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August 15, Live Feed Updates

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7: 19 pm BBT

Jessica and Daniele in HOH room.

J... This will be me and you, I don't have to say anything to Eric or your dad.

D... I think it's strategically better for you and us to work together. My problem with it is I don't trust Eric. It makes me really nervous. My thing with it is it would come down to 5, probably Zach, and I don't know if how close you are to Zach.

J says, well apparently he thinks we're very close. They chuckle.

Jess, thinks it's an awesome opportunity. I can finally play for myself.

Jameka can't do anything. Amber can't do anything and Zach has never won anything.

They are talking about Jen and how she's a liar. Daniele wants Jen out next. Jess tells Daniele that she doesn't have a deal with Jen.

Jess says that Jen is the one that told her that Dustin and Dick have a deal. Daniele says that isn't true.

Daniele is expressing how Dustin is stronger than he's letting on... throwing comps. and all.

Jess says that Dustin leaving would destroy Amber, "talk about crying for a week."

Jess asks Daniele if she's talked to Daniele. She says no. Daniele asks if she's talked to Eric. Jess says just a little bit before she napped. But, ppl walked in.

Jess wonders who Dick's target would be, if she took the deal.

Daniele asks what's her concerns. Jess says that, if noone keeps their word.

Daniele, tells her that they only thing that she considers she went back on.. was when Kail left, she didn't keep her word.

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Dick spent some time going over the plan with Jessica in the HOH.Making his final plea and promises.

Now Dani is on HOH confirming all the promises and the plan. It looks like Dustin is gonna go (see video thread)

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7:28 pm BBT

Jess and Daniele in HOH room

Daniele says again her only concern is Eric.

Jess says, she doesn't know why any of them would go against the deal because we would be so strong and guarantee ourselves to the end.

Daniele is so sick, so sick of it (Dustin.)

Daniele says, "That's why he wanted to go up... his smug self."

Jess says that we all know that Dustin is shady.

Jess tells them that she could care less how the rest of them (zach, amber, jameka) go... yeah she likes jameka and amber but, if she does this... ya know.

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7:31 pm BBT

J/D talking in HOH room.

They are making fun of Zach now. How "out there" he is. Jess tells Dani how Zach thinks that because her dad was in military intelligence. That J can read Sand Script. (Maybe if it read... Where's the beer! LOL)

Daniele says that Zach is a weirdo. He (Z) use to want Nick to give him head/hand signals for how he should vote.

Daniele says, that her father has never lied in this game. And, you know that I don't have any problems with you.

Jess says she needs to talk to Eric and she and Eric need to talk.

Daniele wants Eric to know that she's playing strategically the whole game, nothing has been personal. If it had been, she would have kept Nick and Jen would have been out last week.

Jameka walks in.

7:38 pm BBT

J/D, HOH room.

Jameka leaves.

Daniele whispers that Jameka and Dustin have been talking in the hammock for a LONG time.

Daniele says she's going to talk to Eric, she is all for it (the plan).Daniele says they should keep this all on DL (down low) that it's a strategic decision and not the 4 of them against the house.

Daniele tells her to talk to Eric and then send Eric to her.

They leave HOH.

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7:30 BBT

ED Dani in BY

ED: 'Are you ok?'

Dani: 'What's there to do?

ED: 'I just talked to Jess in HOH....go talk to her...'

Dani stays on couch...now in kitchen. Jess has come downstairs.

Dani: I just wannna chat....whenever....did you sleep?

Jess: 'yeah, I did...

Both go up to HOH.

Jess: 'obviously you know what your dad I talked about'

Dani: 'My honest opinion is strategical it's good...my problems with it is #1 I don't know if I can trust Eric..makes me really really nervious...he holds gossip against me...before the 4, it would come down to the 5...I don't know how close you are to Zach....that's my thing...

Jess: 'It makes me nervous too...you guys don't want to do it, I think it's an awesome deal...I know all we have is Jam and Amber

Dani: 'If we have Dustin, Jam can't win...if you guys were to vote Dustin out, the only peple upset would be Jam and Amber...on a strategic level...'

Jess: 'That your dad...you haven't had a chance to play the game wthhout your dad...'

Dani: 'If we do do this, we are 4 strong...4, but 3 cause Jam can't do anything Zach never has won...if this happens, Jen needs to go next week...'

Jess: 'Your dad told me I'm supposed to have a deal with her...'

Dani: 'I see how Dust wanted to go up against my dad, and be all smug abnout it..

Jess: 'Whatever dustin, it's your decision..'

Dani: 'We all hate Dustin...he could have won HOH...extremely close..he hasn't been trying or has thrown each of them...he could havve won..he is a competitor...then taking him away for amber...'

Jess: 'She'll cry forr a week..have you talkdd to Eric at all?'

Dani: 'Have you?'

Jess: We've talked for a little bit...'

Dani: 'I've talked to my dad about how Eric is supposed to act around you...'

Jess: 'Well, it's gong to be obvious...I just want people to live up to their word...'

Dani mocks....'all i have is peoles word'...all i can say, is i made my deal with Kail....it had nothing to do with the votes, I realized I betrayed Kail...I apologized so many times to her...I was so upset, I felt like I'd totally betrayed her...it was never my intetioni for her to go home..I just don't know about Eric...strategic...we don't get along....'

Whispering(why whisper in HOH????)

Dani on Dustin: 'I am so sick of him going around...he put himself next to my Dad...

My cam has froze....

Dani: 'My dad has never told a lie in this game...I can talk to him...we can talk to him...'

Jess: 'I'll talk to Eric...we need to do this thing....if we're going for a common goal, we need to be on it....

Dani: 'If it was personal, I would have voted to keep Nick...this game is too much...'

Jess: 'It's so much more than I could imagine...'

There was some Zach bashing in there, about how 'stupid' he is...

Jam comes in room, suprises, and is surprised by seeing Jess and Dani talking.

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Eric and Jessica in the HOH discussing the plan.

She is not going for it she said she doesnt want to do it,

that theya re safe none the less.

Eric also seems to agree with her and basically it looks like they will not be doing the PLAN..They said they could just ignore DICK as he walks out the door, just dont say anything.

String them along to avoid the hassle.

(see video thread)

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Jess and Eric in HOH

Jess: 'I've talked to Dani...'

Eric: 'What do you think? I wan't to hear your take on it...I haven't spoken to them...

J: 'I don't believe ED...he says the same stuff over and over...final 4....Dani doesn't trust you...she'd be willing to talk to you....whichever way it goes....'

E: 'I had a nigthmare about this....people blaming things, out right war....I almost agreed with ED on it...(talk about his nightmare) I woke up upset...I am always open to all sides, lets discuss it...whenever...consider our options...for me...I guess my personal motives are important, that you have your HOH moments, ideas from Jam, my major thing is for us to work thru....you be really confident in whatever happens...you(Jess) will be the one who breaks it, or gets Zach and Jen to do it...I'm going to take all the heat for it...not you..you'll comfort Amber and Jam...if it's a 4/2 vote...I get outcast...you won't be able to say 'fuck you' to half the house...you seem cooncerned that people will come after you because of it...I'm really stressed about it...curious what you are thinking....'

J: 'I dont' know if we can trust them..what would prevent them for nominating you? we know Dust is shady....Amber is horrible...as long as Dani doesen't win HOH next week, I don't see anyone being after us...we pretty much have that, if we keep it the same...I wasn't supposed to win this week, but I did....strategcially it might be better, but I don't know if I can trust them...has Dust been talking to you?'

E: 'Yeah, he's concerned about what things happened today...that the answering of the questions could result in 3 people going...he doesn't like the timing of it, he hopes it pertains to 'after the vote' tomorrow...I'm more concerned to work out this problem...if ED is going to go...lets string it out, and let them wait to see our first act of trust is....'

Talk about how ED was after him for 2 weeks.

E: 'What are you supposed to do? I trust you, Jam some...but only you..everybody else is constantly up to something...same with me...I talk the same to them...only you I trust...'

Talk about how Zach totally is retarded over the sanskrit thing on the boot.

E: 'I said to ED, the only way I consider this, is if all 4 parties are on board with this...if you get put up, all bets are off...he knew that, he didn't care...he whisepered me in the BR, he would promise us their votes if we were in the end....'

Talk of Survivor, and the car award, and how the guy only promised one week.

E: 'If I am in the veto, I might start taking prizes...if you take 10grand, 20 grand, I was thinking about it...I don't like my chances of making it to the final 2...my chances are super great(huh?)...I just can't stand anyone here...45 days to go with these people...I would hate to leave with another 10 tricks up my sleeve, I did not do everything I could do, and not win big time...I guess I'm torn by the options how things unfold...I refuse to put the whole decision on myself...I can't go blue in the face to try and get things to happen....to have to stand up and make a huge thing...that your HOH week is a success...whatever you want to do...getting Zach and Jen...I'm not going to kill myself in either way, we have to make a choice either way, I listen to all options....it doesn't kill me if Dustin leaves....I like him, there is no denying he is up to things...if he leaves, he leaves...'

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Eric and Jess in the HOH. Eric is telling Jess that he is always the one who is trying to tell everyone all of the options, even if they aren't in his best interests. He says that back when everyone wanted Mike out, he was saying it maybe should be Kail. He says that even though Joe was a big threat to him, he listened to Joe for an hour, and if Joe had given a compelling argument as to why he should stay, he would have considered it--it just happened that Joe made things worse for himself.

Eric says that he really, really wants Jess to feel comfortable with the decision she makes as HOH, and he will go along with it. He says he really doesn't play the game so much for himself--he plays more for their team (I think he means the Jess/Eric team).

Eric says that the bad thing about this is that if they take the deal with Dick, then Eric will be the one to deal with it, and not Jess, because he will be blamed. Jess agrees. He says Jess will be comforting Jameka and Amber and he will be to blame.

Jess asks why they are even considering it, then?

Eric says he wants to hear her thoughts on the matter--he has been really stressed about it.

Jess says welcome to her week!

He wants to know what her gut instinct is.

Jess: I don't know if we can trust them.

Jess says nothing would stop them (Dick/Dani) from just standing up and saying the deal is off and they are nominated, if Dick stays and Dani/Dick win HOH. Jess says that Dustin is shady, but so are they.

Jess says as long as Dani doesn't win HOH, then Jess and Eric would be safe and wouldn't be targeted, so they have that going for them with the status quo.

Jess says that she does think and strategically it might be better, but she doesn't know if she can trust them. Eric says that he feels the same. He says that he has a hard time trusting almost everyone.

Jess asks if Dustin has talked to him. She feels Dustin seems upset. Eric says that Dustin is really afraid about the events of today possibly affecting the vote. The timing of the numbers with the jester and everything--it might mean something.

Eric asks what Jess thinks about the "plan" to get Eric out that Dick brought up--could it just be an idle threat? Jess says she has no idea.

Eric says he would just outright tell everyone that "he claimed he would do that, if that's the way it's going to go."

Jess: Yeah. And all we have to do is ignore him if he walks out the door. Who's he going to make believe him? Jen? Zach?

Eric says that if they decide to make "him" (Dick) go, then they will just drag things out as long as possible and not outright say no, to tell him that they aren't sure. They could tell him that their first act of trust will be for him to wait for the answer.

Eric: Or, should we just outright say no, I mean, if that is what we decide?

Jess says Dick claimed he was cool, either way, if he stays or goes.

Eric: (About Dick saying there is a plan for Eric to go): What kind of plan to get me out two to three weeks from now? What the hell does that mean?

Jess: Yeah! He's like, IF everything goes accordingly...

Eric: That would be, if everything goes accordingly, AND he leaves, something COULD get me out, POSSIBLY.

Jess: In 2 or 3 weeks--that's like week 8 or 9!

Eric: Right. All he said to me is, "It's my plan, and there's more people in on it than you think!" Well, you're (Jess) not in on it, right?

Jess: Yeah. On what? I have no idea what he's talking about!

Eric says yeah, so what does that mean?

Eric: He's going to tell Dustin and Amber something? Big fucking deal. He's going to tell Zach to align with Jameka? What does that mean? I don't really..I don't know. What are you supposed to do? This is to me. What are you supposed to do when you don't trust anybody?

Jess: I know.

Eric: Honestly, and like I do trust Jameka. I should say that. But to me, at this point and it is probably different for you, for me at this point I trust you 100 percent.

Jess: Yeah

Eric: And I barely believe a word anyone else is saying. The only time I feel like I'm having a normal conversation ever now is when I'm talking to you.

Jess: Yeah.

Eric: I feel like everybody else is just constantly up to something.

Jess: Yeah.

Eric: And like everything they say, they're saying for a reason. Hey, the same goes for me when I'm talking to them.

Jess: Yeah

Eric: But I feel like you are the only person that I now I feel like I can truthfully....

Eric talks about Zach talking, saying the complete wrong thing.

Eric: He was insistent upon the fact that the cards said something they didn't actually say.

Eric: So he's either retarded, or he is a complete and utter liar.

Jess laughs

Jess: Yeah

Eric says not that it bothers him, but where is Zach coming from thinking he has a better relationship with Jess than Eric has?

Jess says she knows.

Eric says that Eric told Dick that the only way he would consider the deal with Dick is if Jessica is completely on board.

Jess: Yeah

Eric says that Dick whispered to him before Eric went into the hot tub that part of the deal is that if neither of them (Dick/Dani) were there in the house, they would give Eric/Jess their vote at the end. Eric says that means nothing. Eric brings up Survivor and how the guy gave up a car to another guy, and the other guy promised him and then went back on his promise, "basically stole a car and still lost horribly."

Eric says that this has nothing to do with anything, but if he plays in a veto, and it doesn't matter if he wins it, he just might start taking prizes!

Eric says $20,000 is "not meaningless to" him.

Eric says he doesn't like his chances of making it to the final two, so maybe he should think of taking prizes, depending on the scenario.

Eric says he doesn't think his chances are good.

Jess: Great! I'm glad you are my partner, then!

Eric says he thinks Jess has a good chance, though. She tells him he needs to stop thinking that way. Everything changes every week.

Eric says he can't stand most of the people and it feels like forever in the house. She says they are halfway done, though, and that is exciting!

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830 BBT

E: 'Jam has to go in the next week....Dustin put himself up there, he thinks he's secure....whatever...I don't want to get rid of her....'

J: 'You might want to talk to Dani, even if ED isn't in the super 4, keep those lines open, she's going to be here after all....'

E: 'What bothers me, great week, a strong person will go...I wish it was more fun...it's been grueling...I thought I would be better than I am...

Eric gets called to DR.

Amber and Jam in BR.

Talk about the days events, how Dustin thinks things have changed, talk about the 6 veto's. If it's double eviction or not.

Amber is making herself pretty for Sho2.

They are whispering, shower water in background, can't hear.

In BY.

ED is hitting the croquet ball. Smoking, pacing, brief comment to Dani on couch.

In LR.

Zach and Amber are having a 'date'.

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Eric says that this week has put things into perspective for him. He says it might be a strength or a weakness for him, but he is as interested in promoting Jess in the game as he is in promoting himself.

(Eric is talking and talking, and Jess mostly just says "yeah.")

Eric: The way I started feeling was, and I don't know if this is something that will make you happy, or make you like, ugh, calm down, Eric! I started feeling like I want to really kick it into gear and I want to stop at nothing to get us where we want to be and win and do, you know, whatever it takes.

Jess: Yeah

Eric; I do think there is a lot more to be done than has been done. The last thing I want to do, which almost happened, is leave thinking that--you know I keep talking about Dick and Dani, they unloaded everything they had last week and it didn't work for them--but I would HATE to leave with like another ten tricks up my sleeve that never came into play--

Jess: Yeah

Eric: Never working a decision or a big move or a switch or anything--

Jess: Umm hmm

Eric; It would really eat away at me if I leave, and then I thought to myself, Boy, I did not do everything I could have done to stay or to win, and I came awfully close to this happening, big time! I guess I'm just--ugh--torn by the options, because it's a big week! It's going to be a big week on positioning of things unfold, moving forward.


(Eric is really trying to position himself to wait for the AP choice here--Cat)

Eric: But to me, the way I see it is like, I refuse, and I mean it, to put the ultimate decision basically of the entire game, as well as these people's collective fates, and our own fates, on myself. I'm one of 9 people in the house, I'm one of 6 people voting. And I can't go blue in the face going crazy to try and see to it that either thing happens, or whatever. I don't care to always be the, you know--look how well that worked for me the Nick week, to have to stand up and make a huge, like, this is what we're doing!

Jess: Yeah. (Jess changes the subject and asks him to get the dolphincrash underwear out of her room)

Eric: So, majorly important to me is that your HOH week is a success.

Jess: Umm hmm

Eric: That you're comfortable with it, that you're confident with it. That we collectively like where we stand, moving forward. Because, like I said, if we decide it is something we're going to do, it requires you getting Zach and Jen, which is a lot to get into and explain and justify and figure out how they fit into it.

Jess: Yeah. Too much work.

Eric: I think we can consider it, but---I'm not gonna kill myself either way.

Jess: Umm hmm

Eric; We have to make a choice and go with it kind of thing.

Eric says that he will listen to any options, and consider them.

Eric: I have no love lost if Dustin leaves.

Jess: Yeah

Eric: It doesn't kill me. I like Dustin, but he is--There is no denying that he is up to--I would say something, but I'd say everything. He's got it all going on.

JEss: Yeah.

Eric; So, if he leaves, he leaves, you know? Good riddance. But if he stays....It's fucked up to me. It really is.

Jess: Are you ready for HOH?

Eric says he hopes it is straight memory.

Jess says Dustin is good at that type of stuff.

Eric: Jen will win, probably.

Eric: And Jen thinks we are in a secret alliance. (laughs) I can't get over that. That was fucking funny and weird, don't you think?

Jess: Yeah. She told Dick that I made a deal with her, not to put her up this week.

Eric; That's not true.

Jess: I know, it's not.

Eric: She's a liar. So is Zach.

Jess: She just said it 30 minutes ago.

Eric: What? Are you sure--HE (Dick) said this?

Jess: Yeah. So did Dani. Who knows, with all three of them?

Eric: I know. And they wanted to go after her (Jen) first? That doesn't strike me as the best idea.

Jess: Uh uh. Not especially if she thinks she is aligned with us! That's coming after our alliance!

Eric; Did she get a fortune cookie and it came to her in a message??

Jess says she can honestly see how Jen might think she made a deal with her.

Eric; This is like saying I probably once told her, because she was wearing a bathing suit that her ass didn't spill out of, I probably said, "I actually think you look better covering yourself." And she probably thought I said, 'You look pretty, and we're in an alliance!"

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Eric asks if Jess wants to think about it more, or if she pretty much has it decided? She says she wants to know what Eric thinks. She doesn't want to keep thinking about this--she wants to make a final decision. Eric says he doesn't want to "turn it into the biggest production of the year."

Jess says that she really wants to get rid of Dick.

Eric says that he thought she probably felt that way.

Eric: Jen started crying saying how she wanted to, last night.

Jess: No, she didn't!

Eric says she did--she said, "Only two more days! Look, I'm crying!"

Jess says yeah, she did.

Eric: There is no way that I'm standing up and saying, "Um, I did all of this. Everyone else is totally innocent. You should have gotten rid of me last week. Ha ha ha ha ha ha." You know? And I don't think that you want to stand up and break a tie and evict Dustin, do you?

Jess: I wouldn't care.

Eric: Maybe, I don't know. I'm totally fucking torn.

Jess: Yeah.

Eric: I asked them the reverse question, though. They were like, well, what do they do for you? But if Dick is gone and Dustin is not immediately after us, I was like, "Don't you think without Jameka being able to compete in HOH's, and with Amber stinking at them, that we'd have an easy time defeating them down the line?"

Jess: Yeah

Eric says they could just skate two or three more weeks with them (LNC) and then "beat their asses."

Eric says the only thing is, and he doesn't want to say this---

Amber interrupts and comes into the HOH

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