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August 15, Live Feed Updates

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I had my feeds on just the Eric and Dick convo so not sure what else was going on....

I swtiched back to Quad and Amber and Jameka whispering on other feeds

Eric, Dustin and Dick still general chat

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amber and jemeeka have whispering to a science but they think they figured it out..whatever that is

jam::why does zach suddenly give ed a piece of his mind? because he can

Jam: why does dustin something something ...? because he can

Amber: is jessica in on it?

Jam::i cant compete..they will have the power

Jam:;there will be no dustin after this week and you and i will go up as targets

Somehow during all the activity Dustin somehow figured things out I believe and told Jam and Amber

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Eric saying how he woke up this morning.. Jessica told him a midget was spewing random quotes and he'd want to hear it.

Dustin saying the same thing basically happened to him, Amber told him to 'get the fuck up"

jameka told amber that she thinks 3 people will go up and 2 will be gone tomororw.

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In Jameka and AMber's convo, they stated that they think Eric is going to switch and vote out Dustin becuase he doesn't feel safe within the group. Jameka says that if Eric stays with us, then he knows he will be the first to leave. If he switched now, he could have a good chance with the others now that the number have switched. Amber can't say anything but, "oh my gosh." Jameka says it was a huge mistake to put Dustin on the block, and Jessica didn't want to make other enemies, so she is in on it too. They are pretty upset at the realization they might be on bottom now.

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Jameka believes that the house has turned and it is the house vs. her, Amber and Dustin. She has convinced Amber of this. They believe Dustin will go home tomorrow and they are next. Amber says "I have to win HOH."

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Amber and Jamika whispering in the LR....They're trying to put everything together and are saying that the numbers shifted because they believe that Eric is planning on voting out Dustin and that Eric has shifted over to the other side.

Jamika is saying that this is why Jess was so worried about making more enemies and therefore, she put up Dustin for Dustin to go this week.

Amber whispering to herself "oh my gosh" (she is at the kitchen) and Jameka laying down on the couch.

Dustin and Eric still outside speculating on the stuff that happened. Eric wondering if it will be for a week from now or if it will be for HOH tomorrow. Dustin saying "I think it has to be something and I'm going home." Eric ignores it. Eric saying that people might be taking it too serious (what the midget was saying). Dustin agreeing. More talk about the day....

Jameka is sick to her stomach, she has to poop again and Jameka says that it is the chocolate cake. Dick is surprised by it. Jameka tries to go in and they can't....Jessica is in there doing her blog. Amber goes to the regular bathroom. Jameka goes outside.

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Dick: I wonder what the people on the internet think about our sleeping patterns? I bet they fuckin' hate it.

Jameka to Amber privately: no.. I don't think so.. that can't happen. never again can we put up one of our own.

Amber: you don't think so though?J: no.

Jameka tells amber not to tell anyone about what they discussed, because it will be weird that they were doubting them and if 1 person wants to be greedy they can screw everyone.

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2:49 pm BBT

Jameka telling Amber "this will never happen again, we cannot put up one of our own" Amber agrees. They fold laundry and contiues to whsiper (I missed some of this...had a phone call).

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2:51 pm BBT

Eric, Jen and ED are in the BY. They think Jess is writing her blog right now. Dustin is there too. Jen says it will be picture time soon. Jen asks about chapstick. Now all are quiet.

Dick and Amber inside. Amber eating. They talk of the events from the day.

Dustin whispering to Jameka right in front of Eric and Jen (couldn't hear)

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Jameeka thinks each statement by the hatter means certain people. She said except for her and Amber all those things apply to everyone else

Amber is teling Jam that she *heard* a girl is going to win this year.

Her and Jam are figuring out the three girls.

Jam said the statue mad faces about everyone ..thinker was mike..competitor was nick...

*feeds are messing up horribly and cant follow it all*

amber :: maybe there is no little enemy cause there are two people in this house who dont like each other *WHAT?*

feeds going crazy echoing cant understand them all the time...sorry

they are trying to fit each statement by the hatter and pirate to activities in the house like evictions...


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DR asks Amber in kitchen to move necklace so not interfering with her mic. On way to bathroom, (strangely) Jen remarks to Amber how isn't it funny her necklace hasn't been a problem for the first "47" days (or similar). Dustin/Jen in shower now (I believe).

Eric and ED talking over proposed alliance in BY.

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Dick & Eric alone in the BY...

Dick tells Eric that if he goes this week there is a plan in place to get Eric evicted & he would be surprised how many people are on board. Dick says if he stays the plan will not go forward & later the plan will not work. Eric does not want to be the 5th man on the totem pole. Dick says he won't be it will be Jess/Eric & Dick/Dani. Eric wants a guarantee but he needs time to think about what guarantee he wants. Eric says he is not promising anything but will mull it over & see... & FOTH.

Eric tells Dick that he Jess has been in charge this week & he can't fuck her game over. Dick says he is offering the deal to the both of them. Eric says if they do this then they will only have Amber coming after them in the HOH & if they can't beat Amber they should just kill themselves. They talk about how much Zach is playing both sides. Eric said he would feel better having Jen on their side as she can win things. Dick says Jen is a liar. Eric does not want people who have not made one single move in the house in final 3. Dick tells him that Zach says he is in tighter with Jess than Eric is.

Dick promises that if they use Zach now that Zach will be the 1st to go out of the 5 of them. Dick says if Eric does this they will turn the game upside down. Dick asks who Eric trusts more him or Dustin. Eric laughs & says neither. Eric says Dustin could be the biggest liar of all time but Dustin was the vote to save Eric last week.

Dick says he knew what he was doing this week. He didn't just burn bridges this week he nuked them. Dick says he is OK with leaving this week Eric says how can he know that if he saves Dick that next week Dick won't go back on his word & say thanks for saving me but f/u haha you are going home next week. Dick asks if he has been that kind of guy. Eric says last week came out of left field. Dick says well he was hearing rumors that Eric wanted to take him & Dani out.

Zach comes outside so convo changes. Zach goes.

Dick says if Eric does this he will be burning bridges for sure & picking a side. Eric asks why Dick's side is the correct side for him to be with. Dick says Dustin can't be trusted & will throw him under the bus at the drop of a hat, Amber & Jameka who are just fat on the fucking steak that need to be cut & tossed away. Eric says would it not be easier fro him to beat Jameka & Amber in final competitions in the end? Dick says yes but (does a bit of side talking that doesn't make sense)

Eric says Jess took exception at Dick going after Eric so hard. Eric wants to know if Dick wants the new alliance to be out in the open. Dick says that's all up to Eric.

Jess & Dustin come out & Eric goes inside with her.

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Dani & Dick alone in the BY. Dick is rehashing his convo with Eric for her. Dani is sitting there all sullen faced & not saying a word. Dick asks if she is not going to talk to him. She says nothing. He asks if she realized that this could very well be his last day here. She whines I knooooooooooow. She whines & says she is stressed out enough & frustrated. He tries to get her to eat some slop & says it will make her feel better. Dick goes inside. Dani sits all alone pouting.

Dick comes back outside. Dani pouts some more. Dani whines that Zach is getting on her nerves & acting like he did when they first came in the house & she didn't like him. Dani goes in & Dick comments "see what I have to put up with constantly". On his way inside to join the others for a picture Dick comments that he needs Dani today & she is being a fucking headcase.

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DIck and Dani alone in back yard

Dick..remember the statue made a very strange face and we said joe...and you said zach

Dani..i dont remember if it was sad or mad

Dick..remmber...it wasa big frown


DIck..so what did you think the order was agin? Shooting, thinking, anger,

dani..mad quiet mad and surprised

Dick..repeats taht *talkinga bout the statue poses*

Dani..could have been mad quiet sad and surprised *she acts like it is a chore to speak*

both sitting in silence

DIck..I am sorry..do this with me again..shooting thinking anger surprise?

Dani no reply

Dick...sighs and tries to talk it out

Dani...its driving me crazy

She gets up and storms out

Dick..she is horrible horrible on slop..i gave that pass to that bitch. She is going to be very little help today I can tell. Hope she pulls her shit together

Dick alone in the by

*there is banging behind the walls and it irritates her*

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Dani came back out and Dick asked her to try and help him with *This*

He is talking abot the time BB gave them 12 36 47 seconds.

Dani said...ok whinnned ....*that doesnt mean anything*

DIck said..you cant be sure

Dani rolls eyes and makes a angry pout with her mouth.

Dick .please be patient with me

Dani whines ..I am ...OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. throws hands up and get up and walks away

I cant do this right now

DIck remains seated...she enters house and he drops several f bombs saying

*this is why. This is why . she is a little snot* More f bombs

Goes back to trying to figure out the numbers himself.

*ed to add..Dani is really being rude and mean to her dad on his possible last day*

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Dick & Dani still alone in the BY...

Dick is trying to go over today's events with her to try to figure out what everything means but Dani's not having any of it. Dani gets mad because he keeps repeating things to try to figure them out. Dani thinks that 12:36 & 47 seconds means nothing. Dick says but wait, you don't know that, just listen to me for a sec. He says the numbers 519 keep coming up. He says please don't be impatient with me please please. Dani starts scowling. He says please don't be mad don't be impatient. She raises her voice & says I'M NOT BEING IMPATIENT!! Dick says that tone right there. Dani says BECAUSE YOU... oh my God (but with lots whiney extra "o"'s), oh my Gooooooooood. Dick tells her she cannot speak to him in a civil tone today. Dani grunts. Dick says he knows it's the slop & he's doing his best. Dani gets up & walks off saying she can't do this.

Dick monologue: It's fucking impossible to fucking talk to you fucking fuck fuck. This is why, because I can't take that shit. Constantly fucking non fucking stop. You are such a fucking little snot. (amen)

Dick goes back to trying to figure out the puzzle of today on his own.

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after Dani's last storm off from Dick,

Eric went upstairs to HOH to talk with Jess, ran through brief overview of everything Dick and he said, Both agree they are open to think about possibility of Voting Dustin out, however both agree they don't trust Dick and Dani, nor do they trust Dustin...

they mention that Amber, Jameka and Dustin were all whispering during the clues, then Jen interrupts...Jenn talks non game, then brings up that she noticed who was sharing with who during clues, Jameka enters, bore general chatter, no real game talk now, just talk of Zach then he enters, more talk of Clues....

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apparently they are on inside lockdown

dick is trying to get rid of really stinky trash

jen and eric in kitchen

jen says she thinks something is going to happen at 647 passed on the clock mad hatter wore and the times they announced during the visit

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HGs are on a lockdown which was never announced by BB. Dick was the only one outside and was called to the DR. When he returned, they were locked inside and now Dick, Zach, and Jen are in the KT hearing noises from outside.

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There really isnt much going on

Zach working out

Dustin in DR

Jameeka, amber, eric, jessica asleep

Dick and Dani in round room talking about the one legged pirate

not sure where Jen went to

still on inside lockdown

they are still *sure* something is going to happen tonight because of the time on the mad hatters clock

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Dustin and Jen messin with the keys in the memory wall

Jen sits down and Dustin starts brushing her hair with his hands

They talk about her modeling jobs

He comments she never wears a ponytail

She says she looks better with it down

Her mother says her black hair makes her look rough

Dustin said like the bad child you are

Dustin says..you miss the touch of a man dont you *and he didnt say this rudely*

She says yea

He is now braiding her hair

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Dick and Jameeka in kitchen..Lock down is over!!!

so far...no changes in back yard that they can see

**that was anticlimactic

they did move one camera..thats it

this is soooooooo boring

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6:50BBT Dick has gone to HOH to speak to Jessica. He is "revealing" all his strategy as to why Jess should want to keep him and not Dustin. He continues this line of strategy for 15+ minutes always putting "don't tell them ( dani, eric, etc) I said this" Jess just listens with an occasional um hmmm or yeah.

Dick says when it gets to 5 it has to be Eric, Jessica, Dani, Dick and Zach. Says Eric, Dani and him have all worked their asses off to get there to final 5.

Jess says the thing about that is Zach asked if she was going to put him up and she says she did not have an agreement with him.

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Camera 2 switches to Dustin and Jameka trying to figure the significance of the clues today. Discussing the colors of the vetoes - black white red yellow and blue blue (different shades of blue). The jester made 5 different poses scared surprised competition (jameka thinks that is arch rivalry) angry and thinker.

Think the order of poses may be important, archer, surprise, competition, think about struggle. They go over so many options.

Dustin asks if she was there when Amber asked what endurance meant. She didn't know.

Then Dustin thinks a secret is kept by 3 if 2 or dead relates to Carol and Jen???????

(grasping at straws here)

Dick leaves HOH finally and goes in search of Dani. Tells Dani that Jess is waiting for her to talk. Dani is on couch out back and doesn't want to get up.

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7:09 pm BBT

Jess and Dick in HOH.

Dick tells Jess that he gives her his word that he has no intention of putting her on the block. All he has is his word. Words are nothing, actions are everything. I think I've been true to what I've said to get further in the game.

I know that the thing with Eric is hard to get through... but, I hope you know that everything I said (about Eric) was what I thought to be true... most of it was... and I think you can see where I was coming from and why I laid it all out there like that.

(Lots of um-hum from Jess.)

Jameka can't win any HOH. She's worthless. Amber can't win shit and is will be even more worthless if Dustin leaves.

It is what it is... if I go home, then that's it. He's now telling her that there is a plan in place to get Eric out next week. If he stays in the house then he will name names. But, trust him, it's true... Eric is a target.

Dick says can you see how the show will explode if I stay.

I want you to talk to Daniele... and Daniele and Eric will talk and then you and Eric make your decision.

Dick will send Daniele up... Dick leaves.

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