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July 12, Live Feed Updates

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Danielle, Nick and Joe talking in the kitchen, asked Zack who "Tom" from his wristband, and he said that Tom was the guy who started myspace.

Nick said that Joe was the next Danielle Steele except he is gay, and talk about putting his "hot dog' into someone's else 'bun"

Kail, and Carol are all dolled up and Kail said "let's get this show on the road" and Dick reminded her that they still have an hour to go.

Jameka thinks that they should have a day that they can "hobo" it, and Dick said he has not heard that word in many years.

Joe and Dustin rehearsing how they are going to say "hi Julie' without sounding flaming...

Dick in kitchen cooking bacon, he will get ready for the live show later, (by putting on a clean shirt)

Danielle practicing nomination speech, "Joe, I nominate you for having really big nipples" My nominations are based on purely physical appearance.

Discussion with Mike about whether or not to wear his suit jacket for the live feed.

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Nick said that he has gotten dressed for the live broadcast, he is wearing his ripped jeans. :animated_shocking:

Dustin thinking about who Jen will talk to, Danielle thinks that Julie will talk to Kail, both nominees and the twist members.

Talk goes to the blog that kail wrote as HOH and she said she had never seen a blog before, and did not know what one was. Dustin and Joe talking about how many people in the house have myspace pages.

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Danielle is doing Nick's finger nails getting him ready for the live show!

Kail asked if they will tell us when the commercial breaks are. They asked Carol if she was going to act out if/when she gets voted out tonight.

She has thought about it. Talk about how Marcellas just walked out, no hugs, or good byes.

Carol said that after the vote, if you want a hug you have to come to me, before I walk out the door.

Dick still offering people some bacon from his dinner, now going down his throat.

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girls putting on makeup in the mirror, HGs complimenting one another on their outfit choices, Jen tapping her feet.

Mike in a blusih grayish shirt and glances in the mirror.Dustin says everyone is so on edge right now and they need to relax.

Jen in a pink shirt... some chit chat in the bathroom.

feed switch to Kitchen where nick is enjoying a beverage at the kitchen table with Joe, Kail and Jessica. Laughter all around in the kitchen. Zach, Eric and Dick are also at the table. Kail/Eric discuss chinese food.

Male HG: so who were the first 4 in the door?

Eric: Don't know, I was in the last group.

they are now discussing in the kitchen the #'s, 4/3/4 and who was in which group.

someone commenting about how now Kail gets to experience sleeping with all the others. Experience dick's snoring, grinding teeth and swearing.

Kail: do you talk in your sleep. I'm gonna ask you a whole bunch of questions.

Dick: go ahead... I don't make sense when I'm awake why would I make sense when I'm asleep.

Jessica loves forever 21. (the store)

some HGs asking how long they have left to get ready.

Dick: 4:28.. you have 15 minutes.

Eric wishes they could see the episode.

Jessica says they'll know what was on the episode by the questions Julie asks. For example, if Dick is asked "so we hear you stay up until 7 AM every morning" then they (us.. the viewers) were just shown a clip of that.

The HGs are waiting for them to say "places please."

Theyre saying it's 2 minutes until "line up time."

Eric making fun of Julie Chen's roboticness.

you can hear joe through the house "10 MINUTES!!!"

Jess and Eric are discussing how long they will be sitting around while we (the viewers) watch old clips.

Jess inquires whether it's an hr show or a 1/2 hr. Eric tells her it's an hour.

All 4 feeds on Eric and Jess in the kitchen alone.

You can hear Joe saying "shes a robot!"

Eric declares that he is hungry.

Jessica is eating.

J: I need to go brush my teeth now.

E: yeah you do. it has nothing to do with the peanuts.

J: shut up.

All 4 feeds on Eric drinking a drink, but we can hear Jessica brushing her teeth. Eric randomly just started laughing to himself for a second.

Jessica reapplying lipgloss in the bathroom, Amber doing finishing touches on her hair.

Now all 4 feeds on Jessica primping her hair.

BB: JESSICA...please center your microphone.

HGs taking their spots on the couch, but we have no more audio...

audio back.... HGs all on their spots on the couches.

Amber joking around when Julie says "Hey nominees" Amber wants to say : haaay girl.

All HGs discussing Julie around the couches.

Jameka: all I know is they haven't said anything

dustin: about what?

FOTH at 4:45 BBT


Joe: I bet that's the camera we look into tonight.

FOTH again

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Strange indeed. About 20 minutes ago I had quad feed going and it briefly showed Jameka getting help from Zach on removing her mic wire from under her bra, then quad switched to trivia, and has been that way ever since.

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My quad came back & I tried to go to feed 4. When I switched... there are TV commercials running. Switched back quad & have feeds.

Now Quad & Feeds 1-3 are Foth, Feed 4 is running KIROTV News.

6:45PM BBT

Feeds back to Jen saying someone was bringing her down & FOTH :furious:

Feeds back. Dick, Amber, Joe in bigroom. Dick says silver lining is that Jen won't be sleeping with them. Nick comes in. Dick says she will nom him & Dani. Joe thinks he is in danger.

Nick & Dani in tinyroom saying it is going to be a long week. (UGH) They are whispering.

6:54PM BBT

Nick & Dani go back to bigroom. They say the teacup question was really shistey & that it was set up with one person in mind & there were 2 right answers, just in case.

Kail comes in & says Jen invited her to stay in the HOH this week & she wonders if she will get the same side of the HOH bed. Jen comes in. Eric says they were kidding Dick for getting into a fight with her 10 min before she won HOH.

Dick: It wasn't a fight. I was just lettin her know that she was very inconsiderate & has been every since she has been here.

Jen: Well now we don't have the problem.

Dick: No but it's doesn't change how inconsiderate you are even though everyone won't tell you to your face like I will.

Dick says thank you & good night as he walks out of the room. Jen says she wasn't thinking about nom him but now she might since she needs to watch her back with him.

Jen goes thru her "why I didn't vote for you" schpeel to Amber again. Dani is being nice to Jen. Jen's goal is to stay in the HOH room the whole time. Jen says she was looking forward to sleeping downstairs until Dick yelled at her. Dani says she knows how she feels because her dad talks to her like that & she hasn't talked to him in 2 years (thanks for the newsflash) & that's the way he has treated her for her entire life. Jen says when Dick got mad at her BB had just told them to get up so she doesn't know why he got mad at her.

7:13PM BBT

Dani gives Amber her UGG boots to wear (UGH). HG come & go thru the tinyroom making chit chat. Eric (referring to the HOH comp questions) say "do the majority of you think that Eric is Jewish"? yeses & noes. Jessica says that Eric doesn't act like a Jew.

Dick & Amber in the roundroom whispering something about how she was trying to be sneaky but he called her out bitch.

7:20PM BBT

Dinner is in 15 minutes.

7:20PM BBT

Dinner is in 15 minutes.

Dick :smoke: Nick, Dani, Kail, Eric in the BY. Dick says they made the miles (Marlboro) illegal so they don't do them anymore. They made smoking enticing. Kail comments that she is gonna looove not being HOH anymore.

Many HG in the kitchen making dinner. Dani comes in wearing a fur collar sweater (It is July in Southern California isn't it?)

In the BY, Dick thinks he will be nom. Joe says no one but Kail & Mike are safe. Eric says it now seems regrettable somehow that he went off about Jen every chance he got for the past few days. They laugh. Dick says anything can happen. Dick keeps blowing spit while he is sitting on the sofa (there's no way it is clearing the sofa) They begin rehashing the HOH comp. Dustin says there is no way 9 (GAL) would have come to mind. Joe says he's no longer America's favorite after saying Dustin's nice smile was only on the surface.

7:37PM BBT

Nick comes out & says he knows Jen is gonna corner him & try to make him talk to her. He tells them Jen said she wasn't gonna nom Dick but she is now because of what happened earlier. She says Dick said he was coming after her. Nick said he was trying to think who she would have nom before & Dustin says Jen was prob walking around with the 2 marbles in her head thinking she would put one (marble) up. Nick says he heard rumors that she was gonna put up 2 guys. Dick says regardless of today he would have gone up anyway. Nick (jokingly) says he thinks they should put the 2 man-fuckers up. They are trying to figure out the schedule for this week. Dustin says in the HOH handbook it says the noms are on Friday as they are now on a regular schedule. They head inside for dinner.

7:46PM BBT

Dinner is served.

(I'm out for a bit)

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Jen, Kail, Dani, Amber and Joe are in the Big Beds bedroom and are all chatting about various things. Joe is laying across the bed. Jen said something about asking for something in the DR and BB saying they would get back to her and never answering her.

Dick, Jameka, Eric, Dustin, Jessica, Mike and Nick are in the kitchen chatting and cooking. They were saying how bored they were today, and how they had 1 hour of excitement. Eric said maybe Thursdays aren't going to be so boring afterall. FOTH

Wow, they came back for a second and it showed Dustin had moved into the room with Jen, Kail and crew (still in there talking) and he said something about "They said she went in the diary room and said she wanted to leave" and then it FOTH

Back...6:47 BBT

Dick is now in the room talking to Amber and Joe is still in there talking to them. They are discussing the HOH competition.

Dani, Kail, and Jen have moved to the kitchen where they are talking to everyone about general BB stuff, like DR questions they were asked and Jen is rambling on about Bikini's and some drink she wants from Whole Foods.

Nick and Dani are now standing next to Dani's bed and whispering, I can't make out what they are talking about.

6:58 BBT

Most of the HG's are in the big bedroom now all chatting.

Jen and Jessica are at the kitchen bar talking and Jameka, Zach and Mike(?) are by the stove cooking and washing dishes.

The HG's keep bouncing back and forth between the two rooms. Kail is in the big bed bedroom talking about Survior and how that show works with Jen, Amber and Dani. They are teasing each other about who Jen is going to nominate.

Nick and Dick go to backyard to talk and relax.

Jen is apologizing to Amber for voting for her and now FOTH

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Jen just said Julie asked her that question because Jen was the only one who voted for her. There is your confirmation. : )

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7:30 BBT: Nick comes outside where Dick, Joe, and Dustin are all sitting and said that Jen told him if he better pay attention to her this week... They go on to say that they had all heard that Jen said she was going to nominate two guys... Nick says that's before Dick entered the radar... Dick said take this whole week out and I still would be going on the block...

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8:00 BBT: Daniele, Dick, and Joe outside talking about the nominations... Joe says he's not worried as he was last week...

Daniele says she doesn't wanna go up because of personal issues... She says she might go up because Jen is jealous of her and Nick...

Dick says he's going up and there's nothing to do done about it...

Dick walks inside and Daniele asks Joe if she's up against her dad would they vote to keep her... Joe said of course...

Dick returns and talk turns to the HoH comp and Daniele asks if they believe that there were two numbers for the tie breaker... Dick and Joe both say yes of course...

Daniele says like if Jen wasn't in it it would've been the real number...

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8:13 BBT: A plane of some sort flys over and beeps a horn or something... They all look up and say it's the police... They are coming to take Jen away because americas mad... Joe says that he's no longer americas favorite because of his answer about Dustin...

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8:26 Talk is about Carol and how happy she is to be out of the house...

They all say they are glad that the week is over...

(Nothing really going on...)


8:28 We return to Eric and Dick talking... Joe saying he thought he had won because Julie was saying J and then she said Jen and he was shocked...

8:36 Nick and Joe are talking about Joes nipples and how big they are... Nick says they are at least 4 times bigger than his...

Joe walks into the kitchen and says someone put a tampon in his shorts...

Everyone laughs...

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8:40 BBT: Jen is getting her HoH room and is making sure everyone is there... Dick is smoking and refuses to go see it... Jen remarks how weird that is...

Jen is once again upset about her pictures... She says she is upset that her family sent these pictures...

She got nutter butters and sleeping thing like ear plugs and eye mask, some lotion and some kind of drink that she said she would share if she got more than one bottle... She got a U2 CD...

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