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July 11, Live Feed Updates

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Amber says people are already jealous of what she and Dustin have. Things are bad already, and only going to get worse. They go to other bedroom where Dani and Nick are. They explain Dustin never said anything to Zach. They said Zach is jealous of what Amber and Dustin have, and the trust Nick and Dani have. He is trying to break it up.

Now talking about colors for codes. Amber said that is rediculous.

Joe comes in. Dani says Joe is the worse lobster ever. Talking about HoH competition tomorrow after eviction.

Eric comes in, says Mike judged his tan, and he is officially darker than Jessica. she is really upset about it, so to kid her about being the lightest in the house.

Dustin said he is officially going to try to take a nap.

Dick comes in, hard to hear him. Dick, Dani, Joe, Amber and Nick in BR. Indoor , possibly due to plane outside, not sure. Dick leaves. Joe cuddling with Nick. Nick said Joe makes him

nervous. Joe asked why. Nick said because Joe is behind him, with his butt hole exposed. Joe said he has control.

Nick said his Dad now believes he is gay.

M&Ms and peanuts now officially in the bed. Dick threw some, then brought some to Joe, then left again. Joe started humping Nick's leg. Nick tips his hat to Dani. Joe just left.

Nick giving multiple choice question, play on words

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Nick asures Dani that he's not a player and that's the reason his dad thought he was gay. He tells her he likes her a lot and likes to cuddle with her but does not want to be any source of disruption or confusion to her (she says nothing). Nick asks Dan if she needs him to get anything for her...(he refers to himself and Dan as "B" and "C")

Joe declares: "The only difference between special and wonderful is Joe"...someone asks him what's his sign and he says he's a libra

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Nick said he never had many GF, never a player. It was a midwestern thing. Product of his environment. His Dad thought he was gay.

'Here's the deal ( Nick to Dani)

#1 I like you

#2. I like you a lot

#3 Considering the context of this, I don't want you to question anything that puts you in a precarious position.

#4 I would like to get a cuddle session with you, I love laying next to you. I don't want to talk about certain situations because your mind might be in a different spot and I don't want to cause conflict.

Dani just staring at him. Says he knows her mind is racing right now. Do you want anything? Keeps asking...whispering to Dani, hard to hear again.

Jameka comes in, Nick leaves.

Jameka says she doesn't have a penis, she would cut that off. She is a vagina happy girl. Kail starts to enter room, hears that and turns around. Jameka said she doesn't want her to leave on that account.

Feed switches to joe and Amber in other DR. Joe wonders what he ate, he has a touch of the big D (diarrhea??) Nick comes in, talking about his hat. Joe telling him how to wear it. Shot of Jen in there too, just watching. Nick leaves. Joe said he might go outside to get some more color. Jen said she hust took her bikini off, then the LD was over. Not sure she wants to change into it again.

Joe whistling. Think it was Mexican Hat Dance.

Joe said he can't do any more Ab workouts. The only difference between special and wonderful is Joe.

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Joe, Nick and Dani talking about if BB is the tip rated show in the summer. Joe said they are because they are new. He watches the ratings. Dani said there are other new shows. Discussing other shows. So you think you can dance, On the Lot, Pirate Master. Talking about if they like them or not and what they are about.

Zach comes in, he is fixing dinner. Asking if they need anything. Zach leaves. Joes is going to talk a nap. He leaves.

Nick and Dani...Shut up, no you shut up, no you shut up...

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Dani asks if Nick is going to dress up for the show tomorrow. She said she wasn't sure. He might wear one of his shirts, and a hankerchief over his face. She said she is going to wear her blue shirt. He said nothing could hide her ugly face, fat head,etc. Joking back and forth. Nick wants to sit between Dani and Joe, his two main squeezes.

Zach comes in, they tell him that Joe peed on his bed.

They asked Zach how the chili was coming. He said he didn't know, he was just the lackey cutting up things. Jameka was making it. Dani said they don't have any cheese. Zach said who puts cheese on chili, Nick and Dani both say who doesn't. They are listing everything they want...cheese, tortilla chips, brownies,etc.

Feeds switch to kitchen.

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Amber, Danielle and Dustin are in the BY talking about Carol and how selfish she is. She has not washed one dish since she has been there, and the other night she took 4 meatballs, and did not care that some of the other houseguest got none.

Danielle says that she can't stand to drink any type of diet drink.

Amber talking about the cop that killed his pregnant mistress, and wondering what ever happened to that case.

The indoor lockdown is now over. Danielle is running to use the bathroom...

Eric, Joe and Jess have joined Dustin and Amber in the BY.

Eric just asked what they should do tonight, Jess said same thing as always, and then Eric offered to get naked if that would spice things up!

Amber called Eric a stud. Now Jess is proclaiming WTF. Eric making reference to his mushroom head is not as pronounced as Dicks' and Amber says that is because you dont wear your pants skin tight like he does.

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Chatter is very unimportant... about Christina Aguliera, and some guy in ohio who disappeared.... he confessed to killing his wife and thats the last amber's heard. She (the mother) was 9 months pregnant. Amber wants news on that.

Now talk about Scott Peterson

5:05 LD is over

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Been on outdoor lockdown for a while now. Just chit chat. Amber and Dani trying to decide why. Possiby a big farewell dinner. they said Carol wants a bottle of wine all to herself, Gossiping about people. Repeating stories they told before.

Dustin saw a male hand leaving the SR as he went in, they were saying there are people in the outside world!

Now discussing the Cutts case in Ohio and the Peterson case.

HG, the LD is over. You are free to move about the house.

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different people inquiring about dinner plans.

speculation on when food comp will be held... various HGs in and out of the house.

apparently one time when they were on lockdown "they" (BB production) "ripped through all of their [hgs] stuff."


BB: Houseguests...


BB: this is a lockdown. Please go inside and shut the sliding glass doors.

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Just called another lockdown, I think this one is inside.

Earlier Dustin complained about BB going through all of their stuff while they were on lockdown. Actually it was done by people in the POV competition, looking for the hidden Vetos. On TV it looked like Kail was the worst offender, and loved every minute of it.

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Dick throwing m&ms or peanuts from the balcony and Zach is catching them in his mouth.

Dick is asking others to do it also.

Amber tries and fails to get one in her mouth.

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Mike and Amber discussing Mike's eye color. Amber asks what color his sister's eyes are. After some thought, Mike decides she (his sister) has the same color eyes as he does.

Mike is near sighted. His vision starting going in 6th grade. He has horrible vision. He refused to get glasses.. he would memorize things on a chalkboard and that way if a teacher called on him he'd know the answer. Finally when he went for his pilot license (which he never got) he accepted that he needed glasses.

Kail.. please go to the diary

3 HGs in unison: oh my god.

Jen: kail's on like.. 10

Eric: can they theortically have us on LD from now until tomorrow's live show?? I would not appreciate that.

Jen: no! I'd beat them!!!!!!

Jessica and Dustin whispering.

Mostly D talkinga bout how Carol and Jessica have always been so competitive.

Joe is in really little yellow underwear.... (hope someone gets a pic!)

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Nick says Danielle said she would move with him to Minesota. Danielle says she would freeze to death there (she doesn't seem amused). Nick is sitting on the bed, Danielle laying doewn and amber is on another bed. Making fun of Carol, how she says "what's up dude" and how she can't keep a secret.

Joe joins them talking about someone who was about to freak out on him. They don't think he (whoever it was, I think Dick) was serious.

Nick says "he's playing that sucker for a fool" (I think he means Zach)

It seems they're on lockdown.

Joe says (mocking being interviewed by Amber) "My strategy is to make Dustin extremely uncomfortable sexually until he gives in."

All cameras now on Kitchen DR area, where Jess, Dick, Jen, Jam are chit chatting about chili.

all cameras now on Gym room where Zach is on the treadmill and Dustin is telling him he hopes people are not mean to carol, because it's her last night and she knows it.

Zach tells Dustin that he asked Joe why was he so hard on him (Dustin) and that Jose said it was because it works to his (Joe's) advantage. Dustin scoffs that he doesn't see how Joe constantly molesting him (Dustin) can work to his (Joe's) advantage.

Dustin and Zach are excited about competing for HOH tomorrow.

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Eric talking to Jess, both claim to feel weird around Carol. eric thinks Carol was a wate and the game really beginfs tomorrow. Jess says she's going to bed early tonight, Eric says that it's just 7PM.

Apparently they've been told to go to sleep early by production. eric complains that he sees no point in that "going to bed early so that at 5 o' clock we can answer some questions?"

Eric asks Amber is she serious about saying that eric never compliments anyone about nothing.

Danielle and Nick in bed, she tells him it should be 10 to one then whispers the way she does ( <_< )

All 4 cams on BR where Nick and Dan are asking Joe if he knows who in the house has had plastic surgery done. They say Jen, obviously and then they just go on and on hinting, but joe can't guess...

Joe is called to DR. Now Zach is in the room. Zach leaves, Dick comes in. They talk about BB ring tones advertised on TV, Evil says in MC tone "...and remember...Chicks love dick!" (ed. oh oh, I think he heard you, Fizzle :smilielol:)

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7:10pm BBT daniele and nick in the BR talking about who they think has had plastic surgery. maybe joe had nipple enhancement. kail may have had botox because she looks good for 38 nick said.

7:13pm BBT asked joe about plastic surgery. jen admitted to plastic surgery. told joe that they (nick & daniele) think kail has had plastic surgery.

7:15pm BBT nick asked daniele if they would get engaged if she was single (aka she has a BF) or if they would just go straight to marriage.

7:16pm BBT joe asked to go to the diary room.

7:17pm BBT nick, dick, and daniele talking about the BB ringtones. that nick is going to buy all of his own ringtones when he gets out. wondering who would do that when they get out.

7:22pm BBT nick and daniele head to the kitchen. jameka is the kitchen cooking. jessica hasn't had any plastic surgery. jessica agrees that kail looks good for her age. jess says that maybe she will have some done after the show. jameka has fake boobs. daniele yells out into the yard. dustin jokes around that amber's microphone is huge. Amber doesn't like it. daniele heads back inside. she still thinks that joe had nipple enlargements. she said that maybe mike has boob enhancements. jameka is making chili still. daniele heads outside.

7:27pm BBT dustin says that amber is compaining about everything. compaining up a storm.

daniele is called to the diary room.

dustin, mike, jessica, and jameka are in the kitchen. dustin admit that he isn't that hungry but he will eat some of it. daniele walks by headed to the diary room. jessica was asked in the diary room about her boobs, if they were real (there go the producers again)

dick says something from the bathroom. zach comes from the bathroom to the kitchen area. zach is so fat. dustin walks outside. jessica rubbing something on counter. jessica is going to tell everyone that her boobs are real individually. jameka overcooked it. would rather have munchies than crunchies.

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All 4 cams on Jameka cooking something that looks like slop (either rice or mashed potatoes). BB reminds the immates that no one is allowed to sleep in the living room. Jessica has decided that she will tell the HGs one by one that her breasts are real. Jameka answers "so, that is just quest now" Jess: I will yell it from the mountains (or something to that effect)

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jameka continues to clean the rice for the chili and rice dinner they are having tonight that she made. daniele and jessica are at the counter talking. BB asks daniele to center her microphone (how retarded is that)

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daniele wants to know who else had plastic surgery out of the 11 of them. still determined that joe had enhancements on his nipples. and then dustin replies, that they real.

7:45pm BBT daniele announces that dinner is ready. joe says that this bowl is not clean at all.

HGs serving themselves. scooping the rice and then the chili (i wish that i could try it out, they should release the recipe).

HGs sitting at the table eating dinner. joe is wearing sunglasses at the table (your inside not outside).

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During dinner they ask what would they do with the money, if they won. One says pay student loans, Joe says has a sister, who has cancer (big pause, all laugh) he says she would use it for an operation. Someone tells him he shouldn't say that if it's not true. He says he does have a sister who is a big fan of survivor and Johnnie Fairplay's dead grandmother tale, so before he left for the house, she told him he could tell the HGs that she had cancer because she thought it would be "friggen hilarious".

Jameka says 250K would go to a house and then starts rattling off percentages that would gop to family, charities and poor friends and god children. Jen says she likes to try new things so I guess that's what her money would go for, oh and she'll take her whole family to the Bahamas...Danielle wants to go back to school...Jess will move and throw a party (something else too, but I didn't get that), Mike wants to travel, go back to pilot school, invest in a small business he owns now, invest in a charity for children, and help out family. Carol says, "you guys forget that I'm actually leaving, but, just so you know..." she would invest it in her ideal wedding. Zach would invest...Evil would travel around the world and get more tattoos...Joe would buy real estate

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Dani and Nick sitting on the BY couch. nick tells Dan that doesn't really need or care about the money. he plans to build his house by a lake on his parents property in Min. He's very happy with his life apparently and wants to write a children's book.

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8:47 BBT: Zach and Nick in the BY playing a game with a couple of the outdoor couch pillows, the golf clubs and foam balls. It appears that they're trying to hit the pillows. Both have come reasonable close a couple of times but the game seems more involved in killing time than actually being competitive. The guys are on opposite ends of the BY trying to hit the other guy's pillow. Zach draws first blood on round 7 or so. Nick seems pretty distracted by Dustin in the hammock behind him. Dustin and Nick begin to talk about the relationship Nick has with Danielle and Nick outlines that it's beyond flirting with the way they're both behaving. They're both a little worried about the way that Dick might take this situation (Didn't Dick say he might have a chance last night?) The guys quickly become bored with it and ask Dick to go get the shuffleboard game.

Epic statement comes from Nick when he said "My best friend is probably Black." The guys give him some flack for the statement but Nick clarifies that he has three best friends and that one of them is black. The context of this statement is the use of taboo words near people who might take offense. Dustin says he doesn't get offended when people say something to the effect of "That's getting a little gay" and Nick offered up that he'll use the n word when it's in context of a song he's singing along to but away from that he won't use it.

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