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August 15, Live Feed Updates

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10:50 BBT

Jess and Zach's date is over and says "good conversation" to Amber as she tells her good.......Jen talking to Amber about votes jokingly......

Eric saying that jury votes is way too early to talk about it.....Jen agrees....telling Eric "last week it was in your favor"

Jess says iit's beer pong time [oh great..sarcastically]

Jess says "let's go" telling Eric he loos "very nice ..a surprised Eric "i do"

Amber confronts Jen as if she has a crush on Eric...and Jen says no she thinks him and Jess have something...Amber doesn't believe her.

On the Patio Dick asks Zach "nice date?" and Zach says it was soothing......

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10:56 BBT

Zach and Dani talking [dani mic not working can't hear her] about their wager for beer pong......Dr calls Dani to exchange microphone....Zach saying the wager could be her "giving me a 20 min massage"

Inside now the game is getting ready to commence. Eric says he's 5'7"" and talking about how everyone is taller "all the guys are 6 and over" and basically talking he's a pip-squeak. They are getting the beers ready.

Upstairs they are talking about hair is better dirty when you dye it..jen's hair is do dirtythat Dustin says it "looks wet"

Amber talking about her love for the BB voice because its been saying thank you and Dustin says "he's trying to raise the respect in the house"

Jen saying that Dick his his chocolate syrup and hopes he "leaves it" when he leaves

[wow great convo]

Back down stairs the game is ready and Dani says "we're starting small" and Eric says they are working off the debt...Zach asks what could they wager and Jameka has no opinion....

Dani asks if they have "any ideas" and Dick offers and says Jess has shoelaces tied to his nipple rings and pull him around all day.....

Back in the HOH Jen says Zach can't win HOH and Dustin says that he's enjoying Zach more and Jen says he's "less creppy"

Eric says that lets switch clothes for 24 hrs and Zach says "we're getting gypped" Zach says the clothes aren't a big deal and out of good faith that's a deal. so he's the beginning of "9 games"

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11:11 BBT

In the HOH Dustin having probs counting HG because he keeps forgetting to count himself saying he keeps forgetting "I exist" [wish I could]

Jen talking about "her love handles" "what's wrong with me" but says in 2 days she's going back on slop saying her bra's don't fit "they're too little" "it's ridiculous"

Downstairs Dick talking about "the odd couple in bed" in the HOH and Jess says who's that and Eric says Jen and Dustin cuddling Dani saying that they were "the wierdest couple in the house"

Back in HOH Jen saying she's to lazy to go downstairs to watch beer pong and has to watch it through the spy screen.

Amber telling Dustin "sometimes your so cocky sometimes" saying if they wern't close "you'd offend me sometimes"

Jen talking about the calories she's been working out saying she did 2 miles and it was 200 calories....

Amber wants to get HOH [lol] saying she wants "pictures of my daughter" [i guess to see if Child Services hasn't taken her away]

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11:22 BBT

Amber and Dustin talking telling him "dustin you are so ridiculous sometimes" beacuse he wants to talk and she doesn't.

Dustin "how nice will it be to go in the backyard freely" and Amber says "yep" [talking about Dicks eviction?]

Back downstairs the game hasn't started as someone is in the DR....Zach's in the DR. Eric saying how he's never been called into Dr and now he's being called "5 times a day" and Dani says it's the "bunny suit" Eric joking he should wear it to the finale.

All Jen's talk about non fitting bras she's stuffing her face witha huge bowl of ice cream.

Zach's back and so the game resumes.......

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11:30 BBT

Outside Jameka out on the hammock by herself looking rather pensive and crying [maybe she's come to realize her worthlessness in the game]

She's mumbling to herself....[maybe getting new orders from above on what course to go in the game?]

Indoors the beer pong game continues....

11:41 BBT Same going on as above but Jameka's mubling have become more audible as I'm certain she is praying..[or talking in tongues] but the water works have increased...

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11:49 BBT

Still the same as the previous posts going on except Jameka's prayers can be understood talking about loving God and "forgive me of my sins" "forgive me of my mouth" "thank you for the blood" "thank you for your strength" "Yes Lord Yes Lord " "hear my cry O Lord" "I trust you O GOd" "Your worthy Your Worthy"......

11:58 BBT know she's praying for Amber and Dustin and asks good to "realease your angels " for "ED" and asks for love for Dani "her grandma" and "Vincent" and the mom "help her through her time of need" and Kail "may she have learned something" "please be with Nick" "i'm sorry if I did anything to wrong him" "Please be with Mike God" "Please be with Zach God...bless him with his job he loves so much" "and being able to get up and go to work and make a substainail amount of money" and Joe "continue to surround him with your love" "be with Carol and everything at home is well" "and her life isn't so mundane" "Please me with Eric" "continue to love on him maybe somehow and someway he'll be a follower of Christ"

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12:00 BBT: Jameka is praying again... Asking for strength... She keeps saying you're worthy and you're so good to me God, better than I am to myself... She is now saying the anger is killing her and she is asking God to love on her and for him to send his angels to play for her... She is thanking God for this experience and asking him to keep her from using her words to hurt others...

Jameka is now asking God to love on Amber and Dustin... She is asking God to love on ED and send his angles to bless him and not to send his rath on ED... She is asking God to love on Daniele and to bless Daniele's relationship with her grandmother and Vincent, and now she has moved on to Kail and Nick... Now moving on to Mike wishing God to let him have a Happy Birthday and now Zach asking God to bless him in his job he loves so much... Now she is asking for God to move in Joes life to bring him closer to God, and now it's Carol and moving to make her life less mondane and helping her Dad in the upcoming elections... Now it's Eric and she's asking God to be with him and his family and asking God to love on Eric and bless him and making him a follower of God if it's God's will...

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12:05 BBT

Well Jameka's asking for grace from God from all the HG and when she starts talking about"DEan" we get FOTH" asking about "bringing home safely" for Jess "be with Jen and have people love on her and not use her" "and not be taken advantage of" "help her come closer to you" "bless everyone she works with and provide income"

Jess called to DR.

Jameka goes through everyone to make sure she didn't forget anyone in her prayers........"who else?" "just bless everyone" "thank you for my house guest" "continue to help me with my patience my anger and my mouth"

Jameka asking to bring her husband "when you see fit"....

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12:16 BBT

Jameka still in prayer and "4 HOH" "my heart was in the right place"" stupid stupid move let me be useful let me be beneficial to the group"

Her prayers are done "what a gift what gift..thank you" [never knew watching someone pray could be so entertaining]

Now she's just sitting in silence...[hallelujah]

gets up and goes in

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12:25 BBT

All feed on beer pong and the discussion of what they should be played for..............Jameka called to DR

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12:34 BBT

Amber working out and Dustin comes in and asks where he's been and says he fell asleep in the room listening to "toby Kieth" "white trash with money"

Telling her that's awesome "maling dreams come true" and says he loves her and he leaves to to fight the fat.

Dustin calling the beer pong game "you guys have played the last 4 nights...boring"

all 4 cams back on the beer pong game..4 games down "5 games left" Dani and Zach are kicking ass.....

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12:44 BBT

Amber and Jameka talking in the bathroom about the calories she burned Amber asks what's up with her and Jameka says game home hoping "something comes up where she can play in HOH" and Jameka talking abot the POV and "my nerves were jacked up" and not being able to drink 10 drinks....worrying she can't help the team

Amber saying she hasn't played since week 3 and Eric has played none and Jameka worries up in til the last one "no one will want to "let her compete saying she doesn't want to be compared to Howie .....

Telling Amber saying "at least you can compete" Jess told her "you could have done more" at POV saying if she was on the line adn is "baffled" about the 10 drinks......saying she was pumped and past the first one and didn't want to gag......Amber says the drinks "were in order for a reason"..."next time you'll do better" saying she did better than Zach ..Jameka says "he wasn't even trying" and that he "threw it"

Jameka saying she though it was impossible to drink them......Talking about when she came back in crying think that "her fate was sealed" making her feel "over confident"

Talking about their worthlessness "i haven't done shit" Amber saying "i should have never done that" talking about the curling POV

Dustin comes in and asks what's going on...and Amber saying "you look so fine" saying he looks good in his short hair

Dustin is comforting her about her worthlessness....Jameka "I'm just going to fight".....Jameka talking she won her POV because Jen threw it to her.........Amber "look at me at the bat thing"

Dustin bringing up how she gave up the money and how he and it was selfless and talking baout the sacrafices will payodff and will show "the person you are" telling her "you may not see it here" but outside of the house.

Jamekas' pity party goes on..........Dustin whispering [couldn't here] telling "you can't dogged yourself" "you gave your all" Jameka rehashing what she did wrong in the POV and Dustin telling her the right way he did it.

"can't wait to see how I looked on that"-Jameka and Dustin talking about last weeks POV..

ERic called to DR [to get his AC instructions]

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1:02 BBT

In the bathrrom talking about if Dani gets HOH tells her to fight for POV when him and ERic up..Amber says there are few people she would take off......Jameka says she won't say who she would take off...

People comeing in and out of the bathroom so their conversation pretty mush stops especially jen asking about "the round couch " discussion..

Jess says her wagers are adding up rather than decreasing after Jameka asks and Zach's willing to call it quits and Jess "deal"

Outside on the Patio Dani and Dick talking....Talking about talking to Eric before she talks to Jess "if her vote is a no theres no" possible way to save himself

Dick says he would be mad if this id s double eviction week and says if he stayed it would give him a fighting chance with the HOH......saying if he did go he wants "peace and quiet" for a week after Dani says she would want a double eviction if she was 1st in sequester...

Dani talks about her DR and gets warning...... "oh I apologize"

Dani "so many ants" talking about Eric hurrying up in the DR because she's tired and tomorrow "is going to be a long day"

Dick complaining about his rib saying it's agont and Dani tells him to go to the DR "everyday and you don't"

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1:12 BBT

Dick whispering to Daniele in the middle of the yard [couldn't hear] ''Dani "you're an idiot" saying 'what do you think" and Dani says "do what you want" [dick's up for something for the live show]

Playing croquet in the back yard.....Dani says "I was very upset with my performane in the veto" saying she got a five and Dicjk says 'you got a five"

camera switched to the bathroom and Jameka's pity party has grown........

Talking about going to bed......

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1:17 BBT

Zach outside saying one last game of beer pong and if they win Eric and Dustin have to make out shirtless infront of everybody.

Dani saying "I don't think he'll agree to it" talking about Eric Zach says Dustin agreed..but Dani is skeptical about Eric..

Dani "the word is out what I want for my birthday" "I want something really fun" and says she looks what they did for Jameka and isn't expecting much.........talking about Boggie last year and Dick says "that was All Stars"

Zacvh comes out and is giddy about "the make out session" Dick asking how long "I minute make out session topless in the hot tub or the spa" and dick says what the "spa" Dani says samething..

Dani skeptical and says "Eric's gonna be in it to win"

Dicks Rib spasms and Dani says to him are you going to the Dr like she said she told him to.

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1:38 BBT

All 4 cams in hoh talking about tampons

Switch to all four cams downstairs with Dick and Dani practicing beer pong

Eric still in DR....[having hissy fit with AC choice?]

Jen saying "metal note do not play with Dick in Beer pong" as he's making a lot of shots.

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1:44 BBT

In HOH Jen bashing..Amber telling the group that Jen is jealous of Jess and Dani and really not of her and jameka even though they are "not ugly"

Amber says Amber told her "jess ins not like that" and told her "it's all in her head"

Eric enters in HOH

Amber gos over that Jen has a crush on ERic and Jens says "no I don't" "and even if I did which I don" because "jessica would be jealous" and Amber goes intocamparing Eric/Jess and Dani/Nick..

Eric saying seems confused calling it "a panoid delusion" to get "close to me"

Amber says That Jen is jealous of Jess and Dani and Eric tells her "I think you're making this up" and Amber gets her nose outtta joint.

Eric asks what do we need aor want to do about it...they all say nothing...and Amber says she'll bring it up and asks how he should act.....

Eric says when he came out of DR Jen says "he's back MR. America" and says what does she mean by this.

Eric says he's never said anything "nice to her" she dates celebrities saying "i'm a 5.7' Jew with a fairly large penis"

Eric says if it was true "is there a way we can use it to our advantage" without toching her..Jameka says that that wouldn't be nice......

Amber making up stuff about what Jen says..Jen says that she was going to vote Dick out and Jen says about Zach vote and that she hopes and that "all of us" ..Amber saying "she really thinks she is part of the group"

Amber talking about Eric and forgiveness.

Eric questions why she would akk about the crush and Amber says she can ask anything she wants .Eric says its a bad BB season if he's the focal point of the ladies attention.

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2:01 BBT

Eric and Jess whispering that he wants to talk but Amber is in there wondering where all that stuff came from from Amber.....Eric telling her he wants to get caught up on everything and talking about options....talking about changing the game big time ....

talking about what what was said and if it's something she would want to consider...saying '"what is the benfit to us" talking about Jameka and leaving "amber out to dry"

Talking about 3-3 tie and and if it was happen talking about gurantees safety and who would go up...Eric saying "i have mixed feelings" "there is something up with Dustin"

eric saying 'we have to figure out' and why and what and how......[?]

Talking about solicicting from other people like Zac...also Jess saying she doesn't want to line with Jen Eric talking about Jen being catty bullshit

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2:16 BBt

Talking about making deals and [i can hear Jameka loud and clear but having hard time hearing the whispers]

Jess "some ways it's not so bad "

Eric saying getting a deal fro Zach and Jen "to put them right back up again"

Calling Amber "super paranoid and crazy"

My guess Dustin is AC choice for eviction...

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2:22 BBT

Jen comes out and ask what they were doing and chit chat ensues.....

Looking over the balcony talking about being able "to survive the fall"

BB '"Do not lean on the balcony handrail" Eric "that's a new one"

jen goes down to make food.

Whipering saying figuring out what's going on with Zach and Jen..talking about being in a position to chose.....

talking baout love and marriage and why Amber would say that or claim that

[caution hard to hear so it's not as accurate if they were talking loud]

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2:29 BBT

Dustin starts talking about the bet and Jen talking from dowstairs....

Eric talking about his oval shapped head...

Eric saying that out of all the people in the house they would be able to pull off looking like high school....

Jameka comes out [almost blew out my ear drums]

whispering again sitting down [Jameka drowning them out from downstairs]

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02:24 BBT

Eric: 'Can you guarentee?

Jess: '3/3....

Eric: 'If we consider the other option...'

Eric:'I have mixed feelings...something up with Dustin...(damn whispering!) we have to figure out...if there is something not right with...Dustin plays everyone...I don't think that should be swept under the rug...I think we need to align ourselves specifically with other people...I dont think...we should give it serous thought...(talk about Whamber and Jen, and pasta, and how stupid that was)

All we have to do is one thing...so it doesn't make me look bad...we could still line up with Dani going next week...the question is...it's interesting there are positive and negatives, Whamber and Jam can't play...you, Zach and Dani can play...solidified if they don't agree to this they are gone next week...or you are in the minority...you're going to protect us for this time...I think we should get(*Jess thinking...long pause)

(Eric thinks there are no cams on them...)

Eric: 'Whamber is getting super paranoid....if you(Jess)can stay with the three, it will look good...we can get D/D next week...

(Talk about paranoid! Jess and Eric are hugging the wall, wondering if people can hear them below the stairs! OMG....Jen was watching from the HOH room!!)

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Jess and Eric hoping to look like 'high school'

Jess sitting knees up, camera forward, Eric behind her.

Eric whispering the most.

Obvious scheming.

Two cams on them.

Major background noise.

Eric: 'We have to set it up...if there is a way on a sliding scale...the five of us, but I don't see that happening..the question is if one of us...(mentions Zach) you're going to go, voted out of here..you know it's a possiblitiy...if we go in this direction next week...deals left and right...'

And FOTH....

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