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August 20, Live Feed Updates

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All 4 feeds on dani continuing to pack.

Now all 4 feeds on Jen, Amber and Jameka in the bathroom doing ADLs

Dick enters, he comments on something which I can't hear over the running water.

Jameka whispering to Amber but again.. over water can't hear.

A: it's so wrinkley ( a dress)

Jameka: Iron it.

A: i've never ironed anything a day in my life.

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Amber on all 4 feeds doing her hair.

BB: Amber, please exchange your microphone with one in the storage room.


we come back to Jameka checking Amber's appearance, her hair, shirt, etc.

Jameka asks Amber if she wants her to plug the iron in.

Dani comments how dressed up Amber is.

(Jess still sleeping, which I don't know how with everyone in and out of that room so often)


(eta, thanks Lori i'll let you know when I'm going to leave!)

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Jameka is ironing Amber's shirt.

Amber and Jameka debating jeans and shirts etc.

Amber wishes she packed more.

BB: Dick, please go to the diary room.

Amber trying on various things of her own, jamekas and jens.

Jameka's jacket is too tight on Amber

BB: Amber, please put on your mic

Amber just trying on all sorts of combos of outfits and getting Jamekas opinion.


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Dani is bored.

A: you all ready?

Dani: yeah, as ready as I'll ever be. My bag is completely jam packed.

D: let's get this show on the road. get that back in storage would you?

Jam: are you wearing this hat?

Amber: no, they told me to bring one.Dani: and a hat and sunglasses.

Jam: ohhh incognito??Dani: yeah. i'll stop talking about my DRs now, I keep getting yelled at.


we're back and just continued talk of the trip and the clothes that amber is bringing.

We hear some of Dick's DR.

Girl: we just have a little technical problem here.

Dick: oh ok, gotta do it all over again? god, i'm so tired.

Girl: ok, so. if you could tell me. Last week eric saved you form eviction cuz you and dani made a deal with him to go to the final 4

DIck: last week, eric did save me from eviction and

Girl: hold on 1 sec, we'restill having problems. FOTH

Amber thinks its going to be somewhere with camera cuz theres no patterns.

BB: Daniele, Amber , please go to the diary room


lots of hugs, dick wishes dani a happy birthday.

They are excited, Dick and Jameka say bye, tell them to have fun, etc. Jess, Eric and Zach still asleep

D: lets get this show on the road!!!

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6:00 BBT

Daniele, Amber and Dick in the kitchen talking about when they will leave for their trip.

BB: Daniele, Amber, Please go to the diary room.

Jameka runs in to give them hugs and Dick gives hugs as well.

The girls go to the diary room. This isn't for sure that they're leaving now, but it's a good chance.

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Jameka outside on the couches alone. She hummed for a few and now is back to doing nothing.

Dick now joins her.

Zach, Eric, Jess still sleeping.

Dick: wish you were going??

Jameka; yeah of course.

Amber and Dani exit the diary room. Now it's going to be within the next 24 hours.

Dick and Jameka still in the BY talking about the trip as if they left.

Amber goes outside.

Dick: what the hell??

AMber: they said within the next 24 hours.

Dick: geez what a drag.

Jen sitting at the breakfast bar reading the BB manual.

Dani: UGHHH i hate big brother!

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Dick and Jameka in the backyard talking about Amber and Danielle being gone...SYKE...AMber comes walking out..She tells them within 24 hours now...

Everyone is trying to guess what is going on and where they are going......

Dick said he would not go if he was on the block as they are overnighting it and will not be back until Wed.

Cant record..reloader messing up...sry

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Jen reads a rule outloud about if a jury member can't vote,america will vote for them.

Jen says America should love her so we can have her vote if she leaves.

Jen reading more rules outloud, causing a FOTH

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Jenn is reading the manual as she said a hour ago in Danielles room that she will be walking out the door and off the set if she is evicted, she will not stay in sequester for that long that it is not worth the amount.She could care less and will wear her running shoes and bolt.FOTH for reading the rules aloud!!Jenn continues to read the rules and keep getting FOTH...(SHUT UP)

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Jameka, Dani, Dick and Amber debate if they leave through the backyard or the DR. Dick is positive they leave through the DR, Jameka remembers them going through the BY (they've gone through both, silly hamsters!)

Jen reading more rules causing FOTH

Dick: I saw jen reading the rules on food.

Dani: she's not reading the rules on food, she said if I get---


briefly back.

Dani (mocking Jen) : america will loveeee me.



Dani: and she looked at me and said HAAH I don't talk to my gardener and my maids. she said it JUST like that. You hear what she said about jess right? She said 'jessica wants to move out to CA and start an acting and modeling career.' she goes... i dont know why jess would even put me on the block anyone who would make an enemy out of me... if they moved out here anyone who was my friend would make more out of their life than theyd ever be able to do on their own

Jam: woooooow. is she making it up about Jess moving?? Ithought jess went back to school... to be a news anchor. I know she's going back to kansas for school.

Dick: yeah, she's going back to school

Dani: I guess my life will never be what it could fully be now that i nominated her.

Dick: anddd, she'll be on slop until she leaves. will you miss her?

Amber: me?? ohhh yeah... not uh.

Dani: you don't have to lie amber! (sarcasm)

Dick: from day 1 i couldn't stand her. literally day 1. from almost word 1.

Dani: from us it was before we could talk to her outside the front door. when she flipped jameka with her hair and hit me with her bag. and she had the jen look on her face. i knew when i looked at her in the line i was gonna hate her.

Jameka: yeah organizing us and talking to us. moreso irritating than anything

Dick: her lasting this long is amazing. she should know it was coming.

Jam: i guess what hates me is 'whats up?' 'wahts going on?'

Dan: in the middle of every convo? yeah. zach does the same thing.

Jameka saying jen isnt so bad sometimes, but other times is intolerable.

Amber saying she blocked out during the eviction

Dani saying she understands, the same thing happened with her and nick.

Jen goes outside, Dick goes inside alone.

Dick: fucking psycho bitch. I can't wait till she leaves. it won't make me any happier.

more talk of manuals and FOTH

(i'm going to take a quick break and get some food!)

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ok back from Foth

Zach is outside on the couch with dick now

other feeds are on bedroom of eric sleeping

jameka and dani on couches with Z and D

talking about a recipe

dani said why would "they" tell me to pack that, then..... dick said oh oh told you, maybe a tv show... then Foth


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everyone except for eric and jess on couches outside

dick was shaking a can of nuts and dani said, after about a minute of him doing it, "ok that's enough of that noise"

he said "ok sorry, miss queen of the house" and the Foth

back and everything is quiet out there now and dani asked if eric and jess are still asleep and someone said yes, and she said geeeeez, no wonder they stay up until 8 in the morning,

jam asked a question about the manual and we get foth AGAIN!!!!!

(please stop talking about the trip and the manual.)

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feeds back and talk is about a restaurant named "roys"

Dick asked how Z he knows about Roy's

talk about "roys"

and then jen says, oh jameka i also found out that...... and Foth

back again and we hear Dick let out a huge burp

and sighing from Z and A

J and Da talking about split ends,

(ok very boring now)

lots of sighing...... (they're just as bored as me right now, lol)

amber said she just can't believe that she's not going to be there

and dani said a good or bad way,

amber said both, just NOT being there with them

dani said i know it is weird

jen said i know but why the motor cycle theme

dani said well that's for tomorrow's show they probably won't show the trip tomorrow night

she said BB won't have time to edit it all before tomorrow nights show

silence and sighing again...

jen gets up to leave and dick says, "jen repellent, it's works everytime" he said i really didn't even want this cigarette,

he said works everytime

jameka said she just thought about it, the kids went back to school today

dick can't believe that kids go back to school this time of the year

he said there in california kids don't go back until mid september

he said he could remember being a kid and sept being the hottest month and you'd just melt

just chit chat no game talk

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jen and jameka are left outside on the couches now

jen is telling jameka that she just can't go to sequester house

she said just not right now, but like if it was later maybe, she just can't see herself sitting somewhere doing nothing away from everybody and everything

jam says well you gotta weigh out your options, jen said i read in the manual if you decide to NOT go to sequester then they take it as a voluntary exit and you don't get to.... and we Foth

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Feeds are back to jameka outside

Z in the yard, dick out there too

jam said said she just can't believe that jen is thinking about exiting

she said i mean we all gave up alot to be here

dick said he can't believe that she would think this might help her stay

then D asked Z if he had made any deals with jen

Z said are you on crack

he said hell no

dick said he didn't think so he just had to ask, he said it's one of those things that you know the answer you just have to ask anyway

now they are talking about what the allstars think of them

dick said i know i think about that all the time too

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7:50 bbt

Jen in the kitchen making turkey burgers...Dick goes into get a cig and finds that Jen has already packed to go home. Dick comes back outside and tells the rest of the group and says that earlier she (Jen) had said if she is voted out that she will drop out instead of going to the sequester house, because she can make more money modeling and the her vote would become America's vote and then America would like her (lol)

7:54 bbt Jen comes outside and starts talking about eating the turkey burgers she is cooking, Jameeka tells her that she (Jen) hasn't come this far to go and do something stupid

(Alos, Amber & Dani have gone on their date from the POV comp)

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Jen is freaking out, she just went into the round room and got all of Dicks cigaretts and then took them into the SR, she rigged the door, and she opened up a bunch of his cigs and detroyed them and dumped them into the trash.... then she went into the diary room. The weird thing is, while she was doing it, Dick wanted to go check on her and make sure she wasn't doing anthing to his crap, and everyone told him to quit worrying she wouldnt do anything

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Jen now goes to the DR looking pretty upset (Also, forgot to mention that earlier in the evening around 7:45 bbt eric, Zach, Jen, Dick and Jameeka were discussing a BB game that Zack is going to design levels based on each evicted HG and their "powers" I thought it was pretty amusing if anyone has a vidoe to post)

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fyi.... just before Jen went and got dicks cigs, she had like a bottle of bleach, i think, and had went into the SR to put it up, that's when she rigged the door and ran into the round room and got the cigs and was able to get right back into the SR and destroy all of them.

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