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August 20, Live Feed Updates


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Daniele seems to be upset about something and has sulked off to the HoH room. She got into bed and put the headphones on. Dick asked her if there was anything he could do for her when she was walking up the stairs. The enquiry was met with total silence as she stomped up the stairs.

Dick and Amber are on the couch in the BY, Jameka is doing her hair in the BR whiles Jessica is showering.

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Zach still in same spot just different position. Jen in in the kitchen. Jess and Jameka are still in the bathroom by the sounds of it.

Amber and Dick talking about other Reality shows. Amber thinks that Dick will be a sure thing for the next Big Brother All Stars. Dick thinks he

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Amber is asking about Dustin’s eviction and Dick tells her it was “so last minute.” Amber says she had a feeling and Eric… feeds changed. Ugh

Eric and Jessica are whispering in the bathroom. She wonders if he is worried, he tells her he thinks that D/D are trying to make a deal with Amber. Eric tells her he thought Jameka was the one that would be taken off the block not Amber.

Eric just asked Jessica if they are going to share their first kiss...

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Amber & Dick in BY talking. Would Dick come back for All-Stars? Dicks say if this show lasts another 6-7 years, hec he would be 50 years old. Amber doesn't think she would come back for All-Stars.

Amber talking about how her boss is really feminine & bi-sexual & how he let her off to be on BB provided that she didn't embarass him (like MBE telling that he is bi & feminine?) Amber wonders if people will notice her at work after her being on BB (I say... Oh yeah they will)

Eric & Jess whispering in the bathroom.

Back to Dick & Amber... Amber was shocked when Julie said by a vote of 4-2 Dustin you are evicted. Amber says she's not mad at anyone & that it's just a game. Dick says voting Dustin out was sooo last minute. Amber says she had a feeling after seeing Dick & Eric whispering on eviction day.

Zach & Dani in the HOH. Zach says it's less than 3 hours to her real B'day.

Back to Jess/Eric/Jameka in Bath.

(UGH I am watching the SHO feed & it is flip-flopping every few seconds) Zach & Dani talking on the sofa outside the HOH having a Dani pity party. Zach says in the BB house life slows down & you can actually think about who you want to be. It's both good & bad. In the outside world time goes on as usual. Zach is talking about how MBE some girl (his GF or X-GF?) will give him a hug when he gets out. Dani says her life is not even going to be the same at all when she gets out of the house. Jen joins them.

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Eric & Dani in HOH. Dani says it's hard to communicate with people on the outside & you don't know what's going on. Eric has a girl on the outside & they can't decide if they need to commit to each other or go their separate ways. He says he is sure his girl is not enjoying watching him & Jess on the show. Eric says he is sure Dani's BF feels the same way but he is not prying or asking her for any info.

Dani asks is Jen told him what happened? Something Jen was asked in DR. BB voice tell them to quit talking about their Dr session but Dani continues to quickly whisper it while the BB voice is talking (I can't hear enough of what she said for it to make sense)

Amber & Jameka in the BY. Jameka has some Shirley Temple hairdo going on. Amber rehashing her convo with Dani. Amber says she has got to get HOH next week. They think Jen will be the replacement nom. Amber is eating soup, lotsa slurping, smacking, & open-mouth chewing going on sick009.gif First Amber says she isn't a threat & wasn't the intended vote out then she says if Zach would have won she was the target. Dick comes out & the convo changes (I think, I couldn't really tell if they were talking game in the first place)

Back to Eric/Dani in HOH... Eric doesn't think he would like to see his GF doing nekkid jumping jacks in front of some guys. Eric thinks if he would not have come in the house he & his GF were heading in a good direction but now he isn't sure. Eric says he knows she is not big about getting into things but if she ever wants to talk about her BF he his there. Dani says UGH they are only half way through the game. Dani fells bad about the whole Kail vote-out but she thinks Kail is the lucky one because she got to go home. Lotsa of kidding around. Talk of the mustard bandit. Eric doesn't give 2 shits who did the mustard thing & he will call them & thank the for doing it when he gets home. Dani said Nick probably did it & that's why America loves him but she thinks he would have told her he did it before he left. They don't think Dick did it because Dick would have told everyone if he did.

Jen & Jess decide to play football with the quarter.

Back in HOH, Eric telling of his talk with Jen. He claims Jen said there is no way she could win the game so she doesn't understand why anyone would thin of her as a threat. Eric says he told Jen that he does think she is a threat but does agree that she can't win. Jen said "that's not funny". Eric says he told her he was kidding... Maybe. Eric says Jen is a freak & demented. Eric & Dani decide to go play quarters.

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Amber is in the BY talking God. She is becoming such a good person. She is so proud of who she was but now she is becoming a better person. Eric comes out & says "quarters?". Amber says OK. Eric asks what she was doing & she says praying. He says sorry. She asks for a few more minutes.

Amber (to God): ummm so I am gonna go but uhh I just want you to know that I know I am here because you put me here I know I'm here for a reason & you know whatever the reason is I trust you God & you know I thank you so much for everything I mean I love this person I am becoming I love this person I am finding inside me & ummm I trust you that's all I have to say I can't tell you that enough. I trust you. I trust you God. I trust you sooo much (crying) I really do I believe in you & I trust you & I love you so much I love you. OK? God Bless you. Amen. I love you. I love you God. I love you so much.

God: Amber there's no need to tell me to bless myself, run along now & enjoy your little game of quarters 12419.gif

(OK I made the God part up, sorry :giggle: )

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11:03 BBT

HG playing quarters on Showtime while the feeds are FOTH trivia

11:12 Now they are playing spin the bottle[using a can] so it's "spin the budweiser" and asking questions like "who is America's favorite" "who is most likely make out with Eric" and appropiately it was Eric..."what one of us is pregmant" lol it was Jameka........."Who is the big liar" it was Eric.........

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11:15 BBT

Spin the Budwieser game still going with everyone but Dick..

"who will be one of the final two" its Eric

"who will be the last one into sequester" it was Zach

"who is still triple dealing alliance in this house" it was Jessica

"who is most likely to have a relationship with Julie Chen" it was Amber

"who was the first person to share a kiss in this house " It was Jessica and Zach

"who really wants to be home right now" it was Jameka though she says it wasn't

"who is Julie's fav HG" Amber

"who loves Nick" missed it

More Beer arrives as Dani was called to SR

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11:21 BBT

"Spin the BUdweiser" continues Dick arrives to play

"on the first night in the hoouse which HG trashed all 13 HG" it was Jameka

"who did the mustard" Jameka again

"who is secretly gay" it was Jen

"who is going out with Dick outside of the house" "ZAch

"who is the winner of BB8" it was Jess

"who is really related to Kail" it was Dani

"who's told the most lies" it was Jess

"who really wanted Jen gone week 1" it was Zach

"who was the mystery vote" 1st dani 2nd time was Jameka

[wow slow night if I'm transcribing this crap]

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11:34 BBT

Spin the Budweiser has ended as they have run out of dumb questions to ask it and people are sitting around the table talking and playing quarters...again.... though when they think of a question they start spinning....

so the excitement continues.....

11:48 quarters and spin the bud going on simultaneously..minus Amber who's gone God knows where

11:51 BBT Amber yelled something about the towels so I guess she's doing the laundry

11:53 Someone asked who the evicted HG want out and the cam landed on Eric and Eric said that he had singlehandly evicted them..Jen says "I didn't know you had that many votes"

7 minutes to Dani's B day with Dani saying she wants to see him in one of Jen's bikinis

also POV meeting will be in the morning says Dani

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11:59 BBT

Game continues and the two minute warning is sounded by Zach

Zach yells "one minute" for the bday countdown as Zach watches the clock

12:00 BBT

"happy birthday 12:00" Zach yells and everyone cheer and sings

"bikini bikini bikini bikini"

screaming they want to see Zach in the Unitard..."with no underwear" "uni uni uni" "no underwear it's my birthday no underwear" Dani says

Jen goes get the bikini and the unitard....comes back with a skimpy bikini and the unitard Zach says "you have to go with something a little more revealing" and Eric "are you kidding"

Eric and Zach "this doesn't seem right"

Jess "put it on you two" Zach says "dick has to put something on too" collective "no" they don't want to see him in anything like that

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12:06 BBT

Dani goes to use the bathroom

In storage room while changing Zach talking to Eric asking "do you have a plan" saying he can't beat "daniele at the end" but can with Dick and Zach says "I'm floating on either side"

eric says he doesn't want to talk about it and will see what happens after next week.

Everyone waiting with anticipation

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12:13 BBT

Dani "you should see Zach you can see his wiener"

All the girls laughing .....

Eric being bashful saying "my balls are exposed" as he stand in the shower

Eric doing cart wheels in Jens bikini...out of the bathroom

Changing back to their clothes

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12:21 BBT

Dani "it's only 15 mins in and there's more to come" talking about her Bday.

Zach talking about Jen tagging along everywhere "I can't get rid of her".....Dani saying "well she doesn't have Kail"

Zach "i can't stand all these catch phrase things " It's driving me nuts" dick agrees...

Zach "what else do you need for your Bday" Dani hopes she gets her trip tomorrow dick says "me too"

Zach saying Eric said "I will put on the bikini but I first have to check if there's no crusties"[about Jen's bikini] Dani saying did he really say this

Zach "figure out what you're gonna say tomorrow" Dani says no and he's saying "i'm kinda sick of Amber too" talking again about her catch phrases .."I want HOH so bad next week" "i wish Nick was still here outta all the people"

Dani saying tomorrow "he will be drink a beer noon out time " and we get FOTH

Zach talking about what life is going to be like Dani says "i dn't have a home" Zach says she won't be living "in the streets" saying she'll be living "with people" Dani complaining about "bug bites and goes in...

Zach mumbling to himself

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12:33 BBT

Eric whispering about POV replacement saying "if it's Jen" he doesn't see her not going home....

Eric says talking that she doesn't need her outta here and telling Jameka what to say to Dani...telling her "by 99% confidence" that she's not their target...

Eric says "if the two of you stay up" he's telling her "it will be Amber and not you"

telling her "me you and Jess" can win....... calling Zach retarded.....

Eric talks about the "plan moving forward" and says he said he was a floater and Eric is completely didmissing him...

Eric to Jameka "seriously take a deep breath" and know you have people on your side and they will go after you in 3 weeks and they may not be in power or gone

Eric "well see what happens hang in there" goes to use bathroom....

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12:41 BBT

Dani and Dick

Dick talking if she had a nice talk with Eric earlier and she says yess but not about game...

Dick asks if she's "talked to Amber" and she says "yes" saying she isn't acting different Dani "good I told he not to"

Jessica wondering what they are going to do "for the rest of the night"

In the bedroom Jameka fixing her bed talking to Dani about her Bday...Jen comes in to look for her bathing suit eric had worm earlier..

Dani heads outside saying to Dick about eric talking to Jameka "tell eric to knock it off with his alliance with jameka " as she's going home on thurs..[she was kidding to Jess when she said it]

Drunk Zach comes out saying "i'm not wearing Nick" agrees he is and says "oh Nick" ...Dani talking about Nick having "a beer and Jelly" but it wasn't jelly at 2:00 pm Minnesota time..

a chen bat flies through the backyard

Dani wants to leave this "hell hole " tomorrow ..Dick says it will be tomorrow [trip she won during POV]

Zach "for you tomorrow I will make you breakfast in bed" "it's you birthday I'll do it up" Dick calling hin an "ass kisser"

Jen comes out saying she loves ham and cheese Dick tells her "you stick to your slop"

talking about breakfast places and we get FOTH

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12:56 BBT

Jen saying the problem she has is "keeping an secret" both Dick and say ver sarcasticlt "no" [i think they were talking about Survivor"

Talking baout the "mixed nuts" in her drwaer saying she was saving the for Zach's calendar for food comps

In bathroon Amber and Jameka talking in bathroom and Amber whispering saying something "God " was mad at her for something talking about Dani taking her off the block "will piss a lot of people off" Amber says that she told her they "were not mad at her at all" Amber says she should be at the end who hasn't won anything talking about her and Jameka's worthlessness telling Dani to keep people like them around that are not threats..

Amber says that if someone else win HOH and she gets POV and she's on the block saying it will cancel out there other deal........"depending who she's up against" Amber saying "I really think I'm going to get this HOH" talking about an endurance one ..Jameka "you always say that"

Amber says "I knew she was goping to takeme off" saying that she agrees that her next HOH she will not "put her up"

Outside Dick and Jen talking about Dustin "Dick "Dustin is a fucking asshole " and "couldn't be happier " he's gone..Jen says she was wondering how they got the vote switch...

Rehash of the stupid move

"best part of all I'm now Joe's hero" says Dick

Jen says Dustin was "worse" than Dick calling people names and Dick said "he never anything to my face" or wouldn't say anything about Daniele in front of him...

Dustin Bashing FOTH

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1:09 BBT

All four feeds on Jen and Dick talking about previuos seasons of BB talking how Will "ruled this game" both times he played..

Jen asking a lot of questions about what Will did season 2 [like she doesn't know]

Jen laughing......

Dick keeps talking about past seasons....

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1:14 BBT

Jameka comes out hold her stomach saying she needs "GasX"

Eric alled to DR Jameka thinks to get introuble for singing [but we know the real reason..AC!]

the talk continues about past seasons ........

Jen says she would pack a little clothes had there been no washer....

Jameka says Erica [bB7 and BB4] "looks like Skelator"

Dick June was "short and fat" and nothing "attractive about her whatsoever"

Dick saying he can't picture anyone from season 6 as people were "so vanilla" except Kaysar Janelle and bashing James calling him "a little bitch" "a complete retard" Dick "all these people are going to hate my guts ..I don't give a fuck"

Dick saying "I've got more warnings" more than any other HG in the history of BB

Dick allison bashing "that's the chick I fuckin' hate the most" "favorite moment in All Stars was her going first"

Dick "lisa was one of my favorites" and "jordan from the first season" saying she says "this show ruined my life"

Up in HOH Zach and Dani talking about when Jen leaves saying "she's going to make my life a living hell"

Zach says "I'll stick up for you" Dani wonders if she'll cry and Zach says "she's going to camapign for sure" "she'll be a little pest" Dani says that Zach Dick and Amber will vote for her to go......Zach says "100%"

Dani says "once I take Amber off" its obvious..and put Jen up "she's going home"

Zach says you have Amber in you lap "for a week or two" Zach saying wiill "jess and Eric put them up again" Zach wonders if Jess will because her and Jam are close Dani "she would though" because Eric will tell her what to do.

Zach says "I fucking hate it" that he thinks he has it figured it out...Dani talking about how smart Eric is about reality shows..Zach says its different because "he's an encylopedia but can't apply anything"

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1:29 BBT

Jameka asks Zach to leave so she can talk to Dani

Jameka say she understand "and with the HOH's" she's not much of a threat saying "anything can happen" saying "no hard feelings" and has had a wonderful time and Happy Bday'

Dani says thankyou and saying its early in the week and "anything can happen" Jameka says goodnight and heads to bed...

Zach "what was that all about" "is she flippin out" Dani saying she knows she's not a threat and won't hold it against here and had a good time.

Zach says he hates that the smugness "salvation" and knowing she's not leaving.....

Dani in the best mood i've seen her in "what a summer" talking about her bday saying it landed on day 52...jokingly mocking Amber "52 is one of my lucky numbers"

playing with the spyscreen and they broke it Zach "oh man" remote keeps beeping...

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1:43 BBT

All 4 cams on Zach and Dani Zach says "everyone's sleeping" Dani says "everyone's outside"

Zach "i'm bored"

[me too so I'll call it a night til tomorrow..night all]

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