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August 20, Live Feed Updates

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10:10amfeeds return with Dani in HOHBR drying hair and in BR Zack in shower and Amber,Jessica & Eric & Jen doing their hair and makeup we get FOTH.

feeds retun with same bunch in same place but with Eric striping down to boxers and then gettin into Shower.

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Eric and Jess were in the room that jess sleeps in and they were making the bed and Zach popped in to chit chat and eric was incredibly rude saying to zach : Do you like coming in and bugging people and interrupting their convorsations? zach basically explained that he was just hanging out and that he could stay there so then eric says to zach that they will just leave and move to another room to have a convo that he is not involved in zach tells eric that he is sure being a jerk today... they laugh at zach and he leaves. Soon after eric and jess leave the room and go to the kitchen.

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3:00 BBT

While Amber is doing her hair in the bathroom, Jen made a comment to her.

Jen: Be careful what you say to her and what deals you make. We had a deal to work together and now look. I said I wouldn't work with her dad.

ETA: That was 1:00 BBT. Sorry about that.

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2:30 BBT

Amber and Jen are still in the BR doing their hair. Jameka is there, helping Amber curl her hair.

Jen says she's excited to get her BB bag, that she left in her suitcase. She says whether she stays or go, at least she'll finally have her bag.

All feeds on Amber, Jameka and Jen in the BR doing their hair. No sounds or sights of the other HGs. Not much talking with them, just small talk. No game talk at all.

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3:10PM BBT: Jen is talking to Jameka and tells her that she was mad that Dick and Eric tricked her into evicting Dustin right before the vote. She says she was told that if she didn

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3:20PM BBT: Eric and Jessica are outside talking about when the best time is to win HoH. Eric explains to Jessica that when it comes down to the final 4, the Veto winner is the one that has the power to evict. Only the HoH is safe. He says that he would like to win on of the next two HoH competitions. He also wants to know why Jessica wants to keep Dick and Daniele, she tells him that if you nominate them you better be sure one of them is evicted. Zach joins them...

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3:25 BBT

All feeds on Eric and Jessica sun bathing in the lounge chairs in the BY.

They're talking about who to target. Eric says he could either make Zach the target, or he would put up Dick and Daniele. Jessica seems surprised, yet happy. Eric says he doesn't want HOH when there are 5 left because then you an't compete for HOH when there are 4 left. Eric says the stuff from home would be good, but having the room would be nice. To have his own room for a whole week.

Eric complaining about Zach following him. Jess says to put him up and he'll stop following you. She warns him that if he puts Zach up, he better get him out, or that'll be the worse mistake he's made in the game. Jess said she'd be happy with Jameka and Zach on the block, and Eric replies that Zach would definitely go.

Just like Eric said one minute ago, Zach has now joined Eric and Jess on the lounge chairs. He has his face covered with his hat. Jess and Eric are just looking at eachother. No one's talking.

Zach now has his head up, ready to talk. Jess says it might be time to go inside. Eric talks about taking a nap. Jen is now walking around them.

Zach: I'm about 5 minutes away from doing nothing somewhere else.

Jen: Who's puppy dog that is (Eric's Woobie)?

Zach: Yeah, where'd that come from?

Jess: It's mine.

Jen: You've had it this whole time?

Jess: Yes

Zach: He just now made it to the bed.

Jess: Yes.

Jen: What's his name?

Jess: Woobie.

Jen: Is his name really Woobie?

Jess: Yes.

Jess heads inside to the big bedroom where Amber and Jameka are on Amber's bed.

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Eric and Jessica think its time to go inside... They've not moved yet and Jen comes outside (can't see her but I can hear her). General chitchat. Jen asks Jessica about Woogie and Jessica doesn't go into any details. Eric and Jessica head back inside and leave Jen and Zach outside. They both decide to go play chess upstairs. Jen can't keep track of the big chessboard as she can't see the whole picture.

3:30PM BBT:

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3:40 BBT

Jameka asks why they came inside and Jess says because of Zach. She says how he came outside and sat down and said he was bored. Jess rolled her eyes.

They're now talking about Amy Winehouse and her song 'Rehab'. They all sing a little, but no FOTH. They then talk about the tv show Blossum. Now they're talking about football and school.

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4:47pm BBT

All 4 feeds are quiet now.

Jameka falling asleep, Amber reading the bible. Dick Eric and Jess are alseep, Dani is in the DR and Jen is outside on couch eating slop

i don't know where zach is. probably going to sleep as that's what it looks like everyone else is doing.

no sound what so ever

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Dani just told Amber that they are staying over night wherever they are going

BB: amber, please go to the DR

Daniele adding more luggage to her bag since they are going overnight.

BB: HGs, you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other HGs.

Jen on her way upstairs

Jen asks Dani if it was her they were talking about with the DR session warning. Dani says she doesn't think so, what difference would it make?

Dani says BB won't tell her anything, anyway. She needs a jacket, sunglasses, and a hat.

BB: HGs, you are not allowed to talk to your diary room session with other HGs.

Dani guesses it was her talking about the DR sessions.

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I thought I'd add this from earlier.I thought I posted it but I don't see it.Amber and Jameka were talking, Amber complaining about the others still talking about Dustin even now that he's not there anymoreJam asks in a good way or a bad way. Amber says both. She said someone (who,didn't hear) said he's ugly, which they both disagree. Jameka said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Amber says, "What does that mean? I've heard it but I don't know what it means." Jameka goes on to explain it to her. ( LOL! :smilielol: ) Dani has come out of the DR and jen asked did they tell you anything yetshe said they have to go pack more stuff because they will be gone over night.BB says hg's you are not allowed to talk about your dr sessions with ohter hg'sjen asked dani if she thought that she wasn't supose to say anythingdani said she doesn't know what the big deal is, it's not like they wouldn't know wher they weren't back tonightshe went to tell her something else that they said and bb gave them the message again5:00bbt

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Amber exits the DR. BB tells them they aren't allowed to talk about their DR sessions with other HGs.

Amber: I need more ---

BB: hgs- you are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions with other HGs.

Amber: I need more choices like this.

FOTH.. probably to yell at amber

brieft return.

Amber: I don't have anything else to bring... I guess I could--


Dani: Did she tell you more dressy?

Amber: no, she told me no patterns.

Dani: sorry eric (eric must have stirred or something in his sleep)

FOTH in and out.. each time we come back their talking about the trip so we go back to FOTH again.

Jen loaned Amber make up of some sort.

2 feeds on amber packing, 2 feeds on Daniele packing.

Jen: do you have a jacket?

Amber: I don't, but they told me to bring one.

Jen: want to try mine?

Amber: yeah, thanks!

Amber thanks Jen 4 or 5 times. Amber is also wearing Jen's heels.

Amber (to nobody in particular): I'm so excited!!


Jen rings the doorbell to the HOH room and enters.


Jen: ok..what in the world?!

Dani: everything I said.. I meant. I know you probably feel like I don't but I do. Like, you're my biggest competitor. Last wk a few things came up from others where it's like I don';t know how much I can trust you. You've made it clear you want my dad out of the obviously and obviously that's not gonna help me at all. So, I don't know. It's a rough position and I did go back and forth about it. Honestly like the whole money thing too. I don't wanna sound rude about it, but yeah but it must be nice to not have to wory about money. FOr me, every month I stress out and struggle because I don't know if I can pay my bills.

Jen: well, i mean i've done that. I payed my way through college. I know what you're saying, it'd change my life but i'm fine in my life. But I get that part.

D: I don't mean it in a money brings you happiness, but it'd just be a lot easier of a life for me. that's where I'm coming from.

Jen: I wish you would have talked to me because I honestly wouldn't have put you up, and if you wereput up I would have taken you down. I've told other people about that in the house and I thought you would do the same. Now I feel just stupid.

D: I was told you approached someone..jess.. you told her to prevent yourself from going up on the block you said dustin and my dad were in an alliance.

J: i just said it was weird, i never included you.

D: just throwing his name out there puts me in a really bad spot.

J: i never honestly through your name out there. I NEVER included you, i really thought dustin and your dad had something. I mean your own dad tries to point out your negative things. He's like Daniele did that, so if it was back to you and him on the block he'll try to make himself safe. I'm not even kidding, cuz im always like what? i don't know. I get why you did it but it seems... later when you watch you'll see like aww. she was. Thats fine, it just sucks. It's already hard for me to do that.. like.. i don't know. Ehhh. I don't know what I'm crying, it's awkward. But. yeah

D: I dont know, I don't want you to think i'd be like, mean.

J: I almost wish your dad had gone home them... how am I your biggest threat? I'm not saying it matters, but how does it matter that Amber and Jameka and jess and eric are close.

D: i'm talking comeptitors standpoint. nobody else has won anything. since the first wk you've played all sides and you DO get along w. eveyone. Even if you don't feel safeyou're safer than I am. I'm here to play and if there's risks to take i'm willing to take them. Like with Eric, I wasn't gonna do it cuz I wanted to make sure I had the votes. I risked it and it didn't work. Last week my dad would have gone home if it wasn't for eric. We didn't make a deal or anything, but i'm not gonna turn around and stab him in the back when he jsut kept my dad.

J: did you secure votes?

D: nobody has told me that they're voting either way.

J: jessica always changes her vote I think

D: I know huh?

J: like for joe.. for carol even. whatever. it's silly. um. idk, i just wanted to let you know that that sucks because... honestly like i was the biggest target, i still would have been. i dont know how well you think people like me. your dad trashed me the first few wks so nobody likes me.

D: theres still like sides in the house, you and zach are in the middle you know? you get along with everyone. it's a hard position for me and i was thinking game standpoint and competitor standpoint. you & i are the biggest comeptitors. AMber sucks, jameka can't win anything. I could have put Jessica up, but whats the point of that? then eric would keep her no matter what. the same with the other way around.

J: it just sucks... i just want to know why.

D: I don't know why. i am sorry, i hope you don't take it personal, it shouldn't be personal at all.

J: I don't even know if im going or staying, i haven't talked to anyone yet. I don't know. haha, you keep packing more. I was just.. i don't know. thinking. your dad came in right after and was like 'i didnt have anything to do with it.' he knew.. didnt he? he had to of.

D: some people had an idea i was using it but i didn't tell people i was doing this

J: yeah eric thought you were gonna backdoor him.

D: yeah, he has every reason to think that too

J: he has a better chance of going home than me.

D: yeah. i dont know. thats where im coming from. i dont know. like,for me, it sucks as stupid as it sounds it's a hard place to be in. for me i remember week 2 when i was on the block with my dad and joe begged not to use the veto on myself. it's very awkward. it's hard knowing you hold someoneslife in this game in your hands. it feels nice but it's still a crappy situation.

J: yeah you didn't have to use it though.

D: either way though, then amber would have gone home. it's just a different....

J: yeaaaaah. why is everyone sleeping?

D: I don't know, it's like 5 huh?

J: this house is so boring, and im not tired. and even if I were, i can't sleepin my room cuz your dad.. he was like farting all night last night. he woke himself up and left the room.

d: that's gross..that's really gross.

J: hmm. I wonder where you guys are going. It's like they looked thru your bags and then told you what else you needed.

D: yeah- they told us 'try not to make it patterns..' FOTH

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5:25 bbt

Dani and Jen talking in the HOH room about Dani's reasoning for putting her on the block...Dani explains to Jen that no one else knew that she was going to take Amber off and put Jen on until Dani actually did it. Jen trying to figure out who would vote to keep her...now topic turing to Dick and his disgusting farts.

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feeds return

J: i'm not going to the jury house unless it's week 5 or later.

J: what's the stipend at? 3,000 dollars?

D: yeah something like that

J: I'll tell them.. i'll walk home if you don't wanna drive me. they're gonna hate me if i get evicted cuz I totally

would do that. guess im putting on my tennis shoes thursday to walk home. They'll call me in the DR

and yell at me. I'm sure Dustin's there cuz he's fine with the stipend.

BB Eric, please go to the diary room.

Jen and Dani are just generally chit chatting.

J: have fun on your journey, i'm sure you'll tell us all about it.

D: thanks. we'll have something new to talk about isntead of the same thing every day.

Jen exits.

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jen was really trying to sell her story to dani that she wouldn't have ever put her up and that she's even told people that and some people got mad at her when she said that

she said i know i told you i couldn't work with your dad but i never said you

she said i told you i had your back,

dani tells her that she heard from someone last week that jen was going around saying that me, (dani) dustin and my dad were in an alliance, jen says she never mentioned dani's name in that, she said she swears

dani told her, well you included my dad and that was NOT true

jen started to tear up also when she told dani that if her dad woudl have gone last week, me and you, well you know, it just woudl have been different

dani telling her that she swears it's not personal, she said i feel you ARE my biggest threat and i just didn't feel how much i could truly trust you

then talk went on about the money, and jen really not needing it

that went on for a few minutes and jen was pleading her case what she meant when she said the money wasn't why she was there

more talk, blah blah blah

then talk switches to the trip


i see you have it covered, i'll be here watching, let me know if you'd like me to take over

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