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July 11, Live Feed Updates

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danielle, nick and dustin in BY. Nick going to refill their coffee. danielle thinks that zack would nominate jameka. Says that he is not a big fan of jameka.

Dustin has had conversations with eric and zack, and putting up jen. Says that Jen going up is a safe idea and Dani says that is a safe idea.

Danielle is hoping for the sun to come out, and Dustin says that he was sorting all of his clothes again.

Danielle says that she slept really well last night for the first night since she got to the bb house. Dustin could not get to sleep til about 4 am bbt.

they all think they are safe unless Jen or Mike get HOH. Dustin does not think that anyone sees Danielle or nick as a threat and dani thinks that jen would put up danielle and evil dick, since she hates her dad. Jen also has been heard telling people that she would put up 2 guys.

Carol has joined this 3 some, and said that she could not sleep last night at all. She blames it on nerves.

Dick has joined the group and shared Amber's ability to fart on demand.


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Feeds back:

Dustin joins Dani and Nick on couch. Discussing Mrs. Robinson. Discussing Eric now and how he is a floater.

Two HGs are in the shower: Joe and Mike

Kail preparing to workout. And to everyone's shock, Jen is also working out (and displaying ass crack, as always).

Nick thinks that the votes will be 10-1.

Dick in the bahtroom as well, as is Zach and Jameka.

Nick going inside to refill coffees.

In bathroom discussing Ace of Base vs the Bangles. The wakeup song was not "I Saw the Sign" because Jameka says that is another AoB song. (My guess is that it was "Don't Turn Around")

Jessica and Zach doing ADLs.

Dustin says if he wins HoH next week he will put up Jen because it seems like the most obvious nomination.

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comment made that they start at 10 and start rotating (must have been told by BB that is when the voting starts)

Dick/Daniele having a conversation!!!! about waffles... Daniele wants one, others say only one HG makes them... Dick... he comes out during this... he says he'll make her one, she says well don't go out of your way (not in a bitter way though)

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not much to report for the past 1/2 hour... everyone showering/getting dressed... general discussion... thinking each DR session will last 30 minutes x 12 HGs voting = 6 hours

Dick has been called to DR, so they will see how long it takes him

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Didn't see this posted earlier, so I'll try and recap.... About 10am BB time, Nick and Mike were alone outside. Nick told Mike that everyone was voting for Carol to leave. Nick also told Mike that people were calling Mike and Kail the Mrs. Robinson alliance. They were discussing the possibility of Mike voting for Amber to leave so that he would be considered more of a floater.

About 10 min later Mike and Zach were upstairs playing chess alone. They were whispering so it was very hard to hear, but it sounded like Zach was telling Mike not use the strategy of voting out Amber.

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Around 11AM BBT --

All four feeds are on the backyard. Joe and Dick are quizzing everybody on where the term "Big Brother" came from. So far, on Dick, Joe, and Eric know that it came from 1984 (seriously, do these people not read?).

11:05AM BBT --

All four feeds switch to the bathroom, where Amber, Dustin, and Zach are standing in front of the mirror doing ADLs.

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(back from lunch)

part of the Nick/Mike conversation outside about an hour ago... (I believe it was) Mike saying he was considered a floater, so he would continue to act as if he is a floater

about 15 minutes ago, Joe/Nick were in bedroom talking strategy... Joe mentions again the 'Mafia' alliance (which consists of Joe/Jameka/Jessica/Nick/Daniele)(which I believe Nick/Daniele is just playing along with the idea)

Jameka called to the DR(her turn to vote?)

more on the Big Brother talk...

Eric mentions it was used in the Apple computer commercial, but gets things a little backwards

E: it was used by Mac computers to introduce the first Apple (Apple computers introduced the Macintosh... my first home computer was the Apple IIe in 1980!)


HGs relaxing outside, Mike/Daniele on the lounge, Mike sharing about life in Wisconsin... Daniele likes going to football games, Mike has gone to Packers game, wants to go to Chargers game next season, has gone to Dodgers game, Dani says Angels game is better... they like rain storms, Dani visited NC and could see lightning far away because it's so flat... Mike likes seeing the leaves change colors

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Zach/Dick have been talking about Hawaii on the patio, with Jessica listening

Jameka/Jen on the hammock, kinda/sorta getting away with talking about DR sessions, not talking about THEIR sessions, but talking about how BB puts words in their mouth

Jen: Joe gave a great example, BB asked him if he thought Dick's waffles are delicious, and Joe said yea, I'd say Dick makes good waffles. And they say, but would you say they are delicious? And he'd say, yea, they are really good.

Jam: and when you finally say yes they are delicious, you forgot to say Dick and they have you do it again.

BB announces they are not allowed to sleep in the living room... Dustin on the couch replies that he is not asleep

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Mike/Kail in kitchen

Kail: my number one target is Evil

Mike: Zach wants to get Daniele out first

Daniele enters: how dare you leave me for food(her/Mike had been together outside) I nominate Mike because he left me for food.

Kail goes to BY and returns

Dani: hey quiet(to Kail), you tired?

Kail: yea

Dani: let me take this to her majesty(refering to someone outside)

Daniele exits for a minute

Kail: that's the prolbem, I hate that, I didn't even watch the movie(I'm not sure what Daniele did that annoyed Kail)

Daniele returns and the three sit at the kitchen table

Dani: oh, that's what that smell is! (joking comment as Jessica comes walking thru)

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In Kitchen, Mike is making burgers for Dani and himself. Kail just sitting at the counter. Zach comes in looking for something to eat.

Zach goes to ST where Kail shows up. They talk game...Kail is afraid of Dick, wants him gone. Zach said not yet. She said he is a loose cannon, Z says not once Dani is gone. Zach also warns her to stay away from Mike, people are talking. She said she doesn't understand the analogy, she has never seen the movie, and doesn't know who "Mrs. Robertson" is. Zach said he doesn't know either. (For all you young ones, it is from the movie "The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. She was the mother of a friend of his that tries and suceeds to seduce him)

Kail seems aggravated. Zach said they have pinto beans and tomatoes, could they make chili? Kail said she doesn't know, she has never made it.

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Mike made a burger for himself and Daniele, while she cut up fruit. Zach just clinking around, looking for something to eat.

People keep being called to the DR. Carol got called. Dani told her not to cry, it isn't so bad. Talk of today being vote day in DR. Zach asked where everyone is...seems really quiet in the house.

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Dani goes to bedroom, tells Nick he is being a grouch. He said he is just really tired. He has coves on the floor, resting there.

Dani goes back to kitchen to eat, looking for the ketchup. Kail comes back...off camera. Zach asks if HoH is open yet. She said yes. Z asked if it was differeent, K said yes. Z asked how and K said she didn't know. Dani asked what was going on. Z said HoH was locked due to maintenance.

Zach eating watermelon Dani cut up. Said "Watermelon Rules"

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Eric comes into kitchen. Said he hasn't been called to DR yet. He said Carol got called before him, and she doesn't even have a vote!

After Eric leaves, Zach laughing about questioning Eric about Jen.

Would you ever date her?


Would you ever kiss her?

NO. He didn't want to do anything with Jen.

Jen wanted to know what was wrong with her. (must have happened earlier)

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Feeds are outside. Nick spoke to Dustin for a little while...something about Daniele. Dustin said if she was playing him, doesn't he think he would be the last to know? Nick said no, he is good at reading people, and would be the first.

All 4 feeds on BY. Dustin is lying in the sun, not talking when BB says, "Dustin, please put on your microphone". Nick is lifting weights without a spotter. Making grunting noises. Can hears voices in the distance, but feeds on BY, no where else.

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Dustin puts on his mic, and goes to kitchen. Mid convo with Joe, Dani and Mike. Talking about leaving the toilet seat up. Dustin and Joe both say they always put it down.

Joe asked if Mike cut up the fruit. Mike said he cut the pineapple, and Daniele cut the watermelon. Joe said "thanks, this is really good." Dani wahing dishes...lots of water running noise. Joe is talking about a dream he had about the game. No mre Julie Chenbot, but someone else...sorry I missed who. Zach in kitchen too, hard to hear. On top of bridge, bridge breaks, takes a nose dive into the water. A bunch of alligators are in the water chomping away, then he wakes up. He even knows exactly which bridge it is. Joe is talking about someone, wanting to know if gay or straight. They tell him is married.

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Dani goes to BY, all feeds follow. Joking with Mike. He asks if she is stalking him. She asks if he has ever been stalked, she has. He asked what her definition is of a stalker. She said "someone who stalks you". He said...good definition.

Dani, Days seem to go slowly, but go by fast at the same time. Mike agrees.

Then they start making fun of BB. "Please stop playing with your microphone"

Dustin goes to lay out in BY. Kail comes out with HoH camera. Laughing about pix. Amber joins. Laughing one pic looks like a prom picture. Dustin likes the gay glamour shots. Now talking about one of ABs class.

Now taking lots of pictures, more people coming out to join in. Kail wants her picture taken with the Big Buff men. (Nick and Zach). Dustin takes the picture for her.

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Jen, Amber and Kail are reviewing the pictures on the digital camera, making comments.

Eric is alone in kitchen, looking for something to eat. Goes to BY and sits near girls looking at pics, Kail wants to know how to start talking them again, and goes off to take more...in the house.

Jameka outside now, and so is Joe. Eric asks if Evil is sleeping.

Jameka find something floating in her glass...puts it down and says "done deal".

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Kail in kitchen. Just took a picture of Jen with Nick and said it was a good picture. (After the drama with Nick and Jen...it seems ironic they got their picture together.)

Eric had to go change the battery in his mic. He is back outside now, in the shade, talking with Jameka. She is upset no one thought her boobs were fake. She asked why not??? They are real though.

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Eric left alone outside. He said he is too lazy to move to finish his hot dog. He said when his DR is finished, he is going to change clothes and join them in the sun.

Lots of people in the kitchen, yell outside to come in for group picture. Eric said no. Amber is with him. He asks if everyone is up, he though several where sleeping. She said she thought only Dick.

Jen is staying close to Kail, getting in a lot of the pictures (is anyone surprised at that?) Said they need to do something fun in them. Jen said she will change and come out for a few minutes.

Jameka comes in, surprised it is only 1:00. Thought it was more like 3:00.

Kail wants a group shot. Evil (all she calls him) and Jessica are sleeping. Jen is trying to see if she can fit the stairs into a shot, for a group shot later. Can get the shot if they stack 2 pots.

Jen and Carol alone in kitchen. Seems strained. Carol asked if all DR are done. Jen said yes. Jen said it is the best pineapple and watermelon. Had one piece of each.

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Nick: 'I dont want to put you in a tough spot and push you away because of...something'

What are you thinking in terms of me and you? In terms of people you can trust? Do you think you can trust me. Honestly tell me if you can trust me'

Daniele: 'Yes, YES.'

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Jen went to go see if Dick was awake yet. She said she was going to find Daniele to see if Dick was up. Shewas very emphatic that wasn't going to wake him, though.

Mike and Zach playing chess. Using the pieces to discuss people in the house. Whipsering so quietly, can't hear other than Dick and Danile.

Danele and Nick in bdrm. Things seem strained. Joe is there. He comes over while Nick is trying to say he still trusts her, and he is a good judge of character. Joe is talking about something that happened outside...about having a baby and your body will go to sh*t.

Joe said "work it out Mom and Dad, I don't want to alternate weekends with you 2".

Joe is bashing Dustin. Brings up the gonorrhea again, says he will be HoH next week and get rid of him. Says Dustin is the sneaky one in the house.

Joe leaves, Nick tell Dani to trust him. Says things are just a weird deal.

Nick said he will give her time to think things out, whatever it is she needs to sort out, and he will stay on the sidelines. He says just remember, she is beautiful, the bee's knees, the cat's meow. He asks is there anything else she wants to talk about, or have him talk about while she just lays there, she says no, and he leaves.

Camera on Daniele. she covers her head with the quilt, and sniffles a few times. Camera stays on her a long time, though nothing happening.

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Feeds cut to Nick in Kitchen. Kail is there with her camera. Nick asks if HoH gets a camera every week, she says she assumes. Kail then goes into bedroom where Daniele is, all 4 feeds now of Zach and Mike still playing chess. Nothing being said...how boring! Has to be something else going on...with sound!

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