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July 12, Live Feed Updates

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All 4 feeds have been on Nick and Dani on her bed for the last half-hour or so. Zach keeps coming into the room for normal ADL activity. Between his arrival and Dani's seeming insistence on "no entertaining the feedsters" we're getting a lot of the ol' Will-Janie whispering.

If it's not whispers, it's child-like nonsense such as talk of junk food.

9:12 BBT

Feeds 1&2 are in the bathroom, with Eric and his ADLs, and the sound of the vacuum in the distance. It is Dick at the vacuum, with Mike helping to move furniture. A long shot of the kitchen shows one or two people, but it's obvious that most are still not out of their beds. On indoor lockdown, per Nick.

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last 2 hours there hasn't been much action in the house, getting up, eating breakfast, general talk about the show tonight, wondering why they need to be up early when there is nothing for them to do

currently all feeds on Dani/Nick laying together in bed, while Zach is making his bed

Dani: how long until the show? 8 hours?

Nick: 3+5, yea, that's 8 (9 to noon is 3 hours, then 5 more til the show starts?)

Nick: or 4+4, or 6+2... 7+1... 8+0

Dani: 9-1 is 8

Nick: 9 plus negative 1 is what you mean, because we were doing plus

Dani: I'd moved on

Dani notices Zach making his bed

Dani: there is a bottom sheet you know?

Zach: it's on there! lol

Dani: Zach, I nominate you for making me feel like an idiot when I'm trying to help you

Zach: I nominate you for not being perceptive... can't help the blind

Dani: don't you hate these beds? how do you wake up not sore from these beds?

Zach: I'm not a princess

Dani: ewww, don't act like you know me

(all of this is friendly joking around)

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kail, amber, eric and zack in kitchen, talking about leaving butter out of the fridge since it is always too hard to spread. Amber states that she tried but someone just put it back in the fridge.

not video is working but foth music is playing. This is really weird, foth on cam 3, audio is blocked on cam 4, and cams 1 and 2 are working.

Evil Dicks' janitorial service is getting the house clean for tonight's broadcast. I thought it was Dustin who was so excited about getting the vacuum, that was short lived, Dick is using it now.

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All four feeds on Kail doing ADL's in the HoH bathroom... BB female voice tells Kail "Just to remind you, you have an hour and a half until you have to be completely out of the HoH room... Kail says ok thank you and we get FotH...

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(back from lunch-rewinding 10 minutes to see what I missed)

11:00 bbt four feeds of Dani/Zach/Kail in the kitchen

(went back 20 minutes)

Nick/Dani/Kail in kitchen eating food... saying food did all the work

Nick:that trip to the pantry Daniele made

Dani: yea, I guess we can thank my track team in high school

(one other guy is there off camera): were you all state or all county?

Dani: no

Nick: are we talking real track or special olympics? lol

Dani: I was second fastest on the team

Nick asks (Zach I think) about pole vaulting in high school

Kail makes comment about the ice

Dani: I did that... something else you can thank me for

Dani starts sliding her glass from one hand to the other over the counter (very annoying sound on the live feed! lol)

Nick starts doing dishes

Dani: I'll do the dishes if you want...

Nick: no, it's ok, you just sit there and do your thing

Dani: shut uuuup!

Nick: it's no big deal, gives me purpose

Kail putting dishes away now

back to 11am bbt

Dani puts cookies in the oven to bake... Kail/Zach/Dani cleaning the kitchen, Kail's hair is fixed up nice for tonight

Dani: I'm glad it's Thursday finally!

Kail: it's been a long 13 day week... I'm not competing tonight

Dani: are you sad? oh yea, you are ready to come back down and join the world

11:08bbt announced by Dani, after Kail reads the oven timer of 10:45 and thinks that is the current time

Kail/Dani done cleaning, sitting at the counter, Zach arranging the chairs around the table(that currently seats 14! only a matter of time til it gradually shrinks)

Dani: the two way mirrors distort everything, I hate looking in them (I wonder what Jen thinks of them lol)

all three at counter now(everyone else must be napping)

Zach: as three people just stare... at a timer... seven minutes, the longest seven minutes of your life... the rise and fall of nations depends on cookies... toll house cookies

Jen comes to join them, and we get FOTH

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11:15bbt Jen has joined Zach/Kail/Dani in the kitchen

sounds like Jen, who has a towel over her head, must have come from the shower, didn't have her mic... FOTH must have been BB telling Jen to get her mic, Dani jokes that Jen should have pretended not to understand, so BB would have kept talking and woken the other HGs up

Mention made of all going to the DR to talk... Zach says nothing to say, just watching timer, 2:30 left on the cookies, doesn't even want one, just watching the timer

Zach has chess board, not playing, just moving pieces

talk of 20 questions with small computer game(WE HAVE ONE OF THOSE!)

Dani: my boyfriend is crazy with it, always answers occasionally or unknown, once he did ball, and it asked if you could put something in it and he said yes, if you cut it open you could lol

Joe joins them, also sporting the just washed my hair/towel on the head

Joe: Kail, your hair is very pretty

Kail: thank you

Dani: you don't have to lie, she's already made her nominations! lol

11:25bbt cookies are done, Kail is making coffee(4 feeds still on the kitchen)

Eric joins the kitchen krew

11:30bbt Kail has joined Zach in a game of chess, Jen suggests making lunch, they tell her they already ate... tell her they are bored and joke that dinner will be at two the rate they are going

(4 feeds on Kail/Zach chess game at kitchen counter, but can hear shower running)

Kail: you're not very nice, I just want you to know that(refering to the chess game)

11:40bbt Zach wins the game...

Kail: I at least want it to be a challenge

Zach: that was! You got 4 good pieces of mine

Kail: in a trade off! I told you that first game was a fluke!

and they start another game as Jen watches on...

11:45bbt 4 feeds switch to Dustin and Daniele getting fixed up in the bathroom

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Reeealllly slow.

The quad feed has all 4 pix on Jameka, alone on her bed with the Bible. Feed 3 shows Kail and Zach playing chess at the kitchen counter.

< Eventually it switches, but I often find this discrepancy between quad and a single feed. As a matter of fact, there is also a time delay between the two 'screens'. This is using Reloader, so I don't know if the action/sound variation is from that, or RealPlayer, or actual production. >

And we're still on that riveting chess game, all 4 feeds.


Chess game is over. People starting to come in to find food. Mike, Dick, Jameka. Zach and Kail still there - now setting up a second game.


Mike is cooking something. Zach says he made tortelinni earlier - "You snooze you lose." Nick comes thru saying "Let me tell you a story about cookies" and grabs one or two out of a bag. It seems like a food station where everyone passes through to see if anything is available, but then leaves again when nothing is found.


WOW. Dick goes into bedroom to Jen (and 2 others - maybe Amber and Jameka). "I'm going to say this to you just once. If you don't start showing some consideration for other people I am going to make your life in here a living hell. "

"What did I do?"

"You came in there this morning and started talking right beside me while I was sleeping. You're such an inconsiderate, evil bitch. You never stop talking once. And all you do is talk about yourself."

(summary - he repeated all of it one more time) And then it was over.

Now Abs Class is beginning in the LR.

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Seems to be an outdoor lockdown going on. Most of the HG's are in the Kitchen, with chitter chatter. Zach and Dustin teaching Kail chess.

Dick coaching Jen about her being "an inconsiderate bitch" in the bedroom. Dick says that if Jen does not start thinking of other people besides herself, he will make her the most miserable bitch in the house.

Jen trys to reason with dick saying that she woke him up because the announcement had said House Guests time to get up. Dick said to worry about herself and who appointed her to be the designated person to wake up other house guests.

Dick told jen that if she ever wakes him up again, he will wake her up every night when he goes to bed, (typically after 4 or 5 am)

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Back on live feeds, all 4 on the abs class. Ambers admits that she is such an "out of shape lazy bitch."

Dustin working with Amber as her trainer...

This is boring and is going to be a very long afternoon. I am out, will check back on the hamsters in an hour or so.

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1pm bbt FOTH starts

1:15 bbt still FOTH

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Dick is in the kitchen talking about Dick at Night to Kali and Jameka. Talking about how boring it was to watch live feeds and not know what people were thinking late at night. Jameka gets up to get something in the kitchen, Dick bumps into her (not on purpose) so they decide to have a little dance.

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Feeds are back. Started showing random rooms for a very short time. Finally settled in the kitchen. Dick made hot dogs for himself, Jameka and Jessica. Dick left and Kail made herself a PB&J. Carol eating something out of a bowl, and Jameka is making pasta salad for herself and Jessica. She said she has never made it before. Thinks something is missing, maybe needed to set longer. (she put the dressing on and started eating it right away) They decided the whole wheat pasta was used, and it tastes different.

Joe doing his Julie impersonation. Having people call him Julie. He asks Jessica how it feels to have her worst enemy in the house. Jessica said Carol isn't her worst enemy, so it is fine. Joe (as Julie) then asked if she were anxious about them being in the house together and she said no. Joe then said she (Julie) would never ask Jessica any more questions because she was boring!

Joe(as Julie) then asked Jameka if she was anxious that someone was upstairs waiting to surprise her. She said only at first, then realized none of her friends could get off work.

Joe interviews Kail. "We are alone in the HoH room and no one can hear us, so feel free to talk freely".

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Feeds came back around 1:45bbt

Amber/Zach/Dustin talking in bedroom

Nick has older brother/sister, cat named blondie

Joe/Carol in bathroom getting ready

back to bedroom, Daniele is there also... talk of 'holiday' themed rooms, would like Christmas and Thanksgiving rooms

Dustin(I think): are there still pilgrims?

Dani: well, Amish people, are they the same thing?

feeds switch to the kitchen

Dick going on again about being woken up, Jameka preparing food

Dick offers food to someone: want a bite? it hasn't fallen on the floor or anything..

(Jessica/Kail also at the kitchen counter... and now Carol also)


Kitchen counter

Joe being Julie Chen: Hi Jessica! How does it feel to have your worst enemy in the house?

Jessica: well, she's not my worst enemy, so it's ok

Joe(Julie): were you a little anxious?

Jessica: ummm, no

Joe(Julie): Jessica, I just want you to know I will never ask you questions again! (lol)

Joe(Julie): Jameka, were you worried someone would be coming down related to you?

Jameka: well, not really, cause I realized no one I know could afford to take off from work

Joe(Julie): good answer... Kail, it's just me and you in the HOH room and no one can hear us, so feel free to speak freely...

Kail: ok! well, let me tell you, that Joe guy... there's some guy that is 6'5" with blue eyes

Joe: and he's totally going to win HOH tonight!

few minutes later, Jameka and Dick bump into each other moving around in the kitchen, Dick takes the lead and they begin to dance for about 20 seconds... Dick confesses to not being a good dancer

Dick says BB gives him instructions on what to say in DR... like can you take that 20 minute rant and say it in 2 sentences? (lol)


comment made by HG: aren't we going to do a walk thru?

another HG: 15 minutes before

They can't wait to see what Joe is going to do on the live show

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Other people keep drifting in and out of the kitchen, getting lunch. Dick comes back to get some tea, and dances a bit with Jameka. Jameka, Jessica and Dick wander out and Nick, Mike Dustin and Kail are in the kitchen. Since Dustin is in Kitchen, not much talking going on... Jen and Carol decide to go take a nap after they calculate when to start getting ready for live show.

Dustin said he can't figure out why he is so tired today. Mike suggests Mono, Dustin said he has had that before.

Dick asks Kail if she is moved in (HoH is locked until new one moves in). She says not yet, but she is ready. She is moving into the round room. Someone asks about Jen. she said Jen will move in with her...or Jen's objective is to stay in HoH all season.

Switches to round room. Carol and Jen in bed, Dick ranting about Jen being inconsiderate. He said she has only been out of Hoh room for 1/2 a day, and has annoyed the sh*t out of him. She thanked him for letting her know, and said she will try. Dick leaves and Carol and Jen whipser...not able to hear what, but probably badmouthing Dick.

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Back to kitchen. dick and Kail talking, Dustin and Amber near fridge. Dick tells story about his mother not wanting onion dip, then ate it all in 2 days. Kail said she is that way with borwnies. She could eat the whole pan. Really good with powdered sugar on top. Dustin said he is that way with peanut butter. If he gets started, he can eat the whole jar. Kail said when she makes brownies, she has to make 2 pans to cover the one she ate.

Nick comes in, asks for something (sorry I missed it) and Dustin offers his. Making fun...saying Dustin is afraid of turning into the fat kid again.

Eric comes in, Amber complains about him not complimenting her, but others. Dustin said Eric never compliments him. Eric said he told him he looked really good in his blue buttoned down collar shirt and and that his photo is one of the best in the house. Eric told him not to say he never compliments him. Eric said he tells Amber she is pretty. She said she knows that.

Eric asks Amber to go dancing tonight. He said he will wear heels. She explains that he asked before, and she said he was too short. Eric said he is the only true romantic in the house. Amber figured out PP stands for private parts.

Eric asking if anyone called pooping cock. Not caca, or cacaaa , but cock. Said he did when he was younger, and got called on it.

Nick said all of the girls are starting toget ready (2 1/2 hrs to show) Nick is going to get ready at 4:45 and just show up.

Talking about farting...lots of talking over each other. Talking about smelly farts and stinky poop. Now FoTH.

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Still on FOTH, from my recollection of past years, ( and I am getting really old now) I seem to remember that from 6 pm to about 9 pm edt they killed the live feeds.

I have it on in the background and any action will be reported.


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FOTH is over, Dick, Zack, Mike and Dustin in round room, talking about tonights live broadcast. Now Jen and talk of her bikini's and her desire to do girls gone wild.

Now talk of the camera's and the night vision cams. Jess has arrived to get ready for the live show.

Danielle chillin with the boys resting up for the live show. Talk of putting on secret messages on their clothes, like Jim Mc Mann did with the Bears back in the 1980's

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