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July 12, Live Feed Updates

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Appears that this season might have it's new game in the same vein as duckball and coasters. Dick has frozen a large puck from water (looks like he might have used the slop bucket, it's a good 12 inches in diameter) and the object of the game is to slide the puck on the astroturf using the pool broom and have it end up on the giant checkerboard where the chess pieces previously were (they've been cleared off for this game). The closer to the center of the board the more points you score. Max score is 5 and it decreases for each square closer to the edge. The game ends when someone gets 50 points. Nick, Zach and Dick play the first game. Unsurprisingly, Nick wins the first attempt at the game. Mike, Jen and Zach are playing in game 2 and it looks like they're going to try to do a tournament with this tonight but that really depends on how long the puck stays in one large piece.

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10:25 BBT

Eric on Jen in the hammock. Eric telling Jen that if she is up next week hopefully a pawn like Joe or Nick will be up against her and they can work it so the pawn goes home. He doesn't want it to be Kail or himself.

Eric counting votes that are on their side and then talk turns to ideal order of evictions. They both want Daniele or Nick to go soon.

Eric talked with Dustin about the "cool kids" (Dani and Nick) excluding most of the house and bonding with a small group, says that is dumb game play.

He tells Jen he considers her smart, she considers everyone smart or they wouldn't be in the house.

They have both written Carol off since she was talking about losing in August from the moment she came into the house.

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Dustin and Mike by the tether ball speculating about a quick double eviction week.

They discuss questions they were asked earlier in the DR and certain things the producers asked Carol that Dustin hadn't even thought about.

Talk turns to eating or not eating after a workout. Dustin begins lifting weights. Conversation slows, speculation about the pace of the game picking up after Kails long HoH reign.

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10:40 BBT

Meanwhile back in the bedroom. Zach, Nick, Joe having a conversation of no consequence.

Dani enters with a bowl of ice cream and cookies, Zach sits on Joe to crack his back. Nick says boy we have a lot of homosexual connotation in here.

Jameka enters with a plate of ice cream and cookies.

Camera switches to kitchen with Dick and Amber.

No real conversation, Dick lets out a good belch. Dick teases Amber about her duck walk. They discuss Kail not being safe anymore after tomorrow. They say Kail never answers any questions, no matter how inconsequential.

He tells Amber to never mention again how obsessed Dick is with Dr. Will, feels it calls attention to him being a fan and knowing the game.

Dick visited Kail in the HoH and she asked him if she is on his radar. His answer: Fuck you, you don't tell me anything why should I tell you.

They feel Kail is only close to Mike and Jen and has made herself vunerable, that she made herself a target by not talking to anyone.

Dick has to explain "The Graduate" to Amber who doesn't understand why Kail is called Mrs. Robinson and why Dick and Joe whistle the "Here's to you Mrs. Robinson" song.

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BBT 10:49 Amber warns Dick to be careful what you tell her. She's close to Mike Jen and That's it. She makes herself a target by not talking to anybody [Maybe Kail??]

Dicks says it's pain in the ass for a couplesecopunds on the air. Dick tells Amber "Mrs Robinson" Amber doesn't know what that means. He explains "THe Graduate" Older women and younger man. Starts singing the song when Amber asked how it went.. and we get FOTH

Amber and Dani in kitchen..Dani doing the dishes a lot of Convos.

Amber asks Jameka what she's doing and Jameka tells her that she's brushing her teeth.

Amber and Eric talking while doing the dishes talking about Amber feeling him up as Eric refered his pecs as tits. Saying he could have got a penalty nom on her. Kidding around

Eric reminding Amber of all the nice comments he said to her. She tells him he's sweet and her and Jess pick on him for fun. Eric tells her people tell him he's getting obnoxious and if becomes over the top to let him know. She asks if she's obnoxios and Eric says "not at all"

Eric said he was concerned by other looks on people face when he talks about things.

Asks Amber if she's excited for tomorrow. She says ya.

Amber hopes she gets HOH. Jokes about her eviction and Amber tells him don't joke around. Amber said her HOH room will be slumber party central.

Eric exits and Mike comes in. Amber says "Hey YOU" where you been. Mike tells her he's been watching Dustin lift.

Eric back with Jameka Jameka commenting how Mike eats healthy like eating eggs without the yolks.

Jemekka off to bed and ask Eric if he's ready for pillow talk.

Eric tells Amber if his stories are really funny or interesting since they don't know the people involved.

Eric asks if she nervous about her last night in Kail's HOH. Jen says no "It's not my last"

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11:00 pm BBT

Eric and Amber having pleasant conversation in the kitchen, he wants her to tell him if he becomes annoying like some other people in the house. Hard to hear because she is washing dishes at the time.

Jessica wanders in and out, shows Joe her painted toe nails. Mike comes in to make an omelet.

Bed time rituals being performed in bathroom; Jen, Carol, Jessica, Dustin. Joe asks Dustin to help with hair removal tomorrow on his face, then his crotch. Dustin get offended and walks out.

No one is really talking with Carol, who looks like dead man walking around the house.

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11:03 BBT

Mike cooking his Eggs him and Eric talking about the bags under their eyes. Eric says he can sllep 20 hrs and still have bags and still dresses like an idiot. Mike knocks over the teappot on the stove and "scared the shit" out of Eric.

Eric cleans the mess and Mike says thanks as he just watches.

Silence as we get nice closeup of Mike's egg white omlet.

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11:07 BBT

Eric and Jess talking in the background. Dick asks Mike what he has going on

Mike tells him an omlet.

Looks like everyone has ditched Mike as no one is around.

Camer switches to Amber in the shower stall.

Mike at the bar eating all alone.

Dick outside and Dick talking to himself "Mike kail and Jen..the Trio ..gotta go..everyone seems to be down..ha ha . Jen please roll up you tampons before throwing them in the trash" laughs to himself "jen says it will ruin my life if I win this game..what the fuck are you doing here...you need a brain duche or labotomy"

BB says something Dick mocks and says "amber quit walking like a duck and wearing boys clothes"

Dick says what's up with ERic he seems to be keeping his mouth shut. Huge mistake for trying to call him and out Daniele. "surprised he hasn't blown that" "need daniele to get in Zach's good graces need him a little around longer" he than says he needs to go since he's wierding the girls out. "one princess gone tomorrow" "focus focus focus"

"that shit talking zach did about daniele is no bueno"

" Mike's quiet but has a lot going on" he isn't dumb as he comes off. talks about Mike going next week and leaving Kail in the wind with Jen and watch her scramble. [that was interesting]

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11:22 BBT Dick has joined Dustin in the bathroom telling him that tonight's going to be a long night with everyone going to bed early. Dustin said there's HOH tomorrow and rehearsals...Dick says that he'll be wide awake for tomorrow. Dustin asks if he wants to join him outside when he's done.

Dick says he requested more nerf balls for golfing. Dick talks about wierd palces his hair grows..like in his ears. Dick says sometmes he gets "the old man bush" on the nubs in the ear. Dustin says he's the harriest guy in the house. Dick says having pubes when you sit down is like sitting on a pin cushion.

Dick said when I took that nap if feels like I was drugged with all the cameras zooming.

They go outside. Dick name dropping again with the band "suicidal tendacies"

Dustin says he doesn't believe Mike and Kail has something going. Dick says they are since they try too hard avoid each other and caught them in the bathrrom and when she doesn't talk to anybody excet when she talks to Mike she's giggly. He's positive that Mike Kail and Jen are together and that those three votes can swing the next vote. Dick says he told Amber that he needs to put up Kail and Jen. Dick says that he doesn't want Mike or Jen to get HOH he'll get put up.

Dick says he'd like to Mike to be gone the most outta them.

Dustin talks turns to his bowel movements that that he's "pooping a lot"

Dustin working out. Dick tells him Eric he's worried about "he just wigs out" Dustin says he likes Eric but he's "just a paranoid person"

Talks about everyone hating Jen.Dick says "how does she get through life" she's a real person.

Eric comes out...Saying Dustin s Mikey in training. Eric says it smells horrendous out here is there dog shit out here" Dick says he doesn't smell anything.

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11: 38 BBT Joe and Dustin talking Joe telling him Nick is so dreaming and that he can't touch him for more than 30 seconds "without getting strung"

Joe says he'll win HOH. Dustin says he needs to start solidifing and start palaying the game.

Asks about what deal he made Zach to get him to change his vote. Joe sais Zach is a very shaddy person or you are he tells Dustin "he's one to watch" or becareful to be around.

Dustin ask if he told Zach that he told him if he changed his vote to Amber he said yes he did. tells him how he talk to Amber. Joe say there were the numbers to save Carol had each person followed through with it.

Talk about the bad cancer joke at dinner. Joe said he screeched. Joe said dinner was so fun. "a lot of people showed a lot of things at dinner" Dustin says Jameka has it all mapped out[the money] ..joe says she's nuts.

Dick and Eric in the tea cup. Eric said he doesn't like these ackward convos of putting people on the spot.

Dick tells Eric and dustin the spinning on the teacup gives him a headache.

Dick says that Dustin is a good guy to have around since he wouldn't put up. Eric says you never know because he really wouldn't know who they would put up.

Eric tell Dick he thinks that they are the least likiest HG to get intimidated by the others.

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11:55 BBT

Dick and Eric still talking in the tea cups saying if the hoh is knocking off people off the stool. Dick said that he would throw it so hard he would break Jens legs..kidding around.

A lot of repetive talk who should go..Mike Kail and Jen,

Eric says "I really don't see Jen as a threat but more a pain in the ass" Eric says she'' try to get Daniele out and Dick says exactly.

Eric talking about people saying why people call people out because thay talk to everybody [Jameka] He say do you have to play the game hating people.

Dick says he knows he wants Zach out. Eric say he just doesn't know what he's doing.

Eric says he doesn't play the rumor game. Dick wonders how he got involved with it. Dick wonders if producers would step in if a rumor is such a blantant lie.

Eric still upset Carol told everyone she had his vote when she didn't.

Eric says that he would protwct Dani. Dick says that her and Jess princess acts aren't going over well.

Eric says that Jess and Dani need to becareful about their insults to people.

Leave the cup to the couch...

Jameka pops her head out for a few secs..then goes to bed.

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12:06 BBT

Eric and Dick just going on about HG

Eric talking shit about Jessica and the way she talks and her talking to the sun "hello sun" and her shirt "i don't work and clean"

Jen bashing again.

Eric says it will be 9-2 for a Carol eviction......FOTH

Feeds back...

Still talking about the vote.

Jen talk again about her being a finalist in season 5 and semi finalist in season 6

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12:13 BBT Amber and Jamekka talking about Zach saying he's two faced.

Amber talks about her and Dustin talk all the time and Zack told people that Dustin said that Danile is using Nick. Amber says that he never said that since he tells he everything.

Jameka just hum hum hum hum saying .

Talks turn to Zach trying cause trouble between him and Joe.

Dustin says to Jameka becareful of Joe too as well as zach.

They go to the bathroom since they can't be heard.

Amber telling Jameka how Joe told her he had a bond with her. She says he called him out for making alliances with everyone.

Dustin tells them about his convo with Joe and that he's paranoid. Amber says that Zach anf Joe are floaters. Jameka say Zach says nothing to her and he enters a room and she's invisible and that she doesn't trust him at all. Between him and Mike nothing at all she tries to engage with them and nothing.


Back and the conversation keeps going on about Zach and Joe. Dustin said he started to doubt himself and then goes into the Zach and Joe Carol vote switch. He also tells Dustin that he doesn't meed to put him up since cards are starting to work in his favor. Dustin says Joe knows about the deal.[?] Amber says she didn't say anything to Zach. Jameka say that everyone else she is good with.

Amber talking that she has to get HOH. Two face talk again

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12:30 BBT amber just said Kail and Mike are sneaky as fuck and that Zach and them need to go first before Jen "I can wait on Jen"

They hear something and they all scatter

Amber says "Joe is trying to play you and me so bad" to Dustin

Dustin "I can't trust him"

Amber tells Jameka that she her Dustin and Nick and Daniele "who came later in the week" have nothing to worry about and that they are safe.

Jameka said her heart is in the game to do it the right way and that you don't have to be two faced.

Jameka may put up Joe if she gets HOH.

Amber says Kail is a mess since she's afraid she's getting put up.

"this is the first fucking week" can you imagine Amber tells Jameka.

Amber say "zack is a fucking floater and floaters never make it in the game"

Amber says that everything she hears about jameka she will tell her.

Amber heads to the couch Jameka goes outside

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12:36 BBT Outside Jameka Dustin and Eric and Dick outside talking about Dustin lactose intolerence and the silk milk that dick says no one drinks.

Dick tells them about cocaine was like candy from his era of the 80's. Jameka said he used the stuff over the crack.

Amber comes out.

Jameka asks about the cocaine parties if everyone chips in. Dick says that usually at a mansion wher it is provided by the host or a drug dealers there

Amber talking about Zach and Dustin making fun of Dick when he talks about game he shakes his foot.

Jameka say the Chen Bat is going to come back

Dustin says he can't wait for her birthday. Jameka walks over to the otherside of the yard to make a smelly ass fart. She blames the ice cream and we get foth

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12:45 BBT Dick is worried that tomorrow will be an all day lock down and won't be able to smoke.

Jen walks out to get her laundry. Talks about her panties.

Laughing about Mike is over domestic. He cooks , cleans and srubs toilets Dick says he told mike "that your're gonna make someone a great wife" Jameka said "Wife?" and Dick said Yes

Jen heads back to bed.

Eric comes out. Dick asks if it's safe to use the bathroom after Erc.. he ask has it "cooled down"

Dustin said he's never known a 44 year old man who still laughs at his own farts. Dick say it's funny "farting is funny when your little and when your old"

Jameka asks Dick if he brought any underwear, Dick said he never does and that he hasn't worn dress slacks in years.

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1:03 BBT

Jameeka Dustin Amber Eric still talking.

Dick said that when Him Jess and Dustin were blid folded thaey were told to take it off and meet their House mates"

BB didn't like it and we got FOTH with Trivia for a couple mins.

Amber telling her shitting all over herself hospital story. [it's the 100th time and still disgusting to hear it]

Now she's talking abouty sharting. They're just being gross talking about shitting in their pants story.[spare you all the gross details]

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1:16 BBT if the vote comes out 9-2 than Dick said it was Jen and Mike voting for Carol futher proof that they're in an alliance. Jameka said why would she do that.

Whistling and we get foth.

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1:27 BBT

Looks like things are winding down and people going to bed. Amber asked Dick if Kails scared. Dick said she's shitting her pants.

Dick he's fine staying by himself and sends Amber to bed.

Dick covering the hot tub and cleaning up. Looks like the evening is coming to an end and I'm out til tomorrow....

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Dick in BY talking to Himself about the Different possibilities for who would do what, if they where to get HoH. He admits out loud that Him and Daniele are working together. Sounds like he thinks Jemica would be a Good HoH choice. Evil keeps saying Mike is the Brains of the Kail, Mike, Jenn Gang . Dick can't figure out why Kail choose Jen to team up with.

Sorry about butchering Jameka's name

Dick admits He talks out loud at night, when by Himself, because when he used to watch the Late night Feeds, He always wondered what the F*** they where thinking.

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