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July 11, Live Feed Updates

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Back yard 11:38 BBT Showtime

Joe says it will be interesting tomorrow since they will be unable to talk after the vote

Dustin and Zach are in the teacup.

Dick outside now [amazing how this guy jumps from one spot to another] Dick tells Amber for tums. Dicks says it from the Taco salad.

Dustin tells Zack that Joe is going for Jen and not him. He tells him he wants Pink[jen] gone. He tells Zach that Joe will put up him and Jen. Zach warns that him that if he goes up with Jen it may be close since ghe's a stronger palyer.

Dustin wants to know Zach's proposition. They are talking colors if Red wins HOH she is putting green up.

In the bedroom Daniele and Jess talking at the end of convo.

Back to BY. Dustin tells Zach he is not playing this game on a personal level rather than a vendetta. He tells him he would let someone else put Green {Joe} up but Zach says if he wins POV would he backdoor him and Dustin says yes.

Zach says he will put up Joe staright up. Zach says he wants to make sure he has enough votes to evict Carol I think.

Zach says he will never throw an HOH "i'm too much of a gamer to do that"

White Black "Love birds" Balck with red hair and Jameka and with Zach they have 7 votes.. Zach says find out who red has? Then Blue doesn't care. [confused..I sure am] Obviously they are talking in codes and I'm completely lost

Zach tells him he doesn't go back on his word. Red made him an offer thatwas pretty good. Zach says he has a better chance with him and Amber than withn Red [Carol]. Blue[Amber I think] came up quicker and played the game longer

Zach tells joe he's immature "mabe he needs to get his ass kicked by a straight guy" joe basically tells him many tried and failed.

Dustin says it won't be hard to get rid of him Zach says "not at all"

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12:00 Midnight Zach wonders why White and Green don't talk. Dustin says people in the house know "loyalty" and wrath and Zach say "like me"

Zach wonders if the love birds are in with the plan for the long haul... Dustin says the female part is better at the game and are probably in it for the week.

Dustin sidetracked with someone else.

Both doing lame impressions.

Jen comes over and and now the convo ends.......

Jen decides she doesn't like nail polish and dustin woinders how she came across this decision.

lame "loin" impressions

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Okay I think I have the colors figured out from Dustin and Zach's strategizing.

Carol = Red

Joe = Green

Dustin = White

Dick = Black (There was some confusion between the two of them when assigning colors but they worked it out this way)

Amber = Blue

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12:11 BBT

Carol tries to prd Eric into talking to him. Carol tells him she has a lot of secures and Eric asks "are you sure" ans she says yes and tells her that it sound promising.

Dustin tells her "I'm not trying to think about it" He said he thought about her earlier but stopped when Amber was plowed in the face with the tetherball courtesy of Dustin.

Joe is double talking and not giving Carol an answer. Eric says "let everybody be nervous" Carol says she doesn't want to be nervous. Eric started talking about he wasn't happy with Amber when my feed switched

In bedroomJoe Jameka Jess Nick Daniele talking about Dustin putting up Jen Kail. They said they are the Mafia since he told dustin he would kill him if he puts him up. Actually Jameka came up with the mafia alliance M-A-F-I-A and Daniele says each one of them each start a seperate secret alliance with Eric. Jameka said she's out since he's only has said a few words to him. Someone said that Eric is calling him the new Jen.

Joe is asking for trust and says that 5 together can get very far. Joe now call them "The Velvet Mafia"

Joe says one of them has to win HOH. Joe says that his heart changes about Carol and will keep Amber. Start talking the song Rock Lobster and no FOTH..

Looks like Nick is in his second Alliance.

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Amber tells Mike that she loves that shirt on him, and green is his color. She asks if anyone has told him that before, because of his eyes, and he thanks her.

Mike leaves. Dustin and Amber are alone and she tells him that she has five for sure votes, and he says she needs that sixth one.

Amber: Zach is the sixth. Hopefully he sticks to his word.

Dustin: Do you have Joe for sure?

Amber: No.

Dustin: Okay. Good.

They count their votes. Amber thinks she has it if she has Joe. They call him over.

Dustin asks if he has to get hit in the face with a ball to get some attention (from Dustin)??

Amber: Joe, seriously, sit down for a second.

Joe: Everyone is questioning me about my vote!

Amber; Joe, you have to vote for me. You don't understand!! (Whining)

Joe: I know. I don't know why we are even having this conversation. I just can't wait until the vote goes down--it's as simple as that!

Amber: She's fucking going around making deals with people!

Joe: I know! I spoke to you from my heart.

Joe says it will make him sad when he hugs Carol and she realizes he didn't vote for her.

Amber says that she is afraid Eric is voting for her, and Joe says she doesn't have Eric.

Amber: Jessica is voting for her!

Joe: No, she's not. I give you my word. I'm positive.

Dustin wonders whether it is possible that Carol is going around telling people that she has certain people voting for her, when she really doesn't, and that could make others vote for her, too!

Joe again asks who the four votes are that they think she has, but they won't answer him.

He says that he thinks it is smart, the way they are making sure, but he spoke to her and told her what he wanted to say and they will see when the vote goes down.

Joe: I better be the first motherfucker you hug.

They say that Joe didn't promise, though. He says he doesn't need to promise--they will see without a promise he is a man of his word.

She says she is so nervous, though!

He says that is good--the person who is not nervous is always the one who goes home.

(Amber just gagged loudly in my ear--ed)

Joe: But, I'm not going to lie. I learned something from you (Dustin).

Dustin: I don't even want to hear it.

Joe: I want Dustin to realize I am to be trusted in this game. That's all I really want.

Joe says that they will see when the vote happens.

Amber says she hopes so.

Amber is afraid that some people are just telling her they are voting for her, but are lying. Joe says that she should still prepare to go, though.

Joe tells Nick that he is straight-up telling Nick that he is voting for Amber to stay. He says that he doesn't want Nick to question him in that.

Nick says he didn't question him!

He asks if Nick is voting for Amber to stay, and Nick says yes.

Joe says that Jessica is constantly being cornered by Carol, but she isn't voting for her.

Nick: She was talking shit today. Did you hear about this? (This is about Amber)

Nick was going to do #2 and would be loud, so he went upstairs, and Mike and Kail were talking. He went upstairs and when he came down, Amber called him a fucking traitor.

She says he was joking.

He says she wasn't joking at first.

Nick: You questioned your faith!

Very long FOTH!

Okay, this is a mind-boggling code talk that I am trying to decipher. Here is what I think I know:

Blue - Amber

White - Dustin

Pink - Jen

Black - Dick

Lovebirds - Dani and Nick

Green - Joe

Red-- Carol

Dustin and Zach are in the teacup.

Dustin says "From the horses mouth!"

Dustin says "He is in love with me."

Dustin says that "He wants pink gone. So, he will put up me and pink." (This is Joe who wants Jen gone, so he will put up Jen and Dustin if he gets HOH--ed)

Zach says that if it is between Dustin and Pink (Jen), it will be a close vote. Dustin agrees. Zach says that some people might take out white (Dustin) instead of pink (Jen).

Zach says white is stronger. People can stand Pink (Jen).

Dustin says some people can't stand pink (Jen).

Dustin: Amber said if she wins HOH, she is putting green (Joe) up.

Dustin says she doesn't trust green (Joe). Zach says that is the thing--Green is not a trustable person.

Zach says if he wins HOH, he will probably put green (Joe) up.

Dustin says that is a best case scenario--if he puts green (Joe) up, then it is seen as a personal vendetta.

Zach counters and says that if green is trying to get white out, then white should put up green. But Dustin says that it is better if someone else does it, and the only way Dustin is willing to put up green (Joe) is if they backdoor him, so they are sure he is gone.

Dustin says he is willing to backdoor.

Zach: I just need to know that I have the votes from you and Amber if I do that.

Dustin says that is a guarantee.

Now we hear what is "straight from the horses mouth" -- Joe has said that he (Joe) is "building an army to throw HOH to him."

Zach says that proves green (Joe) wants to get him out, then.

Zach says that he would never throw a comp., so he isn't throwing anything to anyone.

Zach: You have white and black. Right?

Dustin: Yes. I have to think for a second.

Zach: Do you have black with a pink tip (Dick)?

Dustin: I have black, white (this is confusing to me, as I think white is Dustin, himself--ed), I have lovebirds. I have green (Joe). And Black with red accents. The smoker.

Zach: (Realizing that Dustin is naming two "blacks") Well, who did you think was black?

Dustin: Jameka.

Zach laughs and says she isn't "black." That was too obvious.

Dustin: I thought, he's really going to go there!

Zach: I know who red (Carol) has.

Dustin: I can only imagine who red has.

Zack: Pink (Jen), because blue (Amber) never talked to pink (Jen). And that's her fault.

Dustin: Blue (Amber) doesn't care.

Zach: I know. She also has, so she thinks, green (Joe).

Dustin: That's so she thinks. But, green (Joe) and blue (Amber) struck a deal. But it's not the deal that you think. Because the deal you told me yesterday...

Zach: (Sharply says) So what is the deal between blue (Amber) and green (Joe)?

Zach: If that's safety, I can't condone that.

Dustin: No, because she would never negotiate safety without my go ahead.

Zach: I just want you to know that red (Carol) gave me a pretty good offer. And that's just an offer that, although it seems like a great choice, I am now willing to help a losing cause. Not because of this. I'm not willing to aid on a side that I feel in the long term will do me nothing. I think I have a better chance in being friends with you and Amber. (Zach corrects himself as he meant to continue the stupid code talk--ed) I mean blue--Goddammnit--blue!

Dustin: It took red (Carol) a good five days to get in the game and make an offer. Whereas blue (Amber) came boldface and said it--you gave her an offer and we accepted. There's long-term strategy and then there is short-term brownnosing.

Zach: Um-hum. Red (Carol) is trying is trying to persuade me into persuading the lovebirds to go against blue (Amber).

Dustin: That won't happen. The lovebirds are solid.

Dustin: But as far as...

At this point, Joe walks by and interrupts, insulting Dustin:

Joe: remember what I said! don't trust him as far as you can throw him. Hey, we spread disease! Disease was spread.

Zach: Dude, I want to teach you some manners. I know you are 23, but maybe you need to get your ass kicked by a straight guy.

Joe; Plenty have tried, and many have failed.

Joe leaves.

Dustin asks if Zach talks to the current HOH about game? He says yes, he did when he was trying not to get on the block. Dustin asks if he still does. He says not so much--why? Dustin says he was just wondering.

Zach says that he doesn't put his final choice out to anyone--no one knows. He wants to know if Dustin wants him to try to persuade Kail?

Dustin says no, because he is pretty sure red (Carol) has her.

Dustin says he had immunity this week, and Kail still came to him and asked what she should do.

Dustin: She's very maternal and omnicient.

Zack: I see that with Black (Dick), as well.

Dustin: Black (Dick) is more involved, whereas she is more reserved. As far as interaction levels, conversation levels.

Zach: Well, she's not discreet, if that is what you mean.

Dustin: You don't think so?

Zach: Fuck no. But maybe I'm just lucky to be in the position I'm in.

Dustin agrees. He says he's never heard Kail talk game. (By the way--he never says the name "Kail." He just says "She" and "Her" and "current HOH")

Dustin: So, if you win HOH?

Zach: That's the person I feel most threatened by in the game. (Green--Joe)

Dustin: Interesting. I wouldn't think you were a person to be threatened by someone like him.

Zach says that he's caught him (Joe) in too much BS.

Dustin: He sparks the seed of deceit in everybody.

Zach says that he will self destruct, and neither side needs someone like that in the house.

Zach says that he has to "empower and trust" Dustin, as Dustin is the one who knows Joe.

Dustin: Absolutely!

(This is completely said in code. I hope someone got it copied on the feeds)

Zach: I have to believe that white (Dustin) and green (Joe) don't talk about what I'm talking about.

Dustin: No. I speak to him..

Zach: Because if that gets back to me...

Dustin: There are people in this house who know loyalty, know wrath, and also know when there is mutual benefit.

Zach: Sure.

Zach: Are the lovebirds siding with you for this instance?

Dustin: On going against green (Joe), or voting to keep blue (Amber) in this house? Voting to keep blue (Amber) in this house, the lovebirds are in.

Zach: Is that just for this week, or is that something that will be permanent. Are they doing that for mutual gain?

Dustin: No, that is just for this week. I feel the female version of the lovebirds (Dani) has a brighter head than the male version of the lovebirds (Nick).

Dustin says she (Dani) has come to him about certain aspects of the game. But he feels that one side of the lovebirds could be swayed by green when the time comes to get green (Joe) out.

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(In the freaking FOREVER it has taken me to translate the above code, lots has happened. --ed)

In the small bedroom, Joe, Jameka, Jess and Nick & Dani are making an alliance. Joe calls it the "Beautiful people" alliance. He says they will call themselves the "Velvet Mafia."

He says that he did want Carol to stay at first, but then Carol went around telling people that she had his vote, so that "changed his heart."

They talk about who they will get out. Who they will put up, etc. Joe says that Eric is "slowly becoming the new Jen," as he was annoying him constantly when he was trying to make a sandwich today. Nick names Eric as one of the people he wants out. Joe says that they should each separately go to Eric and offer an alliance of two, and see what he does. They laugh and think that is funny. Jameka says that Eric has never tried to say five words to her, so that definitely isn't happening!

Out near the DR, Joe grabs Dustin, and Dustin yells "No means no, Joe!" Nick asks if they are going to have sex tonight, and Joe says yes. Dustin says no.

Dustin has joined Jameka, Jess and Dani in the small bedroom, and Dustin tells them about Amber's face and how she is in the DR now.

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12:30 BBT Joe tells Carol he's upset she told everyone that he's voting for her. He says no one can trust him.. Carol says sorry but she says everyone assumed since Dustin is for Amber he was with her.

He says he needs to win HOH and put up Dustin with someone who will not get voted out. Carol tells him she had a positive talk with Eric and he is leaning towrds her. She tells him she may have 7 vote. She says that Jess will need her to get far in the game.

Joe tells Carol that Kail MIke and Jen are in an alliance . Carol doesn't seem to sure. Joe says that alliance are more in twos. Carol tells Joe that Zach says he and get her votes to stay.

Mike and Jen talking on the Hammock and carol goes over. Talking about how chilly it is outside.[unseasonably cool for S California]

Jen says it trips her out that many of the guys seems to be turning gay. Carol says that non of the guys seem really manly and are all pretty boys.

Camer switched on me

Amber and Dustin talk about what Joe and he wants her to make Dustin believe he can be trusted. Amber says that "he is so in love with you" Amber says he was so sweet after her tetherball snafu. Amber says that Joe will support Amber. Tells her that he wants to put up Joe next week. Dustin says that Zach told him that he is voting for carol. Since he told them he was actively voting for Carol they both believe now Joe will support Amber. Hug and talk about loyalty and Amber and Dustin tell each other how much they trust each other.

Dustin tells Amber Zach is a for sure vote.

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Joe is outside talking to Carol. Carol is saying that she didn't really go around telling people that he was voting for her. It was just that everyone assumed he was, as Dustin was aligning with Amber. He just says "uh-huh."

Joe says that he is winning HOH next week to "nip in the bud" the alliance between Dustin and Amber. He will put up Dustin against someone who is sure to stay.

Joe says that there is an alliance that is the only clear one in the house, and it is Kail, Mike and Jen. Carol is amazed--she would never have thought those three were in an alliance.

Carol tells Joe that Jess needs her in this game, if she wants to stick around.

Carol: Zach tried to convince me earlier today that he can get Nick to vote for me. I don't know whether to believe it. He said that he could, and if he thinks he can, then I'll take his word for it. You know?

Joe: Yeah.

Jen and Mike on the hammock, and Carol goes to them and says she is "breaking up the love connection."

Carol says she is sorry she got Mike into trouble. She doesn't even know what happened. Mike says that Amber kept calling him "Traitor" after he came downstairs. He doesn't think it necessarily had to do with Carol. Carol is relieved.

Mike says that when he came outside after Amber was hit in the face, she was still talking about it.

Jen says that Amber didn't get hit that hard in the face! She says she was hit harder, by Carol. Carol says that she's sorry about that.

Jen says that Mike is the only guy around who doesn't seem to "be gay all of a sudden."

Mike says he doesn't think Zach has. Carol says that there are no real masculine guys here--they are all pretty boys.

No one really wears flannel.

Jen laughs and says they weren't going to the farm!!

The sound on the feeds switches to Dustin and Amber talking, and Amber is crying. They are in the weightroom.

Amber says that she is so grateful for Dustin's loyalty and friendship.

Dustin says their loyalty is paying off. Dustin asks her if Joe asked her for something in a deal. He asks specifically if Joe asked for safety. She says he did ask for safety a couple of days ago, but she wouldn't give him a guarantee.

She says Dustin won't believe what Joe really asked for--Joe guesses sex. (ROFL!!--ed)

She says no--Joe said he wanted her to influence Dustin to believe that Joe is trustworthy, and he will prove it with his vote.

Dustin is telling Amber that they still have Zach's vote.

Amber: Don't make any deals with anybody before you talk to me.

Dustin says he won't, and he told Zach that, and he told Zach that is how he and Amber are--that is how they play the game.

Amber: Dustin, we have to have each other's backs so much!

Dustin: One hundred and fucking ten percent! I have goosebumps just talking about it!

Amber says they have to talk about everything, and one vote automatically means two votes, with them.

Dustin says Zach said he didn't want an alliance with Dustin and Amber, but he wants to 'solidify a good thing."

Dustin claims that he wouldn't make a deal for an alliance with him.

Dustin says that Zach promised to keep his word this week because he wants Joe out.

Dustin says that Joe told Zach that he was voting for Carol.

Joe pulled Dustin aside and asked Dustin if he told Zach that he (Joe) is voting for Amber? Because he admitted that he had campaigned to Zach to keep Carol. And now, Joe is changing his mind. But Dustin DID tell Zach about how Joe was really voting for Amber to stay. So, supposedly this is why Zach wants Joe out--he caught him in a lie.

Amber and Dustin keep hugging and crying, and saying they won't screw each other over, and they love each other so much.

Amber: So, Zach is a for sure vote?

Dustin: Zach is a for sure vote. I mean, honest to God. We counted votes. It's 7 - 4.

Amber: Really?

Dustin: I said me, Dick, the lovebirds, Joe, Zach and Jameka.

Amber makes sure that Zach didn't ask how Dustin knew about Jameka's vote, and Dustin says no.

Amber: Can you imagine feeling alone in this game, like Eric??

Dustin: No wonder he's a panicky, jittery fucker!

Amber says they are so lucky to have each other.

Dustin: I can talk to all those straighties out there.

Amber: And all of the girls love me!

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Dustin: You are so safe this week, it's unbelievable. She's going to be pissed.

Amber says that Eric is very pissed, because Carol is going around saying that she has Eric's vote. Eric says that he is borderline, and when the votes come through he will know who is being truthful to him, because he'll see who the votes are from.

Amber says Carol is going around happy, thinking she is staying. Amber says that when Julie announces that Amber is staying, Amber will probably cry. (Imagine that! --ed) Amber says that she thinks it will be an even higher vote for Amber than they thought.

Amber says that the house is full of people who have her back, even without her making a deal with them.

Amber says that Mike told her that he will give her his vote if she watches his back, and he watches hers, because they don't have that closeness. So, she respected that truthfulness.

Amber says it sucks trying to approach people. Amber says they both know now how it feels to be on the block, because both her and Dustin have "experienced" it.

Amber says they will stick to their word with every deal they made.

Amber again says how much she loves Dustin.

Dustin earlier said that Joe wanted "it" so badly, and he let him pull down his pants and just said "Joe!"

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Nick is alone in the weight room with Amber. He says he talked to Zach and Mike.

Nick is counting off Amber's votes. He says Jessica is in because she is mad that Carol went around saying she has Jess' vote. He counts off: Joe, Dustin, Jessica, Danielle, Jameka, Dick, Zach. Nick says he thinks Mike is in. Nick says that she does not have Jen, though.

Amber asks if he is mad at her about calling him a traitor. He says no. He says he was really upstairs just to take a shit. Amber says that she joked with Mike and called him a traitor, too, for being upstairs and having a date with someone else.

Nick says that they all know what the game is like. Shit will go down and people will be shocked. Regardless of what happens, he will like everybody.

He says "without knowing you, I know you." He says that he feels bad for Dani because he really likes her, and he doesn't want her to get hurt.

Nick says he takes everything with a grain of salt, and it's a game and like Monopoly. If someone went against him in Monopoly, he wouldn't act shocked like it was personal.

Dick comes in the weight room and says it is way too early for them to "do this," and they need to get out of the room and talk to people.

Amber: If I get HOH next week, should I put Kail up?

Nick: I don't know.

Amber: I'm going to. I don't like her.

Nick: What about Jen?

Amber says she doesn't like Jen either, and she can't help it--when she doesn't like someone, that's how she is. She'll get rid of them. Nick says he doesn't know about Kail, though--he doesn't know if he'd take her out.

Nick: Obviously Jen. I can't listen to her anymore. Another one who floats around and doesn't talk is Eric. He's freaky.

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Nick is saying that later on, don't worry that he will hate her or turn on her as the game goes on--it's a game. He says that he does NOT need the money. He is well off, as are his parents. He gets to be on t.v., and he met Dani. He says he hasn't known her long, but she is a great girl.

Amber says she won't hold resentment against him, either.

Nick says that he loves her, Joe (he says he's a "fucking hoot") and Dustin. He can see that there are certain people he will stay in touch with after the game.

Nick doesn't want to go around saying he is "buddies with everybody." He knows eventually due to the game, things will break down.

Amber asks if Zach talks game with Nick at all?

Nick pauses.

Nick: Uhh..I don't know where his head is at.

Amber: I don't, either.

Nick says you don't know what everyone is thinking, and that is the fun of the game. Then there are games within the game, like tetherball and golf, and he loves games.

Amber: You're so cute! You are! You're sweet!

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Dani is telling Jameka that if they work on getting out the Kail/Mike/Jen alliance, then they will be safe for half of the game.

Dani says that then they go after the floaters and betweeners. The Jessicas.

Jameka says before they get rid of Amber, that the guys should all go. Dani agrees and says she likes Amber.

In the big bedroom, Joe and Jess are yelling for Zach. Jameka and Dani hear them yelling for Zach, and they are listening.

Joe tells Zach that he is pretty sure he is voting for Amber to stay. He wanted to be fair and tell Zach, as they had the conversation previously to keep Carol. So, he wanted him to know he changed his mind.

Zach: Ok, well, we're on the same page, then.

Jess: Thanks for coming, Zachariah!!

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Jess goes in the little room and tells them about the convo she just had to Zach.

Jess: He wanted to let him know that he was voting Carol out. I guess they talked earlier, and then he was like, 'Yeah, we're on the same page. And then I made google eyes at him and said, 'Thanks for coming!"

Jess look at Zach's shoes and says they are so big!

(Jess likes Zach, I guess--Jameka calls him Jess' man)

Then they realize that the shoes belong to Nick.

Amber and Dick are in the kitchen playing a game at the big table where they hit two little boxes across the table.

(It's 4:30 a.m. here, so I should be going to bed --Cat)

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Amber, Dick, and Eric are outside in the lounge area.

<I'm having feed problems this morning, so recap is slim>

They have been dissing Jen - who's newest lie seems to be that she and Nick hooked up about 4 months ago. Eric says that he disses her to her face, more than anyone else in the house.

Dick said he thinks Nick might have a chance with Danielle.


Eric is headed for bed. Dick says Eric is much better now that he's off slop. Then shifts to wanting Jen out and how he wants to break up the Mrs. Robinson alliance - wants Kail out first. Amber doesn't like Zach. She asks Dick about the POV - can the Veto holder end up being nominated. He says no, they fixed that. Just like they fixed the DR problem of Season 3 - the jury seeing Danielle's DR sessions. He then brings up Boogie not using the coup de'tat and we get FOTH (funnel of the house).

Dick is coaching Amber on how to work Kail. She belches and he asks "Can you fart now?" She does, and he's quite impressed with her "on demand" performance. "Best thing you've done since you've been here."

Thay talk in terms of a 3-way alliance, those two and Dustin. Dick doesn't trust Jessica, Jameka, Mike, or Kail <goes without saying>. He says he's trusting Amber enough to choose him over Dustin when it's time.

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Amber and Dick in BY talking strategy. Amber and Dick are counting votes and bonding, with farts and burps. Amber said that if the vote came down between Dick and Dustin, she would vote for Dick, even though it would be hard.

Dick asked Dani to go a double DR to with Happy Birthday to her brother, and she was like, they are not going to put it on tv so what is the point. Dick, anytime i talk to Danielle on a personal level, people think we are sneaking around, and its hard to do build our relationship in the house, since it is hard to air your dirty laundry in the house, as well as the live feeds.

Dick says that he has the hardest game in here since he is playing to rebuild a relationship with his daughter, and also playing to win the game. Amber asked Dick if anyone has talked to him about an alliance, and he states that he and Eric have a loose agreement to watch each other's back and Amber says that she has the same deal with Eric. :cartoon_tinkerbell:

Dicks only worry about Jen is that she would win HOH and put him and his daughter on the block, trying to split up the pair, and take away his comfort zone. Jen made a comment to Amber yesterday that I dont want people to get the wrong impression and hate her. Amber says that Kail is a sneaky bitch, and she does not trust her at all.

Nick told Amber that she reminds him of his sister. Jameka told Amber that she is voting for her, "I gave you my word and I don't go against my word"

Dick has had some moments with Jameka. Jameka and Danielle can't deal with the slop. Dick says dont loose focus, do what you have to do, if you have to eat slop, eat the shit, but don't loose focus on the end goal. I should not have gone off on Jen in the HOH room during the pov contest. Everyone said that he did the right thing.

Dick is worried about Mike or Jen getting HOH this week, 'that would fuck shit up man"

Amber is convinced that she has to win HOH this week, and now she is talking about her Nike's.

Dick is worried about giving too much away, as far as his game stategy, and wants to keep Eric around. Eric told Amber that if he goes on the block, he will loose it, and people better watch out.

Dick says that Carol set her self up to go this week, saying that she has something to do outside the house next week. Dick said that she said Jen had a vibrator to play with next week, and that Dick said that she can leave and go play with it. Jen is not considerate of anybody but Jen, says something about Vanna White should fire her as her nanny for wearing bathing suits that are made for 10 year olds.

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Amber talking about how the gals are wearing stuff that she can't afford, and Dick said it sometimes feels like he has walked into a frat house, and that the BB house feels like a college frat party at times.

Jessica would go into her shell if / when she is nominated for eviction. Amber says that Joe will be in a stressed out situation if he gets nominated too.

Dick was happy that he had the nomination pass, and Amber thinks that helped Dustin this week. Dick said that there has never been an interested into the bb house, like the ghonorrhea announcement.

Amber asked how they got gnorrarea, in his ass, and Dick says he has never had it he has no idea. :animated_shocking:

The reason why i don't trust Joe is that they were watching me on the cam...

Dick thinks that Eric will self explode one of two ways, being on the block, or being on slop.

Dick and Amber are so not fake, towards Jen. No one likes Jen, and no one likes here, she is easy to be mean to.

I know your game, if i play fast, you dont have time to think and follow me, and Zach gets flustered. Zach is so competitive that he can never turn down a challenge.

Dick says that he does not care if Zach beats me in Chess, since I get a chance to talk game with him. Zach said he has my back, and Zach is so worried about being nominated. Whoever gets HOH, Zach will be kissing their ass not to go on the block.

Zach said to dick that i know you like Amber around here, and you are voting for her to stay, and Carol is selfish, and Zach said that I am with Amber when asked by Dick.

Dick says that Zach rubs people the wrong way. Kail is like that too, Kail going around asking who she should put up and Dick told her Jen since no one likes her anyway, and then she put up you and Carol. Dick thinks that anyone except Mike would put up Jen. Dick thinks that the house would go wild if Kail and Mike were put on the block next week, and then if POV was used, back door Jen.

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Amber asked Dick is he is ready to go to bed, and Dick says yeah it is about 5 BBT. But Dick said that he has to hide the rabbits first.

Dick said that look on Eric's face was priceless when he pulled the shower door open on him. Eric said that he was worried about his dick being all over the internet.

Dick put in a load of towels in the washing machine and is washing the ash trays prior to going to bed. Dick is now washing the glass that was left on the counter, he is a good clean up man, third shift, before going to bed.

I think Dick likes to have everything cleaned up before going to bed, since he does this routine every night.

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8:21 BBT

Nick is up and in the BY, hottub.

Danielle is in the shower.

Everyone else is asleep.

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Nick and Danielle have been in bed.. making noises and moving around. It looks like she is giving him pleasure... they were definitely messing around. This goes on for 45 minutes to an hour.

Danielle just got up and brushed her teeth and took a shower. Nick comes in and says, "Are you okay?" while Danielle is in the shower. She responds, "I'm fine". She clearly looks embarrassed.

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(I just turned on feeds to...)

8:46AM BBT:

Dani lets out a deep sigh and Nick asks what it was for to which she responds, "Life."

Nick goes to the kitchen.

Danielle is now doing her hair after she had just spent around 10 minutes applying makeup.

A deliciously shirtless Nick is in the kitchen drinking coffee and he now puts his coffee outside. He asks Danielle if she wants sugar and cream in her coffee.

He brings her a cup of coffee and says, "I hope this is to your liking"

They then both go outside to the outdoor couch. Dani says she will be right back and Nick says "Are you gonna come back with a better attitude?" then she heads inside and then....

Vortex at 8:56AM

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9:06bbt FOTH ends (morning wake up call to get them ready to do voting today?)

Dustin/Nick/Daniele outside on patio, two people in seperate showers

Kail weighed then heads to gym, where Jen is already working out

Daniele thinks Eric is in the Mrs Robinson alliance, Dustin is sure he is just a floater

Dust: he is not, that is confirmed

Dani: by who?

Dust: from our conversation last night

Dani: he'll have to join an alliance eventually

They all think others are playing the 'free week card' with Jen(expecting themself to be safe because the house plans to vote out Jen next/soon)

Dustin thinks the vote will be 10-1 or 7-4 for Carol to leave

Nick(to Dustin while looking at Dani): isn't she pretty?

Dustin: I've seen better... but I'm not trying to sleep with her

Nick: I'm not! She's just put together very well...

Nick takes coffee cups in, Dustin/Dani keep talking

planning to put Jen up next, but question who would be the possibly failed pawn

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