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August 15, Live Feed Updates

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2:46 BBT

Eric and Jess still whispering and usual BB fashion they leave on everyone's elses mics on

Amber comes out as Dustin had to blow mud and didn't have time to close the door.

Amber now apologizing about the Jen crap and jokingly Jess says he and Eric will get married...

Amber "you're not mad at me" and Eric says he just was wondering where it was coming from....

Eric leaves

Dustin says "I'm ready for night night" Amber "me too"

Amber telling Jess "you're not mad at me" but Amber goes on ant Jen liking Eric.

On the patio Dick talking about Jess's beer gut and the weight she's gained.....Dani 'how is Jen gaining so much wieght on slop" Dick saying cheating,,Dani says how and wants to know..saying she sneaks in the bathrrom and that the camera's don't go on "unless two people are in there"

Talking about Kail [move on]

Dick not understanding the guys "running around naked" dani saying maybe "they think its funny ..I think it's disgusting"

[calling it a night..night all til tomorrow]

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0300 BBT

Dani and ED in BY

ED asks Jam for the time, she says 3, he says 'thank you'

Dani says 2 days till food.

ED shrugs, makes hand gesture indicating 2 days till the vote.

Dani talks about phone call.

ED says, 'what are you going to have to talk about, this?'

Dani says, 'they can talk about their life'

ED says talk about competitions.

Dani says 'I doubt it!'

ED says he is not looking forward to talking to grandma. Says she will talk about praying.

Dani says everyone watches the show.

ED talks about how people will hate him.

Amber and ED pointing to Dustin thru the window, Dustin wearing his robe.

ED: 'Do you notice that Jen is starting to talk like Jess today?

ED: 'What an idiot!(Dustin)

Dani: 'I don't lay in bed all day because it's fun...'

ED: (about Amber)'The less people are here, the more they will see she doesn't do shit'(she cleaned all day!)

ED: 'I can guarentee you(Dani), will be gone next week'

Dani: 'Don't tell them what you are thinking...

ED: 'Kail said Dustin said some stuff(could Kail have mentioned the Dustin slams on Dani?)

Switch to Kitchen

Jam, Amber, Eric talking about how the eviction will go, will it be on tomorrow night?, so it won't be live, and so CBS won't have to worry about what ED will do, and how they will have to edit everything. Eric leaves. Jam and Amber and now Jess, talking about how awful the situation is with ED, and how to prevent him from 'going off' on live TV.

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0330 BBT (Color fill folks, night time nothingness!)

Eric and Amber in kitchen.

Amber asks what Eric's prediction is on HOH. She says it will be Eric. He says it will be her. She says Dustin.

Jam says possibly record breaking, and mentions repeats(?)

Eric wants to play, in POV, and he would be OK, even though he knows it's hard on people.

Eric goes back to HOH.

Jen, Jess, Eric in HOH.

Jen talks about her large family. Jess, Jen compare family reunions. Funerals, holidays.

ED and Dani still in BY. ED smoking, coughing.

Back in HOH.

Jess and Eric talking about food that 'moves' them...what is good and not. Jess eats pretzels.

BY again....

Dani: 'Two more days till Jen goes back on slop'

ED: 'I could care less....I can't believe I gave her that pass..I'm not going to have any regrets'

Dani: 'I'll have a few...mostly to do with Carol'

ED: 'Think Kail has any regrets? She regrets that casting put me on the show...I think I Jacked up her game more than anyone....not just being a dick to her, just calling her out on the MRA...

Dani: 'I think I'm going to bed...it's going to be a long day...don't forget, I know nothing about it, I want Jen out of here(?)'

Something about Jen hardly saying 'thank you' to Dani, ED says 'she deserves to die a slow and horrible death'

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0345 BBT

Jam, Dustin, Dani, Amber, ED, in living room.

Evidently, the HG's got to see a clip of something today.

Jam says it's nice to see something that lets them know it's 'real'

ED says it's something 'new' this year, and they'll get more of it.

Jam says the house is pretty, but she was expecting more.

General talk about previous seasons. ED being charming, Jam being nice, Eric wrapped in his Kings robe, Amber stretched out on couch, Dani standing.

All seem to know lots about previous seasons.

ED talking about Hardy, being 'eye candy for the girls', and 'a stud'. Talk about the 'tooth brush' incident.

Amber asks who won more, guys, or girls. They count, 4 guys, 3 girls.

Jam mentions player who 'looked like the girl next door'

Dani: 'What kind of girl do you live next to?' Jam shuts up.

ED and Dani dominate convo.

Talk about their first 4 hours, and how Jen lined up everyone alphabetically. Jen ripped off her top. They had food to eat. Dustin, ED, and Carol were not there. They missed it all. How Joe was a 'lot' the first day.

(They are up late tonight!)

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0430 BBT

LR, same crew...

General Kail bashing.

Kail didn't know where she would go, if BB told her she had to chose a place to go for free.

Kail was spastic, doing the Jam dance.

Kail made faces.

Kail never had an opinion.

Talk about having been in the house for an hour and a half, before they could chose beds.

Talk about telling each other how they slept, ED saying he farted, snored, and ground his teeth. Jen tried to find another place to sleep, Nick wouldn't let her sleep next to him, because he didn't want Dani to have to sleep next to her dad.(all this in the days before the first show)

ED talks about talking to Dustin, and Nick, on first day being in house.

Talk about how Joe talked about the ghonarhea, Jam saying it was so overboard.

Jam didn't like Dustin, having heard Joe's side of the story.

Jam says Dustin was 'assertive', 'gutsy', 'ballsy'.

Amber says Joe says 'don't touch me!'

Talk about how Joe tried to form an alliance right away, to get the 'three' from upstairs.

Overall, a nice, friendly get together in the LR...late night style!

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Jen finally left the HOH at 4:45 BBT. Eric is now alone with Jess, and is theorizing over potential threatening scenarios for next week. He is promoting the evict Dustin idea, on a very low-key level. Says they would have to bring Zach in on it - not sure about telling Jen. Jess seems to be okay with it, but is still asking questions. Eric says they could arrange a good deal with D/D - suggesting two weeks of safety for him and Jess.

Others are still in the living room - Dustin, Jameka, Amber, Jen. D/D left just recently.

5:05 BBT

Jameka enters and ends that conversation.

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Eric and Jessica in the HOH room, he is working her real good to vote out Dustin.

He has a plan she is a follower.(see video thread)

SHe is hyped as well.

The plan is to vote as follows,

Eric votes out Dustin,

Zack votes out Dustin,

Danielle votes out Dustin and JESSICA breaks the tie and votes out....D U S T I N"""

They decide they must tell Jenn...

(see video thread)

After at least 15 min of working her it looks like Dustin is going...Knock, Knock...Jameka breaks it up.....

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0500 BBT

In HOH room, Jess, Eric, and Jen. Jess and Eric in bed, Jen in chair.(looks like Eric might finally spend his first night in the HOH room!)

Jen says she can't wait till ED is gone. Eric and Jess heartily agree.

Jen see's ED going to bed, and says he keeps her awake, unless she can sleep first.

Talk of beer pong, and more outrageous bets to make on the game.

Jen likes 'knowing things, especially because ED knows things'.

Jen again mentions ED, and 'only one night to go'.

Jen says she's scared of winning HOH next week, because so many people will want to use the room.

Jen leaves.

Jess: 'I don't know if we can be in an alliance with her'. Eric checks the TV, to see where Jen went.

Eric: 'The three of us in an alliance...where did she get that stuff?(talking about Jen)

Jess: 'She thinks we will be final three 6 weeks from now'

Eric: 'What if we got rid of Dustin?

Jess(recapping Zach earlier) 'You said, I need to be setting myself up for the next week...hypothetcially, we get the votes to get Dustin out...Amber doesn't matter, Jam can't win, that leaves just you, me, and Eric...(Jess says to Zach), 'what if I vote ED out? They will all go after me'.

Eric: 'I was targeted out of the blue, people were trashing me, he(Dustin)put himself voluntarily there...if you keep Dustin, at least for one more week, we can assume we'll be fine..if he stays, unless Dani wins, we can say whatever we want, Jam and Amber won't go after us...ED won't come after me....Jen thinks we are in a 3 way alliance....it's like....look at both sides...Dani is pretty much a threat, how it goes forward is different...I think Dustin is up to things, that he will cook it up, that he'll convince Amber to do what he wants...I don't think the 5 of us will be the last five....

Jess: 'Zach think the closest person I'm with, is Jam'

Eric: 'That doesn't matter...this week, more things to worry about, Amber might target us. D/D might target us, Dustin would be gone, we'd have to pursue something with D/D...work that as soon as possible...we've touched on this...personally, I love Jam, I'd love to be wth Jam, not for final vote, she's the last person I'd want to be against...she's well respected..,speaks her mind, laid back sometimes...she's far more liked than me...Amber though, you attack her from a game place...Zach? eh,...Dustin, me up against him would be the worst case...Zach, I don't know, he might have D/D's vote....

Eric doens't think Dani and Zach have any thing going on, unless it's secret.

Jess: 'What would you have done if I put Dustin up agasint Dani?, and he didn't know what was going on?

Eric: 'Let me ask you this...you're not dying to have Dustin here...

Jess: 'I'm not dying to have him here...'

Eric: 'You'd have to make Zach and Jen do it...

Jess: 'Zach easy, Jen, I don't know....you, Dani, Zach, easy...Jen...we'd have to tell her...we might be making the biggest mistake...'

Eric: (about ED)'We could have put you up against Jen or Zach, you made me squirm, we could have made you squirm'...how could they not for 2 weeks, say 'fine'?...their options would be to go home...

Jess: 'But would they live up to it?'

Eric: 'D/D are aware of what we are capable of now...you stood up to them...he's percieveing it...ED said,'I have no idea what you did, how you did it, what you did was incredible'...ED keeps saying I'm the best player...I don't think there is any motivation to go after me...'

And Jam comes in the room.

And I'm outta here!

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Eric is in the diary room, Jameka broke up the chat, Jessica leaves the room as well as Jameka, Jessica lays on the balcony couch for a bit with a little baby talk with Amber who is eating,All feeds now on HOH bathroom (jessica is going to the bathroom) Jameka did say everyone was up but all feeds on HOH...Eric is out of the diary room and is now in the main bathroom, 2 cameras on sleeping HG, prepare for a boring morning they are just going to bed, Jessica is listening to music, and reading her letter from home.

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Eric returned to the HOH after Jameka left. He continues his push, but backs off a tad when Jess says that she runs hot and cold on the idea. After she listens to Zach she feels one way, then she listens to Dustin and feels another. She has not committed to an action plan yet, and Eric suggests that they could talk right up to just before the vote.

But the AP continues on his mission .... (feeds 1 and 2)

The other feeds are on beds in the dark. It's probable that D/D are outside.

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O530 BBT

Jess and Eric in HOH room

Jess: 'Zach thinks the trouble is all Dustin..'he's not being true to you....'

Eric: 'Lets look at it...it comes down, whether you plannned it or not, the vote comes down 3/3, weigh the options...Dustin...Zach and Jen...that's benificial...I'll ask again tomorrow to see if it's shifted for you...'

Jess: 'I was thinking, 'Its not such a bad Idea, talking to Zach about it....

Eric: 'There is something major sketchy about Dustin....D/D have buried Dustin to me...you think Jam believes Dustin completely? If Jam was on board, I'd be better about it...Amber, she can't win shit anyway....if she DID win....'

Jess: 'If Jam had soemthing with Dustin, she'd think you(Eric), are in on it...with Amber...not talked about, but that you two have a deal with Jen...'

Eric: 'I think Jam and Amber have gotten extremely paranoid this week...half kidding, but just things..why would Amber say any of that?'

Talk about Jen being jealous of some comment about 'marriage'.

Jess: 'She's(Jen) trying to fit in with us so much...she doesn't like Amber....'

Eric: 'I could see Zach or Jen doing the dirty work for us...get the same result, we have no choice, we have to vote you(Dustin) out...either we have relationship with everyone, or everyone realizes we have relationships with everyone and they have with us(Eric gets too confusing!)

How will they compare votes? we could throw Jen or Zach under the bus, there is no deal...I think Amber is the most disliked person in the house...Dustin is sketchy...Amber is useless...'

Eric: 'I don't want to pull a D/D, ruffle feathers, make a mistake...

Jess: 'And then we go home next week...'

Eric: 'Unless I win the veto....I could have won the hide and seek one....I could won the curling...the one with the art gallery...

OK, now I'm outta here!

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The Eric-Jess rambling conversation is beginning to wind down. They shift into baby talk the way they do whenever anything gets even close to flirtatious. Then Eric shifts gears again and takes on his serious scholarly demeanor as he pursues more Zack/Jen analyses.

6:10 BBT

These two are now discussing their lives (together) at 80. The subject arose when they both repositioned themselves in the bed for the night (morning). Lights are still on.

Eric goes into describing just how 'horrible' he looked between 11 and 16.

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6:00 am BBT

Eric to Jess. Do you feel more comfortable keeping Jen and using her to our advantage or do you feel more like you don't trust her and want her gone. Cause if you want Jen out of here, I will do everything I can to get her out of here for you.

Eric asks Jess if any confidence she has ever told him has gotten back to her... she says No, I don't think so? He says, well you would know... she says oh, yeah... well, nothing has gotten back to her.

Eric tells Jess that she has to have at least 1 person she can confide in, in the game.

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6:05 am BBT

E/J are discussing what's going on with Jen. Why would she think they're in a 3 person alliance? Eric asks. Jess says, "cause we're nice to her?" (LOL)

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6:09 am BBT

E/J talking about their "futures" together. They have nick names for each other. Jess will be ChiChi... Eric says, ChiChi Monkey and Jess says no, just ChiChi. Eric asks if they'll have bladder control and Jess says yes... he's says this a good thing.

Jess really wants to see picture's of Eric when he was a baby. Eric explains that up until 10 he was very cute but, 10 to 16 was AWFUL! She asks if he was chunky and he says no but, his older brother had a 'bout will weight issues and a reverse mullet... they laugh.

Talking about how short Eric is and he's saying most his friends are short too.

Now Eric is talking about his "type" girl. That he wishes he didn't but, he does. She's over 6'0 tall, dark hair and never dances. (Let's be a little more obvious Eric... ha)

Sorry: Have to take son to Dr. for school shots. I'm out.

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They're discussing the 'Hanging Bat' competition. Jess still thinks that Jen gave up - wonders why. Eric brushes it off as nothing significant.

Eric notes that at the end of it, when Dani won, never for a moment did he suspect that he was in trouble. That was maybe a good thing he says - that it woke him up and got him to be more aware of his own position.

and the Jen pipes up with, "We're not very good at beer pong" ....

Eric goes on to talk about how well they would get along outside the house.

<anything of any significance I'll post - otherwise, I'm just half-listening to this sleepover>

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The energizer bunnies are still at it, wondering just how they happened to be chosen to be BB houseguests.

We get a brief FotH, not so much for the subject as the fact that those camera guys must need to switch shifts during this marathon!

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7:14 am BBT

Eric is confiding in Jessica about all the things he hasn't told any of the other hg's.

Eric worked for the WWF for about 2 months as an assistant to the Creative Writers. The writers decided what the characters would be, who would match up against whom and who would win/lose. His contract was not renewed after the probationary time. He said it was the worse 2 months of his life and worked about 120 hours a week.

He tells Jess that he often wanted to talk to Nick about it because Nick was so into Wrestling.


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A few minutes ago when the feeds came back from FOTH, Eric told Jessica that he had a story to tell her and he may get into trouble for it. My feed froze, and it was only a few seconds, but Jessica said she was glad he told her now and not at the end as part of a big group discussion. I wasn't sure if BB blocked it out or if it was just my connection. Anyone catch it?

Lots of talk of Eric's college career, such as his framing of rejection letters from top schools (which ticked off classmates for whom BU had been the top choice, while it was just Eric's safety school--he was rejected by 7 of 9 schools he applied to), and his loss of a scholarship for not going to class and partying (or watching the Cosby show).

Eric thinks that Dustin and Joe were drug users. He is raising doubts about Jameka. She never tells precisely what she does for the school system, though Jessica says she's told her.

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Anyone catch it?

Pretty sure it was the wrestling info Ceci described above.

8:12 BBT

They've shifted back to the eviction scenarios again. Eric is wondering if there is any advantage to forcing a tie.

Earlier these two had agreed that they were not going to sleep (nap) at all. Jess said she was too wound - wouldn't sleep. But now she has decided that it's time for a nap. Eric turns off the lights after he finishes in the BR. He has guessed the time as 7:45.

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It's dark in there now, but they're still buzzing away. They decided it was safer to keep their mikes on so they wouldn't get in trouble.

"Eric, my feet are cold."

"Put 'em under my butt."

(They do sound like they're an 80-yr old couple, don't they!)

8:25 BBT

We almost made it.

Five minutes of silence and then --

"I do like your haircut. And I forgive you for not showing me your wiener."

And they conduct a five-minute conversation on the nobility of his penis and his putting it on display.

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9:25am bbt everyone is still asleep

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