick, who loudly says don't talk to me like that, I'm trying to be calm. Dustin and Dick not agreeing on a past conversation about knowing who they were talking about (Eric).

Dustin asks Jen what she knows. Asks what role she had to play in all this. Jen says Eric tells her things and says not to tell Kail. Jen saying that Eric told her she was his number one, and wouldn't talk with her unless it was something she needed to know. Dani says Eric one day kept coming up to her asking how she was, and Dani said she was fine, but then Eric blew up saying fine, I won't ask you again. Dani didn't think she said it in a bad way, and didn't know what was going on.

Jameka wants to know why Eric was talking to Jen. Jen says that when Kail was HOH for basically two weeks, Eric would be up there with them all the time. Dick agrees that Eric was always up there laughing and giggling and then would come downstairs pretending to be tired, but Dick heard them talking, so Eric was lying and Dick wanted to know why Eric would lie about something stupid like that. Kail even confirmed to Dick that they were all watching Dick in the spy screen.

Dick says that Eric is always at the right place at the right time, and the right spot of the conversation. Jameka says she did point out that Eric did lie about when Eric supposedly caught Zach and Nick in the gym saying bros til the end.

Dick says that Eric keeps trying to sweep under the extra vote. Dani saying how Eric wasn't telling the truth about Nick's reaction after the elimination HOH comp, telling someone something different to make them mad at Nick.

Dustin is really against this whole topic.. He's getting mad. He's arguing at Dustin, and now Dick is getting invovle..A lot of yelling. Dani says that Dustin is getting really defensive, and Dani says everyone feels for him, b/c it's a tough situation. Dani said she went through it last week with Nick. She knows where Dustin is coming from b/c Amber's name was mentioned. Dani doing a good job at trying to make Dustin feel better.

Dustin still wants to know what conversation Dani was talking about. Dani says Nick knew he was going, but didn't want to campaign b/c he said he just wanted to spend more time with Dani.


Dustin starts again, still talking about this fist tapping with Zach and Nick. Dani says she would be in the room all the time when Zach would come in the room and say that he could swing the vote, and Nick would just roll his eyes and said whatever. Dick saying Kail knew she wasn't going home b/c she was eating slop two hours before the HOH comp. Dick says that there is a leak in the group.

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Dan is saying Nick knew he was going home and he didn't care. Dick says Kail knew because she ate a bowl of slop before the show that day. Dick says she's been saying for two weeks that there is a leak...rehash of how Kail acts when she thinks she's going home...

Dick's saying there's too many things that have Eric at the bottom...

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4:21 BBT

The meeting continues with how Kail was totally down when Nick was put up, but right before eviction day, Kail totally switched and was very happy. Dick says how did she know. Dick wants to know why Eric is getting all this info from Jen nd Kail when they're not getting this info from anyone else. Eric says during the meetings, Eric would bring up that tinfo, and then would pressure everyone to make a decision right then and there and then a few days later, Eric will come up with a different arguement (America's Choice) and said Eric mentioned like two reason why Kail should go, and everyone didn't understand why he was doing that (See, Dick just confirmed that Eric didn't try to do what America asked..And he realized that Eric's tune would change a few days after their decision was already made.-lala)

Dick again talking about how BB6 was mentioned, and how did Eric know that. ays that Eric would tell D/D that everyone else needed to go first, and says Dick's sure that Eric was telling everyone else that D/D were the first that needed to go.

Dustin asks Jen if Eric has been giving her info every single day, and Jen says not every day. Dustin then ask Jen why she didn't say that yesterday when he asked her. Jen says that Dustin pinpoints her and makes her feel uncomfortable. Dani comes to her defense. Dustin says that he's just being upfront.

Dick asks the group who has a deal with Eric, who says they're his number one. No one answers, and Jessica says that Eric's never told her he's her number one.

Dustin says that he understand that this is what Dani went through, but he's handling it better b/c she left the room. Dani's really mad, saying that she talked to everyone and told everyone she wanted Nick to stay. Dustin says that he asks the girls if this is what they wanted to do, but Dani says no one would listen to her. Dani's really upset now.

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dick asks who in there has an agreement with Eric...Jam says "we all do" dick says inside the seven how many of them felt they were Eric's #1...no takers.

Dustin says that dan did not stuck up for Nick and Den jumps up and says that really gets her mad because she did stick up for Nick but nobody would listen to her, not even Dick. Dan says that she went to DR and cried there for like two hours. That her (Dan) sticking up for Nick the last day made no sense because nobody would listen to her.

She sounds really exasperated. She says she (Dan) said she didn't feel right about it but she would vote with the group. There's nothing else she could say because "nobody in this stupid room would listen to me"

Dan says she's not trying to be rude...

Dustin says he retracts what he said because he does know that Dan had stood up for Nick in the previous 2 weeks.

Talk turns to Kail. Someone says to ask Kail if she has a deal with Eric...Dustin says he already did and kail is sure she is staying and told him she did not have any deals with Eric...Dan says Kail lies...someone asks ho is Kail so sure she's staying...Dan says because she (Dan) gave her her word...

dustin says he, personally dismissed what the banner said...

Talk about Amber and her reaction to the banner...Dick says Amber cried whe she saw the banner...but not today whe he told Jam, infront of her that Amber was not upset and that didn't make sense, because if she was being falsely accused she should have gotten upset...Jam deffends Amber saying that she (Jam) had told her (Amber) right before Dick came out to not start (with the crying).

Dan says Amber was the one coming to her (Dan) constantly and telling her not to trust Nick.

Dan asks again who was pushing the hardest for Nick to go. Dick asks who was the one with the arguments the week before...dick says Jen is saying the same he has, and the same thin Dan's saying and the same thing they all there know in their heads is true, but it's hard to admit. Jam says she'll think about it...Jam remembers those meeting a little different , she says, she's not disputing what D/D are saying, she just wants to think...Dan and Jen start talking again...

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Jameka, Jess, Dustin, Dani and Dick are in the HOH. Dick is there against Dani's earlier wishes.

They are wondering why Jen isn't there--they think she may be in DR.

Dustin goes to get Jen. Dick is being all aggressive and says he will "compare notes right now!" (without Jen)

Dick says they should tell "her" to leave! (Dick is all upset thinking Dustin went to get Amber. But Dustin went to get JEN).

Dani says that Dick can.

Dick says that Eric pulled Amber aside already.

Jameka is saying that she thinks the more the better. Dani says that she didn't want Amber up there--she thought they were going to talk about Amber without Amber there. Dani says that if they wanted to do this, then they should have talked to everyone. Jameka says that would be best. Dick says no, they should compare notes first.

Dick says that Amber would have been crying hysterically if she was falsely accused. (Earlier she started to, but Jameka told her to stop--ed).

Dick says that Eric pulled aside Amber outside. Jameka says no, he didn't--Amber refused to talk.

Jess says she doesn't know anything about Amber having any part in anything.

(Every time someone says something against what Dick has said, he changes it to something else--ed)

Dick says that Jameka brought up that Eric is always at the right place at the right time and overhears the perfect part of the conversation.

Dick says that Eric claimed to see the "handshake," and Zach said Eric was lying, as it happened in the workout room. Not the kitchen. So Eric is totally lying.

Jameka asks how Eric would know, then? Dick says through Jen.

Amber says that Jen told her that Eric told Jen that Nick told Jen that Nick did the mustard. And Dani knows Nick didn't do it. Dick says that Eric is trying to say that Dick or Nick did the mustard--everyone blamed Dick. Jameka says that Eric thought maybe Jen did it herself, and they shouldn't rule it out. Dani says yeah, she could believe that! Dick says at this point, why would Jen lie? Dick says he hasn't found anything that Jen has lied about.

Jess: That we know of.

Dick says Eric is the one who stirred it up about the votes.

Jess: I don't see Eric doing that. Sorry.

Dustin: She's on her way up.

Dick: Who?

Dustin: Jen.

Dick says they should all compare notes before Jen gets there.

Dick says that Amber was lying about sleeping. Amber claimed "gigglefest" didn't go on until 6 a.m. Amber said that we went to bed, and Dustin and Jameka stand up for Amber, and say maybe it was the wording, as Amber was in bed, went out to fold towels.

Jen is in the room.

Dick says that giving people all of this "leeway" should end, and it is all bullshit.

Jameka says this is just coming to her attention, and she needs to sort through her own thoughts. She might not ask questions, and just sort it all out in her mind.

Dustin says that he just found out about this last night.

Dick is screaming at Dustin. He says that Dustin claimed yesterday that he KNEW. Dustin says because Dick kept whispering in his ear. Dick yells "DON'T START BEING LIKE THIS!" Jameka asks Dick to calm down and not do this.

Dick stops screaming.

Dustin truthfully talks about how Dick kept dropping hints, and then asked Dustin and Dustin said he "thinks he knows," and he was talking about Dick's hints.

Dustin turns to Jen and asks her what she knows, as she has a role to play in all of this.

Jen: I'm not sure. We're talking about Eric? I'm not sure if he is associated with Kail, because he talks to me about a lot of things, and he tells me not to tell Kail.

Jen claims that when people were upset at Eric on slop, Eric told her that she was his "number one" and he wouldn't be talking to her, but they would work together.

Dustin: So, week one.

Jen: yeah. Or week two.

Dani says that was when Eric "blew up at her." (This was really early, when Eric was in a bad mood on slop)

Dick: Before that, he was trying to work a deal with me and Dani.

Jen says Eric told her that he tried to work with Dani, but she was a "word" and wasn't going to.

Jameka: So, he said that in the event combined with you one day? Why is he talking with Dani about you?

Jen: We talked about everything.

Jen says Kail was HOH and Eric was up there a lot.

Dick says that he could hear them "cackling upstairs." Eric came downstairs with "the biggest fakey on" and Dick asked him if he "secured his non-nomination" and Eric claimed they didn't talk game and he fell asleep. Dick knew he was lying.

Jen: Yeah, but we weren't talking about things at that point with all three people. But anyways.

Dick interrupts and says why would he lie about something stupid like that.

Jen: You were making breakfast for him.

Dick says that was the beginning of it.

Dick says he talked with Zach, that Eric is always at the right place at the right time. He said he walked in on Zach, Mike and Nick shaking hands and said "Bros to the end."

Jameka says she wants to point out she said that was ONE example, and she never said "Several examples." Dick says he knows. Jameka says she is pointing it out to the rest of them.

Dustin says that Nick told him that he told Jen how everyone was voting. Dustin said it was fine--cat's out of the bag, but that's fine. (They are trying to say Eric told Jen, or Eric claimed Nick told Jen, which is true.)

Dani says Eric was the one going around trying to throw suspicion about the vote, asking if they say Nick's face.

Dick says Eric saw Zach and Nick saying they said "Us to the end." It's bullshit.

Dustin: Why would Zach admit to that, though? Excuse me. I questioned Zach about that, and he said yes, they did have a conversation similar to that.

Dani is yelling to Dustin, saying that's not what they are talking about.

Dustin says Zach has even said that to HIM. Guys to the end.

Dani says she is trying to tell Dustin, and he is "flipping out about it!"

Dick starts screaming and says that they are trying to have a conversation, and Dustin is being defensive.

Dick: WHY? WHY, DUSTIN!????

Dani says that Dustin is being defensive and they are all "here for Dustin" and "knows what they are going through" as they know they can't trust Amber. It's just like her with Nick. She knows where "Dustin is coming from" and they are all "here for him and understand."

Dani says they aren't trying to throw Amber under the bus, but they are trying to share information.

Dustin says he is asking what conversation Dani was talking about. Dani says it was a conversation when Dani was lying right next to Nick, so it didn't happen.

Dani says that Nick wouldn't have been fist-pounding with Zach. It's the stupidest thing she's heard.

Now, Dani says Eric says it was numerous times Eric claimed to see. (She just said that it was the one time when she was lying next to Nick, so she's obviously confused--Cat)

Dustin says yes, he can't see Nick pounding fists, but he CAN see Zach doing it, as Zach has tried to do it with HIM.

Jen says that Dustin is saying that Zach is lying about it.

They bring up Kail eating a bowl of slop. Dani asks if Jen told Kail she was staying? She ate a bowl of slop before the comp, and why would she do that if she knew she was leaving?

Dani says that all of a sudden in the middle of the week, she stopped lying around moping. Jen says she did tell Kail not to mope and go around like a "bump on a log."

Dick says no, it was a complete and total flip, the same as the week before. She knew she wasn't going home. There is a leak in the group and it is Eric.

Dick says that Kail and Jen are not giving info to anyone but Eric, and Eric brings it up in the meetings.

Dick talks about how Eric said they couldn't waiver or go back. Then, a couple of days later he said they should "argue Kail" and everyone looked at each other like "What?" (ROFL! This is because he is AP--Cat)

Dick says Eric does this every single time. Eric wanted Nick out from Day 2. He was the biggest threat and the "Drew of this season."

Jen: Nick was his biggest threat. He told me that. Nick and Joe.

(Then, why are they insisting that he voted to keep Nick? They don't know about AP--Cat)

Dani and Dick agree that it was because Nick and Joe were funny and would take Eric's place in the house.

Dick tells of a conspiracy theory where Dick was talking about how harassment has happened before, and Eric interrupted and said season six. So, why would ERic know he was talking about Howie and Busto in season six?

Dick says Eric is way too relaxed each time the nominations happen.

Dustin: Jen, let me ask you. Do you feel Eric has been playing both sides?

Jen: Yes.

Dustin asks if Eric has been giving her info about what the group is doing every day? She says not every day.

Dustin says that she didn't say so yesterday when he questioned Jen. Jen says it is because the way Dustin asked her made her uncomfortable.

Dani says that sometimes Dustin makes her uncomfortable. Dick says that is why they were yelling at each other a few minutes ago.

Jen says that she felt that Eric was her #1 and maybe she is screwing herself now. She says she still feels that way.

Dick asks how many felt they were Eric's number one. Jen says she did.

Dani: Not me! (Earlier, Jen claimed that Dani felt she was Eric's #1)

Jess: I do!

Dick asks how many people have deals with Eric? (No one) He asks how many are supposedly Eric's number one. Jameka says that they all are, because they are a group. Dick says within the seven. No one raises their hands. Dick looks at Dustin and says that's all he's trying to say.

Dick says that he know Dustin is going through the most, as it is also about Amber. Dustin says that he sees it from a different perspective than Dani.

Dani is screaming at Dustin because he said that Dani left the room, so she wasn't standing up for Nick at that time. She says it makes her mad, she talked to everyone, and she continues to scream. Dick jumps in and says that Dani wasn't supposed to sit there and cry in front of everyone, was she??

Dustin says she doesn't mean to say that Dani didn't defend Nick, because she did. Dani says that she had to go with the group consensus, and that's not what she wanted to do. She says she wasn't the second vote. Amber told Dani that if she needed to, they would vote Zach out. Dani says she didn't want to do that--not to try to say she was trying to have them do that!

Dani: No one in this stupid room would listen to me!!!

Dani stops screaming for a second, and say she isn't trying to be rude, but that really offends her as she feels she was the only person who stuck up for him. Dustin says he is sorry she feels that way, and he retracts his statement because she did defend him.

Dick says that the main thing is that Eric is playing both sides, with Kail. Jess says they shoudl bring Kail up and ask her, she's on the block, they will tell her to tell the truth. Dick says she won't tell the truth. They say that she's on the block, so she will. Dani says that Kail knows she won't go home. Jameka asks how she knows? Dani says she (Dani) told Kail she is safe! Jameka says that isn't necessarily how the votes need to go, though!!!

Jen says Kail did ask Jen to fight not to put Eric up. Jen then says of course, she denied being with Eric. She said she didn't want Eric up because then Kail will go home.

Jess: Yeah, because then she would go home!

Again, Dick changes the topic and says that "things are hinky" and it is Eric.

Dani says when they were locked down, Eric was the one who said it wasn't a big deal what the banner said.

Dustin says that he will defend himself and say that Dustin also said that! He said he didn't care what the banner said.

Dani says that nine in three days, though? Maybe people were trying to let them know something.

Jameka says probably half were for Nick at least. But they don't know what the other say.

Jameka she understands why they say they are against Eric, but why Amber? Jen says yeah, she doesn't understand. Jameka says it is just because Amber's name was on the banner?

Dick says that he said outside that Amber is in the middle of it. Everyone knows that Amber cries about everything, and if she was falsely accused, that Amber would be hysterical. She wasn't.

Dustin says she was! Dick screams at Dustin and says he is delusional. Dustin says she didn't do it outside. Dick says "pay attention!" to Dustin. He says that Amber cried when the banner went over, because her name was on it!

Jameka says before they all came outside, she was talking to Amber. Amber started to cry, and Jameka told her to stop. So, right after that, Dick came outside.

Dick and Dani both claim they said good morning to Amber, and she wouldn't look at them in the eye.

Jameka: So, you're saying guilt by association, and the banner confirms it.

Dick says no--she told Nick he was her brother and would never vote against him, and Eric convinced Amber. And they are working together.

Dani says that Amber was the one for the week before the vote, trying to convince Dani that she can't trust Nick.

Dick says he was going around trying to talk to each of them before the vote, because Dick as on the fence about voting Nick out. Dick says he was back and forth the entire time. The biggest thing that pushed him was the emotional attachment with Dani, and if she was possibly being played. Dani says Nick never lied and they could tell that after Nick's speech.

Dick: After that vote, I knew it was the wrong thing to do. I knew it was a stupid thing to do.

Dick says that Nick would never have voted against Dick or Dani.

Jameka says she wants to interject--she wanted Zach out! Dustin says he did, too!

Dani says that Eric was the one who pushed it. Jameka says they did a group decision.

Dick says that Eric was the one arguing to get people out each week.

Jess says that Eric wanted those people out, so he argued to get them out. He should do that! She says now Dick is arguing to get Eric out, the same way.

Dick says they are nuts if they think that Dick and Jen were working together all of this time to get Eric out.

DIck says it isn't a "big master scheme" and it is hard because Eric is charismatic, but Jen has said the same thing as Dick and Dani. This transcription belongs to tvfanforums.


Jameka; OK, I'm going to go through it in my mind as I recall it happening.

Jameka says that everyone went around the room. Dustin said it was official that Zach was leaving. Dick said "How did we get Zach when the majority said Nick?" Jameka says that was when Eric jumped in! After Dick said that.

Dick says that Eric was working it before that! That was why everyone said strategically Nick!

Dick says he feels like a jackass for letting a 90-pound weakling play him.

Dani says that Nick was with the other side for the first week, and then he switched, but no one believe Dani "because of Eric." (Is global warming because of Eric? I'm expecting this next! --Cat)

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More talk about Kail throwing Jen and the others under the bus. Dustin questions how can there be three way alliance between Kail/Jen/Eric when jen has no clue of things told to Eric (or Kail) Jess asks Jen how can she have an alliance with Eric when she (Jen) told her (Jess) that Eric hasn't talk to her in a month...Jen is answering but she's hard to follow cuz she's not cohesive in her answers...she (Jen) says she feels horrible because she feels stupid... that in DR when they asked her who did she (Jen) trust she would say "Eric"...Dick says Eric is a manipulator...

Dustin tells Jen that apparently Eric has been playing both sides and she was the first one he played so it's been sitting on her longer. dick says she (Jen) was his (Eric) #1...Jens says "Yeah...maybe" (ed. she IS a terrible liar).

Back to rehashing who casted the second vote and why it had to have been Eric...then foth

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Dan keeps asking Dustin who do they think was the second vote...saying that if they don't think it's eric then they think it was her (Dan)...Dustin says it could have been Dick...Dan/Dick get deffensive...Dustin says if they are speculating and Dan/Dick can speculate about Eric then Dustin has also the right to speculate about Dick because dick did say that was the best move to protect his daughter from becoming the "Erica" of this season.

Talk back to why did Kail got off the monkey bars and if a deal was made. Jen admits that Kail told her she had made a deal with Dan...

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Longish FOTH

Dick says "going into the semantics of when and how" is irrelevant, and Eric has been playing both sides. He's playing the seven.

Dustin is spinning in his chair. He looks at the HOH screen when he can.

Jen says she is confused, because she doesn't understand why Kail would tell Dick that she was with Eric, but never tell Jen, and she's been close to her all of this time.

Dustin says that Jen has no clue of this supposed 3-way alliance, so how can it be a three-person alliance?

Jess says Jen hasn't even talked to Eric for a month. Jen says she talks to Eric in the bathroom or the weight room. Jess says she doesn't understand, because Jen said she hadn't talked to Eric for a month! So now, if she says that they talked in the bathroom, then that's an alliance. Jen says she said she thought Eric was with HER, not Kail!

(So, they have confirmed that Jen did NOT say that Eric was with Kail in an alliance, as Dick claimed --Cat)

Jameka: When was the falling out?

Jameka asks when she and Eric decided they aren't together? Jen says that there wasn't a falling out. Jen says she feels stupid because in the DR she says she trusts Eric.

Dustin says that Eric openly makes fun of Jen. Like Evel does. And yet Jen trusts Eric when he gives her solace?

Jen claims Eric talked to Jen in the storage room and told her she did awesome once.

Dick: Eric's a manipulator and he's been manipulating all of us, and I'm pissed off about it.

Dustin says to Jen that Eric has apparently been playing all sides, and Jen is the first to find out about it, and the rest of them are all trying to process it.

Dick: He told her he was going to do that. PLay all sides. That she was his number one.

Jen: That's why I feel like an idiot.

Jen says she "doesn't know the words."

Dani brings up how Eric said he wouldn't be played by a 21 year old.

Dani brings up that Eric said he had never played in POV and he wanted to be picked. He also told Dani to pick him. So, Dani feels this was to work for Jen and Kail.

Jameka says hold it right there--Kail picked her because she thought she'd work for her. Dani interrupts.

Jameka says that Eric is the only one who hadn't had a chance to play, though!

Dick: I went up to Eric the other day in the shower.

Jameka says she wants to be clear on this. Everyone knows the situation with Jen. But with Kail, she told Kail that she didn't know what was going on, but Kail better fight for herself, and not count on Jameka. And Kail said she understood.

Dani: She picked your name because she thought you would.

(Then why not pick her "alliance member" Eric? They just are not making sense. --Cat)

Dick says that in the hammock, when Dick kept talking about the two votes, Eric didn't want to talk about it. Dustin says he didn't want to talk about it, and neither did Jameka. Jameka agrees. Dick says Eric was "sweeping it under." Jameka says that it was the wrong time to talk about it.

Jameka says she doesn't think it was necessarily the same person the first week to the second week.

Dick claims that Eric was going person by person, saying who it was. Dick claims he didn't say who he thought it was.

Dani says it wasn't Jen who voted that way, it wasn't Dani.

Jameka tries to talk, and Dick and Dani drown her out.

Jameka says it could be somebody, anybody, everybody and nobody. They can't know who it was. Dustin says that they won't know until after the show.

Dani says that Eric tries to say it was Dani and Dick! Jess says yes, because Eric is being blamed!!!


After a longish FOTH

Dani is saying they "know it isn't Jen."

Dani says it wasn't her.

Dustin says the finger could have been pointed at anyone. It could be pointed at Dick because he didn't want his daughter to be messed with. Dick yells about this, and so does Dani. Dustin says if they are going to "drop names" and "draw conclusions," then they can have the same right.

Dani is yelling, saying it would have been blamed on her, though! Morty's owns this transcription.

Jameka says that they can't confirm it, so it is a "dead issue" with her. (The votes)

FOTH again. (Sigh)

Dick says that if Kail would lie to Jen, she would lie to any of them. So, she would lie about Eric.

Jameka says it is "do or die" for Kail, and she would lie regardless.

Dick claims he knows when Kail lies.

Jameka asks how he knows--does she show body language?

Dick says he isn't going to try to tell them how he knows.

Jameka: But now that you know what you know, Jen, can you rule that out that Kail didn't do that?

Jameka asks if Jen can be sure that Kail isn't selling her under the bus, now?

Jen says she wants to believe the best of Kail.

Dani says that Kail did it to Jen. She said she couldn't do that to Jen while they were hanging in the HOH, but then she did. Dani says that she hasn't called her out on it. Jen says Kail told her about it. Jen says Kail claimed she couldn't hang on. Dustin says Kail got down because Dani promised her safety.

Jameka says that Kail told Jen one thing, and Dani another, and they need to pay attenion to details.

Dick: Why Kail thinks that Dani holds the votes of every single person in this house, I don't know.

Jameka says she is thinking the very same thing!

Jameka says that every week they say Kail is the person to go. And yet once again, they are sitting there saying Kail shouldn't be voted out.

Dick says he'd rather have an enemy to his face than behind his back. Dani says that Kail can't be HOH.

Dustin says yesterday Dick was "prancing around" saying Kail---Dick interrupts screaming at Dustin! He tells him not to say that! Say that Dick said something, but not prancing! Dustin says it again, without "prancing." He says that Dick was saying that Kail was leaving, she was on her way home, etc. Dick brings up Eric. Dustin says he is leaving Eric out of this for a moment. Dick says you can't! Dustin says why can't they give Kail some credit for working things if she thought she was leaving at that time?

Jessica is being silent, except for saying things on behalf of Eric. Morty's owns this post.

Dick says he hasn't done one thing for himself in the game. Everything was for the group.

Jameka says everyone has learned something from the situation with Nick (voting him out) but now they are about to make the same mistake again!


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Jen and Dan alone in HOH....

Jen is now telling Dan that Amber is a compulsive crier so how in the world was she not crying after having said "I vote to evict Nick" (implying that Amber may have been the vote)...Dan says she didn't even look at amber after she (Amber) came back from voting.

Jen asking Dan why was Dustin there. dan says because Jam wanted him there. Jen says she (Jen) really didn't like Dustin being there because he is a manipulator...

Jen says she's annoyed because she (Jen) doesn't lie and that Dustin pulled her in a room yesterday and was annoyed at her because she wasn't giving him the answers he wanted...

Dan tells Jen that she (dan) can't put Dustin up this week because she won't get the votes. Jen agrees. says Dustin is the leak. Dan asks Jen if she thinks eric is a biger threat and Jen says "Yes"

Dan's not so sure about getting Jess's vote, now. Jen says she might have been saving face infront of the group so as not to give herself away. Dan thinks she can guilt Jam into voting for Eric.

They talk about how "horrible" Dustin acted during his HOH. dan says nobody really trusts him after the way he acted during that POV comp because the night before he had told all of them to play to win...

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Dick says Kail isn't a threat. She can't be HOH. Eric is the threat in all of this.

Jameka: ED--

FOTH again.

Dick is pacing, pointing at people.

Jameka asks Dani and ED if they feel Eric is feeling differently? Dani says yes.

Dani asks if Jen told Dani that Eric told Jen that he was afraid Dani would nominate him?

Jen: ummmm yes.

Dustin says "Did he??"

Dani: She already said yes!

Dick says say it again with more conviction. Dustin says when you hesitate like that, it's not convincing.

Jen doesn't repeat it. (I am pretty sure it is a lie--Cat)

Dick says that the HOH didn't mean anything to Eric.

Dick asks if Dustin said Eric threw the buzzer comp. Dustin says he didn't say that.

Dani says that Eric told her that he threw it!

Jen says that Eric told her that he didn't want to win HOH for a couple of weeks until things are "out in the open."

Jen says Eric was close with the teacup thing, though.

Dick says Eric is playing everyone. Dick says he doesn't want to "beat it up and beat it up."

Jameka thanks Jen for being honest, as she is in a bad place right now.

Jen says she should have said nothing, and defended him. She feels like an idiot.

Dick: Me, too.

Dick says that Eric told him that he wanted to be friends with everyone, and after the things he said in the DR, he hopes people will be friends. Dick claims the Eric said, "It's you and me man" because Eric said that he missed their late night talks.

BB skipped a whole hour of manure so they could have this talk! They leave the HOH.

Outside, Jess, Jameka and Dustin are looking at each other.

In the HOH, Jen is talking to Dani.

Dani says Eric was using Jen. Jen claims Eric told her that she will "never go home." Jen says that she feels dumb. She feels that "every information that everybody has said," Eric has already told her. So, she feels dumb. But she doesn't feel that Eric is with Kail.

Dani says that in the DR (she points and says "in there) they asked her "What if you're wrong?"

Jen says they have never said that to her.

Dani says she told them she could be wrong, but she feels it is right, and she made a huge mistake last week, so she needs to take the chance.

Dani says that Jen is safe with most of the people in here, if not all of them. Especially after the veto comp, because she has $250,000 gone.

Jen says she doesn't care if she doesn't get any money and still gets second! That's all she wanted.

Dani: Dustin is being a total jerk! He's being so rude, because it is about Amber!

Jen says Dani cannot tell this!

Jen says that it is DUSTIN who has been feeding info to Kail, not Eric.

Dani says that is why Dustin was defensive.

Jen says she doesn't understand, because if it isn't Eric who goes up, it would be Dustin!

Dani says that her opinion is that Eric is the biggest threat, anyway, and she doesn't know why these people don't believe it!

Jen says that she thinks that everyone will vote Eric out instead of Kail. Why keep someone who can't play HOH?

Jen tells Dani that Dustin and Kail ARE working together! (The wheels seem to be turning a little for Dani now--Cat)

Dani: With Amber?

Jen says it doesn't matter.

Dani says that Dustin claimed that Kail was putty in his hands! And Amber is the one covering for Dustin.

Jen: I don't think it is Eric with Kail. I really don't. I think it is Dustin with Kail. It doesn't matter, though.

Dani says it really doesn't matter, since Kail doesn't have 5 HOH's.

Jen says Dustin is a user. He still put up Kail. He put them up and told both of them that he wouldn't send them home.

Jen says Dustin will never send Zach home.

Dani says that Dustin claimed his goal was to send home Zach!

Jen says he wouldn't do that.

Jen says she likes people like Nick who aren't "compulsive, manipulative liars."

Jen says she told Kail she would put up Dustin and Dick. Kail asked her why not put up Dick and Jess?

Dani says she could be wrong about the first vote. But it doesn't matter because Eric was going around trying to set up Nick. But she went up to Nick and told Nick that it was Dustin. Then it got brushed from her mind.

Jen says that she thinks it was Amber. She's a compulsive crier. If she had voted Nick out, she would be crying so hard.

Dani: I didn't even look at her!

Jen: But she would probably stay.

Jen says she promises, she never tells anyone this much info.

Dani: The only thing is, I couldn't put Dustin up this week, because he wouldn't have the votes to go home.

Jen says she isn't saying that. But it wasn't Eric feeding info to Kail. It was Dustin.

Dani asks if Jen thinks Eric is the biggest threat, though? She says yes, plus Eric will hate them both if he stays as they have done this.

Dani says she thinks they can use the "guilt factor" against Jameka, to get her vote against Eric. Because she used the veto and that got Nick out.

Jen asks how that had anything to do with Eric?

Dani says because Eric was working them to get Nick out, so that worked on Jameka. (Huh?--ed)

Dani says that she knew Eric would get to Jess. Morty's owns this page.

Dani and Jen say there were too many people in the room, and it would have gone differently if Dustin hadn't been there!

(Jen's doing a good job of trying to get rid of the guys, which is her goal! --Cat)

Dani says no one trusts Dustin, after taking the money he showed his true colors. Dani says Dustin acted horrible when he was HOH, and he reprimanded Dani for not raising her hand to talk when someone else had raised their hand.

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Jen talks about how Dustin talked to her in the round room, and she wasn't lying, but she was not answering his questions.

Jen says Dustin claimed she rolled her eyes to the right, so she was thinking about her lie.

Dani: At the same time, even if the same vote was Dustin and not Eric, it doesn't matter, because Eric is the one who used it to his advantage. This transcription belongs to Morty's.

Dani says they have to get one more person. It's imperative.

Jen says that she thinks Dustin would keep Kail, as he is allied with her. So, don't mention to Dick that Dustin was the one with Kail!

Dani thinks that maybe Dustin could be the "mystery vote" against Eric. Dani says that they can't count on that, though.

Dani says they need Jameka or Jess.

Dani says the people in the house are so freaking blind!

Jen says she doesn't see how Amber is working with Eric.

Dani says that Dick claims that Amber is the "kindling" to Eric's fire.


Jen talks about how Amber plays both Jen and Dani.

Dani says it's like Amber and Eric are the same person.

Dani says Eric planted it in her head against Nick.

Dani says she felt close to Amber at first. She liked Amber as a person. Nick felt close to her. That's why Dani was upset with Jen about threatening Amber about the POV.

Jen says she isn't sure if she should feel bad about what she has said in this room about Eric, or whether she should feel bad about saying she trusted Eric in the DR.

Dani says either way, ERic was playing Jen.

Jen says she thinks if Eric is put up, he'll go home.

Dani says it is all out now.

Jen says it is all out, so why make another person mad? And Kail can't win POV and is on slop.

Buzzer goes off.

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