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August 5, Live Feed Updates

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In the round room, Dani whispers to Evel that Jen told her that Dustin was the one telling Kail info.

Dani: And then Eric--


(I am sick of the person working the FOTH today! --Cat)

Dick asks where Jess falls, and Dani says "With Eric, now!!"

Dani says that Dick never listens to her or Jen!

Dick says he has to win HOH next week. Dani says she doesn't care about that right now. Now, everything is going to come back on her! This is important! This transcription belongs to Morty's.

Dick says that Eric and Kail have to be on the block, and that Kail or Eric will go home, period.

Dani says she thinks Dustin will vote to keep Kail, but she can't be sure.

Dani says that Jen thinks Amber was the vote against Kail with Nick, and that would make Amber look good to Nick.

Dick says Nick will see the show after this and know the truth.

Dick and Dani say they hate every person in the house.

Dani says she is all alone there!

Dick says he can work on Jameka.

Dani says she can tell Kail to work on Dustin to keep her.

Dick tells Dani to tell Kail that she is going home unless she gets Dustin to keep her.

Dick says that if Kail goes home, it's not a tragedy, but Eric is the one who needs to go home, though.

Outside, Kail is thanking Eric and Amber and everyone who came and watched the manure dump.

Amber and Eric are in the hot tub alone, the rest are on the couch.

Eric says they were all good sports about everything.

Dani says Dick needs to work on Jess and Jameka, and Jess is against them.

Dick says that Jess isn't against them. Dani says that Jess said Eric wouldn't do that! "I'm sure!"

Dani says they talked to Jess and she was so on board, and Jen talked to her and she was so betrayed. And Dick should have blown up at Eric because Dick let Eric "get into her ear, and now she believes it!"

Dani: These people are so blind! Haven't you seen Eric and Amber, so inseparable all of a sudden!

(Because of the banner, that's why--Cat)

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Dustin is telling Kail that Jen made up a bunch of stuff to please Dick and Dani. He says that isn't a person he would trust in the game. Dustin says she made a deal with them and now they are best friends. Kail says she didn't have to make a deal--she is POV. Dustin says no, they made a deal for longer than one week.

Kail says that she would think Jen would be smarter than to be public with them.

Dustin says that's Jen. She's not the brightest bulb. And Dani and Dick are fake with Jen.

Dustin: It's sad. It's just sad. Honesty takes you far in this game. She's cut her losses.

Kail asks if there is anything that Kail supposedly said, because she wants to tell the truth.

Dustin says no--nothing. Kail says she is surprised Dick didn't make up something about Kail. Dustin say Jen didn't badmouth her, either.

Dustin says Jen said she would vote to keep Kail.

Kail: But that's only one vote.

Dustin: Yep.

Dustin says he called Jen on how she didn't say all of this last night to Dustin. Jen claimed he made her uncomfortable. Dustin says it was because Dick and Dani were in the room. He says Jen has sold herself out.

Dustin says that Jen claimed that Kail sold Jen out twice.

Kail says that is not true. Then Kail asks if this counts as a sellout: She says she asked Evel not to campaign against Kail and keep his opinion to himself, when Kail and Jen were together.

Dustin says he doesn't feel that is a sellout.

Kail says she doesn't know what she is talking about. Unless it was because Kail didn't tell her about the alliance.

Dustin says that was one thing.

Dustin: I can't speak for her, Kail. I can't.

Dustin: She sold her soul to Dick and Dani. The only thing I can hope is that Zach didn't. Which I don't think he did.

Kail: Really? Really?

Dustin: Umm hmm

Kail: Gosh. I would think he would be for Jen!

Dustin: Jen is easily influences.

Kail: Evel and Dani are talking right now.

Dustin: Umm hmm

(The sound on the feeds is messed up--Cat)

Jess is talking to Eric.

She says it does them no good to get rid of Eric, so she doesn't see how they are trying to justify that to them!

Eric is laughing.

Jess says that Jen said that Eric told Jen that she was staying.

Eric: That's ridiculous!

Jess laughs

Jess: It was funny!

Eric and Jess are joking about things said in the HOH earlier.

Jess tells someone to come on over to the hot tub.

Jameka comes over.

Jess says Jen claimed that Eric would specifically avoid Jen, because he was taking her to the end.

Eric: Of course!

Jess: It pretty much comes down to you are going home.

Jameka: Umm hmm!

Jess: Adios!

Eric laughs.

Eric: Ok. Sounds fine.

Eric asks if Jameka had a good time.

Jess says she views it as a complete waste of moments of her life.

Jameka says they had "every scenario covered." That Eric is "IT," period, no matter what they said. Eric asks if she is okay and she says yes.

Jess says she told them that if it was Kail, why not bring her up and ask her and she'll rat out Eric. They told her no--they wouldn't bring up Kail.

Jameka says they keep trying to make the same mistakes every week.

Eric says he "felt quite honored to be specifically disinvited to the meeting."

Jess says that the stories didn't match up at all.

Jess says he was so glad that Jameka and Dustin were there with her, so she didn't have to deal with Dick and Dani alone.

Jess says when you talk to Eric, he listens to what you have to say. But when you talk to Dick and Dani, they cut you off.

Jameka agrees.

Eric asks if he will be called out at dinner now?

Tvfanforums owns this transcription. Please don't steal.

Jess says they didn't say anything about that.

Eric says he isn't a fucking pussy and he won't let someone sit there and berate him.

Eric says that "sequester is going to be misery.'

Jameka agrees.

Eric says he will willingly give up half his stipend to whomever has to go join Dick and Dani first.

Eric says it is just embarrassing. It was just yesterday that Jen and Dick were throwing each other's stuff around!

Eric says he slept well last night when he finally went to sleep.

(I have to stop for a while--Cat)

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*jumping on*

Dick is after ERic who is in the HT

pointing out all the times Eric has lied. He is talking so fast it is hard to keep up.

Eric asking if he could speak since he is letting Dick speak

Telling DIck everyone is entitled to say and think what they want

Eric is scrambling trying to explain everything

Dick is getting fired up and spilling what others have told him ..

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Dick is asking ERic why he was so calm during the HOH

Eric saying he defended Dani when Jen talked to her during HOH

Dick saying it was an act

OH MAN ..DIck is HOT

cant keep up

Lots of MF bombs

Pacing and screaming

basically DIck is doing what he said he was going to do the other day..item by item

telling Eric he blamed everying on nick when it was eric doing it

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z patiently awaiting the poo buzzer... ed in back ground calling eric out as a liar... dani ready for poo bucket... dustin saying he loves divk but.... ed asks eric if he did or did not tell everyone he is playing everyone... z: hit the buzzer already!!! ed yelling in background to eric... poo pourers are begging BB to buzz the buzzer...z: BUZZER dani: its getting colder z: it is colder... ed is still yelling at eric and saying eric is shaking like a leaf... dani: u know they are going to wait until this is over right! ed is calling eric out still... z: hit the buzzer already BB.. it is now 6:34 pm BBT... ed: everyone is on to you eric, the first 2 weeks you were really worried about going on the block... he says how do you like it now sob you are going up... eric is lying trying to cover himself... ed is calling him out on everything!!! dani: OMG Big Brother!!!! Z: Hit the damn buzzer!!!!! dick is staying consistant with his story yet eric keeps on faultering... a bunch of he said she said...eric: after all we shoud all take jens word over everyones (sarcastically) ed and eric still arguing... jen is in kitchen confirming to dustin that only eric could use the words that only she had said to eric... dustin is trying to convince jen that dick is wrong... jen is saying that eric is lying... dustin keeps saying but there is NO deal... and what eric did with you was not a deal jen: yeah it was dust: was it a handshake til the end thing dust: don't feel stupid because eric lied to you you should feel stupid cuz dick and dani used your words against you jen: I know! that is why I feel stupid... jen crying at kitchen counter... jen to BB: can I just go on slop? its past time... its 6:40... dustin still trying to convince jen to trust eric... (boy oh boy are they gonna be surprised when they find out the truth about eric)...

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Dick said he*eric* getting information from jen and kail and feeding it to the group

ERic saying he is not going to fight with him, but when DIck walks away, Eric keeps it up

Eric tried to pull Kail into the discussion..who is sitting on the couch outsdie* Dick screamed to look at him not her!!!

Calling eric mr reality....eric apparently has worked production for some reality shows..*wonder which ones*

Dick telling that Eric has been full of shit since day 2

Eric is not making much of a dent in Dicks

Now eric is saying Dick has lied and this fired dick up again

Challenging Eric to say ONE time he lied...and ERic declines

Now eric is trying to pull Dani in to it..she is also on the couch with kail

telling dani that her father is making things very hard for her and making things worse

cant hear dani but she is talking

dick still telling eric he is a fu*king liar

Now dick screaming again wanting to know ONE time he lied

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eric keeps telling ed that he is a liar... ed is just saying that he needs to tell him the one thing he lied about... eric cannot come up with anything... eric: I am absolutely scared for my life... ED is telling him just to tell him one lie... eric cannot...

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Eric saying Dick was afraid

Man that turned it on again..Dick FURIOUS and screaming aghain about ONE Lie..tell me one lieThen he said he lied to nick one time.....then he said I may be an asshole but i am not a liar

tERic cannot and this annoyes Dick to no end

Same stuff back and forth...Eric wont let it die...Dick stops screaming and ERic pokes him with a stick *figuratively speaking*

Telling ERic hs is like a worm on a hook he is moving around so much he is scaredtell me one lie i told..please I am begging mother fukerSame type of Dick confrontation...ERic saying he his having his dau do his workDick saying she makes her own decisions

Now amber is out there and asks amber if eric told her that dani and dick would be first on the block if he was HOH

Dick is getting geared up againAmber remains silent from what I can hearDick continues to call him a m f liar again....and it goes quiet

And eric has to start it again.....which starts dickeric keeps saying he is not going to have a screaming match with him

Dick is spilling what jen has told him about eric

ERic said sure believe jenDick said...why would I believe Jen mfer? cause of what shse said..it confirmed everything

Rehashing the same stuff over and over with passiondick has left backyardkail is now saying..i did not have a deal with kailnow that the fight is over she steps up *loser*

Eric says thank you

Now kail is talking about how it is a shame ppl cant talk to each other wihout being accused of being in an alliance*ed nice how she waits till dick is gone to defend eric*

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z is still asking BB to buzz the buzzer... BB: please put on your mic... jen dani please put on your mic... Kail comes out and says "for the record I never had a deal with eric"... jen and dani sitting on step in bathroom talkimg...

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Last Dunk and Zach is hootin and hollering

Everyone is rushing to get the dunk in and then go shower

Amber quietly eating half a watermelon

Dick just walking around chit chattin

Jessica went inside

Eric on couch watching

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Inside lock down

Amber trying to get Dustin to talk while he is running on tred mill thingy

he tells her he cant talk and he huffs and puffs

she still tries...but gets the message and leaves

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Amber went in search of DIck and they are in the round room and Dick is telling her basically what he said to eric outside

amber listens and then begins to say that the banner ....starts to choke up....*crying perhaps* and says * I have never lied ever in this house* (and someones stomach growls several times*(she dose not cry yet)

Jen came to door and Dick asks her to give him a few minutes

DIck explains the truce with Jen.......reveals that is when he learned some things and claims Jen told him ERic was playing both sides

Talks about Kail eating some slop before the comp cause someone told her she would not be going? *that doesnt makes sense*

Dick going over the leak theory again ad nauseum

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in the little room: Jess, Kail, Eric are trash talking Daniele and her boyfriend. Eric says he'd give her bf 3 months of free rent to save him and that he'd sleep on the couch to spae him living with her.

Eric says "Well Kail, looks like our secret alliance is outed." Her response "well yeah. Looks like tomorrow will be an interesting day."

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Amber went to HOH at dicks suggestion to talk to Dani

AMber comes in and says *strike my daughter dead if i am lying* ..I did NOT try and get nick out of here

Dani tells her she does not know what to think anymore

Amber insists Nick wasnt set up by her...she swears!!!!!

Amber brings up the banner and says she is not trying to defend the banner..said shse has not lied or does not plan on it

Dani asks they why are you and eric hanging out so much anymore..I am not trying to be rude but I just want to know

and then FOTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amber said she wanted Zach up

Dani brings up that Amber said it would be better for the group if Nick went

Dani said Amber said he was playing both sides

Dani said he wasnt

property of mortys

Amber said I never said that

Now amber brings up the mustard??? Talk about deflecting

Amber said she was told that Nick said it was amber who did it

Dani said Nick didnt say that to anyone

Ed This isnt going anywhere for amber

Amber said she was telling eric she was sick that nick was gone

Dani confronts her saying you KNOW that nick woudl never have voted against you

Dani says its better for who?? better for who that nick is gone....for eric!!!

Dani confirms that ERic said Amber was good for nothing and an emotional wreck and that he told everybody that and he is holding information on her to use later

AMber says ask him infront of everyone that is a lie!!

**amber close to crying now*

Dani standing her ground that everything was making sense during HOH...that nick was totally set up and who did it?

Amber says ERic

Dani says i dont know if youa really tight with eric

Amber denies it. Says she is jsut a nice person....*close to tears still.no sobbing yet*

transcipts belong to Mortys and Amber now talking a mile a minute

Amber says it is going to be ehld against her she did facials with Jen

I am not doing anything wrong

THe whole nick thing...I told him in storage I dont want you to go *and here come the tears*

I am lterally sick when i look at his picture(belongs to Mortys)..I know he loved me and had my back...it wasnt my fautlt and i was put on the spot *such a liar*

Amber very animated and Dani just sitting back on HOH bed staring at her

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(I've been watching for a while, so I'll have to summarize--Cat)

Eric, Jess, Kail and Jameka were in the silhouette room. They were talking about how out of line Dick was, and Kail said that she thinks that Eric got the worst cursing out yet--her's weren't the intense. Eric keeps saying that he wasn't going to sit there and defend every lie Dick told about him. He is happy to address any concerns other people have. Jess says that with Dick, it's like he thinks if he is loud, he is right. She doesn't want to even listen to him now--it just goes in one ear and out the other.

Jen came into the room and sat down. Eric looked down at the ground. Everyone was uncomfortable. Jameka left. Jen said that she feels awful that she was "tricked" by Dick. She said that she didn't like what he did. Transcription belongs to Morty's. Eric told Jen that "no offense" but she played a large part in it, as she "sold him out" and "lied." Jen said she didn't lie, but she was tricked. Eric said that it makes no difference to him, and he was going to shower. He left.

Then, Kail joked that if Jess spent 30 minutes with them alone, she would be called part of an alliance. Jen says that Dani is not going to put up Dick (on the block). Jen said she felt bad that she talked to Dick. She hates being tricked. Jen asked Kail if she could speak to Jess alone. (Jess looked like she would rather spend time alone with a cobra, at that point--Cat) Kail left them alone.

Jen asked Jess if Eric had never talked about Jen, then? Jess said no. Jen asked if Eric never talked about what he had with Amber? Jess said no. Jen said that she didn't want to make Jess feel bad, but Eric told her "everything about everyone." (When?--Cat). Jess was basically not responding, and she told Jen that was between her and Eric. She said that everyone wondered how suddenly Jen could be so friendly with Dick and Dani. Jen said that Dick offered her a truce, not to be mean to her--what was she supposed to do? Say that he should keep on being mean to her? Jess said that Dick and Dani are gone now, no matter what happens. Jen agreed and said the next person to get HOH, if it is not Dick or Zach, can put up Dani and Dick and even if they get POV they can put up Zach (notice she said Zach and not herself--Cat) and vote out one of the Donatos. Jess said that she feels that they should keep Eric around--he's one person they are sure will go after Dick and Dani. Jen said that she would work with Dani, and even told Dani she should put up Dick, but she won't because she wants him on the jury. She said that Dani's chances are a lot better without Dick.


Dick is cooking, Jen is obviously uncomfortable. Dick tells Jen that he isn't going to "leave her hanging out in the cold" and they will talk later.

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Now Dani crying saying Dustin asked her to put up her father and Kail told her she would be associated with her dad

Dani saying she has nobody in the hosue and no one comes up unless they want somethingDani said she has no friends

Amber said *i wanted to come up here and do toes and stuff, but i didnt feel liek you wanted me here*


amber says I know the whole nick thing...you cant...and i believe this with all my heart, you cant fake it when you feel for someone....what am i suppose to do when i get upset and nick totally calmed me down...*sobbing again*

I am jsut sick every day and I would have voted to keep him but we already decided and nick would have gone after dustin if he stayed

ERic told me it woudl be stupid to keep nick...and amber jsut repeats the aboveDani points out that AMber know whatever eric says is a load of crap

Amber says I know I just didnt thinkNow a little jen bashing by Dani(same old stuff..in her own little world etc etc)

**ed this discussion is going in circles*

Dani asks Amber flat out..If I put up eric, who are you going to vote for

amber stumbles and says I jsut talked to your dad for 20 minutes and now this, i need to think

I cant tell you now..I will tell youI

lvoe him so much...*back to nick love fest from amber*ed artfully dodging the question from Dani

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Somehow amber gets back on the subject of the banner and how it made her so upset

She has only been clean and sober for a year *coming to bb hosue prob not a good idea..what did her sponser say?*belongs to mortys

She is crying and tells Dani if you want to use my emotions against me go ahead

Dani is quietly letting Amber hang herself here

More sobbing crying and rambling.(mortys)_..this is how I am...this is how i am...I cant not cry blah blah blah

Dani taking this in

Its embarassing to cry so much..America is probably going ..oh there she goes again!!!(why YES Yes we are)

I cant help it



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Dustin and Dick are in the kitchen. They stop talking as Eric walks to the bathroom.

Dustin asks if Dick and Amber had a good talk? Dick says yes, and he says he told Amber he felt she got "caught up" in something.

Dustin: So you dumbed down what you are really thinking?

Dick says no, he thought about it, and realized that basically Amber was an easy target and wasn't to blame and got caught up in it.

(Dustin and Dick are eating chips during this whole time)

Dick says that he sent Amber upstairs and told her she needs to talk to Dani, as the "lack of communication" between the two of them breeds suspicion. They should hash things out.

Dustin: mm hmmm

Dustin: I won't lie. Your daughter is very quick to point the finger at people. Very quick. And she is using you and your explosive behavior to run her head of household, and I don't think that is a very wise choice.

Dick: No, because we had actually talked about this prior and how we were going to out him in front of the group, and I said I would do it. This is not her using me. This is part of us talking about how we would handle the entire thing. I thought it was best if we talked to people one by one. Then afterwards, it was like do you want to talk to people as a group, and I thought it would be the best thing.

Dustin: I didn't say she was using YOU. I said she is using your behavior.

Dick says that Dani didn't want him to do it at dinner. Eric "needed to be called out in front of the group, and it was just a question of when."

Dustin: mmm hhhmmm

Dick: Dani does not need me in this game. She would get farther on her own.

Dustin: Oh, I know. But it's very convenient to have you for times like this.

Dick: And for some of the emotional times with Nick, which was very surprising to me.

Dustin: Just know that things like that don't go unnoticed by people.

Dick: I know but, it is what it is. What am I supposed to do?

Dustin: Yeah.

Dick offers part of his sandwich, Dustin declines.

Someone put Dustin's key "in Joe's hole" and Dustin says, "Oh, very funny people!"

Eric walks by and says his was in Carol's yesterday, and there are some "wiseheimers" in here!

8:10 Eric comes in and gets food. Dick stares him down, but Eric has his back to him. Dustin walks in and out, and Dick tends to look around when Dustin is in the room.

Eric keeps his back to Dick and then leaves the kitchen with his food, going toward the bedrooms.

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Amber is doing most of the talking in HOH with Danielle

says she knows it is hard for dani with nick gone but to remmber why she is there

if you want to talk i am here for you...i will never repeat waht we talked about *and then in the next breath*

I saw Kail laying on the couch and I went and talked to her for about 20 minutes and she has no one here and I told her I understand and I like told her she needs to remember why she is here

Amber is still crying and twisting her mic wires and it is making a horrible noise...

amber said dont let ppl come up here to sway you in a certain direction ...be your own best friend. blah blah blah

if you find yourself regereting certain things in this game remmber why you are here

amber says she gets nauseous when she thinks about nick being gone so she can only imagine what it is like for her

*dani looking right through here with NO emotion on her face*

Amber jsut wont shut up

Talks about talking to herself and praying and contradicting waht ppl say and go with your gut

be careful .*mortys*

i know we aer not as close as we were

be very careful

people in this house are fucked up and out for themselves

I am sorry about nick *more sobbing..ed I think amber is letting it out she had the hots for nick with all this nick talk*

more talk about nick being voted out.

Dani just stares at her

Amber said it took her four or five times to say i vote to evict nick when julie asked her

and now FULL BLOWN sobs

(I am getting naueous with this display*

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Amber is crying to Dani. She says people try to "get in your head" and try to "steer you in a direction to benefit themselves." Amber says she is so sorry Nick is not there, and Dani needs to "be her own best friend in the game." Amber says she will lay there and "get nauseous" thinking about what happened to Nick.

Amber says she can only imagine how Dani feels.

Amber says Dani has the HOH room, and she can talk to herself and take advantage of it, and get through this week.

Amber says that when she starts to get upset, she tells herself to just stop it!

(Dani is completely silent, letting Amber run on and on)

Amber says you have to use your gut in the game.

Amber: Just be careful. Seriously. I know we're not as close as we were, but be careful!

Amber says "people in this house are fucked up and everybody is out to get everybody." This transcription belongs to Morty's. Amber says that no one cares about anyone but themselves. Morty's is the best!

Amber says that if they get a chance to vote someone back in, she will vote Nick in, even if she is told that she will be on the block because of it.

Amber is swearing to Dani she would, and she is sobbing.

Amber says that when she went in to vote, and it took her like four or five times to say it. She just sat there and couldn't even say it! Tvfanforums owns this transcription!

Amber says she voted to evict Nick and got sick to her stomach.

Amber says Dani needs to be careful about what she says to people, because Amber knows "thoughts got put into her (Amber's) head about Nick.

She says that during the meeting, Dustin "put her on the spot" asking what she thought about Nick. So, Amber was honest and said she loves Nick, said she wanted Zach out.

Amber: And that's when your dad said Zach, why are we going to vote Zach out when we all said strategically Nick??

Complete silence from Dani.

Amber: Seriously, people tell you things, the initial reaction you get in your gut right after they tell you, you have to go with.

Amber goes on about how Dani should trust her instincts, her gut.

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amber asks Dani if she wanted to talk about anything else

Dani said she wants to say that even though her dad is the bigger mouth of the two, anything she is doing or done or will do is all her

amber takes this and runs at the mouth again talking about how she knows this and when dick tells amber anything she takes some and leaves some.....*shut the pie hole amber*

Dani again has gone quiet

Amber quiet finally *crosses fingers it will last*

camera focuses on Dani just staring off into space

amber winds up again

I dont know what people say to you about me but look at my track record

I have never fucked y ou over

You know i threw that one HOH to you

people said me or dustin would be put up and i said fuck that

I dont know what people say about me just look at my track record* yes she repeated herself that quickly*

basickally amber is *prop of morty* is rambling at the mouth about ANYTHING in the most nervous of ways

[ed I am sorry there is almost no rhyme or reason to ambers rambling and Dani is saying NOTHING..she cant amber wont shut up]

and blessed with FOTH

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feeds back and surprise ..amber still talking

again goes on and on about how much she loved nick and how sick she is each and every day he is gone

dani remains quiet *prob thinking why is this girl doing this?*

after about a five minute run on loving nick....amber goes quiet

Dani quiet

Here goes amber

I know things remind you of him here. you are really a strong person to be there without him

there is no comparrison to you and him and me and h im

just the other day dick said he would look thorugh the looking glass and miss his peach sign?

I jsut miss him so much SOB

I hope there is voting another guest back ..everyday I pray to god we can get a houseguest back and i know it will be nick

I made a mistake..i kick myself every day

every night i pray that nick will come back in the house

dani remains silent

amber now silent

Amber says...do they do that every year or no

dani says they have only done it twice

amber..what seasons do you remember?

dani three and six

amber..they need to do it this year...i can see it happening

silence from both

*holding breath*


even when the word taco gets mentioned i get nausious..its brutal


dani..all i ask is you look at entire situtaion and wehre ever single inch of doubt came from and it all leads back to same person

amber..yea i know

dani..and not for your benifti amber but for their beneift..it screwed you and me and my dad

amber i know...i know


amber asks what does jessica think of eric

dani..i dont know where she stands to be honest



amber..you never know danielle..he might get voted back in here..i can really see it happening

dani..the only way it could happen if they had determined it from the beginning..they would have to have kept everybody in sequester(this girls knows her bb history)

amber..oh i see what you are saying

amber..everyday in there is horrible..i hate it....i have a headache now


(dear bb god..please let this end now)

and it does..dani said she is really hungry and wants to go downstairs...tells amber to not get her hopes up for nick coming back

amber..oh really?

and they leave the HOH

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Dustin and Kail are talking. Dustin is telling Kail that she needs to explain to Dani that if she puts Eric up, Kail goes home. Dani doesn't have the votes to keep Kail and then Dani will be exposed as a liar and a back stabber because the group will assume that she was setting up Kail from the beginning and no one will trust her. Kail is also suppose to tell Dani it would be in her best interests in this house to put up either Zach or Dick. Dustin says to stress to Dani that if she got Dick out then not only would the house love her, but she would also get rid of the anchor around her neck. That family tie is so strong and what he does will hurt her because of the family connection.

Kail says she will bring up that Dani should follow her own fathers advice, "perception is reality in this house." As long as Dick is hanging all over Dani and running her HOH then it will appear that both need to be targets.

now talk about Jen crying in the room and saying she didn't know she was being played, but it is to late, Jen sold her soul to the devil, the real devil named evel Dick. Kail says that she thinks Dick stays up all nights and makes up stories and rehearses them to see if they can fly. Kail points out how Dick takes credit for everything, people leaving, people staying, who is on slop, who wins and so forth.

Dustin reminds Kail how he was fair and honest with her last week and because Kail ate a bowl of slop that proves to Dick she knew she was staying. Kail says the honest truth is that she was weak and she was nervous and she knew she would faint during the live show if she didn't eat. She can't figure out why people can't talk without it becoming an alliance in this house with him. Dustin says he can tell whose wives have cheated on who now can't we?

Now Dustin is telling Kail how Dick feels Kail and Jam are using their religion to farther themselves in this game and how he says they use it as a crutch. Dustin tells Kail how Jam went and talked to him and explained to him how her faith works. Dustin says that he almost cried when Dick was telling Kail to pray and pray and something about a clock falling on her face. Kail says she didn't hear that because she was zoning out to try and not let him get to her and she was in pain. Dustin says that it is low, LOW to use someone's beliefs against someone like this. He says that he swore he would never side with anyone like Dick again. (I guess Dustin says more about what Dick says about God and Kail is in shock that someone would talk about God like this. Lots of whispering going on sometimes. ) Kails says vengence is mine says the Lord.

Kail believes that Dick has a ton of hate mail, she says no one could be a fan to someone like him. (I am sorry to tell her, America has taken to the likes of Dick)

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