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July 11, Live Feed Updates

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Nick telling Kail and Mike that Evil Dick is planning on putting both of them on the block if he gets HOH this week. Kail says that Evil Dick has to go.

Now talks turns to this weeks eviction and they are turning toward getting Amber out this week, instead of Carol.


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Kal, Mike, Nick

Kal is worried about her safety in the house with Amber staying. She thinks it best if Carol stays in the house instead of having amber stay. Nick is telling everyone he is running solo. Mike is worried he is becoming a target. He feels a lot of people in the house would want him out of the house right now.

Dustin and Jen would be nominated by Joe

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In the kitchen, Amber, Dani and Dustin are talking. Dani is lying on her stomach on the counter, and BB finally asks her to get down. Dani whispers and it's difficult to make out everything she says. Some of the talk is about the Mrs. Robinson alliance. Dustin says that the house is really divided into sides right now. Dani asks if it is everyone against the Mrs. Robinson alliance. They keep saying "SHE" has to go. (Not sure if this is Kail or Jen, as both are upstairs together right now).

Jen is in the HOH room talking to Kail. She is telling Kail how she thinks people will vote. Jen claims that Joe is voting for Carol to stay, and Jessica and Dustin are voting for Amber to stay. She thinks that the house is pretty divided in votes with Carol versus Amber. Kail says, "Wow! The house really IS split." Jen says that out of all of the people in the house, she talks to Amber about the 13th (the least). So she would vote out Amber. Jen asks what Nick and Mike are saying. Kail says "Those guys don't tell me anything." Jen gives her a sort of disbelieving look, and Kail says that she does know that Nick seems close to Amber, though. Jen says that's the problem really--Amber and everyone else. Amber is close to everyone. Jen tells Kail that she knows that Nick and Amber "kind of ran into" each other a few times before the show started. Jen says that it was funny, because before she even knew about that, she felt that Nick and Amber had some connection.

In the kitchen again, they are worrying about the HOH cam. Dustin says it is turned off, and has been for a few days, so no worries. They wonder how he knows, and he says he spends a lot of time up there. Amber and Dani both say they don't spend time up there. He says that is where he takes his number 2's.

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Dustin tells Jameka that he hasn't had a wax in a while, and he would have to "get on all fours and arch his back." She asks if he just gets "the booty" done, and he says yes.

Jameka wonders if he has a lot of hair, and he says to look at his face, his arms--just imagine. She asks if he has considered laser, and he says "not back there!"

Back in the kitchen (Dustin is in the bathroom with Jameka), Amber says, "I know he would never, but.." and says it would be awful if he (Dustin) told everything that they tell him. Amber says "Ewww." She says that if that happened, it would be over--she would put him up for eviction.

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Zach is in the kitchen, and Amber says she needs a hug, and asks Zach for one. She says that in 12 hours--you never know.

Zach: You never know.

He gives her a hug.

Amber says that Zach could say, "I vote to evict--Amber!" You never know....

Amber seems very nervous. Zach doesn't say anything.

Zach puts a frozen pizza on the counter in front of Dani. She asks if he is making pizza. (Duh. --ed) He says yes, and she says she wants some--just a sliver.

Dani and Amber are talking about someone outside. Dani is mouthing silently to Amber, and Zach turns around and sees it. He spends some time pretending that he is mouthing things silently to Dani and Amber, teasing them. Amber seems upset about something someone is doing outside. (I thought it was Carol, but now I see Carol in the bathroom, so I'm not sure--ed)

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Jess and Carol in the bedroom. Jen comes in. Carol whispers to Jen "I think i have 6". Jen says, okay, don't ell anyone who they are because that's how people get in trouble (ed. too late!). Carol is now telling Jess that if she helps her stay she'll work with her, then goes on, again, about how she can't lie...jes says "I trust you" (hmmmm)

Carol tells Jes she's not feeling confident, but she feels okay. Tells her she needs her (Jess) and she needs Eric. Jess tells her eric is going to be tough...

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Dick, Kail, Joe on the BY sofa. Dick is talking a Kail is listening with a strained smile on her face.

Now to Jess, Carol in the bigroom. Talk is nonsensical but has something to do with how nobody wants to be alone in the house & they all want to be sure they are on the same page about the vote.

Back to the BY. Disk says his & Dani's relationship is taking baby steps at improving.

Feeds flop back to Jess/Carol in the bigroom. Carol is trying to convince Jess to vote for her (Jess' boob is about to fall out of her top) Jess says that no one will tell her how they are voting. Jen joins them (with her boob-baring bikini top on) Jen says Nick & Amber knew each other before the show & that they ran into each other a few times before BB started & hung out. Carol tells Jen she thinks she has 6 votes. Jen tells her to be careful & not tell anyone who they are because that is how people get mad. Jen leaves. Carol keeps telling Jess she need her help & she will help Jess in the future if she helps her now. Carol says she has Mike & Zach's votes. Carol says if she can count on Jessica's vote she only needs Eric to solidify. Carol feels like Dani is nice to her face but not to her back. Jess says she doesn't know that nobody really confides in her.

Amber, Dustin, Dani in the hammock.

10:07PM BBT

Kail & Zach whispering in the kitchen. Zach says something about Dustin will gun for him if Amber doesn't stay. Feeds jump to BY & then back to kitchen. (I am on SHO & the feed keeps jumping every 20 seconds so no convo can be followed--cut it out Showtime/BB!!)

Nick & Dani now alone in the hammock & running their flirty routine as usual :rolleyes: Dani says Kail has to go. Dani asks if the HOH comes down to Mike, Jen, & him (Nick) will he try for the HOH then. He says yes. Dani says she can't stand Zach. (somebody needs to tell Dani she is running through the whole list in Nick's alliance) Dani says as much as she can't stand her dad she doesn't think she could nom him if she was HOH. She said her dad will be a good one to get to do all the dirty work. Her dad wants to put up Kail & Mike or Kail & Jen if he gets HOH (somebody please tell this girl to put a cork in it. She is gonna ruin things for Dick. She is literally sleeping with the enemy & has no clue) Amber comes up & Dani starts making fun of Carol saying that Carol can't keep a secret.

10:24PM BBT

Feeds switch to the bigroom where lotsa HG are cutting up. Joe announces that he uses shampoo & conditioner on his pubes :blink:

Back to the hammock, Jen comes up wearing her JENUINE tank.

Now to Dustin & Joe in the kitchen talking. Back to the hammock. Back to the bigroom. To the BY. To the bigroom. (UGH Showtime feeds are to hard to follow, good night, I'm out)

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Amber says "What up?" to someone as they come through the door. She calls him "Ladd or Lidd." Dani laughs and says "He hates (me or you) now." (Sorry -- it's hard to hear her as she is always whispering -ed). Amber says, "Yeah, NOW." Amber says "Traitor." She says she's considered a traitor now, as she talked to "him." Zach is writing on a piece of flattened aluminum foil. He's using the tip of a corkscrew to do it. We get FOTH on Showtime. When the show comes back, Carol is in the kitchen and she is wearing the viking hat.

Outside, Dick is saying that he asked Dani if she wanted to do a DR together to say happy birthday to someone.

The feeds switch to the big bedroom, with Jessica, who is extremely tired. Carol is now with Jessica. She tells Jessica she feels like she has been trying to get Jessica alone all day. Jess says you can't have a conversation alone with anyone in that house, and Carol agrees with her.

Jessica says that people are getting frustrated. Carol asks if she means people are getting frustrated with her (Carol) and Amber? She says no--everyone is just getting frustrated, as no one wants to be alone. Carol says that the votes will be split. Jessica says that no one will say how they are voting. Jess says that everyone wants to know how Jess is voting, but they won't tell her anythng about how THEY will vote. She says she doesn't know if anyone tells the nominees how they are voting, though. Carol doesn't offer up any vote info. Jameka interrupts them. (It's obvious that Carol wants to try to talk about possibly getting Jess's vote, but Jess won't even look up at her--she's looking in a drawer. Carol is shuffling her feet around and isn't getting the hint.

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Carol is whispering to Jess. She says she knows Jess will be kind of hesitant, and that's understandable. Jess agrees. Carol says "You have to trust that whoever helps me, I will help them." Jess: OK.

Carol says she is almost 99 percent positive that she has six votes.

Jess: Are you sure that none of them are lying to you?

Carol says she is pretty sure.

Jess: That's good.

Amber, Dani and Dustin are in the hammock. Dustin starts talking about how they are all on the show for different reasons, but they are all good players. Zach walks up and interrupts them.

Feed switches again to the BR with Jess and Carol. Jess says again that every time she asks how people are going to vote, they want to hear her vote choice, but they won't share with her. People are walking by and interrupting them as they talk.

Jen walks up and interrupts.

Jen (wearing the most revealing bikini top yet) says that there are four in the hammock--Dustin, Nick, Amber, Dani. She says that there's only so much you can do with them, as they are a unit, bascially. Jess says she has worried about that before. Jen tells Jess and Carol about how Nick and Amber "previously hung out." Jess looks at Carol as if this is a juicy tidbit of info.

Carol: Did they really?

Jen: Twice!

Jess: This game, I swear...

Jen is called out by BB for not wearing her mic--she is twirling it in her fingers.

Carol: Jen, I think I have six.

Jen: All right. Well, don't tell anybody who they are, because that's what makes people get upset. They don't want anybody to know that.

Carol looks disappointed.

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Carol says okay, she won't name names. Jen looks nervous (Jen might have been one of the six --ed). Jen tells her to be careful, because then people will say she as in the room with Jessica--she doesn't even know what they are saying, but "you know what I mean??" Carol says yes.

(In other words, people would assume one of the six is the person she was talking with alone--ed).

Jess says "I'm not going to lie, when I talked at first with Amber I told her I was going to vote for her, because that was my first, like immediate response."

Jess says she doesn't know--she thinks the game has changed already.

Carol says she thinks the vote is 6-5.

Jess: If you've got guarantees, then that's what it's gonna come down to, for sure.

No answer from Carol.

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Jen is fussing over what to wear over her bikini.

Jess: Whatever.

Jen: What?

Jess: It's not like you have anywhere to go.

Jen: I know. I think I'll wear my bikini shirt.

Jen goes to find it.

Jess says to Carol that people she trusted at the beginning of the game--she's not so sure about anymore.

Carol whispers to Jess: All I know is, I need your help.

Jess: okaaay.

Carol: I mean, if I stay, which I need your help for, obviously.

Jess: Yeah.

Carol: You know, you would be safe with me.

Jess: I know. I do trust you.

Carol says she can't lie--there are others she has talked to and told them that if they help her, she will help them. And she is almost positive she has her six.

Someone interrupts them, saying "Ladies!"

Jess says she never talks to Zach or Mike.

Carol: Well, those are people on my side.

Jess: Yeah.

Carol says that she wants Jess to talk to those guys. She says she knows Zach wants to talk to Jess. (Now and then, the camera switches to the overhead round mirror, to show that view of these two).

Jess says she has been hanging around the same people, and she's not sure if it is the smart thing for her (Jess) to do.

Carol: Like, I know those guys both want to help me, but I don't want to like say names and stuff like that.

Jess: Right, I know.

Carol: But those are definitely two supporters.

Jess: OK

Carol says she knows if she has Jess, the only other person she needs to solidify it is Eric.

Jess says it will be hard. He's said a little, but not a lot.

Jess says she thinks Eric is giving them both the time to say something.

Carol: Has Daniele been campaigning against me?

Jess says no--if she has, she hasn't heard it.

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Jess asks if Carol thinks Dani is campaigning against her? Jess says, "Kind of." She says that Dani says she likes her, but she feels she is talking behind her back. Jess says that's not good--your intuition is good. Jess says no one says anything to her, and she's not sure why--she doesn't know if people don't trust her (Jess) or what.

Carol says she was thinking if Jess, Mike, Zach and Carol had an alliance of four, they could "dominate this game."

Jess: Yeah...

Jess points to the two large beds and says "These two, no way I'd trust them."

Carol: And Joe, he'd stab us in the back.

Jess agrees he'd stab them in the back.

Carol: Just some thoughts.

Carol asks what she thinks.

Jess starts to talk louder and asks how Carol is feeling about things, and she says not confident, but okay, if people keep their word to her, but she needs Jess and Eric.

Jess: Eric's gonna be tough, for either one of you. (Little does she know how true that is! --ed)

Jess: I'm gonna talk to Zach tonight and see for sure..but like, the only people I'm going to be able to talk to are the people I hang out with pretty much every day.

Carol: Mike made me feel really confident today.

Jess: He did? That's good.

Carol: Some of the things he said to me, I really liked.

Jess: He never gave you a definite, though?

Carol: He said 99 percent.

They both laugh.

Jess: God, don't you hate that?

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Jess says Mike is such a quiet guy. Carol says it was awkward asking to talk to him, but it went well.

Jess: Okay. But you better bring it when you get saved. We're gonna need it.

Carol: Next week? When I get saved?

Jess: Yeah, on Thurs.

Jess: I'm not an idiot.

Carol says she knows, and she knows Jess has studied the game and that is another reason she needs her help.

Jess says Carol has watched the game, too.

Jess says she won't believe anything anyone says until it happens--you can't be sure. You can 100 percent think you are safe and then go home.

Carol says she isn't confident--it's very up in the air.

Carol says she has four for sure, she thinks.

Carol says Jess is a maybe, and Eric is a maybe.

Carol: If you do want to save me and you do want to help me, help me with Eric. Because I think you have a lot of pull over him.

Carol says if Jess is willing to save her, then she can tell Eric why.

Carol says she would really, really, really appreciate that.

Jess says she will try to talk to him tonight, too.

Carol asks if Jess thinks their parents are watching right now? They both think their parents are watching all of the time. Jess thinks hers are telling her not to trust this or that person.

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Carol says she feels it is pointless to try to talk to Nick and Dani, as they are boyfriend and girlfriend. "Obviously. A little too obvious. They are an easy target."

Jess says neither of them (Dani or Nick) will be competing that hard next week to win HOH.

Jess says that the house is divided. Eventually, you have to turn as the house is divided, because if you don't then you are an easy person to get taken out.

Jess says the people in the house are way too competitive to let anyone else win, to just sit there.

Joe is sneaking up on them, listening.

Jess: I think next week this whole house will be turned upside down, depending on who wins HOH.

Joe walks in the room and listens.

Jess: Hello, JOE!

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In the kitchen, Zach is whispering to Kail.

Zach: Dustin will be gunning for me. I know that because I'm pretty tight with him, and he thinks I'll be voting for Amber.

Zach says that Dustin and Dani will vote to keep Amber.

Mike is there. He has a thin mustache/beard.

Zach: She annoys the piss outta me.

Kail: Jen does?

Zach nods.

Zach asks Mike if he told Kail about their drinking game, which they made without liquor. It's the "I-YOU" game. Every time Jen says "I" they get to drink.

Kail laughs and says they will be so drunk! He says they will be trashed.

Every time Jen says "You," they give a drink away.

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Zach is on the hammock with Jen (although he doesn't look at Jen) and Carol is on the ground next to them.

Talk turns to Dani. Carol says she doesn't think Dani likes her, although she is always nice to her face. She says that she thinks she talks bad when her back is turned, though.

Jen says Dani does that with Dick. She's heard her talk nice to Dick like they are friends, and then tell people she hates him. Carol says that is a whole different situation, as Dani has history with Dick, but not with her.

Jen says that she doesn't think that Nick has forgiven her. Zach says he doesn't think Nick will get over that anytime soon. He's not that kinda guy. Jen says Nick won't talk to her. Jen asks if Zach saw them in the bathroom?

Zach says in a terse voice that he doesn't care, and he isn't interested in being involved in "other people's bullshit." Jen drops the subject.

Zach says that Carol and Amber have a long day ahead of them. Jen says it starts at 10 a.m.

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In the kitchen, Joe gives his funny nomination speech that he wants to give one day:

He gives the normal speech and then says that he wants to say that these nominations are based solely on physical appearance. Joe says they will be in order of attractiveness. Joe will pull out the first key and say, "I know this is unorthodox, but Joe, you are safe from eviction." Everyone laughs.

Jameka tries to do this also, and says hers will be based solely on the "complexion of your skin," and says her nominees are Julie Chen and the bat. Danielle says "Chenbat." There are a few uncomfortable giggles, but not a lot of laughter at her nomination speech.

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Amber was injured during tetherball earlier, with Dustin. She says her jaw is dislocated and her teeth aren't meeting at the right place.

She is sitting outside on the couch with Joe, Dick, Nick, Mike and Dustin.

Amber starts telling a story about how she had a cabbage patch doll named Marcie. Her Mom told her and her sister to wait in the car for a few minutes, and her Mom was getting the keys to a Cadillac. Amber had an ant on the doll so she opened the car door and threw out the ant. Her Mom didn't check the door. She turned a corner and the door opened and she fell out of the car. Her Mom ran over her legs and she was in the hospital for two months and she had to learn to walk again.

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Dustin is ready to cry as Amber keeps talking about how her face hurts. She says she is sorry--she didn't mean to make him feel bad--it just hurts. Joe (right in front of Dustin) says that Dustin can turn the tears on and off, and she should apologize for Dustin hitting her in the face with a ball.

Joe then relents and says that Dustin feels bad for hurting her, and Dustin says he DOES feel bad.

Amber is still griping about how she was nearly out for a second, and saw stars, and her teeth don't touch when she tries to bite down. (She is telling Kail). Kail says that probably it will go down and be fine in a few hours. Now, Amber is lying on the couch with her head in Dustin's lap as he strokes her hair.

Zach comes outside and says he had his first facial. Joe says that CBS must hate this cast.

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Nick, Dustin & Amber outside on the couch.

Nick: So, people are talking to me and saying that Carol might have votes.

Amber: Are you serious?

Nick: That's what they were saying.

Amber: Who is they?

Nick: Zach. And I heard that Jessica is voting to keep Carol here.

Amber: I think so, too.

NicK: I heard that.

Amber: (Whines) Oh, God, GUUUUYS!

Dustin: She's working over Jen and Zach right now.

Nick: Who is?

Dustin: Carol. They were doing the mask and I walked into the bathroom and Jen was like--

Amber interrupts in a loud, frustrated voice: This is BULLSHIT! She doesn't even want to be here!

Dustin (a little louder): And Jen was like, Jen was like "Hm!"

Mike comes outside.

They stop talking.

Talk turns to how often Dustin must use deoderant.

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11:20 BBT

Jen Carol and Zach in the bathroom doing facial masks.

Jen says Amber doesn't need her vote when carol asked if Amber had tried to talk to her.

Carol-"interesting" She says she's paranoid about the vote tomorrow and can't wait til it's over. Amer says she still has to wait til the eviction but Carol says at least she can relax and not fight anymore.

Zach back in for his mask removal. Warns him she left it on too long one time and ended up with a green face

Removing masks and we get a butt crack shot of Jen.

Carol says that she could never afford for moisterizers that cost $250 that Jen uses

Carol gets on the scale "Holy fuck" doesn't say how much she weighs.

Jen Keeps putting more stuff on hers and Zacks face.

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Carol says "I better pack up my stuff tonight, just in case. Ha! You have to anyway, though."

They tell her that they vote tomorrow but the evicted person doesn't leave until Thurs.

Lots of long spaces between conversation.

Dustin (to Amber): Did you do today what I told you to do last night?

Amber: I don't know, because I don't know what you told me to do.


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11:28 BBT Dick walks in and sarcasticall tells them "how radiant" they both look. Jen tells Zach they can do it again in a week.

Dick asks "does your face feel young and vibrant"

Nick asks Zack how his face feels and Zach says "better"

Camera is in dinning room table and talk turns to tampon/pad talk between Dick and Jameeka. Jameka is noy shy about sharing her flow info. [spare ya guys the disgusting details]

Dick asks how she punishes her students. She threatens her students by telling them she'll keep them after school. He asks how she rewards them. Jameka says hugs Dick says he's a guy "I can't do that"

A lot of diffrent conversations going on very hard to hear one. Dick and Jessica are talking about her toenails popping off.

Jameka says she has sleep deprevation...Dick asks how she has it when she's been in bed more than anyone else. Jameka "not true"

Dick tell bb that the lazy susan [spinning thing on the table] needs wd-40

Jameka starts singing "I'm a little bit country" FOTH

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