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August 5, Live Feed Updates

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Dick and his new best buddy Zach are making a game with the weights (the small, hand-held ones) out in the yard. They are setting them up on their ends.

Jameka is trying to find her hoop earrings, which are gone. She says she just took them out an hour ago.

Dustin and Amber are whispering in bed.

Amber: That's so ridiculous!

Amber looks at the ceiling, and looks like she might.....cry.

Jess is in her bed, next to them. Jameka asks them if they have seen her earrings. They say no. Jess tells Jameka that she didn't have them on in the hottub.

Jameka: mmm hm!

Jameka found the earrings.

Dustin asks who is in the round room right now? Jess says Jen and Kail.

Dustin goes over to the camera and fogs up the window with his breath.

Amber asks Jameka if she "ever found that page in that book?" Jameka says yes, and asks if she wants it, and Amber says yes.

Jameka says her sister has a "little bun in the oven."

Jameka brings her Bible to Amber.

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kail to jen: aren't you happy? jen: for what? kail: you won... laughing... silence.... both kail and jen are now laying down, in their bunny suits in bed... neither saying a word... not much of anything happening.. someone walks into the room where jess, dust and amb are... they ask if they have seen something of hers... jess: no I know you had it in when you were in the hot tub... dust: who is in the round room right now? amb: jen and kail (the person looking for their lost item says they found it) jess: Good!!! dustin looking in round room window Jess: you do realise they can see you right now? dust um hum ... laughing... jam hops in bed with jess... amb: hey jam did you ever find that page in that book? jam hums a tune and we get FOTH... kail and dustin to SR... kail: are you sure cuz I don't see it the only person I can think of is zach, because we were on that bar I said I cannot go on the block 3 times in a row I am tired and then she sais no you are safe and then she said that jen was the target... dust: jen was the target... do you trust me kail kail: yes I completely trust you dust: what about jenn and eric... dust: has eric made any promises to you? kail: no they are talking about the shady business going on and dust tells her that dick is speculating that they have something going on... kail says that eric thinks for himself and all they have a friendship and not even that much because he now has jess... dust tells her that evil is targeting eric... kail saying that they need eric in there because he will put up evil... dust tells her that she doesn't have 4 votes, and that if zach doesn't go up then she doesn't have 4 votes... dust tells her that she should have stayed up on the bar... kail states that she couldn't... kail says that the only thing that dani promised her was that she was safe this week... dust says that it is weird that evil and jen are on good terms... kail says it is because they were warned... kail says that someone needs to go to tell dani that she doesn't have 4 votes and they need to tell her that she is getting played... dust: dnai and iskc alliance is getting ahead of themselves... because I am a power player I do bold things... kail then tell me this... do you trust everyone? dust: yes... kail says that dani is telling her the truth... dust says that she is bold face lying to her and that he trusts his 5... they are talking about who she is going to put up... they are saying that offering kail is a lie and they lied to her face... kail says that she believes dani... dust is telling her that she said if jen takes herself off of the block kail is going home... FOTH ... dust: that is not a lie... kail: what am I supposed to do... dust: convince her to put zach up... BB - kail please exchange your mic for one in the SR... kail: I nned to get more infrom dani and she won't give it to me... dust: no cuz she and dick are moving as one now... kail: I don't know what to do... dust: I don't know what to do... kail: yopu can trust amber 100%

dust: yeah...

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(Someone in the walls has a radio on, because I can hear it...-Cat)

Outside, Dick and Zach are playing croquet. Dani says she doesn't want to go in there (small bedroom) because "they" are all in that area.

In the big bedroom, Jess is filling Jameka in on everything that Jen told her about Eric.

She says that Jen told her that Eric told Jen that she was his #1, and then he also told Jess that.

Jameka says she doesn't think that's true.

Jess says "He's just going to deny it."

Jameka says "Don't let them" and I miss the rest due to covers rustling, as they are whistling.

Zach comes walking in, and Jess laughs and tells him he looks "like a homeless person who found a bunny suit in the garbage can or something."

Zach says the next dump is only 20 minutes away!

(Jameka is not wearing a bunny suit, neither is Dustin. I don't think Kail is, either.--ed)

9:00 BB time

Jess says that she wants beers tonight.

Evel comes into the big bedroom. Evel says during the next HOH, he will tear off his sleeves "when the camera is rolling, so he can use them!" Dick says that he asked them why he couldn't use his sleeves, and they told him if he had been hanging on the bar at the time he tore them off, he could have used them. But he tore them off when they were lying down (when the feeds were messed up, or whatever--ed) and so he couldn't use them.

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Kail asks Dustin if he wants her to go up and talk to Dan. dustin says no, don't push it. Dustin finds it weird that Jena nd Dick have made peace.

Dustin asks Kail if Jen was the go between, between Kail and Eric...Kail shakes her head and says no!...Dutin is trying to convince Kail that Jen is working to get her (Kail) to go home. Kail says she doesn't know what's going on...Dustin says he needs to talk to Jen. Kail says she'll be within an hour, they laugh...

Dustin says "Dick and Dan are going around spreading rumors and it's too early" dustin tells Kail that she know because it was no secret that they were a group of seven...foth...

Feeds back Kail saying "I don't know,..." Dustin: "Of course she is, look at her she's a vicious bitch, she's good at what she does, she's just like her father, but she's smarter"...

...Dustin points out how when Dick has done things Dan says it makes her feel bad, but she does nothing about it. Kail agrees. Dustin talks about today when Dick was messing with Jen's clothes, "What did daniele do?" Then crosses his arms and shakes his head negatively...nothing. Kail nods in agreement.

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Kail asks Dustin if he wants her to go up and talk to Dan. Dustin says no, don't push it. Dustin finds it weird that Jen and Dick have made peace.

Dustin asks Kail if Jen was the go between, between Kail and Eric...Kail shakes her head and says no!...Dustin is trying to convince Kail that Jen is working to get her (Kail) to go home. Kail says she doesn't know what's going on...Dustin says he needs to talk to Jen. Kail says she'll be up within an hour, they laugh...

Dustin says "Dick and Dan are going around spreading rumors and it's too early" Dustin tells Kail that she knows, because it was no secret that they were a group of seven...foth...

Feeds back Kail saying "I don't know,..." Dustin: "Of course she is, look at her she's a vicious bitch, she's good at what she does, she's just like her father, but she's smarter"...

...Dustin points out how when Dick has done things Dan says it makes her feel bad, but she does nothing about it. Kail agrees. Dustin talks about today when Dick was messing with Jen's clothes, "What did Daniele do?" Then crosses his arms and shakes his head negatively...nothing. Kail nods in agreement.

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Evel goes up to the HOH and talks to Dani, who was waiting.

He asks if she feels good. She is tired.

Evel says everyone is "like you."

He says that Amber is "in her own little world, reading her good soul book," everyone else is lying down exhausted, and so he feels that doing that now (outing Eric) would just be disruptive and wouldn't have the effect he wants. Transcript property of Morty's TV.

Dani is pouting. She says that she hates being there. She seriously hates it. It's hard for her now. (I guess she's lucky she has her Dad in the house. Most don't have anyone. --Cat)

Dani says she WAS having fun, but now she doesn't have anyone to talk to in the house.

Dick: You'll become closer to Jess.

Dani: Whatever.

Dick lies down near her on the bed.

Dani: What are you DOING?

He says he is just positioning himself.

Dani says she is going to get sick from this (the manure) and it's only happened three times. It would be okay if she wasn't getting sick from it.

Dick tells her to get in the jacuzzi to warm up.

Dick is lying on the bed, facing Dani, at her feet. She isn't looking at him.

Dick says that he is really, really glad Dani was smart with the slop, and really glad she was smart about the HOH.

Dick says think about it--two of them can't compete for 5 weeks in POV.

Dani says that was just stupid of them to do that. Especially Kail!

Dick is counting off every week.

Dani says there are only 6 or 7 HOH's left.

Dani says there would have been no point in her doing the HOH thing--she would have been packing her bags.

Dick says this week he will be going up against 7 people, two of which aren't worth anything in the competition, anyway. He says Amber is one of those people.

Dani tells him it is only 6 people.

Dani says that she wouldn't want Amber or Dustin to get HOH.

Dick: I'm not worried about either one of them.

Dani: I'm just saying!

Dick: If I get it, Amber's going up. Amber and Kail.

Dani says she thinks they need to make Dustin think...

Dick says Dustin claimed it was all speculation until Dick "laid it on him" and said that Eric claimed he would take out Dustin and Amber first.

Dani says that Dick should make Dustin feel there are more important people to worry about getting out.

Dick says he told Dustin he was so close to Amber, and he needs to make sure that he can trust Dustin, alone.

Dani says she doesn't like talking to Dustin, because he treats her like a kid. He bugs her.

Dick: Yeah, he bugs me, too.

Dani: I think they did that last question because they knew Jen would take it, and now nobody is ever going to vote her out. She has a free summer in the BB house.

Dani says if you are sitting next to Jen at the end, you would win.

Dani says that Jen can't win, so there is no reason to vote her out. She'd only win $2,000. Dick says no, she will win $250,000. Dani says after taxes, though. Dick says they won't tax her on the money she doesn't get.

The buzzer goes off, and Dani heaves a sigh and Dick tells her it is only 24 hours--it could be worse! She gets her bikini on in the bathroom. She says Amber's answer was "retarded.' She says this is ridiculous, she is getting sick and already shivering (she's not wet yet--ed).

Eric comes in the room. He asks what Jen is doing, she says "nothing." She ignores him and is cold.

He says "All right, then."

Amber is whispering the Bible aloud.

Eric leaves.

Jess follows Eric into the silhouette room. She closes the door, puts her hands on her hips. We can't hear what they say. He says he is exhausted. She says something else, and looks very irritated. He says "Why?" She says "Because, I heard it. It just keeps getting more and more." He stops her from leaving and we get FOTH and they switch feeds on us.

Right after, Jess is in bed, curled up. Dustin comes up to her.

Dustin and Jess whisper.

Dustin: So, I think Jen may have sold her soul.

Jess: To Daniele.

Dustin: Hmm

Jess: To the devil.

Dustin says he spoke to Kail.

(It's hard to hear--sounds like Kail was just saying "Welllll....")

Jameka comes back from the manure dump and is in the small bedroom. She briefly speaks in low tones to Eric. He says something about Jess. He gets out of bed. Eric goes to the bathroom. Eric comes to Jess' bed, and rests his chin on the end of the bed. He looks upset.

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Jess is now telling Eric about her conversation with Jen.

Jess tells Eric that Jen kept saying "Why would I lie? Why would I lie?"...

Jess telss Eric that that's the third person that has told her stuff about Eric. Eric says it's all coming from the same source...

Eric tells Jess that Kail's approached him many times and he has not told her to f*uck off because, why would he tell her that, but he's not told Kail anything. He asks Jess why would he spend so much time with her (Jess) if he was playin her...Jess says "I don't know, why?"...Jess seems happy now...

Eric tells her he knows she's a smart girl, please don't let them (Dick/Dan/Jen?) mess with her head, that if she wants to tell Jam and Dustin that he (Eric) wants to take her (Jess) to final 2, to go ahead and do that, if that's what's going to make her believe him....(ed. awwww, these two are so cute together, I'm tearing up *sniff*)

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Eric asks to talk to Jess. She asks what he wants to talk about? He says to Jess, he wants to talk about what she just said to him. She says okay--where should they talk? Dustin says they could talk in the round room. Jess says okay, then he can talk to him. She says she doesn't want to go in the round room. Dustin asks to talk to Jen.

Dustin asks her "what's the deal with trying to sell Eric out?" She says she didn't. She says that she only talked to Jess, when he says Jen talked to Dick and Dani and Jess. Jen claims she just talked to Dick and her not talking to each other and being abusive. He asks how Eric came up in the story?

Jen says that if Jess told Dustin, she told him. Dustin says she didn't tell Dustin. Jen says okay.

Dustin says that Dick and Dani are planning to put up Eric.

Jen says she thinks Dick and Dani have more than one person they will put up. He says they can't put up more than one person! Jen says she means that there is more than one person they are thinking about. She says they won't put up Zach. He asks how she knows that? Jen says that she just knows.

Dustin is very cold and tells her that is all he wanted to know.

Jen: It wasn't my doing of any sorts.

Jen says she was just taking herself down. Dustin says she should.

Dustin says that Dick is trying to get Eric out, and it's fair. He says Dick came up to him and said "Jen confirmed all of my suspicions." Jen says that Dick has said that about other things.

Dustin says that is why he asked her because of that.

Jen says that sometimes she just doesn't say anything, and then that confirms things for Dick.

Dustin asks what she thinks she confirmed for Dick, then? She says she didn't vote for Kail either week. Dustin says that jen just did that "fucking weird eye thing again!" He says he has always believed her about her vote.

Dustin: I'm just going to be honest and say that Evel came up to me and said, I have all of these suspicions, and Jen just confirmed it all!

Jen says that Dick has told her before that "You just told me information," and she didn't say anything at all.

Dustin: Don't beat around the bush. I'm asking you questions. What did you confirm with him?

Jen says they talked about things that he's not going to do, and she doesn't want it to "come back." She says most of the conversation had to do with being "cordial" and Jen not talking about Dani.

Jen: I know it seems weird, but it really.

Dustin: And then he just asked you, he said, I want you to vote Kail no matter who I put up?

Jen says Dani said that. Dustin asks if the two of them came at her? She says basically. Dustin confirms that they told her to vote for Kail, no matter what.

Dustin: So when it comes to suspicions of people in this house, you didn't confirm or deny anything?

Jen says no, but they (Dani and Dick) think they figured out who voted against Kail, based on them "stirring things up in the house" and it "alluded to them."

Dustin: Yeah. All right.

Jen: What are you thinking? You're pulling a Kail.

Dustin: Why? Because I'm not talking?

Dustin says it hit him like a ton of bricks and he is trying to figure out the situation.

Jen: I would think that it would be in your best interests no to.

Dustin: Not to?

Jen: Not to stir up things.

Jen says it can "more likely hurt you than help you" if he asks questions.

Dustin: Umm hmm

Jen: I mean I don't know... I'm obviously not working with Dani because....it's not my cup of tea.

Dustin: You are so vague. It's the worst.

Jen: Really? I wouldn't think that of me.

Jen says she isn't HOH.

Dustin says she answered his questions, and that is that.

Jen: I wish we could all just be hanging out peacefully.

Dustin: Yeah, well that didn't work out so well. Especially when your clothes were thrown around earlier.

Jen: I"d have to say my clothes being thrown around, being dumped on every hour, bunny suit and slop. I'd have to say I've had better days.

Jen: I really don't think that Kail and Eric had a thing.

Dustin agrees.

Dustin says Kail has no one in the house, so why would she lie?

Jen claims that Kail said to "make sure Dani doesn't put up Eric."

Dustin: When did she tell you this?

Jen: About an hour ago.

Jen says she has no effect on Dani or Dick, so who is she kidding?

Dustin says that Jen "opens her mouth a lot" and "admittedly doesn't keep secrets."

Jen says "Unless she's told not to." She's "not good at it."

Dustin: I guess I would request that the things I asked about, and things of this nature be kept between you and I.

Jen says that people keep asking her things. He says if Evel comes in and asks what they were talking about, tell him it is not his business.

Jen: It's going to be hard.

Dustin says they had things to talk about, end of story.

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Dustin talks to Jen. he wants to know about her conversation with Dick and Dan. Jen is all over the place, Dustin tells her to stop beating around the bush and answer his question, he asks her, again what did she "confirm" to Dick...Jen says she's trying to answer and that she's trying to think.

She says she confirmed that she didn't vote for Kail and they just concluded other stuff from that...Jen asks Dustin now what is he (Dustin) thinking. Dustin says he's trying to figure things out himself. Jen tells Dustin he shouldn't stir things up by asking people questions or he'll end up hurting himself.

Jen says she's obviously not working with Dan cuz Dan is not her cup of tea. Dustin says Jen is "the worst" because she's so vague in her answers. Jen says she doesn't think of herself as being vague.

Jen says she doesn't know who Dan is putting up (ed. not true, Dan did tell Jen she's putting up Eric and Jen agreed to be the one vote Dan/Dick think they need to evict him)

Dustin tells Jen that he's asked what he wanted to ask her so...Jen says something like now we can all hang out in peace, Dustin answers that so far that hasn't worked so well, especially for Jen, since it's her clothes that were thrown around earlier in the day.

Jen says she has definitely had better days...then chuckles... Dustin adds that Jen also has to eat slop for the next thirty days...they both laugh...Jen and Dustin agree that neither of them thinks Kail and Eric are an alliance...

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(In the middle of the Eric/Jess convo)

Eric says that if he "wanted to start a war," he would go up and yell at Dick and Dani and tell them "fuck you" and they are going home. Eric says that he knows that Jess is afraid this is going to "come back and bite her in the ass," so he has been "biting his hands." He has avoided calling them out, and he's frustrated.

Eric is really upset. This transcript belongs to Mortystv.

He says he stood next to Jess' bed and she wouldn't talk to him.

Jess says it is kinda hard for her to hold back her emotions.

Eric says it is really hard for him, because he isn't good with people "attacking his character."

She says she knows.

Eric says that he couldn't fall asleep last night. He needed to decompress, and the way he did it was lying next to Jess and talking to her, but if she ever doesn't want him to do it, to tell him.

She giggles.

Eric says that he remembers Jess saying that she was worried about Dani and Nick, and Jess is attractive and that as Eric and Jess have gotten close, he hopes that Jess would never think that he would try something like that.

Eric says he is worried that Jess will be concerned that Eric would do that to her, and she will "strike first" and get rid of him because she thinks he will play her.


Eric says he knows it was a "serious concern" Jess had prior to coming into the house, and he doesn't know if she considers them close to the point where she would worry about that.

She says she doesn't worry about that.

Eric says he takes Jess' advice more than anyone else's, and they talk about ideas and what they would like to see happen.

Eric: Do you see me being aligned with anyone more than I am to you??

Jess: No.

Eric says he is closer to Jess than everyone. He names each person, and he says that Jen has approached him for weeks for an alliance, and he just walks away from her.

Jess: Yeah.

Eric: This sucks. I fucking hate this place.

Eric: I'm going to go home.

Jess: No, you won't. I'm the deciding vote!

Eric says whether he stays or goes, and he very much wants to stay, he cares about how she perceives him, and he's not talking about inside the game.

Jess says yeah.

Jess: I guess I'll just write off everything they say from now on.

Eric says he will always keep in touch with Jess! He says when he saw her on the stairs, he came to talk to her, and he's been talking to her ever since, and will talk to her until one of them leaves, and even after.

Jess: They made me so mad at you!!

Eric says he is not "using his way with words" to talk to Jess. He's not an emotional person, but a couple of times today, he was welling up with tears. He thought she would come to him and say that people are saying things about you, and we stand behind you. She says she will. He says, "Please do."

Eric starts talking about the second season of Survivor when there were 3 people left. There was a woman that one guy was aligned with and a guy that he hated. If he took the guy he hated, he would have won by a landslide, but instead he took the woman. Eric has said for years that the guy made a $900,000 mistake he would regret forever. But after Jen said what she did about him, he sat down and wondered what he would do if Jen or someone was up against Eric and Jess. He said to himself that he wouldn't made a $450,000 mistake. But then he told himself there is no way in "fucking hell" he would ever take any of them. He would take Jess. He would be happy with the $50,000.

Jess: We will see.

Eric says he knows it is hard and fucked up, but he doesn't know how to put it other than you have to go with ---


Eric says Dick has torn up every one of their friends, cursed, evesdropped, etc. But he realized that Eric was getting close to Jess, and so now Dick has had Jen sit down with Jess and say all of that. He says that if she believes that, then he wants to leave anyway.

Jess is asking what they should say to Dick.

He says that he doesn't want to see any of them in trouble this week. But they could say to Dick that they are true to the group, and if they don't put up Zach, then they will "have a problem on their hands," because Kail will leave and not the other person.

Eric says that he winces thinking about having the conversation he would have with Dick.

Eric says that if people can't see that he isn't in this alliance with Kail, then he deserves to go.

Eric says it is obvious that Dick has had conversations with Jen late at night, and he has told Jen that they should be allied and no one would suspect. He says that Dick is all about the ratings.

Eric says he has so much fun with Jess and he values her opinion, and she and Jameka are the only ones to make him feel better, but Jess is his "first choice," and she knows all of these things. As much as he "loves Jameka," he doesn't "crawl into bed with her."

Jess laughs.

Jess: That's true.

Jess: Did my looks make you want to cry sometimes?

Eric says yes. He asks, didn't you see my face? How did I look?

She says like a sad puppydog when it chews on her Dad's slippers.

He says it could have been her brother chewing them, and it was a setup!

Jess: You're an okay boy!

Eric asks why she talked to Jen in the first place?

She says because Dick said that Jen confirmed everything for him.

Eric says he's never offered an alliance deal with anyone or discussed it, even. He doesn't even think he's said to anyone that they are his "number one," although he thinks he whispered to Jess that if he could, he'd like to be with Jess in the end.

They giggle that oh, yes, he whispers in Kail's ear all of the time.

Jess laughs

Eric: I don't really want to fight back this week. I just want you guys to say you are okay, and he can say whatever the hell he wants about me.

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Dustin talks to Jess and Eric.

Dustin tells how he talked to Jen just now, and that Jen claimed she didn't talk to Dick and Dani about anything other than talking nice to each other.

He asks if Jen said something different?

Jess says that Jen claimed she didn't actually confirm, but was "roundabout."

Dustin says that he kept pushing Jen to say why she was "selling Eric out." Jen said she didn't know why people kept saying that, because she didn't.

Jess says she read too much into what Jen said, then.

Eric says to Dustin that they have not discussed this previously, but he wants Dustin to say two sentences about what he feels about Jessica. This transcript belongs to Mortystv.

Jess: Oh, God!

Dustin says this is a WS!

Eric changes this request and says he wants to know if he has ever said anything bad about Jess, ever??

Dustin says absolutely not! Never! He says that when Jess was saying in the bathroom that Eric supposedly said bad things about Jess, he couldn't believe it! Either Dustin or Jess is always with Eric! (So when did he have time to supposedly say these things? This is what Dustin is trying to say, I think. --ed)

Jess wonders if she should go up to talk to Dick and Dani and tell them not to put up Eric?

Eric says maybe she might tell them to wait a couple of weeks.

Dustin says that they are trying to use Jen and her "promised vote" and try to have her say that Eric sold Jess out.

(Jess seems very convinced).

Jen interrupts and yells "Five minutes!" She sees their faces and says, "Nevermind!"

Jess giggles as Jen leaves.

Eric says, "What am I supposed to do in this house?"

Jess: I guess you've convinced me to keep you!"

Jess: Oh, stop! I"m gonna have my turn on the block too, you know!

Eric says if he came to Jess and asked what the hell she said about him...

Jess says he did! He asks when? She says really early on.

Eric says he wanted a reason to talk to Jess, then.

Eric: I just want to know, for my own sanity, how many more times are we going to have these talks?

He says that they went to bed, they were all relaxed and on the same page, and then the next thing he knows, Jess is outraged at him!

They laugh.

Dustin says that he is beginning to think maybe they should let Dick and Dani put Eric up!

Eric says that's easy to say (and he laughs)

Dustin says yeah, I'm not the one going up.

Jess teases him and says he should have some trust in them!

Eric says yeah, since they get mad at him!

Buzzer goes off

Eric says it is a long time before Thursday, and they will end up hearing a lot more things. He wonders if he should call them out or sit silently? Dustin says to sit silently. It will be hard, but he knows that he has Jameka, Amber, Dustin and Jess' vote. When their reputations are tarnished, they will be in trouble. (Dick and Dani)

Eric says it is hard for him when he is character is attacked and he hates hearing bold-faced lies about himself. If it was based on something true, like he is short and ugly, he'd be fine.

Eric: They are absolute snakes and low-life degenerates.

Dustin says that it is the two of them alone.

Eric says it isn't, because they have Zach and Kail.

Dustin says he told Zach not to trust the "Donatos" and Zach said he doesn't.

Eric: I feel like there is nothing for me to do and nowhere for me to go in the fucking house.

Eric: I don't want it to be a scenario where you guys all week are afraid to be seen with me.

Jess jokes and says they just won't hang out with him--that's a good idea. "The Carol plague."

Dustin says that he spoke with Kail, Dani and Dick. Dustin says none of the stories matched.

Kail told Dustin she trusts him more than anyone in the house except for Jen.

Dustin: These people are wild-eyed, crazy people.

Eric: What do you think they will do when I stay?

Eric asks if this is it for the summer, until Dick and Dani leave?

Dustin says it is a "landslide for next week HOH" and he has "already prepared his speech."


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2 cams on Eric and Jess still talking in the bedroom.

2 cams on Kitchen/ DR area where Dustin Sitting on the kitchen counter), Dick Daniele and Zach (all sitting at the counter) are talking. Jen, coming down from HOH, walks into the kitchen. No important talk...

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Eric tells Jess he doesn't want it to be a bad week for her; a yo-yo week.

She says it won't be. She says she is set.

He says she said that before!

She says she is this time, though!

Jess says he is on her back all of the time!

He says he can't tell if she is kidding or serious, so if she could, would she please say "joking or serious" at the end of her comments?

Jess: Okay, serious.


Eric talks about his ex-stripper black girlfriend.

Jess says she isn't afraid, "unless she really is black."

Eric: No.

Jess: Wait! How big is she?

Eric: She's a dancer, so watch out for the legs!

Jess says she's a dancer, too!

They joke around. He teases Jess about dancing--she's a dancer who doesn't dance.

Eric says he would really appreciate it if she would come to him with any questions or concerns.

Eric: But at the same time, like, if you don't want me to like, literally lose my mind, please know that I...like...it will affect me how you are feeling towards me. If you have a problem tell me, but if you know I'm going to be safe, please continue to tell me that I am.

Jess: You're going to be safe. I'm serious.

Eric: You're not one for having moments.

Jess asks what he is talking about. He says that he was "putting himself out there to her" and she jokes.

She says she said "serious!"

(They are totally flirting--He says she nuzzled him, and she says he patted the couch next to him!--Cat)

Eric: So, when I crawl into bed with you, am I allowed to stay, or am I going to get a weird look? And then you won't say anything.

Jess: You can stay. You can stay.

TVfanforums property!

Eric: Do you want to talk about what was bothering you last night, still, because I know you were upset, whether you said so or not?

She says that it's not bothering her, now.

He asks if it was his sister, wife, what?

She says she was wondering if the banner was right or not?

He says it isn't fair about the banner, and she agrees.

10:50 Jess is in a great mood, her usual bouncy self. Jameka, Jess and Eric talking.

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Zach interrupts Eric and Jess, and asks if they are "having a moment?" Eric asks him for five minutes. He leaves. Eric is talking to Jess about her preferences about their relationship. He says last night was the nicest time he had in the house, and it was so nice and peaceful and great lying together in bed, and basically they were kind of on top of each other. He says that he knows that she has said before that one of her greatest fears coming into the house was that she would get into a situation with a guy and look stupid because of it. He is wondering if she reacted differently to this situation because they had been close like that, and maybe she wouldn't react like that with Dustin or someone else? She says he is right. He asks if there is maybe anything he can do to make her more comfortable? She says she is fine now, and if he wants to get into bed, he can. This is a Morty's transcription. Eric says that he wants whatever is best for Jess.

He asks Jess if she feels that it would be best for her game for them to maybe not be so close or hang out as much? She says she doesn't know--what does he want? He says that he would rather spend his time with her in the house. She says she would, too.

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10:57 BBT

In Big Bedroom

Eric calling "bunny man" in the room Jameka Jess and Amber...

Eric wondering the time... Jess says she doesn't know Eric goes look...

Outside Dustin talking with jen, Dani and Dick saying he didn't get to try the "cheese ball" and he'd been talking with Zach earlier about "cheese balls" and then calls Zach "a big cheese ball"

Jen talking about the croquet was for POV but it probably for a future comp.....Dick saying one season they used croquet as either a POV or HOH.

Talking about the POV comp......talking about bunnies.

Dani says talking about Morph comps she would only get the people she likes..Jen saying she isn't good at those.

Dani not going in "the freezing cold showers" after. her poop baths.. Dani saying the last poop bath is at 5:30 AM BBT. She's taking baths up in HOH. Talking that the gel balls are hard to get off especially the hair.

Talking about the spaghetti Food comp....losing shoes massive amounts and how slippery...

Dick amused saying when did you ever think you'd have to take "poop baths" and "wear a bunny suit for a week" Dani retorts "5 days"

Dick saying Zach doing the treadmil with his bunny suit saying "that's going on TV"

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11:11 BBT

Still on the patio talking about the house being near a busy intersection "Ventura and Laurel" Canyon all surprised Dustin knowws so much about the streets since he doesn't live here.

Dustin know complaining he "never mention gonorrhea" Dick is insisting Dustin mentioned it first Dustin says it was Joe...

Dani saying she's thinking the croquet mallets will be used like the "whack a mole" game at arcades in future comps.

Dustin was in the Kitchen saying he needs to keep his eye "on them" refering to Dick and Dani. Heads to the bedroom..

Dustin reporting to Jameka/Eric/Jess that jen is their new best friends "it's so gross". Triming pubes/bush... talk......

Back outdoors Dani says they have "7 mins" to poop bath.

In kitchen Dick talking to Amber saying "when all's said and done I see a whole lot of good coming out of that POV" Amber silent....

Dick heads back out and Amber to herself"so fucking fake I want to puke" mubling "these people"

Dick outside saying Amber is "so knotted" and did say anything.......talking about the answer at dinner from Kail "NO comment"......Dick saying his answer was real...

Dick saying "suppose Eric did play" pov he would have never given HOH and the money at the end.....Dick saying "eric is smart an that's why Eris is" Dani finishes his sentence "Eric"

Dick laughing at Jameka saying "would the money go to charity" Dick says it will go to CBS...Jen saying Jameka's money will go to charity not all of it others say Jem well some of it..

"5 mins time to prepare"

Dick telling Jen/Zach "I promise I will never go back on my word" Jen says alright.

Jen saying "Time to prepare" Zach zoning for the poop bath......Girls go in to change while Zach playing with mallets saying "bad Chinese movie"

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Dick to Jen outside:

Dick: I promise to you, my commitment to you, with this whole thing is to the end of whoever is out or whatever, til the end of this. Even if it happens to be in the jury or whatever.

Morty's owns this transcription. Please don't steal!

Jen: Yeah.

Dick: I promise you. I have never gone back on my word. Okay?

Jen: Yeah.

Dick says the "beer went because I threw her (Jen) clothes all over. Any time those emotions run high, the alcohol leaves."

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11:30 BBT poop baths comence with Zach first Dani second screaming "it's so cold" both run back into the house...

Kail comes out to do hers while Dick says he can't figure out "the route" as Kail says "where's the bucket" Dick tells her Dani had tossed it "over there"

Jen goes......with Dick saying "I better moved I don't want to get splashed" calling hers "a good one" "a really good one" unlike Jameka's who just pours hers on her back Dick says.....

Jameka last Zach saying "after this only 18 to go" Does hers.....

Poop baths complete

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11:40 BBT

Zach and Dick playing croquet together talkingon Showtoo ......while feeds are foth

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11:44 BBT

On Patio

Jen saying they are going to try to sway her to put someone else up...and Dani tells Jen "it's not going to work" and Dani says Eric will blow up and will start to scramble..Jen says he talking to Jess but says Jess "already knows" and Dani says he'll scramble and talking to people at the last minute it usually works as it's the last thing they hear.

Jen saying people tell her if they don''t put up Zach she's leaving while Dustin told her "she has votes to stay"...

Dani wondering why Kail is "so confident to give up 5 HOH's" Jen saying she needed to showing she wasn't a strong player.

Dani telling Jen that Eric wants Kail to stay until first week of sequester

so she can't see her family and Jen says "that's rude"

Jen telling Dani that Kail wanted to have her put up Zach as replacement and dani says that' not happening and Jen says she told Kail it wouldn't work......

Noticing all camera are on them talking.....Jen-"nick's probably happy were not fighting..i mean not being mean"

Jen saying "I hope no one comes back" and Talks about going to Hot tub.....

LNC in bedroom having their nightly giggle fest.......

Dani telling Jen that Jess was on the fence and saying she would vote if Jen does Jen alerts Dani that Jess told Eric ..Dani a little surprise..but dani says it doesn't matter he will "explode" but it will be a total scream fest once he gets nominated....with Dick Jen saying he may provoke Dick into getting Kicked out....Dani says as long as it doesn't get physical and throwing thinks around its hard to get kicked out...

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Jen and Dani are talking in the back yard.

Jen asks if maybe people are trying to get Dani to put up one of the others that have votes, to trick Dani. Like, if she puts up Dustin or Amber, they have the votes to stay over Kail.

Dani says no, and if they did, it wouldn't work!

Dani: I'm not stupid!

Dani says Dick is going to blow up at Eric tomorrow. Dani says that the only way people will accept this is if Dick blows up at Eric and calls him out. Then Eric will have to scramble for something to say. Jen says Dick should have done it tonight, then. This transcription is a Morty's transcription. She says that Jess was all up for it after Jen talked to her, but now she isn't. Dani says Jess already knows. Dani says that people remember what is said to them last, so that's what they stick with. And once everything comes out, they can't avoid it.

Jen tells Dani how Dustin came in and talked to her. She says that Dustin claimed that Dick and Dani told him that Jen had confirmed everything they thought about Eric! Dustin said Dani and Dick are working as a team. Dani says she is sick of how people in the house take pieces of what you say, and then only remember what they want to hear. Jen says that Dustin told her that she should tell Dani to put up Zach. Jen says she doesn't have any control over who they put up! Jen said it would be dumb for Dani to put up Zach. Amber says if Dustin was smart, he would realize it is smarter for him this way, too. He doesn't want to believe it about Amber, but that's understandable.

Jen: They keep telling Kail, if she puts up anybody but Zach, you're going home. But then they told me that she has the votes to stay!

Jen says that it will be her and Kail on the block next week again.

Dani: You guys were not the targets the whole time.

Jen says they are professional pawn artists, and it doesn't really matter because they get to be there.

Dani asks Jen why Kail feels so secure that she would risk 5 weeks without HOH? Tvfanforums owns this transcription. Jen says she doesn't--she probably feels like she had to do it. She also would look weaker that way, and less of a threat. Jen says this is kind of true. Dani says not really. Jen says she would rather go home this week than give up.

Dani tells Jen that Eric was the one campaigning, saying that they should keep Kail until the first week of sequester, so that Kail can't go home. (Actually, this was Dick --Cat) Jen says that is just rude! Dani says it was all just an excuse for Eric to keep Kail. This transcription belongs to Morty's. Dani says that it is a "bold statement to make." Jen says that is just rude. She says that Kail has been fighting for Eric not to go up. Kail has been asking Dani to put up Zach.

Dani: It's like, do you care that much or do you want yourself saved? Make up your mind. It's either you or him.

Jen: If she was with him, she might be thinking she'd rather not be here without him.

Dani: That's ridiculous.

Jen: No, I know it is.

(I'm out for the night--Cat)

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